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Author: iansuryani


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Post on 27-12-2005 10:36 PM |All posts
Aamir Khan to ring in New Year with new beginnings

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is all set to ring in the new year with new beginnings, with his marriage to Kiran Rao and the subsequent grand party at the hill resort of Panchgani, about 200 km from Mumbai, on January 1.

This is the second time to the altar for Khan, who has divorced his first wife Reena. They have two children, Junaid and Aira, both of whom are expected to attend the wedding celebrations.

The couple has opted for a registered marriage, which will take place at a city court on December 28, after which close family and friends will drive to Panchgani for the wedding celebrations, which will culminate in a grand reception on January 1.

Three resorts have been booked entirely for the reception, sources said, adding all the preparations have been personally supervised by Rao and Khan.

The reception is likely to be attended by Bollywood bigwigs Shah Rukh and Salman Khan as well as Aamirs heroines Rani Mukherji and Juhi Chawla.

The couple met on the sets of the hit film Lagaan, where Rao was assistant to director Ashutosh Gowariker. The brides parents will host a reception for the couple in Bangalore, the sources added.  

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Post on 27-12-2005 10:39 PM |All posts
Will Sushmita's Tantra succeed?

Sushmita Sen's production company has launched its first advertisement for jewellery brand Kiah.

When Sushmita Sen announced her big plans of turning entrepreneur in November, she managed to hog the headlines. At a glittering ceremony in Mumbai that coincided with her birthday, she officially launched her production company, Tantra Entertainment.

At the time, Sen had shared that her company's plans included producing commercials, making a film on Rani Laxmi Bai, besides opening spas, nightclubs (she wants to open one in Kolkata, we're told) and much, much

While most of the other plans remain in the pipeline, - she's holding talks with Chandraprakash Dwivedi for her film on Rani Laxmi Bai. Tantra Entertainment took its first baby steps in the entertainment industry by producing an advertisement for Kiah, a jewellery brand for which she's also the brand ambassador.

Says the company's spokesperson, "Tantra has been launched to broaden our base in the entertainment industry." The Kiah advertisement has been doing the rounds since November 2005 and can be seen on a majority of prime-time slots.

Manav Menon, the man behind campaigns like Aquafina, Ponds and Zingaro, was roped in by Sen to direct the eye-catching commercial that was shot for nearly five days using special digital effects.

Gautam Gulati, brand director, Sheetal Creations, the company which launched Kiah in October 2004 says, "It was a wonderful experience to work with Sushmita, and I'm sure our company will do more work with her
production house in future."

He adds, "Right from the ideation to taking care of the minute details to being involved in post production, Sushmita's involvement was commendable."

The commercial was shot in Mumbai while the post-production work was done in Singapore. Though Gulati refuses to divulge details on the exact figure for the ad, he says, "It was obviously not a small budget ad, and all I can say is that it was made at what a small budget feature film would cost."

According to sources, the ad may have cost at least Rs 1 crore (Rs 10 million), if not more. There was no involvement from any agency, and the entire project was collaborated between Tantra Entertainment and Sheetal Creations.

Though the company is tightlipped about its future plans, it is hopeful that the production house will ride successfully on Sen's brand name.

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Post on 27-12-2005 10:45 PM |All posts
Rani, Priyanka unable to fly

This could be their worst travel experience. Four of Bollywood's biggest stars were stuck in an immobile flight at Delhi airport for nearly six hours.

Actors Priyanka Chopra, Esha Deol, Zayed Khan and Rani Mukerji along with singers Abhijeet Sawant and Shweta Pundit had a harrowing time while returning to Mumbai from Delhi Saturday evening after their Temptations 2005 concert.

Exhausted and barely able to speak, Priyanka recounted the experience at Delhi airport.

"It's really funny. But Zayed was supposed to take an earlier flight, which Shah Rukh left on. But Zayed decided to be a sport. He didn't want to break the team. So he chose to travel with me, Rani, Esha and the rest. After what happened, I'm sure Zayed would think twice before being generous. While the earlier flight left on time, we got into the 7.40 p.m. flight on Saturday evening... and finally left Delhi at 11 a.m. on Sunday."

So what happened?

