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Panduan Membeli Kereta Baru/Terpakai

Oleh sebab ramai sgt yg bertanya pendapat nak beli kereta baru atau 2nd nih........ so aku compile info yg aku dpt nih.......


All excited about buying your first car? Or, thinking of upgrading? Should you buy a new car, or a second-hand car? The answer really depends on whether it is a need or a want.

Need or Want?

A need would mean you need the car for heading out to college or for work and it is an essential part of your life.

A want would simply be defined as liking that particular model, or wanting to outshine your neighbour for the fact that your car has to be better than his. If you have the cash, then you can certainly fulfil your want immediately!

For those who have identified it as a need, checking out options on whether to purchase a spanking new car or a second-hand car depends on the following criteria:

Depreciation losing money when the rubber hits the road

If you buy a new car, it immediately depreciates in value once it hits the road. In fact, it¡¯s estimated that a brand-new car loses 40% of its value within just three years! Therefore, when you opt to buy a used car, someone else might have already ¡°paid the price¡± for the bulk of the depreciation and you don¡¯t lose as much in buying the used car.

It also depends on your financial situation - second-hand cars are cheaper in terms of interest repayment, initial payment and instalments compared to brand-new cars.

Mainenance, warranty and long term issues

Maintenance is a big issue, especially with used cars. You¡¯ll incur more costs for repairs and replacement parts that have become worn over time. To lessen the damper on the wallet for used cars, ensure that you get an honest and skilled mechanic to check the used car before it is purchased.

For new cars, they will possibly come with higher insurance premiums and registrations, especially during the short run. However, in the long run, maintenance would be less of a headache as new cars have warranties and come with certain manufacturing standards, so owners need not worry as much.

Reliability & Safety depends on you

Many would think that a new car would be more reliable than a much older used vehicle. However, how reliable the car is depends on how reliable you are in taking care of the car. Will you service your car often? How about checking the oils and tyres?

You need to ask yourself these questions to determine whether you would be a good owner as it would affect how reliable and safe the car is for you. If you haven¡¯t done so for your current car, head out to the nearest Petronas station where the service staffs are more than happy to assist you in this.

Whether purchasing brand-new or used cars, make sure you are comfortable with the decision, and are able to pay for the financial commitment. This isn¡¯t just a one-off commitment; it takes a few years to pay off the debt, so think wisely!

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How to buy Second Hand Car

All ready to venture out and be independent by buying your first car? Or, craving for that model car you want, but haven¡¯t got enough cash to fuel your purchase? Buying second hand is a good option to consider in these scenarios.

Here are some simple steps to help you find your perfect second hand car!


As a bargain hunter, check out the newspapers which will list out loads of used car for sale from used car dealerships or individual private parties, car magazines, posted up ads in your local malls or grocery stores, online website sale or better still - ask around your contacts and friends for friends who know of others who are selling off their cars.


Next up, is the financial commitment that one needs to consider. If you are about to take a loan, how much can you afford to pay per month as a monthly instalment? Are you able to pay a lump sum cash initial payment? Find out more from your local banks on the interest rates on loans - shop around to find the best deals!


It¡¯s important to scrutinize to the detail when you are given the chance to test drive the used car. Check the odometer, to see the amount of mileage it has clocked up. Ask whether the car is still under warranty and ensure that you read through the warranty document and service records.

Next, if you¡®re really keen to buy a used car but have doubts on the condition, take it to a mechanic you trust and ask for his honest opinion. Also, when you test drive, take not of these points while on the road:

Acceleration from a stop
Visibility (Check for blind spots)
Engine noise
Passing acceleration (Does it downshift quickly and smoothly?)
Hill-climbing power
Suspension (How does it ride?)
Rattles and squeaks
Cargo space


Once you are convinced that this is the perfect car for yourself, you need start the negotiation process. Follow these guidelines when negotiating:

Only enter into negotiations with a salesperson you feel comfortable with
Make an opening offer that is low, but in the ballpark
Decide ahead of time how high you will go and leave when your limit's reached
Walk out - this is your strongest negotiating tool
Be patient - plan to spend an hour or more negotiating
Leave the dealership if you get tired or hungry


Once you¡¯ve reached agreed price, read through the contract and review it thoroughly, checking for the price, service fee and taxes.

Sort out the financial obligations, and always ask for proof of receipt for your documentation. Next, ensure also that you have insurance for the car before driving it off.

