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Author: iansuryani


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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 11:24 AM |All posts
After Aamir, now Dia before political anger!

In the Sardar Sarovar dam issue, Bollywood star Aamir Khan, who raised his voice in support of the project affected people and demanded their rehabilitation has clearly divided peoples in two, those support him and those not, at least BJP's political assumption says so.

Few days back Aamir had fallen before BJP's anger; now actress Dia Mirza, who recently in Rajkot made statement supporting Aamir's stand on the dam, facing political outrage.

As per report, on Monday, Bharatiya Janata Party workers led by Mayor Dhansukh Bhandari had organized a protest march against Dia for her "anti-dam" statements and support for the thousands of displaced peoples.

Dia said, "People should think about thousands who are getting displaced." When asked about the drinking water problems of lakhs of people in Gujarat, she questioned "Should Gujarat drink water at the cost of thousands of displaced people?"

Bhandari however said they do not have any problem against the actress but the way she has made statements without understanding the importance of the Sardar Sarovar dam is pathetic.

Aamir Khan

Diya Mirza

[ Last edited by  Gadis_Venus at 29-4-2006 02:09 AM ]

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matz_rockz This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 11:36 AM |All posts
Originally posted by Gadis_Venus at 24-4-2006 08:10 PM
Aish has laryngitis

Aishwarya Rai has just returned from abroad after rocking the Commonwealth Games ceremony in Melbourne and also from her overseas shooting for Yashraj Films' 'Dhoom-2' with  ...

my specs tambah degrees...tengok ni gambar.....

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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 11:46 AM |All posts
Originally posted by matz_rockz at 26-4-2006 11:36 AM

my specs tambah degrees...tengok ni gambar.....


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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 12:02 PM |All posts
Hrithik-Manisha at Taj Mahal's Pak premiere  

While 'Mughal-e-Azam' may have beaten 'Taj Mahal

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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 12:11 PM |All posts
Akshay captures international market, beats Shah Rukh

Akshay Kumar is emerging fast as a strong Bollywood star with more brilliance like an immensely shining star in the deep space. The only difference is that he is shining both at home and in the overseas, of course more in International market.  

Akshay is compared with Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan for his overseas popularity. After his Garam Masala, Deewane Hue Pagal and Dosti-Friends Forever, all starred by Akshay did well in overseas.

Now  his Humko Deewana Kar Gaya wherein Akshay stars, has stormed the box office in the United Kingdom with so hearty popularity that his index has lifted him from the medium category to the top category of Bollywood star and thats helping the producer.

So much so, Akshay is considered a star of the level of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in terms of his popularity in overseas. He has also improved his acting on one hand and dancing capability on the other.

He has been well known and popular for his actions and now he is  well liked for his album style.

The film, which released all over the world on April 14, opened to record theatre collections. In fact, the opening day collections of the film, which stars Katrina Kaif  in the female lead and the sultry Bipasha Basu in a supporting role, in the United Kingdom were a staggering 50,000 UK Pounds (Rs 35 Lakh) from just 38 cinema screens.

Besides the stupendous opening day collections, the film also earned 16,000 UK Pounds (Rs 11 lakh) from paid preview shows held a day prior to its theatrical release.

In terms of its earnings during the opening weekend, the film ranks above Hollywood films like 'Hostel', 'The Pink Panther', 'Yours, Mine and Ours', The Squid And The Whale' and 'The Dark Momentum'. Trade sources say the opening taken by Humko Deewana Kar Gaye is the highest ever for a solo Akshay -starrer in the UK.  

Recent years have seen Akshay emerge as the new star on the overseas circuit. Films starring the actor like 'Garam Masala', 'Deewane Hue Pagal' and, more recently, 'Dosti' have proved to be hits in the United Kingdom.

Of the above, the success of 'Dosti' is especially remarkable considering that the film opened to a lukewarm response from Indian audiences. Which only goes to prove what a big draw Akshay is emerging at the box office.

Akshay Kumars Filmography is given as under for the interest of readers and his fans:
Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (Akshay, Katrina Kaif),

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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 01:30 PM |All posts
Actress Kareena Kapoor, focused on work, no longer a regular at Bollywood parties

Indian actress Kareena Kapoor says she has been concentrating on her acting career and has stopped attending Bollywood parties.