"When we got into flight everything was fine. Shah Rukh messaged to say his flight had taken off. We hopped, skipped and jumped on board. Within 10 minutes the entire airport was enveloped in the thickest fog. We waited patiently for a clearance. The clock ticked way... We didn't feel the pressure of delay since we had two singers Abhijeet Sawant and Shweta Pundit as part of our team. And since I'm fond of singing, I didn't mind playing Antakshari on board. That kept us going for a couple of hours."

Finally at 1.30 a.m. Priyanka and other passengers de-boarded and booked into a hotel.

"We checked in at the hotel at around 2 a.m. and caught the flight back in the morning. I haven't slept for five days. I had just landed from a concert in Dubai before leaving immediately for the concert in Delhi. Now, what I really want is to sleep," said Priyanka.

This was her second tryst with an inordinate flight delay from Delhi to Mumbai. Two months ago after a plane skidded off the Mumbai airport, Priyanka was left circling the airport for several hours.

"Why do these things keep happening to me?" Priyanka wailed, before crashing out.

Rani Mukherjee

Priyanka Chopra

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Post on 27-12-2005 11:18 PM |All posts
Me & Bobby are good friends in real life: Akki  

After making you crack your sides in the laughter ride Garam Masala, the dashing Akshay Kumar is back again with his saga of friendship with Bobby Deol in his latest film Dosti - Friends Forever. So let's know more about what his latest flick Dosti is all about.

Till now you have had six releases this year and have two more movies lined up. So how has the year been for you?
Well of course, the year has been great for me. Yes I had a number of releases this year and my last film Garam Masala has been a doing well at the box office, so I am really happy for the way things have worked out for me.

What is the movie Dosti all about?
Well Dosti is the story of two friends played by myself and Bobby Deol. The film is about how these two friends are strongly bond to each other and how the film takes an emotional turn when the circumstances change suddenly. The film is great but especially I think the last 35 mins of it has one of my best performances till date.

How was it working with Bobby Deol in Dosti?
Great! We two are good friends in real life and we were supposed to do the same in the movie so it wasn't a tough job at all. All we had to do was to know our lines well and then perform naturally.

How were Kareena and Lara as co stars?
Both Kareena and Lara were great co stars. I have worked with them before so it was very comfortable working with them. In fact in this film we all teamed up well.

How was Suneel Darshan as a director?
I have worked with Suneel Darshan for nearly four to five films now and all the time the experience of working with him has been great. We team up well together and I am aware of what he expects from me. Also, most of the films we have done earlier have been great hits at the box office so I believe that Dosti will also turn out to be great as well.

Tell us about the music of the film
As any other movie of Suneel Darshan's, the music of this film is also brilliant. Music directors Nadeem Shravan have created some excellent tracks for this film. My favorite song in the film is the one called 'Dulhaniya'.

What are your expectations from the Dosti and Family?
Well, my expectations are very high. My earlier films this year have been successful and I hope that these one too succeed as well. That would be the best New Year's gift for me.  

Akshay Kumar

Bobby Deol

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Post on 27-12-2005 11:20 PM |All posts
Bobby Deol on textbook cover raises hackles

A textbook cover bearing a photograph of Bhagat Singh has raised the hackles of political parties, teachers and parents here.

They insist it isnt the revolutionarys picture and is an image of actor Bobby Deol, who in a recent film, played the freedom fighter.

The book, 'Sahid Bhagat Singh,' written by Samar Das, is prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Primary Education for schools run under the Union governments flagship elementary education programme, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan.

But the primary education board rubbishes the charge. "This is a storm over a tea cup. If at all theres any resemblance with the actor, the board cannot be blamed for it. The picture on the cover of our Class I textbook, 'Sahid Bhagat Singh,' was sketched by a Government Art College artist. It has nothing to do with the actor. Moreover, the book wasnt prescribed recently," Sulopani Bhattacharya, board president, insists.

But the Forward Bloc isnt convinced. About 200 supporters of the partys Youth League blocked G T Road near Burdwan town for hours on Friday. They distributed photocopies of the controversial book cover to passersby. Debabrata Hazra Choudhury, district Forward Bloc leader, described the "faux pas" as "disgusting" and urged the Primary Education Council to recall copies of the book, correct them and immediately issue an apology.

