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1. This board provides users a platform for buying, selling and to advertise their product. It does not support non-operating functions and does not provide any business helps. We are not responsible for all published post. We have the right to delete any fraud post and have the permission to send fraud-related information to the law enforcement authorities for investigation.

2. Internet shopping is built on the credibility of both buyers and sellers, therefore both sides must act on their own and bear full responsibility and the site will not be liable for any claims that occurs due to this usage of information through our site.

3. Multiple post to strengthen the publicity of their own are not allowed and it is against board rules and regulations . Each user is only allowed to post a new title or post. Moderators have the right to edit, merge, closed or delete all post that is against board rules and regulations without any explanation.

4.Posts release must not prejudice the rights and interests of our site.

5. We reserve the right to edit or delete your post if the post is illegal by the Malaysian law. The user account will be banned immediately if the sale items contains any form of Pirated merchandised, Cigarettes, Drugs, Pornography and other illegal trading items.

6. User been request to prepare goods detail, such as picture, price, period of warranty and transaction detail. We do not encourage users to publish pictures of goods or information from other websites. Users must be careful and responsible when uploading images. If any complaint is received, the post will be deleted immediately without any inquiry. Users are also prohibited from using PM to send website URL. Post that is against board rules and regulations will be closed or reclaimed.

7. Post that are more than 100 pages will be automatically closed.

8. All posts must be based on board rules and regulations to establish post title and using "Post" function. User have to provide following details as well:

A. Forum username:
B. Real name: (if buyer require)
C. Address: (if buyer require)
D. Tel/Hp:
E. Bank account information:
F. Company name, Company Registration Number (if have):

9. All transactions will be done in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

10. No spam, chat or multiple reply that is on purpose. If this is found, points will be deducted or the user will be banned.

11. Any posts published by our site is considered to have agreed with the terms above. Therefore, our site will not be responsible for any fraud that incurred during the buying and selling process. If you are a victim of fraud by the posts published in our site, please take the initiative to contact the moderator.

12.Prohibited sexual medicine & products.

13. This board is still under Beta version, therefore rules and regulations will be added or deleted from time to time.

Sub Forums

Maklumat Perniagaan

Maklumat Perniagaan (2)

6889 / 11k
Percutian, Pelancongan & Pengembaraan

Percutian, Pelancongan & Pengembaraan

Moderator: LelaRentaka7, mnaa

1276 / 5866
Barangan, Pakaian Bagi Bayi, Kanak-Kanak & Ibu

Barangan, Pakaian Bagi Bayi, Kanak-Kanak & Ibu

Moderator: fleurzsa

3890 / 41k
Beg, Kasut, Topi Untuk Lelaki & Wanita

Beg, Kasut, Topi Untuk Lelaki & Wanita

Moderator: isabel

1643 / 11k
Cermin Mata, Jam Tangan & Barang Kemas

Cermin Mata, Jam Tangan & Barang Kemas

Moderator: LelaRentaka7

838 / 7526


Moderator: zulka

1992 / 8706
Kereta, Kenderaan Bermotor & Aksesori

Kereta, Kenderaan Bermotor & Aksesori (1)

Moderator: NIXAR

2574 / 11k
Koleksi Anime & Kartun

Koleksi Anime & Kartun

Moderator: November_Rain

193 / 607
Komputer & Aplikasi

Komputer & Aplikasi

Moderator: abdulariff

2332 / 9746
Kosmetik, Wangian, Penjaga Kulit Badan & Rambut

Kosmetik, Wangian, Penjaga Kulit Badan & Rambut (1)

Semua iklan untuk Kosmetik, Penjagaan Kulit Badan & Rambut ada di sini. Produk berkaitan seks adalah dilarang sama sekali...

Moderator: isabel, cmf_anisss84

3310 / 51k
Buku, Novel & Majalah

Buku, Novel & Majalah

Moderator: attokz

705 / 7511


Moderator: Eva_yy_Ellin

4390 / 41k


Moderator: nazadiyah

246 / 860


Moderator: mnaa

4463 / 11k
Telefon Bimbit

Telefon Bimbit

2171 / 9761

Lain-Lain (13)

11k / 71k

Pekerjaan (1)

4832 / 9397
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