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Informasi berkenaan kebaikan Lingzhi

Akum sume,

Ni saya nak share sket pasal lingzhi ni and how it can help us improve our health.

Among all the countless health-care formulations in the market today, Lingzhi stands tall as a miraculous and unparalleled health food. Lingzhi is a mushroom. Its botanical name is Ganoderma. It is a functional food, its not a medicine.

Benefits of consuming Lingzi:

A high quality Lingzhi contains this 5 most important ingredient:

1) Polysaccharide
-Strengthen immune system, improves body constitution

2) Triterpenoids
- Improves liver functions, alleviates allergy, promotes platelet aggregation

3) Adenosine
-Improves blood circulations, inhibits platelet aggregarion

4) Organic Germanium
- Rejuvenates cells, anti aging, prevents acidic body constitution

5) Lingzhi 8 protein
- Modulates immune system, activates Natural Killer Cells, enhance cell generation

Tu je las dulu info untuk kali ni. next time aku akan buh some lingzhi pics, what exactly it can do to our body and why i say Lingzhi is a functional food, and not a medicine. TQ

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Ni cendawan Lingzhi ni:

Ni plak farm dier:

Anyway, let me elaborate further regarding what area and effect high quality lingzhi can provide:

1) Protect the heart:
- Improves blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, blood gets thinner (excellent for high blood pressure patient)

2)Improves/modulates immune system
-Prevent common cough, cold, allergies, improves body constitution and regulates the immune system

3)Enhance cellular health
-Healthy cells lead to healthy organs and healthy body, resulting in prevention of degenerative diseases

4)Improves detoxification
-Improves liver functions and other body systems

Ni aku nak inform skali lagi, Lingzhi ni bukan ubat, it does not cure, but it normalizes and regulates the body constitution by the above 4 factors.

Furthermore, it also act as a scanner to scan all irregularities dalam badan kite and react accordingly.

Korang mesti tertanyer2, xkan xder ape2 side effect ko? Jawapannya, tiada. Yg kite akan rase is what we call the "vertigo effect". Dalam next post nanti aku cite ape vertigo effect tu Ok.

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As I has said earlier, when we consume Lingzhi, we will experience a phenomena called the vertigo effect. The vertigo effect or some called the healing crisis is basically refers to the fealing of discomfort before it we felt comfortable. This effects are cause by our body discharging stored toxins and also cell regenerating all around our body.

What are the common vertigo effect that might be felt by user when started consuming Lingzhi?

1)Banyak kentut (byk kali dalam sehari selama seminggu atau dua)
- Tanda badan kite membuang toksik dan udara tersekat dalam colon and tissue

2)Banyak kali membuang air besar
- mungkin 3 - 4 kali sehari (pembersihan colon)

-Berpeluh walaupun dalam keadaan sejuk atau ader air cond atau lebih byk berpeluh. (Pembersihan kulit)

4)Discharding of clots (untuk wanita)
- Whatever blockage and / or infections are in the womb, uterus and cervix will be flushed out in the form of blood clots, extra menstrual flow, white/brown discharge for number of days (Signs of reproductive organ cleansing)

5)Byk berhingus and pembuangan mukus.

6)Byk kencing

dan macam2 lagi...

Tp bukan sume vertigo effect kite akan rase yg kurang senang, ader juga effect macam lebih bertenaga, tidur lebih lena dan macam2 lagi.

Yg penting kite kene sedar yg effect ni sume sementara jer. Then, insyaallah badan kite akan jd lebih segar dari sebelumnye.

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Betul betul betul...mana ada side effect. Ramai orang salah faham
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