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Korean Entertainment News 2011

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Korean Entertainment 2009 ~ 2010 News Update

Celebrities, Music, Dramas, Movies

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Datang!

For all to share Korean entertainment-related news articles, not rumors or unconfirmed updates.

Previous NEWS threads to refer
Korean Entertainment News Update please click HERE

Korean Entertainment News Update (siri 2) please click HERE

All K-entertainment news updates are courtesy various Korean media portals and news/movie blogs,

with credits to Kdrama/movie News thread

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 Author| Post time 18-4-2009 11:35 AM | Show all posts | Share
News Index page 1  posted at the top of each page

April 17, 2009: Yun-ha Takes No.1 in Album Sales
April 18: Rain to Join Charity Concert in Beijing
April 18: Kim Nam-joo Still in Shape After 8-Year Hiatus
April 19: Epik High Embarks on World Tour

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 Author| Post time 18-4-2009 11:39 AM | Show all posts | Share
April 17, 2009

Yun-ha Takes No.1 in Album Sales  

Piano rock singer Yun-ha took No.1 spot in album sales with her third regular album. According to Hanteo Chart, an online music chart site, Yun-ha抯 揚art A: Peace, Love, & Ice Cream

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 Author| Post time 18-4-2009 12:17 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 18, 2009

Rain to Join Charity Concert in Beijing  


South Korea抯 top pop idol and actor Rain will perform at a charity concert to be organized by Hollywood star Jackie Chan in Beijing May 1.

The "Good Friend Concert" will be staged at the Beijing National Stadium with nearly 100,000 seats. All the proceeds from the performance will be donated to charities.

Rain, 27, and Jackie Chan, 55, met last year, when they performed during the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony at the stadium.

J.Tune Entertainment, Rain抯 agency, said, "Jackie Chan invited Rain ― who has a lot of interest in charities ― to appear in the concert. We are pleased to be in an event organized by Jackie Chan who is famous for his good conduct."

Meanwhile, Rain will hold a fashion show for his brand of "Six to Five" in Hong Kong in early June.


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 Author| Post time 18-4-2009 12:35 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 18, 2009

Kim Nam-joo Still in Shape After 8-Year Hiatus

Kim Nam-joo

Actress Kim Nam-joo, the epitome of a sophisticated, urban career woman in the 1990s, is enjoying renewed popularity after she returned to TV last month with MBC TV drama "My Wife is a Superwoman." Her last TV appearance was eight years ago in 2001 with the hugely popular TV series "Her House."

"My Wife is a Superwoman" is a comedy drama that depicts the life of housewives who devote their entire lives to their husbands' success. Kim showed a strong attachment to the character she plays with much composure and ease.

"Almost every wife and mother would relate to the character I'm playing. The character is completely different to roles that I used to play, but she's actually like me in real life. Now I am a wife and a mother, and the situation in the drama really fits my actual life," said Kim.

Kim's decision to choose this soap opera was aided by her husband, actor Kim Seung-woo. "Seung-woo read the script first and recommended it to me. It suits me well in many ways, and I think he liked it more because it is a light and funny drama that can make people laugh despite the current recession," said Kim.

"After living as a full-time housewife for several years, I realized that love is the most important thing in marriage, and the most precious thing in the family is the good health of its members," said Kim.

The natural aging process can be lethal to actresses. But Kim says, "It's better now because I don't have to diet constantly like I used to do in my twenties." Kim added that she is happy to be back and is still passionate about acting. Although it is difficult to leave her two children at home in order to come to work, she hopes they will be proud of their working mom in the future.


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 Author| Post time 19-4-2009 08:24 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 19, 2009

Epik High Embarks on World Tour  

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

Epik High will go on a world tour, with concerts in Japan, Korea and United States
/ Courtesy of organizers

Hip-hop group Epik High is embarking on its first ever "Map the Soul" world tour, with concerts in Seoul, Tokyo, Kobe, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and San Francisco through May.

"Epik High's `Map the Soul' World Tour is not only the biggest K-pop tour of 2009 to hit America but also the first time ever a Korean artist has launched a world tour to support a worldwide album release," organizers said.

Composed of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz, Epik High is one of the most popular hip-hop groups in Korea. The band has recently gone independent and has produced a special album, ``Map the Soul." The new album is exclusively available from their Web site (, and can be downloaded from Apple's iTunes online store worldwide.