The popular actress says boyfriend Shahid Kapur was the key to her making some drastic changes in lifestyle, which included developing a positive attitude to life and work.

Kapoor said in an interview published in the Filmfare magazine that she begins every day by giving herself a "pep talk.''

"I've banished negativity from my life, from my heart. I'm just concentrating on my work,'' she said. "I've dropped out of the party scene ... Every morning I give myself a pep talk.''

She said boyfriend Kapur has been a great influence since he told her to talk through her work. "He's my backbone. He's taught me a lot,'' said Kapoor. "For starters he tempered me down.''

The couple have recently begun speaking to the media about their two-year relationship and are frequently seen together in publicity campaigns and movie premieres.

In the past, Kapoor had sometimes poked fun at her co-stars and made derisive remarks about them - something she says she will never repeat. She said her boyfriend taught her not to "open my mouth unnecessarily. And I used to do that a lot ... I've made mistakes. But I've also learned from them.''

She now prefers to concentrate on movie projects including "36 China Town'' a romantic movie to be released soon. She is also working in a Bollywood version of Shakespeare's "Othello'' and with well-known actor Hrithik Roshan in first-time director Zoya Akhtar's new movie.

"I have good movies on hand. And finally I'm content with myself. I've reached a comfort level with myself,'' Kapoor said.


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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 01:47 PM |All posts
Kareena in a love quadrangle

As if love triangles in Bollywood were not interesting enough, we will now be seeing a love quadrangle.

And this love quadrangle will involve Kareena at the forefront, with three gorgeous Bollywood hunks chasing after her. Who the three are? Ajay Devgan, Saif Ali Khan and Vivek Oberoi. The film is still under production and is expected to release sometime this year.

Who will she choose in the end? Who gets the lovely Bebo? All three are welcome to her. Be happy boys!


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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 02:31 PM |All posts
What Preity Zinta wants in the new India

Michael Peschardt, one of BBC's senior foreign correspondents, launched a new 13-part series on BBC World in April. Peschardt's People will give viewers a chance to take a look at the lives of some of the most famous and infamous people in the Asia-Pacific region.

On April 22, his interview with actress Preity Zinta was telecast in which she spoke about her celebrity and what she wants in the new and changing India.

I've only been in this Bollywood studio, I think from half an hour and I've already been offered a job!

Excellent. You see that's why we make so many movies. We have work for everybody.

Why Preity loves New York

Yes, even me. Quite strange.

You see in India, most of the people are not educated. They don't all go to school. So they really look up to films. So it's important to give them films that are entertaining as well as a bit educative, you know, progressive. Not just one of the run of the mill films because there is a lot of awareness today. There are a lot of television channels today. You have access to HBO, Star Movies, everything you know. So, when that is there, the audiences are changing, the audiences are very particular. They don't want the same stuff that you were churning out and giving to them ten years ago.

When you say an educational message, what sort of thing do you mean by that?

You know, let's say doing a film on HIV.

If you do a film on HIV, I mean you could make a documentary on HIV and nobody would really look at it. But if you have a film with big stars, people will go and see that film. And looking at that film they'll know that Oh! if a hero can catch HIV, so can I. You know there are a lot of things. You have to kind of cushion it and cocoon it around glamour and everything.

HIV is clearly universally a vital issue.

Yes. So what I am saying is just simple things, small things like you know we make films on corruption, we make films on the political infrastructure of the country. It's just a way to put it across to the people. Though at the end of the day we are not doing it to be good human beings, we are doing it to make money but

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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 02:39 PM |All posts
Madhuri Returns To The US Without Finalising Any Project

The last lady superstar of Hindi films , Madhuri Dixit , has returned to the US without signing any film . The actress (reportedly) heard over 20 scripts during her fairly long stay in India and liked three or four of them . But her fans need not despair as modalities are being worked out and further negotiations are in progress .


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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 02:41 PM |All posts
Esha Deol dogged by depression?

