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Kisah-kisah pembunuhan & tragedi yang menggemparkan Malaysia

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Believe it or not?: high profile murders Malaysian-styleCategory: General
Posted by: Raja Petra


Ibnu Hakeem

Often we get upset at Hollywood movies which portray those of theThirdWorld as bumbling idiots, their police as corrupted, and theirleadersas scheming plotters. The people are not left out either. Theytoo areportrayed as childish simpletons with little semblance ofcivilisedbehaviour. Hollywood fiction of course often reflects realitybut is itnot the saying that truth is stranger than fiction?

One area where Malaysia outdoes Hollywood’s imagination and putsevenHollywood scriptwriters to shame would be the high-profile murdercasesthat have rocked this country through the ages. Many probably donotknow about, or were born long after, the Samad ‘Gol? murderinKelantan. In full view of thousands as he was giving a talk at apublicrally (ceramah), an assassin walked up to him and split his headopenwith a kapak kecik (small axe), killing him instantly.

Then we had the Mokhtar Hashim case, the Deputy Minister of Youthwhowas convicted of disposing his political rival in a most bizarremannerthat was never fully revealed in the trial because it smacked oftheoccult. And probably the most high profile case of all was theMonaFendy case where, in this instant, it was a case of apoliticianseeking superpowers gone awry when the charm that would makehiminvincible failed to work in the test that was conducted to provethatnothing could harm him.

Anyway, those are all too far into the past and even if they do ringabell they are probably lost from the minds of those who hadalreadybeen around during the time. Nevertheless, whether those of thepast orof the present, they all share one thing in common -- allaremysterious in natured. And in the course of the investigation orthetrial, many questions remained unanswered, up to today, nodifferentfrom the John Kennedy assassination.

In November 1988, there was a high-profile murder of a young womanbythe name of Mustakizah Jaafar. According to the pressreports,Mustakizah was hacked to death by unknown assailants.Mustakizah was apretty woman who owned a video rental business inMelaka. She wasrumoured to have been pregnant at the time of her deathand manybelieve she was having an affair with a VIP close to the verytopechelons of power.

11 years later, in Lim Kit Siang’s speech at the launch of theBarisanAlternative Joint Election Manifesto just before the 10thGeneralElections in November 1999, he raised the matter of AnwarIbrahim’stestimony during his ongoing trial.

“Public credibility of the Barisan Nasional government reached anewnadir when the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Friday heard theexplosivetestimony of former Deputy Prime Minister and FinanceMinister, DatukSeri Anwar Ibrahim, who accused some of his formerCabinet colleaguesof a high-level conspiracy to oust him fromoffice?.That Megat Junid’sinvolvement in the conspiracy to topple himstemmed from the time heenquired about Megat’s alleged involvement inthe murder of a womancalled Mustakizah and his constant gambling in theoffice,? said KitSiang.

Then we have the murder of the Raja di-Hilir Perak’s secondwife,Hasleza Ishak, in 2002. Four men were arrested, tried and jailedforthe murder. One was a palace aide, the other a bomoh, while theotherswere a fisherman and a carpenter. The trial never reallyestablishedwhat the motive was, especially for the carpenter and theIndianfisherman, to kill the second wife of the Raja di-Hilir of Perak.Itbecame very obvious that there was a conspiracy or plot to killHaslezaand that they were acting under instructions. Yet no one wasarrestedand charged for being the mastermind behind the whole affair.Why?

The palace aide and the bomoh have since been acquitted andreleasedafter spending three and a half years in jail. The other twohad theirjail sentences reduced from 20 years to 14. Prisoners usuallyserveonly two-thirds of their sentences after which they get aone-thirdremission, so they may only serve about nine years or so.Since themurder took place in 2002, the two convicted killers may walkfree in2011, five years from now.

After that, another high-profile murder case was that ofNoritaShamsudin in 2003. An innocent man, Hanif Basree, was arrestedandcharged with her murder but from day one Hanif began to appear moreandmore like a patsy -- someone who was getting hit with a bum wrap.Itwas clear from the beginning of the trial that Hanif would walk free.

There are many things that were really strange about that case --amongthem were TV news reports on 14 December 2003 saying that the IGPatthat time, Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Omar, had classified the caseunderthe Official Secrets Act (OSA).