The band kicks off its tour April 26 at Wynterland, in Kobe, Japan, followed by a performance at Shibuya Ax in Tokyo, April 28.

Epik High returns to Seoul May 2 for a concert at the Melon-AX before heading to the United States. Fans can catch the band's performances May 15 at Treasure Island, San Francisco; May 16 at House of Blues, Los Angeles; May 22 at Hiro Ballroom, New York City and May 23 at King Cat Theater, Seattle.

Joining Epik High for its world tour are urban musician MYK, rapper Kero One and Beatbox DG. Battle MC Dumfoundead will be hosting the show in L.A., while Asian-American hip-hop group Far East Movement will be performing with Epik High on their U.S. shows.

For the concerts in Japan, tickets are available at and For the Seoul concert, visit, and for concerts in the U.S., visit

Meanwhile, Epik High gave a preview of what fans can expect from its up-coming concert tour on new music show MTV The Stage, Saturday evening.

Epik High electrified the small crowd of fans that gathered at MTV Korea studios in Chungmuro, with fresh songs from their latest album, such as "Map the Soul," :Top Gun," "Cipher" and "Believe." Some of their new songs were banned from the major broadcasting networks, but Epik High seemed to relish the chance to play the songs for MTV Korea.

Fans went wild when the band performed some of their old songs, like " Pyeonghwa-eui Nal," "Breakdown," "Love Love Love," and an acoustic version of "One." Tablo even invited MYK to perform an impromptu freestyle rap session, which had the audience amazed at their rapping skills. The show ended on a high note, with the crowd-pleasing "Fly."

MTV The Stage featuring Epik High will air May 14, 12:50 a.m. on MTV Korea. Visit

Credits: cathy@

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 Author| Post time 20-4-2009 11:05 AM | Show all posts | Share
Weekly Box Office 2009.04.17 ~ 2009.04.19 3-day Gross/Total Gross (won)

1. Knowing (U.S.) 2,049,940,000 / 2,586,114,500

2. Shadow Kill / Private Eye (South Korea) 1,271,397,500 / 9,870,752,000

3. Banlieue 13 - Ultimatum (France) 1,032,032,000 / 1,209,388,175

4. Fast & Furious (U.S.) 324,030,000 / 4,018,790,175

5. The Legend Of Ip Man (Hong Kong) 262,279,500 / 316,224,500

6. Slumdog Millionaire (U.S.) 220,677,000 / 6,940,187,000

7. Why are you here in our house!? (South Korea) 171,114,000 / 1,207,785,000

8. My Girlfriend is An Agent (South Korea) 170,226,000 / 189,206,000

9. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (U.S.) 171,937,000 / 217,292,500

10. Duplicity (U.S.) 151,614,000 / 186,101,000

Source: KOFIC

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 Author| Post time 20-4-2009 11:08 AM | Show all posts | Share
April 20, 2009

Yonhap Interview
Veteran actress shares real-life drama, lingering dreams

By Shin Hae-in

SEOUL, April 20 (Yonhap) -- He is the leader of a "rogue" state that rigidly feeds its nuclear ambitions. He reportedly enslaves his own people and executes anyone who tries to escape his impoverished land. But actress Choi Eun-hee recalls North Korean leader Kim Jong-il as an impressive culture devotee so dedicated that he would write down dance moves on paper.

"He was the first man I met who attempted to make a 'dance notation.' I was curious how dance moves could be transformed onto paper, but I never stayed to see it being printed," the South Korean actress said in an interview with Yonhap News Agency. "Aside from everything else, Chairman Kim was highly communicative when it came to culture and films. He was a man who learned about the world through movies."

Having played a gamut of roles from faithful widow to bar girl during her decades-long acting career, Choi faced a real-life drama stranger than any script she'd been given when she was kidnapped to Pyongyang in 1978. There, she made 17 films under the North Korean dictator's watchful eyes with her husband director Shin Sang-ok, who passed away in 2006.

"We were treated well (in North Korea), but could not really pursue an artistic career," Choi said. "They still call us traitors for fleeing." The 82-year-old actress made headlines around the world after the abduction by the North. Kim, a widely known film buff, had wanted director Shin to work as his propagandist and for Choi to be the star, claiming their talents were being wasted in South Korea.

