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Anak angkat - Ibu susuan

Just nk share dgn kwn2 yg ambil anak angkat & plan nakmenyusukanbaby, ni ada petua yg diberi oleh Sis Marjinah b Badli,lactationconsultant & nurse, pusrawi - nona tv3 15/7/07

5 langkah menyusukan anak angkat:

(1) NIAT
(2) bayi mesti HISAP - kena pujuk baby utk hisap utk memberi ransangan.
(3)TEKAD-jgn cepat putus asa. Cuba urut utklancarkanair susu, pastu kena selalu pam samada manually atau gunabreastpump ygada dipasaran utk membantu.Cuba jugak ikutpetua2 makan/minumutk membykkan air susu.
(4) UBAT - walaupun ada mcm2 ubat yg boleh membantu sebenarnya ia cuma menyumbang 20% sahaja
(5)DOA - mohonlah kepada Allah agar dimurahkan rezeki air susu buatbabyagar sekurang-kurangnya dpt jadikan dia anak susuan ygakanmenyelesaikan masalah muhrim dgn ibu dan ayah angkat.

Ada sape2 lagi nk share tips & experience yg dpt dimanfaatkan bersama2, silakan.

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karief Publish time 24-12-2008 10:15 AM

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Salam baldu_biru,

For your info, awak lah my inspiration untuk bf my baby, after read your posting on page 9 thread anak angkat tu... berkali2 baca posting tu, then dari situlah saya buat research pasal penyusuan anak angkat ni, masa tu masih segan nak posting2 ni, now baru excited nak berforum... anyway you are so lucky, dapat baby then thereafter conceive pulak, Allah tu Maha Mengetahui dan Maha segala2nya...

karief Publish time 24-12-2008 10:17 AM

Anyway ni ada article about domperidone aka motilium...

Domperidone (Motilium?) is a drug which has, as a side effect, the increased production of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin is the hormone which stimulates the cells in the mother's breast to produce milk. Domperidone increases prolactin secretion indirectly, by interfering with the action of dopamine. One of the actions of dopamine is that it decreases the secretion of prolactin by the pituitary gland. Domperidone is generally used for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (gut) and has not been released in Canada for use as a stimulant for milk production. This does not mean that it cannot be prescribed for this reason, but rather that the manufacturer does not back its use for increasing milk production. It has been used, for several years, in small infants who spit up and lose weight, but it has recently been replaced for this reason by a newer drug called cisapride (Prepulsid?).

Domperidone's ability to increase milk production has been recognized since it first became available. Another, related, but older medication, metoclopramide (Maxeran?), is also known to increase milk production, but it has frequent side effects which have made its use for many nursing mothers unacceptable (fatigue, irritability, depression). Domperidone has many fewer side effects because it does not enter the brain tissue in significant amounts (does not pass the blood-brain barrier).

When is it appropriate to use domperidone?
Domperidone must never be used as the first approach to correcting breastfeeding difficulties. Domperidone is not a cure for all things. It must not be used unless all other factors which may result in insufficient milk supply have been dealt with first. These include:
1. correcting the baby's latch so that the baby can obtain as efficiently as possible the milk which the mother has available. Correcting the latch may be all that is necessary to change a situation of "not enough milk" to one of "plenty of milk."
2. using breast compression to increase the intake of milk (see Breast Compression).
3. using milk expression after feedings to increase the supply.
4. correcting sucking problems, stopping the use of artificial nipples (see Using a Lactation Aid, and Finger Feeding) and other stratagems.

Using domperidone for increasing milk production
Domperidone works particularly well to increase milk production under the following circumstances:

It has frequently been noted that a mother who is pumping milk for a sick or premature baby in hospital has a decrease in the amount she pumps around 4 or 5 weeks after the baby is born. The reasons for this are likely many, but domperidone generally brings the amount of milk pumped back to where it was or even to higher levels.
When a mother has a decrease in milk supply, often associated with the use of birth control pills (avoid estrogen containing birth control pills while breastfeeding), or on occasion for no obvious reason when the baby is 3 or 4 months old, domperidone will often bring the supply back to normal.
Domperidone still works, but often less dramatically when:

The mother is pumping for a sick or premature baby but has not managed to develop a full milk supply.
The mother is trying to develop a full milk supply while nursing an adopted baby.
The mother is trying to wean the baby from supplements.
Side effects of domperidone
As with all medications, side effects are possible, and many have been reported with domperidone (textbooks often list any side effect ever reported, but symptoms reported are not necessarily due to the drug a person is taking). There is no such thing as a 100% safe drug. However, our clinical experience has been that side effects in the mother are extremely uncommon, except for increasing milk supply. Some side effects which mothers we have treated have reported (very uncommonly, incidentally):

dry mouth
headache which disappeared when the dose was reduced
abdominal cramps
The amount that gets into the milk is so tiny that side effects in the baby should not be expected. Mothers have not reported any to us, in many years of use. Certainly the amount the baby gets through the milk is a tiny percentage of what babies would get if being treated for spitting up.