The book cover, he said, was in bad taste and sends the wrong message to youngsters. His contention: "This isnt the first time that such a printing error

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Post on 27-12-2005 11:27 PM |All posts
Govinda's fall from grace

Flops, fracas and family misfortunes

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Post on 27-12-2005 11:43 PM |All posts
Shilpa Shetty, Sonu Nigam set stage afire

The 15th Asian Pacific Congress of Cardiology and 57th Annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India saw doctors with heart to the performances of Sonu Nigam and Shilpa Shetty as they set Bandra Kurla Complex on fire with their charm and stage prowess. An event co-ordinated and managed by Saaranng Entertainment, this conference was witness to a kaliedoscopic display of sheer power and energy as both Sonu and Shilpa set lives alive on December 3 at City Park, Bandra Kurla Complex. Sonu Nigam stole the hearts of the children at this heartfelt event to the extent that the childrens request for his song Bijuraiya...

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Post on 28-12-2005 12:02 AM |All posts
Riveting comeback: Amrita Singh

Only a few actors have made successful comebacks. Barring exceptions like Nutan, Dimple Kapadia and Sharmila Tagore, who took a long sabbatical after
their perfect marriages and motherhood, there arent very many examples of female actors making it big in the Hindi film world once they bade adieu to films.

There are stray instances where they did bag major banners after quitting work for a few years but most of them ended up playing character roles or got relegated to the background in inconsequential film roles as the sacrificing bhabhi

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dulu berdua kini keseorangan

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Post on 29-12-2005 10:56 PM |All posts
venus .. kau lambat.. aku tepek kan kau..

Bollywood heartthrob Aamir Khan ties knot with screen director

MUMBAI : Indian movie heartthrob Aamir Khan has married screen director Kiran Rao, exchanging vows and rings in a quiet ceremony in Mumbai.

The marriage of the actor, one of India's biggest stars, and Rao took place at his home late Wednesday in a smart district of Mumbai, hub of India's prolific movie industry.

The 41-year-old actor, who has a boy and a girl from his first marriage that recently ended in divorce, barred the media from the event.

The wedding "was a very simple affair," Aamir's lawyer Jameela Dumani was quoted as saying by The Press Trust of India.

"Apart from (actress) Rani Mukherjee, there was no one else from Bollywood. The rest of the guests were family and friends."

The couple met on the set of the 2001 hit movie "Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India" in which Khan, known for his brooding good looks, starred.

Rao was an assistant director of the Oscar-nominated film in which Khan played a villager who challenges India's British colonial rulers to a cricket match and leads a rag-tag team to a final-ball win.

Media reports described Rao, who was marrying for the first time, as Khan's "longtime companion."

The newlyweds were due to head for the hill resort of Panchgani south of Mumbai, where they would host several parties ushering in the New Year to which Bollywood celebrities have been invited, media reports said.

The couple had kept silent about their relationship but were seen together at a variety of public functions.

Khan, known for being picky about his roles, returned to the screen in 2005 after a four-year break with the film "Mangal Pandey-The Rising" about the life of Indian freedom fighter Mangal Pandey.

- AFP/ir
Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot.

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Post on 4-1-2006 02:37 AM |All posts
You print, I sue

Jan 3, 2006
The Straits Times

LOS ANGELES - Jennifer Aniston is not the only one caught with her pants down.

Last month, the actress filed an invasion of privacy suit against paparazzo Peter Brandt after he snapped her sunbathing topless at her Hollywood Hills mansion.

Now, Aniston's former husband, actor Brad Pitt, has threatened legal action against anyone who publishes nude photographs of him taken recently.

Pictures of the star were snapped while he was sunbathing naked on the balcony of his Los Angeles home, reported the New York Post.

His lawyer wrote a letter to magazines and newspapers, warning that Pitt will sue if the images are published.

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Post on 5-1-2006 09:12 PM |All posts
Salman to continue endorsing Red Tape

The famous Indian shoe brand Red Tape has renewed its contract with Salman Khan. Salman was roped in by Red Tape back in September 2004 for the first time. The star has been endorsing the brand since then.
Managing Director Rashid Mirza of Mirza International Ltd said that they are going to invest Rs. 10 crore in advertising for the next two years. He also added that since the time that Salman has started endorsing their product, the sales have increased, especially in domestic markets.

Well, this kind of compliment from the MD of an Inc. definitely proves that Salman's magic is very much alive and is still mesmerizing the people.  