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Kerugian yang tidak dijangka. Bencana-bencana pada masa akan datang. Insuran boleh melindungi semua perkara yang tidak dijangka yang melibatkan kerugian wang ringgit yang banyak.

Di dalam kes sebagai pemilik kenderaan, lakukanlah sedikit kajian untuk mendapatkan polisi yang terbaik dan salah satu tip yang penting adalah dengan membeli lebih perlindungan bagi melindungi pelbagai masalah yang tidak dijangka. Antara contoh polisi termasuklah


Perlindungan ini membayar jika terdapat kecederaan pada tubuh dan kerosakan harta benda. Kecederaan tubuh termasuklah bayaran perubatan, kesakitan dan kesengsaraan akibat kehilangan pendapatan. Manakala kerosakan harta pula termasuklah kerosakan harta benda dan juga kenderaan.

Perlindungan ini juga membayar kos perbicaraan dan juga kos mahkamah. Undang-undang telah menetapkan berapa banyak perlindungan liabiliti yang mesti anda beli, tetapi anda boleh membeli lebih perlindungan jika mahu.


Perlindungan ini membayar kerosakan kenderaan anda yang disebabkan oleh perlanggaran dengan kenderaan lain ataupun objek.


Perlindungan ini membayar kehilangan ataupun kerosakan kepada kenderaan yang diinsurankan yang tidak terdapat di dalam insuran biasa. Antara jenis kerosakan yang dilindungi termasuklah kehilangan yang disebabkan oleh api, angin, ribut, banjir, vandalisme ataupun kecurian.


Membayar perbelanjaan perubatan tanpa mengira salah siapa di mana perbelanjaan itu disebabkan oleh kemalangan.


Perlindungan Kecederaan Peribadi membayar perbelanjaan perubatan kepada pemandu yang diinsurankan, tanpa mengira siapa yang bersalah, untuk rawatan yang disebabkan oleh kemalangan.


Membayar kerosakan kereta anda apabila berlakunya kemalangan yang disebabkan oleh pemandu yang tidak mempunyai insuran liabiliti.


Membayar kerosakan kereta anda apabila berlakunya satu-satu kemalangan yang disebabkan oleh pemandu yang tidak dilindungi oleh insuran.


Insuran jenis ini membayar sewa kereta jika kereta anda rosak disebabkan oleh kemalangan. Selalunya insuran jenis ini mempunyai elaun harian untuk sewaan kereta.

Sekarang anda sudahpun mengetahui tentang pelbagai polisi insuran yang tersedia. Adalah penting juga untuk mengetahui faktor harga bagi auto insuran. Antaranya adalah:


Perkara pertama yang menentukan harga polisi adalah jenis kereta yang anda pandu. Contohnya, kereta sport pastinya lebih mahal untuk diinsurankan berbanding kereta keluarga. Atau, jika kereta anda merupakan jenis kereta yang selalu menjadi sasaran pencuri, pastinya harga perlindungan anda menjadi lebih tinggi.


Lagi satu faktor adalah tempat tinggal anda. Jika anda tinggal di tempat yang terkenal dengan jenayah, polisi anda akan menjadi lebih mahal. Pemandu yang selalu memandu jauh juga harus membayar lebih tinggi berbanding mereka yang tinggal dekat dengan tempat kerja.


Faktor terakhir adalah anda sendiri. Umur, jantina, status perkahwinan dan rekod pemanduan juga diambil kira. Purata kemalangan adalah lebih tinggi bagi pemandu yang berusia di bawah 25 tahun, jadi jika anda masih muda, bersedialah untuk membayar lebih sedikit.

Dengan semua maklumat ini, bersedialah untuk mengkaji pelbagai pakej polisi insuran yang ditawarkan oleh pelbagai syarikat insuran bagi mendapatkan polisi yang benar-benar sesuai dengan

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Used cars have cheaper interest? U must be joking

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i want more! eheh..

boleh takTT jelaskan pasal spesifikasi kereta.selalu kalu ade iklan pasal kereta, ada specsdie, cam cc,pastu apetah lg..leh terangkan satu persatu?
thanx alot.

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Used cars have cheaper interest? U must be joking
d-7-0ne Post at 27-3-2009 18:14

in some cases .. yesbut maybe cheaper by 0.1-0.15% only
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