Previously divorced in the South, Shin and Choi remarried in Pyongyang and finally staged their escape in 1986 while on a state-sponsored trip to Vienna, requesting political asylum through the U.S. embassy. They returned to South Korea in 1999.

Kim Hak and Choi Eun-hee in Shin Sang-ok's "A Flower in Hell"

While her husband continued to pursue his film career after returning to Seoul, Choi has since retired. But she is still regarded as one of the biggest female stars of the mid-century Golden Era of Korean cinema, having starred in nearly 100 films since her movie debut in 1947.

Choi was also selected as best actress at the Moscow International Film Festival in 1985 for her part in "Salt (Sogeum)" as one of the very first Korean actresses to receive an international honor. "Director Shin seemed happier than I was when I received the award," Choi said with a smile. "We were like light and shadow as partners. He always trusted me in acting and left me to make full decision."

Born 1926, Choi was a shy young woman before she stumbled into the world of acting. Although she led a successful life career-wise, her personal life was not so glamorous with her first husband, who reportedly was abusive and work-shy. "My first marriage came when I was too young," Choi recalled.

In 1953, Choi met Shin, then a dashing young director who would later become the love of her life. What started out to be a platonic relationship between a director and the married actress took an unexpected turn when observers began to accuse them of adultery. "The accusations actually had a reverse effect and we were married shortly afterwards," Choi said. "He proposed not with 'I love you,' but with 'How would you like to make movies with me forever?'"

Together, Choi and Shin produced memorable classics such as "Mother and a Guest in the Room of Master (1961)" and "Bound by Chastity Rules (1962)." But the two divorced after Shin had an extramarital affair, only to be reunited five years later.

Actress Choi Eun-hee with her late husband director Shin Sang-ok
/Courtesy of publisher Random House Korea

"When I reunited with him in North Korea, I felt like I had met an army to protect me in a land so alone and scary," Choi said. "As an artist, I can give him a full 10 points out of 10. As a husband, director Shin will get a zero. His whole life was about cinema." "I can't believe he is gone. I still feel as though he is around me all the time," she added.

The veteran actress expressed her lingering passion towards acting, saying she still feels "an urge to run up to the stage" every time she goes to see a play. Although less known to the public as a director, Choi was also one of Korea's pioneering women directors who made three features between 1965 and 1972 with strong female characters dealing with class conflicts.

Choi said directing films remained among her many passions. "It is such a difficult job to be a female director owing to physical frailty, but I do sometimes consider the possibility of a return to directing," she said.

Credits: via

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 Author| Post time 20-4-2009 03:42 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 20, 2009

Rain to Attend Jackie Chan抯 Benefit Concert

Singer and actor Rain will take part in a charity concert organized by Hong Kong star Jackie Chan.

J.Tune Entertainment, Rain抯 agency, said last Friday that the Korean star is invited to the Good Friend Concert to be held at the Beijing National Stadium in China on May 1. All proceeds from the concert will be donated to charities.

Rain met Chan when both of them attended the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. J.Tune said, 揜ain is pleased to be part of the event as he has admired Chan for his work in helping the poor in the world.

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 Author| Post time 20-4-2009 06:55 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 20, 2009

Welfare center for Ethiopian children

Veteran actress Kim Hae-ja, center, shakes hands with Baik Sung-hak, left, the chairman of Young An Hat Company, and World Vision Korea抯 executive director Park Jong-sam at a ceremony for the building of 揃aekhak Village OBS Kim Hae-ja Center

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 Author| Post time 20-4-2009 06:59 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 20, 2009

Korea Can Learn From Japanese Drama Production  

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

A scene from Japanese drama 揘odame Cantabile.

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 Author| Post time 20-4-2009 09:20 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 18, 2009

Lee Seon-kyun & Jeon Hye-jin's Wedding Announcement

Popular actor Lee Seon-kyun made a surprise wedding announcement during a press conference on April 11. The 34-year-old actor said he will wed his girlfriend of six years, actress Jeon Hye-jin, at the AW Convention Center in Buam-dong, Seoul on May 23.

When reporters asked him whether the couple were planning to have children anytime soon, Lee surprised them by saying that his 33-year-old fianc閑 was already five weeks pregnant and that they will become parents in December. Beaming, the actor said he hopes the baby resembles his fianc閽s looks and resemble his personality.

The actor also told reporters that they will go on their honeymoon in August after the shooting of his latest drama series is over. After the wedding, the couple will settle down in Lee抯 current home.