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Post on 5-1-2006 09:16 PM |All posts
Bipasha Basu added to Vishal Bharadwajs Othello

Director-composer Vishal Bharadwaj is a master when it comes to adapting literature on the big screen. Maqbool adapted from Shakespeares Macbeth and the upcoming Chatri Chor adapted from Ruskin Bonds Blue Umbrella are classic examples of his expertise. His next film is also adapted from Shakespeares classic literature Othello

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Post on 5-1-2006 09:20 PM |All posts
Fardeen is in Honeymoon

Enjoying his extended honeymoon, Fardeen Khan has gone ahead and signed his first post wedding film of the same name.

The film, called Honeymoon, will be directed by Meghna Gulzar.

Meghna, who made her directorial debut with Filhaal, has cast Esha Deol opposite Fardeen in the film, which will be produced by Pritish Nandy.

"The film is about a couple on a honeymoon. It's a sweet love story about two virtual strangers trapped in a romantic and intimate situation. The film also has five other couples," says Meghna.

A complete contrast from her first film, which spoke about surrogate motherhood, the new film is a light hearted entrtainer. Meghna adds, "It's a light hearted film - something on the lines of what Hrishida and Basuda used to make."

This is the second script that Meghna has penned. "Other love stories end when the couples get married, but in my films the story starts when they get married. It does not resemble Filhaal at all, and am hoping that all my films will be different from the other.

I really don't want to get slotted and restrict my creativity. I am trying to make cinema that is not predictable," she says. Why has there been a long gap between her two films? "There are many reasons.

I sincerely believe that when the time is right, things fall into place. I needed the right content, until which I refused to rush into anything. I am not driven by the box office," she concludes.

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Post on 5-1-2006 09:38 PM |All posts
Ash-Bachchan's Kajra re rocks S Africa

Listeners of three radio stations catering to South African Indians have overwhelmingly voted the song Kajra Re

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Post on 7-1-2006 02:48 PM |All posts
Salmans three different looks in Jaaneman  
Sajid Nadiadwalas Jaaneman, starring Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta, has been in the news ever since its inception, be it due to the tapes controversy or its shooting schedule being cancelled. Thankfully, the talk this time is not on any controversy but about Salman Khan.
It seems that Salman will be sporting not one, not two, but three different looks in the film. And one of these looks, as we all know, is the bald one. The producers do not want to talk about the remaining looks, for fear of the film being jinxed. So were left with no choice but to wait and watch. And were sure that the wait will be worth it!


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Post on 7-1-2006 02:53 PM |All posts
Leave Bebo alone: Shahid

Actor boyfriend Shahid Kapoor reacts to the news of an MMS clip of Kareena.

Actor Kareena Kapoor is once again in the eye of the storm. And this time, it's because of news of an MMS that has a lookalike of the actor changing her clothes.

Kareena who's currently vacationing in Bali with boyfriend Shahid Kapur, however, is not aware of the clip. "We are not aware of any such clip, so, we can't comment on it," says Shahid, who's making sure that it does not spoil their vacation.

"Such acts are simply disgusting and products of some really sick minds. I don't want to make it an issue. It's too pathetic to be commented on, but it would be nice if they left Kareena alone," he adds.

Moving beyond, the actor's looking forward to 2006 and is excited about being paired opposite Kareena in three films.

"Kareena's a great co-star. The forthcoming films Milenge Milenge, 36, China Town and Khatta Meetha will see us together as a couple very much in love. That's where the chemistry will be seen."

Giving tough competition in the number game is Amrita Rao, who's already starred with Shahid in three films including their debut Ishq Vishk and more recently in Vaah! Life Ho To Aisi.

"We are paired together in Sooraj Barjatya's Vivaah also, so that makes it four," quips Shahid. A dearth of leading ladies?

"Filmmakers don't have too much of an option when it comes to casting opposite me, because most of them are much older. It's my loss," he laughs.

Kareena Kapoor & Shahid Kapoor

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Post on 7-1-2006 02:55 PM |All posts
Kareena makes headlines, now for new MMS

After the smooch MMS episode with boyfriend Shahid Kapoor, actress Kareena Kapoor is once again in the eye of the storm.
This time because of an MMS, which has a look-alike of Kareena changing her clothes and revealing her body in front of the camera! However, Kareena, who is currently on vacation in Bali with boyfriend Shahid Kapur, is not aware of the clip. Shahid, who is not in the mood to spoil the vacation, informed that they are not aware of any such clip. He further explained such acts are simply disgusting and products of some really sick minds. He does not want to make it an issue.

