bigntasty Publish time 14-1-2010 01:14 AM


wE dO hV sPeCiaL SupErB SizE/cLoTh foR BIG SizE mEn N GurLs!!
FoR thE TimE BeiNg wE jUsT seLL bRanD nEw iTemS!!NoT 2Nd HaNd..

                I'm aLsO a LiTtLe ExTRa SizE mYseLf,I kNoW hOw DifFiCulT To FinD cLoThEs tHaT FiT mE..             sO, LooK aRouNd HerE, U MighT jUsT FiNd SoMeThiNg U LikE..wHo KnOw!!...
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