The couple met six years ago when Lee followed his college friend to a dinner gathering hosted by the theatrical company Jeon belonged to. He said, 揂t the time, I only stayed for 15 minutes because I had to rush off to a drama shoot, but I mustered up the courage to ask her for her phone number and we have been together ever since.

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 Author| Post time 21-4-2009 11:06 AM | Show all posts | Share
April 21, 2009

Girls' Generation to Perform at Hospital  

"Girls' Generation," a nine-member local top pop group, will perform at a free concert hosted by Gangnam Severance Hospital at the hospital plaza in southern Seoul at 6 p.m. on April 22 on the occasion of its 26th founding anniversary.

Other pop musicians to join the concert for child patients and their parents are five-member group "Kara," duo "Da Vinci" and Park Jung-a, a member of "Jewelry."  


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 Author| Post time 21-4-2009 11:44 AM | Show all posts | Share
April 18, 2009

CJ unveils Cannes market lineup
Led by 'Mother,' 'Thirst,' co-pros and genre films

By Park Soo-mee

SEOUL--CJ Entertainment will lead its Cannes Film Market next month with "Mother" and "Thirst," two of the most anticipated South Korean films opening this year.

At Cannes from May 13-24, "Mother," director Bong Joon-ho's ambitious follow up to "The Host" (2006), is the story of a widow trying to prove her son's innocence after he becomes a murder suspect. In "Thirst," director Park Chan-wook adds the offbeat romance of his previous work "I'm a Cyborg, But That's Okay," to the story of a small-town priest reborn as a vampire who has an affair with his friend's wife.

CJ's Cannes lineup also will feature a handful of coproductions scheduled for market screening, including Ema Jin's co-pro with China, "Sophie's Revenge," starring Zhang Ziyi ("Memoirs of a Geisha"), and "Sayonara Itsuka" by John H Lee ("Cut Runs Deep"), starring Hidetoshi Nashijima ("La Maison De Himiko").

CJ also will take Korean genre films to Cannes, including "Private Eye," a period crime thriller about a physician secretly practicing his autopsy skills with a body he found in the woods, featuring Hwang Jung-min ("A Good Lawyer's Wife"). "Castaway on the Moon" (previously called "Kim's Island"), directed by Lee Hey-Jun ("Like a Virgin"), is about a man who finds contentment on a deserted island and "Parallel Life," by Kwon Ho-young, is about a judge entangled in a murder case.

J.K. Youn's "Haeundae," a disaster movie that sold to 11 countries at the Hong Kong Filmart, also will go to Cannes.


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 Author| Post time 21-4-2009 02:32 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 21, 2009

Lee Byung-hun Meets Kimura Takuya in High-Profile Film

Two top stars from Korea and Japan have once again displayed their respective talents in the same movie. Lee Byung-hun and Kimura Takuya are appearing together for the second time--after their 2007 Japanese film 揌ero

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April 21, 2009

S. Korean theater chain to provide Japanese subtitles

SEOUL, April 21 (Yonhap) -- Lotte Cinema, one of South Korea's largest cinema multiplex chains, will be providing Japanese subtitles for a select number of domestic movies it screens beginning this week, the company said Tuesday.

The decision follows a Seoul city-led English subtitle service that began a month ago, which resulted in a noticeable increase of foreign viewers at its theaters, Lotte Cinema said. The Japanese subtitles will be offered at the Lotte Cinema in Myeongdong and Gyeondae in Seoul, and Seomyeon in the southeastern port city Busan once every evening.

"Level 7 Bureaucrat," starring Kim Ha-neul and Kang Ji-hwan as special agents of South Korea's spy agency, has been selected as the first film to be shown with Japanese subtitles. Lotte Cinema has previously screened several local box office hits including "Speed Scandal," "Handphone" and "Shadow Killing" with English subtitles.

Foreigners residing in South Korea have been asking the government for English subtitle services as Korean movies enjoy increasing popularity at home and abroad.

Credits: via

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 Author| Post time 21-4-2009 05:29 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 21, 2009

'City Hall' to Bring Public Officials to TV

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

Actors Cha Seung-won, left, and Kim Sun-ah pose for the cameras at the press conference
of the new drama 揟he City Hall.