Actress Esha Deol swears that her role in the forthcoming Ankahee has been one of her toughest to date. She was heard saying that mommy Hema Malini used to be worried sick while she was shooting for the flick as Esha used to constantly be in a state of depression.

The actress used to get nervous attacks and nightmares. Hema and Eshas sister Ahaana decided that after the shooting of the film, the family will take a weeks holiday to get Esha out of the horrific mindset. Well, acting may not always be all-so-glam after all.


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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 02:49 PM |All posts
When Isha Koppikar was unrecognizable

When Isha Koppikar shed her glamorous image for a forthcoming Ram Gopal Varma movie, she was unrecognizable on the films shooting sets.

In Ramus movie Shabri , Isha plays a woman who runs a crime racket from a Mumbai chawl. In accordance with her character, Isha sports a non-glamorized look in the film and even speaks foul language.

In fact, while shooting for the movie Isha looked so convincing in her new look that crewmembers on the sets often failed to recognize her.

A media report quotes Isha as saying: One time, my production controller refused to get me in on set, as he couldnt recognise me. Even executive producers get confused and fail to identify me in my get-up. Later on theyd come and apologise and I would say, Superb!

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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 02:56 PM |All posts
Akshayes missing year and a half

Akshaye Khanna has been secretly working on a project that no one knows about.

The vague details known are this, that for the past eighteen months, Akshaye Khanna has been acting in a production for unknown Producers. The film is top secret and Akshaye has had to sign a non-disclosure thing.

It is a known fact that Akshaye has been AWOL for most of last year, but what is not known is what he has been up to. Akshaye himself has refused to answer questions in relation to this project.

Does anyone else know?


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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 02:58 PM |All posts
Manoj Bajpai is a maharajah again

Nanda Anand grew up in Kolkata, reading Russian literature

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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 03:06 PM |All posts
Sunny and Viveik on an adventure ride

After some lousy films, our action king Sunny Deol will get back to form in his upcoming film Naksha. Naksha meaning map

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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 04:06 PM |All posts
Shahid Kapoor : I have found my true love in Bebo

Kapoor met Kapoor. And they fell in love. From karmic connections to each others kinks, Afsana Ahmed gets actors Shahid and Kareena to share their modern-day love story...

FOR me, love is eternal. I believe that true love happens just once - the others, though beautiful and pleasant, are just a part of growing up. When true love comes your way, God gives you a signal.

I may sound filmi, but fact is that at that particular moment, you get a feeling from the bottom of your heart. There are no two ways about that! Yes, I have found my true love in Bebo, my girlfriend.

She is my every woman. I can never be distracted by anybody; not even a purer and more beautiful girl than Bebo!

Apart from work, she is the most important aspect of my life, at this point. You know, at times work keeps people apart to the extent that you lose emotional contact with your partner.

Thats why I make a conscious effort to be with Bebo mentally, if not physically, all the time. I firmly believe that to cement a relationship, its important to really be with the other person, at least for the first few years as thats the period when your relationship is growing roots.

No, I dont believe in love at first sight. Its too big and deep an emotion to take shape so suddenly. Its a strong sentiment that develops and increases with time. Yes, theres a certain chemistry, an instant attraction and a connection that follows the first meeting.

Like, when I first met Bebo through a common friend in a hotel lobby, I quite liked her. But it was only on our second meeting at a preview theatre that we really hit it off.

At that time, I didnt know anything about her, except that she was a superstar and a damn good actress.

I had seen some of her films. But what struck me about her, when I met her was that she was completely unaware of her stardom and her success. I was drawn to her primarily because of her honest and real self.

You know when Bebo looks her best? When she is clad in a simple salwar kameez, devoid of any make-up

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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 04:15 PM |All posts
Kareena Kapoor: For me, it was love at first sight

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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 04:38 PM |All posts
Hrithk Roshan: Ready to rock Pak!