Are there long term concerns about the use of domperidone?
The manufacturer states in its literature that chronic treatment with domperidone in rodents has resulted in increased numbers of breast tumors in the rodents. The literature goes on to state that this has never been documented in humans. Note that toxicity studies of medication usually require treatment with huge doses over periods of time involving most or all of the animal's lifetime. Note also that not breastfeeding increases the risk of breast cancer, and breast cancer risk decreases the longer you breastfeed.

Using Domperidone
Generally, we start domperidone at 20 milligrammes (two 10 mg tablets) four times a day. Printouts from the pharmacy often suggest taking domperidone 30 minutes before eating, but that is because of its use for digestive intolerance. You can take the domperidone about every 6 hours, when it is convenient (there is no need to wake up to keep to a 6 hour schedule - it does not make any difference). Most mothers take the domperidone for 3 to 8 weeks. Mothers who are nursing adopted babies may have to take the drug much longer.

After starting domperidone, it may take 3 or 4 days before you notice any effect, though sometimes mothers notice an effect within 24 hours. It appears to take 2 to 3 weeks to get a maximum effect.

cikwawi Publish time 24-12-2008 10:19 AM

bagus thread ni.

in fact cara penyusuan anak angkat ni boleh digunakan untuk ibu2 yang nak menyusukan semula (relactation).

bole la copy paste experience baldu dari thread tersebut ke sini.. :$

karief Publish time 24-12-2008 10:24 AM

Another one is about Maxolon (which caused me a horrible depression)


Active Ingredients: Metoclopramide Oral
Representative Names: Clopra, Maxolon, Octamide, Reclomide, Reglan Oral

What side effects may I notice from taking metoclopramide? (Back to top)
Serious or limiting side effects are uncommon, but may include:
•breast enlargement in men or women, or production of breast-milk in women who are not breast-feeding
•change in the way you walk (shuffling feet)
•difficulty moving, speaking or swallowing
•drooling, lip smacking, or rapid movements of the tongue
•involuntary or uncontrollable movements of the eyes, head, arms and legs
•irregular heartbeat or palpitations
•muscle twitches and spasms
•skin rash
•unusual tiredness or weakness

Side effects that usually do not require medical attention (report to your prescriber or health care professional if they continue or are bothersome):
•difficulty sleeping
•menstrual changes
•restlessness or nervousness
•sexual difficulties (decreased sexual desire or impotence)

baldu_biru Publish time 24-12-2008 10:42 AM

Reply #2 karief's post

Thanks karief. Mmg syukur sgt2... mmg tk sangka lepas dpt susukan babytu, baldu dpt conceive naturally setelah sekian lama. Ramai opismatebaldu yg terharu sgt hingga ada yg sampai mengalirkan airmata bila tahubaldu pregnant lepas ambik baby angkat. Tapi jgn la kita niat kitaambik anak angkat tu utk dpt baby sendiri.... yg penting niat kenaikhlas kita nk jaga dia dan beri kasih syg yg tak berbelah bahagi buatdia. Skrg baby baldu ni dah nk masuk 1thn 10bulan & adik dia dh7bulan. Alhamdulillah baldu dpt exclusively breastfeed adik dia &dlm masa yg sama baldu beri jugak breastmilk utk dia dlm botol.

karief Publish time 24-12-2008 10:42 AM

Ni saya copy paste baldu_biru's experience bf her baby;
(baldu hope awak tak marah saya copy paste posting ni)

kassih... baldu aritu 3 hari lepas ambik injection & mkn ubat, susu dh keluar tp still continue mkn ubat smpi 2 minggu. Pastu baldu pg urut gak bg lancarkan air susu. Alhamdulillah baby nk gak hisap walaupun dia prefer puting botol. Ye la... puting tu susu laju je. Jgn bagi masa baby tgh lapar... mmg la dia jeritcuba bagi masa dia kenyang & masa dia lali2 nk tido sbb biasanya baby kan suka nyonyot puting kosong tu. Pastu kena selalu perah jugak spy susu tk kering. Even org yg bersalin pun kena selalu bg baby hisap & perah spy susu tk kering. Kalau sekali perah dpt sikit, takpe... kumpul & campurkan ikut sukatan baby minum utk dptkan sekali kenyang.