Norita had been found murdered in her rented apartment in SriHartamaswhere her body was discovered by her roommate. According to thecourttestimony, two police detectives were the first to arrive on thesceneand immediately closed the room door and were alone with Norita’sbodyfor more than two hours. The full police investigating teamonlyarrived later. Her roommates testified in court that they firstfoundNorita lying spread-out, but after the two detectives left shewasfound with her hands tied behind her back. This type ofconflictingtestimony implies that the crime scene had been tamperedwith. But why?The two detectives were never called to the court totestify. Whyagain? By not calling these two police detectives, theprosecutor wasactually ‘throwing the case? -- in other words, providingavenues foran easy win for the Defence.

Norita’s handphone was found and she was believed to have madeorreceived phone calls to and from a VIP on the night that shewaskilled. These phone calls may have thrown more light onthecircumstances surrounding the murder. But the Public Prosecutorneveradduced Norita’s phone records in court. By not providing thistype ofimportant evidence, it meant that the Public Prosecutor was,again,‘throwing? the case. Hence, Hanif Basree walked free without eventheneed for his defence being called.

To summarise, an innocent man was arrested, then put through themotionof a trial, then set free. Justice had been served. Butmoreimportantly, the case is now closed. After two weeks, everyoneforgetsabout it and life goes on, until the next high-profile murder.

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And now, in 2006, we have yet another high-profile murder, that of Altantuya Shaaribuu, a 28 year old Mongolian woman who was first shot, and then blown to bits using C4 plastic explosives. People who know about C4 say that enough of it was used on Altantuya to bring down a four storey building. The force of the explosion burnt the trees around the area right up to the tree tops. Where and how did they get the C4 explosives? Who has the authority to issue C4 explosives in such large quantities?

She was first shot to terminate her life. It was obvious that she was then blown up to erase any traces of her body. Obviously just burying her was not enough to hide what they wanted to hide. Hence there is much speculation that, just like in the case of Mustakizah, Altantuya is believed to have been pregnant when she died. Blowing her to bits would make detection of the foetal DNA (and thereby the baby’s father) quite impossible.

Two UTK personnel, Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar Umar, and Abdul Razak Baginda, a political analyst closely identified with Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak, have been charged with her death. Another policewoman, whose involvement in the case included the use of her car to abduct Altantuya, has not been charged. Why? This particular policewoman is also believed to be the personal escort and bodyguard of another high-level VIP.

When the case came up for hearing at the Shah Alam High Court on 14th December, the Deputy Public Prosecutor, Salehuddin Saidin, created further confusion when he declared that no one else other than the three people indicted for the murder are involved. But isn’t this for the Court to decide? If the Court finds all three innocent, then someone else has to be the murderer. If the Court finds all three guilty, it does not mean that others were not involved. And why was the policewoman not charged with at least abetment in the abduction of Altantuya?

The withdrawal of high-profile lawyer Dato Shafee Abdullah as the Defence counsel is also strange. Shafee had declared to the media that Razak Baginda is innocent. Other peculiarities in this case are that the accused were first remanded in the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court when the offence was committed in Shah Alam. Then Razak Baginda was released on ‘no bail

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mak selalu citer pasal satu kes ratu cantik yang kena bunuh dulu
dalam tahun 70an

Kathigesu ke apa nama orang yang involved dlm kes nih..

sesape ada info pasal kes nih, boleh share?

tq :P

matjawasp Publish time 8-2-2007 04:19 PM

Antara kes yang terkenal selain kes khartigesu adalah
kes pembunuhan gadis kilang bernama Salbiah oleh teman lelaki dia sendiri
bernama Salderi dan kes pembunuhan Datuk Taha Talib.

Syd Publish time 8-2-2007 04:42 PM

yang kes salbiah tuh, yang kat tganu tu eh?

yang dia keje kilang, then dia kawan satu lelaki nih
lelaki tuh rupanya laki orang
then lelaki gunakan dia tuk kepuasan nafsu (dan mungkin duit kot)
then dia ngandung...dah sampai 5 bulan gitu
satu malam lelaki tuh datang umah dia (salbiah ni dok menyewa ngan kawan2 kan?)
jiran ada nampak..
memula mcm ada orang gaduh..tapi kemudian senyap sepi..
bila rakan serumahnya balik, gempar
jupe mayat salbiah....teruk...lutut dia hancur..
tikaman serata badan (salah satu tepat kat payudara dia)
peot dia terburai...
kena cekik, kepala kena hentak ntah apa lagi..
kat badan diaada line kat peot dia dan ntah apa tanda lagi jupe
wat post mortem, rupanya dia ngandung...
so, lelaki tuh..tak mo anak tuh..dia bunuh pempuan tu dan yang dlm peot tuh..mati gak...lelaki tu tak mo tanggung jawab coz dia anak bini...

lelaki jahat tuh kena tangkap polis
then kena jatuh hukum gantung sampai mati kan?

errrr betul ker citer yang nih?