Papa the great Hrithik Roshan is on cloud nine, both on the professional and the personal front. His forthcoming film Krrish seems to be the hottest film on the movie marquee and his recently acquired status of a father has added new spice in his life. Besides that, the family man is keen to help promote wife Suzannes uncle Akbar Khan's movie Taj Mahal - An Eternal Love Story in Pakistan. So, along with his brother-in-law Fardeen, Hrithik will travel to Pakistan where they are likely to meet Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. With Hrithik and Fardeen in Pakistan the film we're sure is going to be a hit among the junta!  


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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 04:40 PM |All posts
Dia is there for Subi!  

It's always good to stand by your friends, as it quite often happens in Bollywood. Ace lensman Subi Samuel is known to have clicked some superb photographs of actress Dia Mirza in the past and the two have developed a professional relationship based on respect and trust over the years. So it was not surprising that when Subi wanted Dia to star in his debut production Alag, she immediately agreed. And now that the film is complete, Dia feels that her gut feeling to do the role has been justified since the film has shaped out beautifully, according to her. Some more eye-candy for us, what?  

Diya Mirza

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Gadis_Venus This user has been deleted
Post on 26-4-2006 04:45 PM |All posts
Revealed: Nagmas real Dad

Film actress Nagma, never too far from limelight or controversy, has now revealed that she is the heir to one of the most respected textile families in India: the Morarjis.
Nagma, who made her debut in Bollywood opposite Salman Khan in Baghi, and has been more recently in the news for her dalliance with Sourav Ganguly and the Mumbai underworld, is actually the daughter of industrialist Sri Arvind Pratapsinh Morarji who passed away on January 1 this year (see accompanying obituary notice).

The reason her pedigree has remained a closely guarded secret is because of the question mark over the relationship between Arvind Morarji and the actress's mother Seema. However, in an interview to this newspaper, Nagma said that Arvind Morarji and Seema, a Muslim by birth, were married in 1972.

"I am proud of the fact that I belong to the respectable Dharamsinh Morarji family. My mother was legally married to Arvind Morarji at a public function at Radio Club at Colaba. Due to some family problems my mother had to separate from my father," she disclosed but refused to elaborate what these problems were.

When she was born Nagma was given the name Nandita and that is the name given in her passport as well. In the actress's passport, which this reporter has seen, and which was reissued on April 10,2003, her parents' names are mentioned as Arvind Pratapsinh Morarji and Seema Sadanah.

The illustrious Morarji family till not long ago owned some of the biggest textile mills in western India--chunks of the business was subsequently sold to the Piramals. But in the last two decades the two branches of the family: Goculdas Morarji and Dharamsinh Morarji have kept a relatively low profile. "Very little is known about them," says business historian Gita Piramal.

According to Nagma, after leaving her father, Seema remarried a certain Chander Sadanah about 30 years ago and the southern film star Jyotika is her step-sister.

It was Seema who encouraged Nagma to join the film industry and for several years was her constant companion on film sets, including Yalgaar, where Nagma was reportedly first introduced to Anis Ibrahim.

Nagma was recently mired in a controversy with the underworld when last year Anis Ibrahim's aide, Jamiruddin alias Jammo told Mumbai police that he had gone to Nagma's Bandra flat to deliver Rs 10 lakh to her at the instance of Anis Ibrahim, something the actress has consistently denied.

Through all these turbulent years Nagma says she remained close to her biological father. Though Arvind Morarji remarried and sired two sons, Dharaj and Yuvaraj, the actress says she was by her father's bedside when he died after a prolonged illness. Her name (Nandita) was also prominently mentioned in the obituary notices in newspapers.

Nagma refused to discuss the issue of Arvind Morarji's will saying it was "personal matter," and no one from the Morarji family was available for comment.

Commenting on her future, the actress, who harbours political aspirations, said: My dad was a Hindu, my mom is a Muslim and I was born on Christmas day. I am secular and that's the kind of politics I wish to propagate." She also has a slew of regional movies lined up for release including a Bhojpuri film with Amitabh Bachchan.


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http://taurusmania.multiply ..

Post on 26-4-2006 07:36 PM |All posts

Gossip dan berita artis malaysia


Sekiranya selama ini pelakon terkemuka dari seberang, Zamarul Hisham, sekadar memerhatikan dari jauh kemelut yang melanda kekasihnya, Diana Rafar, dan Mawi, kini Zamarul akhirnya bersuara.