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 Author| Post time 21-4-2009 08:46 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 21, 2009

Actor Na Arrested for Illegal Loan

By Kwon Mee-yoo
Staff Reporter

Na Han-il

Na Han-il, 54, an actor and movie producer, was arrested Tuesday for taking an illegal loan of 10 billion won ($7.4 million) from an unidentified mutual savings bank through a broker, prosecutors said.

Seoul Central District Court issued a warrant for Na's arrest Monday due to concerns about the possibility of evidence being destroyed.

Na is accused of borrowing the money without providing collateral through a broker in 2006. He is accused of offering bribes to facilitate the granting of the loan. The broker was also arrested.

He allegedly relied on illegal means to borrow the money to finance the production of a movie he was producing. At the time, Na was the president of a film company. He recently starred in SBS drama ``The Drum.''


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 Author| Post time 22-4-2009 11:27 AM | Show all posts | Share
April 22, 2009

Yu-na Most Favored CF Model

Kim Yu-na

South Korea's top figure skater, Kim Yu-na, has surged ahead of prominent stars to take first place in the model rankings conducted by TVCF, an advertisement portal site.

Kim led the pack appearing in 15 commercial films over the past year. Currently, the figure queen is modeling for Hyundai Motor, Maeil Dairies, Samsung Electronics and others.

Ad experts estimate Kim's annual endorsement fees at more than 5 billion won.

Top stars Jang Dong-gun and Lee Na-young came second and third with 14 and 12 commercial films, respectively, thanks to their constantly bright images.

In late March, Kim Yu-na made history in world figure-skating after becoming the first female skater to score more than 200 points while winning her first World Championship title in Los Angeles.

With a sizeable lead after the short program, Kim, 18, performed a remarkably charismatic dance, demonstrating flexibility and powerful energy before an awestruck crowd at the Staples Center.


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 Author| Post time 22-4-2009 11:30 AM | Show all posts | Share
April 22, 2009

Park Ki-woong: The Real Draw of New Hit Soap

The new TV series "The Slingshot" is already drawing acclaim less than two weeks since the first episode aired. Boasting a star-studded cast with Park Yong-ha, Park Si-youn and Kim Kang-woo, it also features Park Ki-woong, who is shining ever more brightly as the plot unfolds.

Park Ki-woong

He might not be as famous as some of the big names, but Park Ki-woong has appeared in many major films, not to mention commercials and soap operas.

In "The Slingshot," he plays a character who transforms from an autistic, isolated, emotionally troubled person into the best stock market analyst in the country. "I try to pay attention to every little detail, and give meaning to all the props to best represent the character," he says.

The most memorable work in his filmography, he says, was "My Tutor Friend 2," where he played a starring role. "Although it wasn't commercially successful, the process of shooting that film was a really important turning point in my acting career," he recalls. "Every time I do film or soap opera, people tell me that I抦 improving and that really means a lot to me and keeps me energized. Every time I hear such positive feedback, all I can think about is that this is my calling."

His determination and confidence could yet see him join the other Parks in "The Slingshot" in the big league.

"The Slingshot" takes a look at the society that is becoming increasingly materialistic and conflicts resulting from the worship of money.


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 Author| Post time 22-4-2009 03:22 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 20, 2009

The Musical Awards Honors Top Musicals  

The 3rd Musical Awards was held late Monday night to honor last year抯 top musicals in Korea. The best creative musical award went to 揟he 200lb Beauty,

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 Author| Post time 22-4-2009 06:23 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 21, 2009

SeeYa抯 Nam Gyu-ri Out of the Group   

Female trio SeeYa is one member short now that its main vocal Nam Gyu-ri has left the team. SeeYa抯 management company, Core Contents Media, released a statement on Monday to explain that Nam has left the group despite the fact that she is still contracted for two more years. The agency says that Nam, Kim Yeon-ji and Lee Bo-ram had each signed a five-year exclusive contract with GM Planning (currently Mnet Media) in February 2006. But when GM was acquired by Mnet Media later in 2006, they had all signed three-year contracts and agreed to work the remaining two years with the CEO of Core Contents Media. The other two members are currently making their fourth album. Core Contents Media representative says that Nam is the only member, who refuses to abide by the two-year contract, and the agency is planning to take legal actions against Nam.