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Originally posted by matjawasp at 8-2-2007 04:19 PM
pembunuhan Datuk Taha Talib.
'sejarah' ringkas;



                  Former Culture, Youth and Sports Minister.

                  Member of Parliament for Tampin, Negeri Sembilan.

10 July 1982      Arrested near his house in Jalan 16/6 Petaling Jaya
                  at about 1.30am for the murder of Negeri Sembilan
                  State Assembly speaker Datuk Mohamad Taha Talib.

                  Datuk Mohamad Taha Talib was found dead outside
                  his house with three gunshot wounds.

                  He had been killed at about 1.30am on April 14, 1982,
                  at Kampung Seri Asahan, Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan.

                  Charged with four others at the Tampin magistrate's
                  court with the murder.

                  Others charged:
                  * Rahmat Satiman, 46
                      (Village headman)

                  * Nordin Johan, 33

                  * Aziz Abdullah, 65 (also known as Aziz P.J.K.)

                  * Aziz Tumpuk

                  Case transferred to the High Court, Kuala Lumpur.

                  The five of them were under remand at Pudu Prison.

                  Datuk Mokhtar, 40,charged under the Penal Code.

13 July 1982      The case began at the Kuala Lumpur High Court before
                  Mr Justice Hashim Yeop Sani.

                  They pleaded not guilty.

                  All five of them remanded in Pudu Prison.

                  Datuk Mokhtar was tried under the Essential Security
                  Cases (Amendments) Regulations, 1975.

18 Feb. 1983      The case ended.

                  Judgement to be delivered at a later date.

5 Mar. 1983         Judgement delivered.

                  Datuk Mokhtar Hashim found guilty of murder.

                  Rahmat Satiman also found guilty.

                  Mr Justice Hashim Yeop Sani sentenced both of them
                  to death by hanging.

HISTORY             This case made history when it became the longest
                  criminal trial in the country.

                  The trial lasted 75 days.

                  First time a cabinet Minister had been charged with
                  murder and under the Essential (Security Cases)
                  Regulations 1975, which carries a mandatory death

                  74 witnesses - 31 prosecution
                                 - 43 defence

CHARGED             * Rahmat Satiman, 46
                      (Village headman)
                      - Found guilty and sentenced to death together
                        with Datuk Mokhtar Hashim.
                      - Won his appeal and was acquitted and discharged
                        on July 23, 1983

                  * Nordin Johan, 33
                      - Released on December 31, 1982 without his defence
                        being called.
                      - Acquitted and discharged by the Federal Court
                        on June 9, 1983.

                  * Aziz Abdullah, 65
                      - Released on December 31, 1982 without his defence
                        being called.
                      - Acquitted and discharged by the Federal Court
                        on June 9, 1983.

                  * Aziz Tumpuk
                      (died in prison on August 2, 1982 while
                     awaiting trial)
                      (died on the way to hospital following abdominal

30 Mar. 1983      Resigned from the Cabinet.

23 July 1983      Appeal against conviction and death sentence by
                  Datuk Mokhtar Hashim rejected by the Federal Court.

                  Village headman won his appeal and was acquitted and

1 Aug. 1983         Resigned as Member of Parliament for Tampin.

2 Mar. 1984         Death sentence commuted to life imprisonment (penjara
                  seumur hidup) by the Pardons Board.

                  (Could only be released in 1995.)

                  With the lighter sentence, Datuk Mokhtar would
                  only serve for 10 years and 11 months.

IMPRISONMENT      What life imprisonment meant:
                  (penjara seumur hidup)

                  When a person is sentenced to life imprisonment,
                  his prison term is for 20 years.

                  The term was with effect from the day of arrest.

                  Usually a person would only serve for 13 years and
                  four months.

                  One third of the sentence is remission for good
                  behaviour while in prison.