Pelakon Lelaki Terbaik Festival Filem Malaysia 2005 yang menjalin hubungan kasih selama lima tahun dengan pelakon, pengacara dan penyanyi itu mendedahkan Mawi menghubungi Diana seawal 4 pagi.

'Diana menceritakan kepada saya sejak hari pertama beliau dan Mawi mula berhubungan melalui telefon bimbit. Saya tidak cemburu kerana anggap persahabatan perkara biasa, cuma selepas beberapa kejadian, saya mula tidak senang,' kata Zamarul dalam akhbar Metro Ahad.

Zamarul, yang kurang selesa campur tangan dalam permasalahan itu memandangkan beliau mengenali kedua-duanya, mengakui berasa simpati pada kekasihnya, Diana.

Menurut Zamarul, beliau mengenali Mawi buat pertama kali semasa mereka berkunjung ke rumah keluarga Diana pada majlis hari raya.

Beliau menganggap Mawi, juara pertandingan Akademi Fantasia 3 dan merupakan penyanyi kegilaan ramai masa kini, sebagai adik dalam industri seni.

Namun, Mawi - yang sudah bertunang - dan Diana kini menjadi perbualan hangat apabila Mawi mengajak Diana memancing tetapi memberikan kenyataan bercanggah tentang kekerapannya ke rumah Diana.

'Saya sedar Diana dan Mawi berhubungan kerana Diana sering memaklumkan saya setiap perkembangan.

'Apabila famili Diana ingin bekerjasama dengan Mawi membuat filem, saya kira ia sudah bagus. Lalu Diana dan Mawi sering bertemu untuk mesyuarat, yang turut dihadiri orang lain.

'Cuma timbul persoalan di sini, di mana kejujuran dalam berkawan? Kejujuran, maksud saya, berterus terang sepenuhnya, bukan separuh jalan kerana ia boleh menimbulkan prasangka di kalangan orang lain.

'Saya hairan konsep berkawan itu telah bertukar kepada keraguan. Ya, saya mula ragu apabila Mawi menghubungi Diana walaupun jam sudah 4 pagi, Mawi menghantar ikan ke rumah Diana jam 6 pagi. Kenapa?' luah Zamarul.

Pelakon filem Di Ambang Misteri itu mengakui Diana meminta pendapatnya dalam hal ini. Namun, katanya, ia tidak salah. Padanya, Mawi mungkin selesa dengan Diana dan keluarganya dan menghormatinya sebagai teman rapat Diana.

'Namun, yang tidak sedapnya apabila timbul cerita yang menyalahkan Diana saja, seolah-olah hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong. Saya simpati dengan hal ini dan nama Diana pula semakin buruk, sedangkan saya tahu hal sebenarnya.

'Saya tidak berniat memburukkannya (Mawi). Namun, saya perlu jelaskan apa yang saya tahu. Seperti yang saya katakan tadi, kenapa hantar ikan ke rumah Diana, bukan ke rumah tunangnya? Telefon Diana jam 4 pagi, kenapa?

'Saya ikhlas, sebagai orang yang lebih tua, berkawanlah. Cuma jangan hilangkan rasa kepercayaan keluarga yang sudah menerima kita dan, yang penting, kejujuran kerana setiap gerak-geri kita boleh melukakan hati orang tersayang,' tambah

zamarul hisham

diana rafar

dare to dream.....
dare to try.....
dare to fail.....
dare to succeed.....

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http://taurusmania.multiply ..

Post on 26-4-2006 07:46 PM |All posts
Juliana kecewa difitnah
Oleh Raja Nurfatimah Mawar Mohamed

juliana semakin bahagia

SERI pada wajahnya itu cukup menggambarkan penyanyi dan pelakon Juliana Banos sedang bahagia dengan perkahwinannya.

Dengan susuk tubuh agak tembam tetapi masih jelita, Juliana yang berdandan ala funky ketika sesi fotografi bersama Bintang Popular, tidak segan menceritakan pengalamannya bergelar isteri dan menempuh alam rumah tangga.