After the hullabaloo over the kissing issue, it seems Shahid has stopped reacting to such things.  

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Post on 7-1-2006 03:07 PM |All posts
Raveena gives a New-Year bashing

Raveena Tandon poured wine down the head of Natasha Sippy, Anil Thadani's ex-wife.

Never get on the wrong side of actor Raveena Tandon. Here's why. At a recent party held by producer Ritesh Sidhwani to ring in the New Year, Raveena poured wine on husband distributor Anil Thadani's ex-wife Natasha Sippy, in full public view.

Later, she confessed to friends who had gathered around her that she didn't regret her behaviour at all. An eyewitness at the party said, "It was a non-filmi party and we were all enjoying ourselves.

Ravs and Anil stuck to their group of college friends. But Natasha kept coming near the couple as if to attract Anil's attention.

Finally at about 4 am, Ravs went to get food for Anil, who was lying down on the couch with his eyes shut.

When Ravs arrived she was horrified to see a drunk Natasha, sitting near Anil's feet with a guy, as if waiting for Anil to get up and notice them.

Ravs lost her cool and screamed at her, while pouring wine down her head. It was quite an embarrassing sight," he said.

A friend of the actor, who was there that night said, "Being a celebrity, Raveena is used to this kind of mud-slinging, but maybe she shouldn't have given undue importance to this episode."

While all this was happening, Anil apparently stood by Raveena. When we contacted Raveena, she laughed. "What can I say? 2005 is over. Let's look forward to 2006," is all Raveena had to say.

Natasha Sippy was unreachable.

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Post on 7-1-2006 03:08 PM |All posts
Raveena doesn't regret chucking wine

Everyone is talking about Raveena Tandon's run-in on New Year's eve with husband Anil Thadani's ex-wife Natasha Sippy, the daughter of producer Romu Sippy, at Ritesh Sidhwani's party.

Spunky as ever, Raveena doesn't deny there was a run-in which ended with her throwing a glass of wine in the other lady's face. According to several guests, Raveena and her husband were being provoked throughout the evening.

"There's nothing between Anil and Natasha Sippy. Everything about Anil has to do with me and everything about me has to do with Anil. He and I are one," says Raveena.

"And I don't regret what happened. My husband Anil is the purest cleanest person after god and my father. I won't allow anyone to cast aspersions on him. Any insult to him is an insult to me. No one can sully my family and get away with it."

Apparently, Raveena's resentment against Natasha Sippy had been brewing for some time. Their rivalry goes back a long way - to the time when the actress was seeing Anil. All sorts of unsavoury rumours were apparently spread against the film distributor to discourage her from marrying him, and they seemed to permeate from one quarter.
All hell broke loose on that evening at Sidhwani's party where apparently Natasha Sippy was "acting provocative" throughout the party. That's when the incident happened.

Says Raveena, "I repeat... Whatever happened with Anil in the past has to do with our present. I will stand by him, as he stands by me."

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Post on 7-1-2006 03:13 PM |All posts
Aishwarya's international career poised for a leap this year

Actress Aishwarya Rai's international career is poised for a huge leap with the release of her movie "Mistress of Spices" on April 14 and two more films slated for this year even as she ventures into film distribution by acquiring the rights of her film "The Last Legion".

"Mistress of Spices", directed by Paul Berges, husband of director Gurinder Chaddha of "Bend It Like Beckham" and "Bride and Prejudice" fame, has been slated for release on April 14, both in India and UK," Rai's Secretary Harii Singh, told PTI here.

Rai has also acquired the distribution rights for her another Hollywood venture, `The Last Legion', directed by Doug Lefler and starring Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley.

"She has acquired rights for the film and is planning to look at distribution as a business idea. But it is too early to say how many such rights she will acquire. She felt `The Last Legion' was a good film and that is why she took the decision," Singh said.

"The Last Legion' is still under production and the first rushes of the film were "promising", Singh said.

The third film `Provoked', also featuring actress Nandita Das, is also slated for commercial release internationally this year, thus making it an important year for Rai in Hollywood.

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Post on 7-1-2006 03:39 PM |All posts
I stand by the Movie cover, says Pooja Bhatt

Riding a wave of success in the early nineties, Bollywood bad girl Pooja Bhatt made heads turn by appearing nude on the cover of Movie magazine. Only two things saved Pooja from being buried under a mountain of lawsuits - first, her modesty was covered by body painting and second, the Bombay riots broke out and it helped divert attention from the controversial cover.