                  Remission is given at the discretion of the prison

FOR LIFE            What being prisoned for life meant:
                  (penjara seumur hayat)

                  When a person is prisoned for life, he will
                  remain in prison till he dies.

                  The Yang di Pertuan Agong could give a Royal
                  Pardon to a person imprisoned for life.

                  The person could also be freed due to old age
                  or acute ill health.

13 Mar. 1984      Moved from death row cell to a special room (Bilik

                  Had spent about a year in Death Row (from March 5,

                  Served as a registrar at the prison clinic.

15 Apr. 1991      Received a Royal Pardon from Yang di Pertuan Agong
                  Sultan Azlan Shah.

                  Released from jail at 10.15am at age 49.

                  (He received a full pardon which meant he could
                  take part in politics and other activities without


                         April 14, 1982
                         Negeri Sembilan State Assembly Speaker Datuk
                         Mohamed Taha Abdul Talib, 49, is murdered in
                         the early hours of the morning, outside his
                         Gemencheh residence.He is shot four times -
                         in the right temple, left thigh, chest and
                         stomach - and is believed to have died on the
                         spot.Police do not rule out a political
                         motive for the killing.Mohamed Taha had
                         been seeking election to a sixth term as
                         State Assemblyman for Gemencheh.
                         (Source: NST Millennium Moments December 31 1999)

                         July 10, 1982
                         Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Datuk
                         Mokhtar Hashim is tentatively charged, under
                         Section 302 of the Penal Code, with the April
                         14 murder of Negeri Sembilan State Assembly
                         Speaker Datuk Mohamed Taha Abdul Talib.
                         (Source: NST Millennium Moments December 31 1999)

                         March 5, 1983
                         Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Mokhtar
                         Hashim is pronounced guilty of the murder of
                         State Assemblyman Datuk Mohamed Taha Abdul
                         Talib.He is sentenced to death.The 75-day
                         trial (which began on Oct 12) is, to date,
                         the longest murder trial in Malaysian legal
                         history.The prosecution contends that political
                         rivalry is the motive for the murder, and that
                         Mokhtar shot the Negeri Sembilan State Speaker,
                         in the early hours of April 14, 1982.
                         (Source: NST Millennium Moments December 31 1999)

fly_in_d_sky Publish time 8-2-2007 09:14 PM

selit sket

xtau ler benar atau tidak
tp fly ada trima email
ngatakan altantuya nie actually p'puan simpanan dato najib
n anak yg dikandungkan tu dato najib nyer
n yg abdullah baginda tu kira jd mangsa
kira jd pak turut sbb xde sape yg leh ditunding jarikan .......
agak2 betul ke??

cam sian lak kat p'puan tu sebb mati dibunuh
cuma nape dia nak peras duit sampai berkepuk-kepuk
n nape la lelaki sanggup "bela" p'puan simpanan sedangkan
da ada family sendiri + hidup senang, bahagia ........

matjawasp Publish time 8-2-2007 11:52 PM

Originally posted by Syd at 8-2-2007 04:42 PM
yang kes salbiah tuh, yang kat tganu tu eh?

yang dia keje kilang, then dia kawan satu lelaki nih
lelaki tuh rupanya laki orang
then lelaki gunakan dia tuk kepuasan nafsu (dan mungkin duit ko ...

kurang tepat la Syed, kes ni kat Pulau Pinang , Salbiah memang kerja kilang , tapi Salderi ni Inspektor Polis
Salderi ni dah bertunang tapi dlm masa yang sama dia buat hubungan dengan Salbiah sampai mengandung,
dia di dapati bersalah dan dihukum gantung sampai mati . akhir nyadua dua "S" mati.

whiteDhahlia Publish time 9-2-2007 12:05 AM

Originally posted by Syd at 8-2-2007 10:30 AM
mak selalu citer pasal satu kes ratu cantik yang kena bunuh dulu
dalam tahun 70an

Kathigesu ke apa nama orang yang involved dlm kes nih..

sesape ada info pasal kes nih, boleh share?

tq :P

yg kathigesu ni, dia terlepas dari hukuman gantung kan?

matjawasp Publish time 9-2-2007 12:19 AM

Reply #9 whiteDhahlia's post

kan awak cakap mak awak dah cerita ..mana ada info lagi

whiteDhahlia Publish time 9-2-2007 01:22 AM

Originally posted by matjawasp at 9-2-2007 12:19 AM
kan awak cakap mak awak dah cerita ..mana ada info lagi

mak saya? bila pulak mak saya cerita?  itu mak syd yg cerita.