Saya memang bahagia dengan kehidupan saya sekarang. Kadang-kadang rasa macam tak percaya saya sudah berkahwin. Masa bujang saya terlalu cepat berlalu.

Masa yang paling menyenangkan saya ialah ketika bersama suami.

Kami semakin memahami hati budi masing-masing. Insya-Allah, kalau ada rezeki, saya harap kami akan mendapat anak cepat supaya kehidupan menjadi lebih sempurna,
dare to dream.....
dare to try.....
dare to fail.....
dare to succeed.....

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Post on 26-4-2006 08:15 PM |All posts
A week after daughter's birth, Tom Cruise launches movie in Rome
Now, my Mission Impossible is...  

LEAVING my newborn little girl.

Tom Cruise arriving on top of a car at the world premiere of his new film, Mission Impossible III, in Rome. --Pics/AFP,REUTERS
That's what action actor Tom Cruise told reporters in Rome yesterday as the launch of his new film, Mission: Impossible III.

Cruise bounced on stage in the middle of a media conference that he hadn't been expected to attend.

'Sorry to interrupt,' he said as wild cheers drowned out costar Philip Seymour Hoffman's comments to reporters.

'I just got off an airplane, so I'm way too tired.'

He added quickly that he hadn't slept for a week - not since he and fiancee Katie Holme's daughter Suri was born last Tuesday in Los Angeles.

'My mission impossible was to be here today,' said the 43-year-old.

'I didn't want to come. My daughter was just born and I didn't want to leave her and her mother.'

But Cruise said it was Holmes who had convinced him to return to the promotional tour so soon after the birth.

'We discussed it... She said, 'You know, things change',' Cruise said.

'I realise the fans are going to be there in London and Paris and you know, everything is cool.'

Above, costar Maggie Q.
Once he returns to the US after the Paris launch tomorrow, Cruise said he planned to talk to Holmes about marriage.

'We are going to decide where and when and how,' Cruise said.

'Really, whatever Katie wants, you know.'

Cruise has two older children that he adopted during his marriage to actress Nicole Kidman - 13-year-old Isabella and 11-year-old Connor - who are accompanying him on his European tour. Suri is his first biological child.

He said Suri's birth last week was 'everything we wanted it to be and more. It was really very spiritual.'

He added that he he was a hands-on doting dad.

'I changed her first,' he said.

'I change diapers all the time. I have to tell you I love it.

'We have a whole system worked out.

'It's the 'B and B' - she does the breastfeeding and I do the burping and changing the diapers. It's teamwork.'

Mission: Impossible III sees Cruise leaping from Shanghai skyscrapers and breaking into the Vatican.

Part of the film was shot in Rome, the city where Cruise and Holmes first made their romance public exactly a year ago.

The following month, the twice-divorced Cruise made his infamously manic couch-hopping profession of love for Holmes on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

He proposed in Paris in June.

Cruise was gushing about Holmes again in Rome, saying childbirth had deepened his love for her.

'I look at Katie and my admiration and love and respect for her, although I didn't think it could get any more, it became more,' he said.

'It was very beautiful.

'The next time I go to Paris (after the promotional tour) - that's where I asked Katie to marry me - I want to go with her and my family.' - Wire services.
Awal ku melihat, ku yakin ini bukanlah yg biasa~
Mengagumkan, melemahkan aku melihat tatap matanya~

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Post on 26-4-2006 08:31 PM |All posts
PROGRAM realiti popular Akademi Fantasia (AF), yang melahirkan penyanyi seperti Mawi, mungkin lebih popular di negara seberang.

Namun, penglibatan artis asal Singapura tetap tidak dilupakan.

Papa rok, Ramli Sarip, khabarnya dipilih AF musim keempat (AF4), sekali gus mengakhiri spekulasi siapa akan menduduki kerusi paling panas itu.

'Selain Ramli sebagai pengetua, AF4 juga akan diterajui beberapa muka baru,' kata sumber kepada pihak akhbar Berita Harian Malaysia.

Ramli antara nama yang dikatakan bakal mengetuai AF4, selain Datuk Wah Idris serta dua bekas pengetua AF iaitu Ramli MS dan M. Nasir yang menjadi pilihan ramai.