Baldu skrg cuba fully breastfeed baby baru ni. Alhamdulillah susu byk..., baldu bg jgk utk si abang since dia pun belum 2 tahun sbb aritu, lepas dh tahu baldu pregnant, baldu dh stop susu bdn utk dia.

Cuba la ye Kassih... sambil tu doa byk2 semoga Allah murahkan rezeki air susu utk baby kita, disamping dpt jadikan dia anak susuan, dpt gak dia khasiat susu ibu yg tiada bandingannye.

baldu_biru Publish time 24-12-2008 10:44 AM

Reply #7 karief's post

thanks karief :)

karief Publish time 24-12-2008 10:53 AM

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Tp baldu, selalunya mcm tulah, Allah akan perkenankan doa kita dan Allah nak tengok mcm mana kita face the situationbaru dapat baby and dapat lagi satu baby, dugaan dan kurniaan Allah ni dlm bermacam2 circumstances...

Anyway dah besar baby awak dah nak 2 tahun dah.. sorang lagi almost setahun
bestnyer.. Actually saya dah ada one doter, umur dia dah 9 tahun, my doter sgtlah excited and happy dapat adik..same goes to me, hubby and my family

baldu_biru Publish time 24-12-2008 11:01 AM

ni ada satu lagi experience kawan baldu yg ambik anak angkat. Lepas diatahu baldu dpt susukan baby baldu tu, dia pun cuba jugak utk nk susukanbaby dia. Ambik ubat, pam, pegi urut tp susu tk jugak keluar. Diahampir putus asa. Baldu beri semangat kt dia spy dia teruskan jugakusaha dia kerana besar bezanya antara anak angkat & anak susuan.Kadang Allah bagi kita susah sikit spy kita lebih menghargaipemberianNya. Baldu suruh dia byk2 sabar, cuba urut lagi & cubapetua utk ibu2 yg menyusu alhamdulillah lepas tu Allah murahkan rezekidia hingga dia dpt fully breastfeed baby dia tanpa bantuan susuformula. Besarnya kurniaan Allah buat dia.

baldu_biru Publish time 24-12-2008 11:09 AM

Reply #9 karief's post

betul tu karief.... kira rapat la jugak anak2 baldu ni...hmmmm....kdg2 tu penat jugak dibuatnye :P

rumah yg dulu sunyi sepi, kini dh jadik riuh rendah. :)

karief Publish time 24-12-2008 11:17 AM

Reply #10 baldu_biru's post

Baldu...ur friend tu dapat fully bf her baby... Ya Allah best nyer
blh cerita detail mcm mana dia dapat fully bf tu... saya masih lagi terasa nak bf baby tp baby tak mau langsung..

karief Publish time 24-12-2008 11:23 AM

Ok ni pengalaman saya pula bf my baby, copy paste from thread satu lagi...

Salam Semua,

Ni first time saya submit post..
Saya pon ada seorang adopted baby boy now dah 1mth 55 days,
saya ambil thru orang yg tak mau baby tu... document semua dah complete..
yg saya nak ceritakan ialah pengalaman saya susukan baby..
after baby 2 hari saya terus ambil hormone injection untuk produce susu for 2 weeks then continued with maxolon, tp i cant tolerate with maxolon, byk sgt side effects nyer like dowsy, dizzy, mood swing, tak nak jaga baby and the worst thing was depression, menangis siang malam, fikir perkara yg buruk2 je akan berlaku kat keluarga saya, hari yg keenam husband saya suruh stop taking maxolon then saya buat research mmg betul rupanya maxolon can cause depression for certain people, Ya Allah hanya Tuhan saja yg tahu perasaan saya masa depression tu... teruk sangat rasanya..

Saya contact doctor saya minta tukar ubat pada motilium, alhamdulillah motilium works wonder on me.Masa saya ambil motilium saya ambil cuti seminggu lebih untuk tenangkan fikiran dan cuba concentrate utk bf baby.Baby mmg tak nak direct bf sbb dia dah biasa dgn botol since day one, saya buat mcm mana sekalipun mmg dia tak mau hisap, kalau hisap pon tak sampai seminit then mengamuk sakan sampai hilang suara, ada sekali tu dia cakar2 breast saya...heheee ganas baby saya ni...