Syd Publish time 9-2-2007 08:36 AM

Originally posted by matjawasp at 8-2-2007 11:52 PM

kurang tepat la Syed, kes ni kat Pulau Pinang , Salbiah memang kerja kilang , tapi Salderi ni Inspektor Polis
Salderi ni dah bertunang tapi dlm masa yang sama dia buat hubungan dengan Salbi ...

dah ingat dah..tq

yang kat tganu tuh pun
tak silap nama salbiah gak

nanti carik balik mastika tuh
kalau ada boleh scan

Syd Publish time 9-2-2007 08:37 AM

Originally posted by whiteDhahlia at 9-2-2007 12:05 AM

yg kathigesu ni, dia terlepas dari hukuman gantung kan?

ye ye ye

terlepas dari hukuman

itu hari ada terjumpa sket pasal artikel kes nih

kena carik balik..

maeya_78 Publish time 9-2-2007 10:20 AM

satu info yg menarik.....

gopenghagen Publish time 9-2-2007 12:42 PM

Originally posted by Syd at 8-2-2007 10:30 AM
mak selalu citer pasal satu kes ratu cantik yang kena bunuh dulu
dalam tahun 70an

Kathigesu ke apa nama orang yang involved dlm kes nih..

sesape ada info pasal kes nih, boleh share?

tq :P

Ratu cantik Selangor, Jean Sinappa. Datuk Ramli Yusof the current Commercial Crime Dept Director was the IO for the case. mayat jumpa kat area
Glenmarie. dulu area tu lengang dan malam mala banyak kereta rosak:P

Syd Publish time 9-2-2007 01:31 PM

citer panjang2 lagi boleh tak?

rasanya S kathigesu nih abang ipar dia kan?
laki si jean nih orang sri langka ke sape yang sri langka nih
heheheh ingat2 lupa orang dok citer

si jean nih boleh tahan 'nakal'nya
layan semua orang kan?

pastu perangai serupa orang tak kawin kan?
eh, dia ni cikgu ker?

waktu bunuh tu dlm kereta kan?

dia campak kat lokasi yang disebutkan diatas kan?

Syd Publish time 9-2-2007 01:40 PM

Mona Fandey. A modern witchcraft murder.

Perhaps one of the most sensational and unusual cases of modern times in the Far East reached its conclusion on November 2nd, 2001 when Maznah Ismail, her husband Mohd Affandi Abdul Rahman and their 31 year old helper, Juraimi Hussin, were hanged at Malaysia's Kajang Prison on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

Maznah was better known as Mona Fandey, which was her stage name, when she performed as a pop singer and water ballet dancer in her younger days. At her death, she was 45 years old, while her husband was a year younger. When her earlier career ran out of steam, she and Affandi made a living as witch doctors and were known locally as "bomohs." Belief in the powers of witchcraft is not uncommon among superstitious Malays, and they were able to attract a high class clientele which included politicians.

In the photo a smiling Mona is being led away from the court during her trial.

The crime.

In July 1993, an assemblyman for central Pahang state, Datuk Mazlan Idris, had approached Mona for supernatural help to boost his political career and climb the party ladder. He was persuaded by the couple to take part in a ritual in which he was to lay on the floor with his eyes closed waiting for the money to "fall from the sky."No money fell, instead it was the blade of an axe. Idris was decapitated and then dismembered and partially skinned. His body was found cut up into 18 parts and buried in a hole near Mona's home in the state of Pahang, about 130 kilometres northeast of Kuala Lumpur.
Mazlan was reported missing on July the 2nd,1993 after he had withdrawn 30,000 ringgit (then US$12,000) from a Kuala Lumpur bank. The day after the killing, Mona went on a shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur, and later bought herself a Mercedes-Benz and had a facelift. When questioned, Juraimi made a statement to the police which led to the discovery of Mazlan's remains. Unsurprisingly, Mona and husband immediately became the prime suspects.