In the meantime, the agency has named Ji-yeon of the new quintet, T-ara, to replace Nam in SeeYa. Ji-yeon is currently a 10th grader attending Hyehwa Girls

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 Author| Post time 22-4-2009 06:24 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 22, 2009

Yoo Hee-yeol Hosts a New Music Show  

Acclaimed musician Yoo Hee-yeol will host a new KBS music show titled 揧oo Hee-yeol抯 Sketchbook.

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 Author| Post time 22-4-2009 06:56 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 22, 2009

Actress Kim Hye-soo Sells Artwork at SOAF

The proceeds from the fair have risen 15 percent

The Seoul Open Art Fair, which continued from April 14 to 19, is estimated to have seen an approximately 15 percent increase in sales from last year. The fair had drawn particular attention because stars such as Kim Hye-soo and Shim Eun-ha displayed their artworks along with other artists.

The SOAF organizer said on April 20 that sales increased an estimated W600 million from a year earlier to W4.6 billion, and the number of visitors almost doubled from 25,000 to 48,000.

A SOAF staffer said, 揥orks by young artists were especially popular at the fair. A collage work by actress Kim Hye-soo was also sold for W5 million. And an increase in the number of visitors reflects people抯 growing interest in art.

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 Author| Post time 22-4-2009 08:42 PM | Show all posts | Share
April 22, 2009

Kim captivates Shanghai fashionistas

SHANGHAI -- Andre Kim presented his Spring/Summer 2010 collection in China's financial capital Wednesday, leading a batch of Korean designers who showed the global audience that Korea's fashion industry has not lost strength in the economic downturn.

Kim presented 146 pieces of his design to kick off "Preview in Shanghai 2009," an annual event organized by the Korean Federation of Textile Industries and sponsored by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. His opening show took place in front of international fashion experts gathered at Shanghai Mart, a trade center in the heart of the city's business district.

The organizer, aiming to inform international buyers of trends in Korea's textile and apparel production, invited the celebrity designer for the sixth time this year., As Korea's top designer, Kim has been leading efforts since 2003 to help fashion industry players from both Korea and China build a stronger relationship through these trade events, plus his own fashion shows in Beijing, Qingdao and Wuxi.

Kim Jun and Jang Na-ra present Andre Kim's Spring/Summer 2010 looks in Shanghai yesterday
as part of "Preview in Shanghai 2009," an annual event organized by the Korean
Federation of Textile Industries. [Lee Sang-sub/The Korea Herald]

This year's show, which also marks 90 years since the inauguration of the Provisional Government of Korea in Shanghai, featured as main models Korean singer/actor Kim Jun and Jang Na-ra, an established Hallyu star in China. "I am extremely pleased and honored to present my fashion art collection for the opening show of 'Preview in Shanghai 2009' today. As a designer, I hope to contribute to expanding relations between fashion and textile industries of China and Korea," Kim said.

Spread over five stages, the iconic designer's 50-minute show featured the usual mixture of mysticism and grandeur. The first stage, entitled "Shanghai Dream Festival" began with female models clad in Chinese-style tops coupled with voluminous same-color bottoms, and ended with male models donning tight black suits with gold embroideries.

With star models strutting down the catwalk wearing figure-hugging jackets or billowy dresses, hundreds of spectators were dazzled by the audacious mixture of colors and styles. The second "Black Diamond Fantasy" presented a set of daywear with a black-and-white color scheme, followed by brighter tones, such as pink, yellow and emerald, forming a fine contrast with the previous garments.

In the next "Great Romance," Jang walked down the runway in a deep-red dress of beaded bodice and a chiffon skirt. Reaching the designer's signature climax, Jang and Kim stood with their foreheads touching. The fourth stage featured full-size overcoats draped around the models' figures with glimpses of form-fitting dresses inside, a reminder of the royal costumes of past Korean dynasties, befitting the title "Legend of Korean Kingdom."

The final stage of "Everlasting Love in Shangrila" was composed of wedding gowns and tuxedos, intended to portray the pure beauty that the designer has pursued during his near-half century career.

The 75-year-old designer appeared on stage and stood with the main models as the performance brought about ripples of applause from the audience. "It was more exciting to watch the show here than on TV. It helped me enjoy Kim's vibrant and rich culture selection that camera lenses cannot capture," said Han Joo-eun, a visiting businesswoman from Korea.

Kim's next overseas fashion show will be in Spain in July.

Credits: Ahn Hyo-lim/Korea Herald correspondent ( via

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