Then thru research and surfing saya dapat byk info thru
So saya opted to pump, masa saya cuti tu the whole week saya pump je breast saya tu even tak de susu sekalipun, even pump angin sekalipun, tp saya nekad nak bagi dia susu saya, sbb first time saya pump susu dah ada 2/3 titik, itulah yg buat saya keep on pumping... mula2 sekali pump dapatlah 2/3 sudu then bila dah selalu pump dapatlah 10ml, then dalam satu hari tu kalau saya pump 5 kali then total dapatlah 40ml (mmg sikit tp saya tak putus asa, sbb tak de stimulation direct feeding dr baby so mmg payahlah sikit)

Baby saya minum FM 3 oz, nak dapatkan 3 oz dlm sehari mmg luar jangkaan so apa saya buat, saya mix 2 days of EBM to get 3 oz, now alhamdulilah saya dah completekan 5 kali susuan untuk baby... now motilium dah habis susu saya pon dah kurang, selain dari ambil motilium saya ambil fenugreek cap, minum milk maid tea, air rebusan halba, air rebusan carrot putih, susu soya tu jgn ckp lah berkotak2 husband saya beli, dlm cari ni pon byk saya dapat info pemakanan untuk produce BM

Now tak tau nak reconsume or not the motilium, sbb saya rasa mmg susu saya keluar pon sbb motilium, ubat dah habis bila pump sekarang cuma dapat less then 10ml sekali pump...To all yg nak bfeeding their adopted baby, cubalah surf info di yg penting jgn putus asa.. dpt 5 kali susuan pon alhamdulillah sangat2... (Sorrylah cerita saya panjang lebar, excited nak bercerita... cheers)

baldu_biru Publish time 24-12-2008 11:39 AM

Reply #12 karief's post

betul karief.... dia sendiri pun tak sangka. Really happy for her. Dia siap ambik unpaid leave sbb nk susukan baby dia ni. Dia kata setiap kali nk bagi baby hisap, dia usap2 kepala baby, cakap2 ngan baby suh baby hisap & doa mintak Allah murahkan rezeki air susu buat baby dia. Alhamdulillah baby dia hisap dgn sabarnye.... Dia kata itu je yg dia buat selain dari usaha2 yg lain tu. Tapi dia mmg mengurut utk lancarkan air susu tu berkali2 la jugak.

karief Publish time 24-12-2008 11:55 AM

Reply #14 baldu_biru's post

Baldu, boleh bagitau kat mana awak dan kawan pergi mengurut tu
tp masalahnya susu saya ni masih ada lagi tp tak byk lah cuma baby tak mau feeding je... mungkin kena pump lagilah and usaha bagi dia hisap juga di samping berdoa byk2... tks baldu..

baldu_biru Publish time 24-12-2008 12:01 PM

Reply #15 karief's post

baldu & kawan baldu aritu mengurut dgn Dr.Shuhaida. Cuba refer sini,

karief Publish time 24-12-2008 12:08 PM

Reply #16 baldu_biru's post

tq baldu..

Ailin Publish time 24-12-2008 04:21 PM

Lin dah lame tak masuk kat board parenting ni...asyik kat board gossip je....:lol:
nak kongsi pengalaman pun takde..problemnya ade...
Lin kan dah ambik anak angkat since disember tahun lepas..dan tak lame lagi birthday dia yang pertama...
so masalahnye...Lin dah cuba nak bagi BF kat anak tapi mcm pengalaman karies..anak Lin mengamuk..sbb dia mcm pelik je...(mana taknye tak pernah nampak benda tu kan...):lol:
tu lah ingat nak trylah yang mcm karies cakap tu...sebab ubatLin dah ade...cuma Lin takut kalau just makan je tapa ade rangsangan buat rugi je...nanti effect akat badan Lin pulak...

luvaries Publish time 31-12-2008 09:53 AM

Ni pengalaman Luv

Luv ambik inj. dan ubat dua minggu sebelum baby lahir. Sebab Luv memang kenal ibu baby luv sekarang.
lepas ambik ubat terus pam berhari2..tapi seminggu lepas tu baru ada setitk dua
lepas dapat baby terus nyusukan dia dengan bantuan alat SNS..pengeluaran pun bertambah tapi memang tak dapat la 3oz pun.
Tapi Luv teruskan usaha masuk bulan kedua luv boleh kumpul lebih sikit. Luv perah susu simpan dalam freezer 3 hari sekali keluarkan panas kan untuk dapatkan satu kali kenyang.. Luv continue sampai umur dia 6 bulan. rasa nya dapat lebih dari 5 kali kenyang dah.