Mona, Affandi and Juraimi were tried before Judge Datuk Mokhtar Sidin sitting in the Temerloh High Court in 1995, charged with murder under Section 302 of the Malaysian penal code, a crime which carries a mandatory death sentence.
The trial was a media sensation. Mona and Affandi were an attractive couple in their late 30's accused of a gruesome, voodoo related murder. Mona had a penchant for wearing expensive outfits to court each day. Unlike most people on trial for her life, she always had a smile for the media and seemed to revel in the attention. The picture right shows Mona and Affandi being taken to court.

The case lasted 65 days and heard evidence from 76 witnesses. The prosecution told the court that money was the motive for the killing and pointed to the shopping spree, the facelift and the Mercedes. Juraimi, testified against Mona and Affandi and revealed the gruesome details of the murder. It was alleged by the prosecution that Mazlan had been killed between 10 p.m. on July the 2nd and 12 midnight on July the 18th, 1993, in Kampung Peruas, Ulu Dong, Raub in Pahang state. His body was found on July 22nd, 1993, buried 1.8m beneath the storeroom of an uncompleted house and sealed over with a concrete cap.
Affandi, in his defence, said Mazlan owed him two million ringgit ($526,000) for a "magic cane,"talisman and a traditional hat said to have belonged to former Indonesian president Sukarno. Mona testified that she also gave talismans and charms to several other UMNO politicians to boost their popularity with the electorate.
It only took the 7 member jury just 70 minutes to reach a unanimous verdict of guilty against all three defendants. Affandi and Mona smiled when the foreman of the jury delivered the verdict on the 9th of February 1995. Gulam Mustaffa Nadar Ali Khan, who represented Mona and Affandi, was invited to offer mitigation but declined and said they would be lodging an appeal. Juraimi's counsel, Karpal Singh, told the court that his client was only 24, unemployed and of low intelligence.
The judge then asked them if they had anything to say before he passed sentence and Affandi and Mona replied that they would leave it to the discretion of the court. He then passed the death sentence on each of them - that they be taken from court to a recognised prison and later be hanged till they were dead. After hearing her sentence Mona said, "I am happy and thank you to all Malaysians." She was photographed smiling as usual as she was led from the court to prison.

Their appeals were heard by the Chief Justice of the Federal Court, Tun Mohd Eusoff Chin, the Chief Judge of Malaya, Datuk Wan Adnan Wan Ismail and Federal Court Judge Datuk Dr Zakaria Yatim in the Federal Court, Malaysia's highest court sitting in Kuala Lumpur. The appeal process had started in June of 1998 but then had been adjourned until 1999 after legal arguments on the admissibility of Juraimi's statement to the police which led to the discovery of Mazlan's body. On the 13th April 1999, all three appeals were dismissed and the death sentences upheld. In April 2001, the Pardons Board turned down their pleas for clemency leaving the way clear for their executions.

The hangings were set for dawn on Friday, the 2nd of November 2001 in Kajang Prison. On the previous day, Mona and Affandi were allowed an8 hour visit with about a dozen members of their families. It was reported that they spent their last hours advising their children from both their own marriage and their previous marriages to "grow up to be good people" and also told their children "jaga diri baik-baik" (to take care of themselves well). A senior Prisons officer had said there was a lot of crying and hugging as they spoke to their children and family for the last time. It was also reported that Mona had said she would never die just before she was executed. It is not known what she meant by that.
It is normal practice in Malaysia for condemned prisoners to be given the food of their choice for their last meal, however, this offer was declined. Apparently, according to prison sources, they were very calm, saying very little and requesting nothing in their last hours.
The picture right, shows a Malaysian hood and noose which was on exhibition in Pudu Prison after it closed.
Before dawn on the Friday morning, the trio were each handcuffed and hooded in their holding cells adjacent to the execution chamber and then led to the gallows with its 3 British style nooses dangling from the metal beam. On the trap, their legs were strapped and the nooses adjusted round their necks. At 5.59 a.m., the drop fell and the three of them plummeted down. The execution would have been witnessed by a small number of guards and officials and the prison doctor. The press and the general public are excluded. One official told the afternoon Malay Mail newspaper that they expressed no repentance at the end. "They didn't say anything, they were calm - just like those who accept that they are going to die." The executions were formally announced later in the morning by a spokesman for Malaysian Prisons Department. Jamil Razif Kassim told reporters, "All three have undergone their sentence as of this morning."
The bodies were left hanging for an hour before being taken down for autopsy and then burial. Mona and Affandi were buried in a cemetery in Kajang later in the morning, while Juraimi was buried in his hometown of Port Klang, in the Telok Gong Muslim cemetery that afternoon.