Inspired by the Demi Mooore layout on Vanity Fair's cover in August 1992, Pooja admits she found the concept both unique and innovative. "It was a direct lift from the Vanity Fair cover that showed Demi Moore with a painted bodysuit; she was actually naked underneath. Photographer Dinesh Raheja brought the same concept to me and suggested that I do a similar cover for Movie magazine. Since I take Raheja very seriously I agreed and I stand by the shoot for its innovativeness," says the actress-turned-filmmaker.

According to Pooja, she has no regrets about what she did: "Anna Singh painted me and photographer Jagdish Maali helped get the shot right. I didn't think twice about doing the cover shoot as I was all of 24, very gutsy and raring to go. I have always loved challenges and action of a different kind. I completely stand by what I did at that age."

The reaction to the Movie cover was far more muted than anyone expected. "Although the picture became a huge talking point, there was no backlash of the kind that I later faced for the morphed Stardust cover or more recently for my films. I think it had a lot to do with the Bombay bomb blasts and subsequent riots that broke out. When I reflect on the shoot, I don't think I would be able to do it today for various reasons. But I have no regrets about what I did then," insists Pooja.

It is only her priorities that have changed, not her beliefs, says Pooja. "Prior to turning producer my priorities were different and that is why I decided to do the Movie cover. But after turning to production with Tamanna, I discovered a different aspect of my creativity. Obviously my focus shifted to other things and now I may not consider doing such a shoot. However I accept full responsibility for my actions at the age of 24 and will not shy away from it."

While she may have been willing to cast off her clothes for the Movie shoot, the outspoken Bhatt says she was furious when her digitally altered images appeared in Stardust.

"It was a blatant misuse of the freedom of expression and an abuse of my right to privacy. I had never done any shoot for Stardust, nor had I posed exclusively for their cover, which is why I was so disgusted when they carried those pictures. I had 200 women from Mahila Mandals shouting slogans against my father and myself and charging me with indecent behaviour. The police were also breathing down our neck and the Commissioner actually called me for questioning. Of course I pleaded innocent. Only the eyes were mine; rest of the picture had been morphed. Even Humar Qureshi (in charge of the shoot) was present and accepted that they had morphed the picture. But the best thing was the Commissioner himself did not know what morphing was all about!" says quips.

"My father in fact asked the cops how they expected lay people to understand when they themselves didn't have a clue about morphing. It was after this that I got a clean chit in the whole controversy. But I have faced public ire on other occasions too. I remember when a lady from Gujarat filed a complaint against Tabu, Madhuri Dixit, Karisma and me for dancing in an 'indecent manner', double meaning dialogues, etc. I have got used to such reactions. I realise there's no stopping someone sitting in an obscure corner of the country from taking a call on how you should or should not behave on the screen. One day before I got the summons in the Stardust case I was receiving the National Award for Zakhm; the next day I was at a police station trying to explain that my picture had been morphed. Obviously I sued Stardust for damages," she adds.

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Post on 7-1-2006 03:59 PM |All posts
Suman no more a sex kitten

For Suman Ranganathan, it was a strong aspiration to play a real life character. Having been dismissed as a sex kitten, Suman returns to the screen with Bappaditya Bandopadhyays Devaki, based on a true story of a girl who was sold off for Rs 5000.

Initial reluctance: I was very reluctant to do the film. In fact, I did not even go for the audition. I thought, people would not accept me in such roles since I carry this sex symbol tag. Then, I got a call from the Devaki team and I was asked to meet them at the Mumbai airport with some photographs. I didnt know what to do as most of my photographs were glam shots. But, Bappa is the key person. In fact, it was he who insisted that I did the film.

Justice to the role: I wasnt confident if I could do justice to the role, as I had never played such a character before. I hardly have any dialogue. The accent is on body language. I had to learn how to walk like Devaki since that was the most difficult part. And I rigorously practised. There is a person in flesh and blood, and I had to portray this reality through my expressions.