Untuk Ailin..
Rangsangan tu memang penting..
Tapi Luv dulu Pump setiap 3-4 jam satu hari.:'(
Bayangkan kat tempat kerje..3 jam sekali masuk bilik 15-20 minit..
Kalau di minta ulangi proses tu macam tak sanggup
Tapi selepas berjaya dapat tittle Ibu susuan baru rasa nikmatnyer.

karief Publish time 31-12-2008 11:25 AM

Reply #18 Ailin's post

Ailin, kena kuat semangat buat semua ni... ini untuk anak kita jadi mahram dgn family... saya kalau tak kuat semangat mmg rasa nak stop je buat semua tu tp sbb fikirkan my baby is a boy so lagilah kena buat...

Baby baru setahun so masih lagi ada setahun untuk awak mencuba sedaya upaya nanti lagi dia dah besar lagi byk dia minum lagi susah untuk awak collect ur EBM,
ur baby mmg takkan nak direct bfing so awak kena usaha cara lain, pump pump pump kalau boleh ambil cuti seminggu dua untuk awak concentrate buat semua ni..
kalau boleh ambillah injection dulu. tunggu 2 minggu then continue with ubat..dlm masa dua minggu injection tu awak dah boleh buat pumping session then kena follow dgn makanan:

yg trigger our hormone - milkmaid tea, fenugreek cap, air rebusan halba (fenugreek), ubat2an (maxolon/motilium)

yg absorb dlm darah - soya bean, protein drinks, oats, raisin, kurma, kekacang

masa saya dulu pagi2 minum air rebusan lobak putih / halba, then after an hour minum soya bean sambil makan oat (walaupun tak suka), then sebelum tengahari minum milo / horlick, then lunch mcm biasa, petang minum soya bean lagi after an hour minum air rebusan lobak putih / halba then dinner mcm biasa lps dinner minum susu anlene pulak then sebelum tidur minum lagi air rebusan halba / lobak putih

buat semua ni jgn bergantung harap pada ubat sahaja tanpa ada effort yg lain.. unless kalau baby kita nak direct bf...

ciku_lat Publish time 3-1-2009 03:41 PM


Alhamdulillah.. ciku dpt anak angkat baby boy baru usia 4hari anak plg muda dia lahir 31/12/08.lps bersalin jer mak dia bagi kat ciku..penat gak ada baby ni itu sume xapa.ciku dah nk masuk 5thn kawin blm ada rezeki lagi bln 7 ari tu ngadung luar rahim n sebelah tiub dah kena buang..

sekarang ni ciku try nk bf baby ada kakak bg maxalon.cume nak tau berapa lama susu akan keluar..risau gak baby nyusu botol karang xmo bf pulak..

karief..amik hormon injection tu kat mana? klinik biasa ker kena p klinik pakar..xsabar rasanyer nk suskan baby ..try gak bg bf dia nk tp air xde lagi..

karief Publish time 5-1-2009 09:44 AM

Reply #21 ciku_lat's post

ciku_lat.. saya ambil injection di hospital pantai indah.. pusrawi pon ada buat injection ni, jgn makan ubat lagi kalau nak ambil injection.. dah habis injection 2 minggu baru makan ubat k.. baby masih baru so cepat buat sementara ur baby feeding tak byk ni...

my experience lps consumed maxolon 4 hari dah ada setitik dua...
maxolon / motilium, doctor akan supply for 2 weeks, so within 2 weeks tu kena habiskan betul2.. kalau blh ambil cuti for 2 weeks tu lagi bagus... my doctor advised me to take 2 months leaves if betul2 committed nak bf baby...

baldu_biru Publish time 5-1-2009 10:39 AM

Reply #21 ciku_lat's post

nk susukan baby ni semangat kena kuat... even ibu2 yg melahirkan pun ada yg susah nk keluar susu.

ciku_lat Publish time 6-1-2009 10:43 AM

ari tu dpt maxolon utk 3hr jer kawan kat hsptal bg kat farmasi abik pulak tu tukar amik motilium ni breast dah bengkak..bra pun dah xmuat...

ciku_lat Publish time 6-1-2009 10:46 AM

pump gak breast tu..tu yg makin besau...ada kawan suh p klinik p amik injection..

injection tu kena amik tiap ahri ker selama 2weeks?
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