After the executions, Mazlan's widow, Datin Faridah Zainuddin, told reporters that she could finally bury the past behind her and said she hoped now to carry on living her life with her children without the painful memories.

It seems extraordinary in modern times that a well educated man such as Mazlan Idris was, would believe in the power of witch doctors to bring him wealth and further his career. Yet belief in superstition and the supernatural is still strong in the Far East.
The crime itself seemed to have been committed entirely for greed and due to Mona's impatience to spend their ill-gotten gains, was easily detected.
It is unclear what Mona meant when, on the eve of her execution, she said she would never die. Whether she expected a last minute reprieve from the President or whether she meant that her spirit would live on after the execution.
There was a hiatus in the death penalty in Malaysia during the late 1990's and no executions were carried out between January 1996, when 3 men were hanged for drug trafficking, and November 2000 when another two were executed for this crime. In the meantime, the notorious Pudu prison had closed and executions moved to the Selangor Central Prison in Kajang. Mona thus became the first woman to hang in Malaysia since Tan Bee Lee went to the gallows in July 1994 for drug trafficking.

Syd Publish time 9-2-2007 02:02 PM

Originally posted by whiteDhahlia at 9-2-2007 12:05 AM

yg kathigesu ni, dia terlepas dari hukuman gantung kan?

a ahh..

in the Jean Pereira murder case, fresh evidence was
addused in the Supreme Court which acquitted the accused, S. Karthigesu,
from death row.

whiteDhahlia Publish time 9-2-2007 02:22 PM

hope syd dpt cari balik article pasal karthigesu, interested nak tau...

Syd Publish time 9-2-2007 02:35 PM

dapat yang tuh jerk

heheheeh :lol:

mana lah iscol kelang ni?


pee3 Publish time 9-2-2007 03:02 PM

Satu lagi kes yang gempar pasal sorang lelaki membunuh anak2 teman wanita dia ( iaitu sorang janda) & kemudian mayat kanak2 tu di campak dalam lubang jamban.
Kejadian ni berlaku di Batu Pahat Johor & kalau tak silap aku pada tahun 80an

Syd Publish time 9-2-2007 03:22 PM

Originally posted by pee3 at 9-2-2007 03:02 PM
Satu lagi kes yang gempar pasal sorang lelaki membunuh anak2 temanwanita dia ( iaitu sorang janda) & kemudian mayat kanak2 tu dicampak dalam lubang jamban.
Kejadian ni berlaku di Batu Paha ...

keterangan ringkas
Bini orang tu nama Salmah, laki dia Razali ni pekak, tak hensem plak. Kena kawen paksa. Samser ni sepupu Razali

samser bunuh budak 2 orang tuh kan? coz budak2 tu p skodeng dorang 'meng-anu' masa tu...dorang takut rahsia pecah....
lalu samser nih jerut budak2 nih sampai mati...then campak kat lubang jamban....

mmg jahanam lah dorang nih!

tapi samser tak kena gantung punn!!


piot Publish time 9-2-2007 03:38 PM

Reply #17 Syd's post

ada lagi sorang pompuan macam mona fandey ni gak....aku tak ingat nama dia apa..khatijah kot....sebab org2 kat kg dia panggil dia jah....dia ni pun menuntut ilmu sama macam mona fandey n satu kg ngan mona fandey....ada yang kata dia berguru ngan mona fandey....sebelum mona fandey ditangkap atas kes dato' mazlan, pompuan ni ditemui mati kat sungai kelang...n badan dia dikerat2 sama macam dato' mazlan...

tapi, tak ingat la tahun brape...rasanye sama tahun ngan kes dato mazlan kot....

pee3 Publish time 9-2-2007 03:41 PM

Originally posted by Syd at 9-2-2007 03:22 PM

keterangan ringkas

samser bunuh budak 2 orang tuh kan? coz budak2 tu p skodeng dorang 'meng-anu' masa tu...dorang takut rahsia pecah....
lalu samser nih jerut budak2 nih sampai mati.. ...

Ya betul kes tu

damiqula Publish time 9-2-2007 10:21 PM

ade kes yg bunuh suami sendiri tanam kat halaman rumah tu.

ade sape2 ingat tak?
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