Melengkapkan senarai tenaga pengajar AF4 ialah komposer dan penyanyi terkenal, Mohd Faizal Maas atau Ajai, serta aktivis teater dan pelakon terkenal, Fauziah Nawi.

AF4 akan memulakan siaran pertamanya Jun ini.
Awal ku melihat, ku yakin ini bukanlah yg biasa~
Mengagumkan, melemahkan aku melihat tatap matanya~

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Post on 26-4-2006 09:22 PM |All posts
PENYANYI Anuar Zain selalu disebut peminat wanita. Ada yang tidak segan memeluk dan menciumnya.

Tidakkah beliau teringin mempunyai teman wanita istimewa sendiri, atau berumah tangga memandangkan usianya menjangkau 36 tahun?

Dalam diam-diam, rupa-rupanya Anuar memang sedang mencari calon sesuai. Ha, siapa yang minat sangat kepada Anuar, dengar sini:

Kata Anuar: 'Sebenarnya, saya bersedia berumah tangga, cuma calonnya sahaja belum ada. Saya bukannya terdesak untuk berumah tangga kerana soal jodoh ini perkara serius.

'Saya juga tidak meletakkan sebarang kriteria mencari teman wanita kerana jika ada kriteria tertentu sudah lain pula jadinya. Saya juga tidak kisah jika jodoh saya dengan orang biasa atau daripada kalangan peminat saya sendiri.'

Penyanyi yang pernah dikaitkan ada hubungan dengan Siti Nurhaliza ini juga menegaskan beliau dan Siti sekadar rakan artis.

'Secara peribadi, saya memang tidak kenal siapa Siti. Saya berasa lega apabila keluar gosip hubungan Siti dengan Datuk K. Kini, bagi saya semua nya selesai dan kebenaran sudah terbukti. Saya harap selepas ini tiada lagi orang mengaitkan saya dengan Siti,' kata Anuar, lapor Harian Metro.
Awal ku melihat, ku yakin ini bukanlah yg biasa~
Mengagumkan, melemahkan aku melihat tatap matanya~

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Post on 27-4-2006 10:17 AM |All posts
KUALA LUMPUR - Bekas penyanyi kumpulan Iklim, Saleem, menafikan telah mengabaikan tanggung jawabnya sebagai seorang bapa.

Kelmarin, Harian Metro melaporkan rintihan anak-anak Saleem di Kuala Terengganu yang rindukan bapa mereka selepas empat tahun tidak bertemu dengannya.

Bagaimanapun, mereka memberikan syarat supaya Saleem menjauhi tabiat lamanya sebelum bertemu mereka.

'Abah rela bertemu dengan kamu semua tetapi janganlah meletakkan syarat seolah-olah abah ini terlalu jahat dan tidak pernah insaf dengan apa yang berlaku.

'Abah tetap sayangkan kamu semua dan perasaan ini tidak pernah berubah dari dulu hingga kini,' katanya.

Saleem mempunyai lima anak hasil perkahwinan terdahulu.

Beliau kini telah berumahtangga lagi dengan Cik Juniah Bachok, 40 tahun, yang juga pengurus peribadinya.

'Kenapa sekarang baru nak bangkitkan hal ini, bila susah tidak ada sesiapa yang datang menjenguk saya. Masa di penjara, tiada sesiapa membawa mereka untuk memberi semangat dan menjenguk saya,' katanya kelmarin.

Menurut Saleem, kali terakhir beliau berjumpa anaknya dua tahun lalu ialah ketika pulang ke kampung.

Saleem yang bakal merakamkan album terbaru turut memaklumkan beliau tidak pernah sesekali melupakan anaknya dengan bekas isteri.

'Saya bersumpah tidak ambil dadah lagi, apa yang berlaku adalah kisah sejarah hitam hidup saya. Cukuplah apa yang saya dah lalui, ini pengalaman yang tidak perlu diingatkan lagi,' katanya. - Harian Metro.
dare to dream.....
dare to try.....
dare to fail.....
dare to succeed.....

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