Challenging role: These are the kinds of roles that you love to do. It has a strong message. I really hope that the film makes an impact. In villages poor girls being sold off is a common phenomenon. And, there is a curse called child marriage, which is also rampant. While shooting in Birbhum I found an 11-year-old girl being married off to a 16-year-old. I was dumbstruck.     
Interaction with the real Devaki: I met her at a press meet for the promotion of the film. I found her to be very shy. It is natural since she has suffered a lot. But, she is still lucky. There are so many girls who have been sold off and are still untraceable.

Working with Bappa and Perizaad: Both are good human beings to start with. Bappa truly understands his craft and is extremely passionate about it. Perizaad and I dont have too many scenes together but I got to know here during the films promotional tours.   

Happy with the result: It is a delight to know that Devaki has been appreciated in international festivals. As I have said before, I was a bit apprehensive about the films prospects. I have been typecast. But everybody gets bored of doing the same old thing. This was remarkably different.  

Game for more such roles: Bengal and south India have a penchant for making strong women-centric films. I am game for doing more such roles even if they are in regional languages like Bengali.

Directors note
I found Devaki Bai extremely spirited. She really liked the film but she maintained that it could have been cruder showing what exactly she had to pass through. She is from the Bhil tribe in Madhya Pradesh who was forced to marry an old man. But she eloped and fell in love with a Gulab Singh, a deputy forest ranger and later married him. However, she was caught after ten years and later auctioned in Pandhana, a sub-division of Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh, on January 4, 2003 along with six other women, some of who are still untraceable. In fact, before the auction, she was made to stand with a stone for 72 hours while being sexually harassed.  But her husband did not give up hopes and fought till the end to get his wife back. He contacted the DM and the story was later published in a national magazine. Such is Devakis spirit that she has not patched up with the persons responsible behind her pathetic state. They tried to patch up, but she has refused. Devaki is staying happily with her husband and son Vishal. The case is still sub-judice.

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Chocolate good for the skin, says Kareena

Check out this Kareena Kapoor image. Thats nothing else but chocolate smeared on her body, leaving little to your imagination. So far chocolate has only been associated with your sense of taste. Now it will also be related to your sense of touch. Believe it or not,c. And she states the same in the new Lux commercial that shows chocolate in a whole new light. The company is launching its new soap

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'Ash, Abhishek combination is lethal'

At the City Palace in Jaipur, the stillness of the night reverberates with the sound of Aishwarya Rai dancing before Abhishek Bachchan for Umrao Jaan.

Director J.P. Dutta's wife Bindiya Goswami says: "Abhishek and Aishwarya seem eminently made for each other. And why just them? Shabana (Azmi) and Ash look so perfectly compatible they could've been mother and daughter in their last lives."

Bindiya adds: "You've to admit the Ash-Abhishek combination is lethal. JP is surrounded by these beautiful women. I was apprehensive about how he would cope since he's used to doing men's movies."

The plush premises are closed to the public.

"Which is a blessing for us. Because it automatically eliminates all chances of intrusion. JP has been on tenterhooks for the last two weeks," says Bindiya.

Is it because Abhishek's arrival to Jaipur was delayed because of his father's illness? "Not at all," Bindiya replies.

"All JP had to do was to shoot the later scenes first before Abhishek arrived. So in principle the only change is that he couldn't shoot chronologically as he has done all his films. Otherwise everything is in control.
"Of course, there's a flurry of activity now when Abhishek is here. We're finally doing the key romantic scenes and the mujra. Don't you think the two look gorgeous together?"

Bindiya has a point. We've seen Abhishek and Aishwarya together earlier. But never have they looked so stunningly compatible. Maybe it's the fact they're shooting at night. It's past midnight and the palace is converted into a moon-drenched podium of reverent romance.

Maybe it's the old-world ambience. But the entire Umrao Jaan crew is talking about how the City Palace glimmers with a renewed pride as it echoes to the sound of Alka Yagnik's mujra.

Dutta is calm but stressed. Last week his blood pressure shot up dangerously. It's back in control.

Says Dutta: "Everyone seems to remember only my war films with the men running around with guns. People forget I've done films in the past where women are central characters. Reena Roy and Smita Patil were central to Ghulami. And Dimple and Amrita (Singh) were very important in Batwara. I don't know why people should be surprised because I'm doing Umrao Jaan."

Aishwarya Rai

Abhishek Bachan

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Shilpa Shetty is not in a mood to talk about romance. Her maternal grandmother had a mild heart attack two days ago and shes worried. Thankfully she is better now. She is one of the people I am closest to. She might have to go through an angioplasty.

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