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Post on 11-9-2009 11:45 AM |All posts

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@ingin bercuti ke cameron highlands pahang hanya rm148 seorang 2hari 1malam..package termasuk
ulang alik bas,sarapan pagi,penginapan 2bintang utk 2 org,kunjungi 8tempat ladang teh,kilang,strawberry,bunga rose,kebun kaktus,candi,kupu-kupu..
hari 1 : 0830 puduraya bas terminal
           1200 cameron hotel
           1345 tour bermula 4jam setengah
           1800 habis tour hantar balik ke hotel
hari 2 : 0700 sarapan dekat hotel
           1300 hotel cameron ke puduraya kuala lumpur

lain - lain

TIME:8.30AM(SVIP),10.30AM, 12.30PM(SVIP),3.30PM

TIME:8AM, 10.30AM, 1PM(SVIP), 4.30PM
RM28(SVIP) 26SEAT.......RM22.50 36SEAT

k.l.boon (0163033330)7am-7pm
sms: (0133003330)

Our Tours
Country Side Excursion
Departure: 8.45am & 1. 45pm
Duration: 4 ½ Hours
Price: Rm25.00 (Adult) & Rm15.00 (Child)
(Excluding entrance fee where ever applicable)
1. Boh Tea Plantation/Factory
2. Strawberry Farm
3. Honey Bee Farm
4. Market Square
5. Buddhist Temple
6. Rose Garden/Cactus Valley
7. Butterfly Farm
8. Overview vegetables farms.

Adventure 1
Gateway To Nature
Departure: 8.45am & 1.45pm
Duration: Half Day (Minimum 2 Pax)
Price: RM40.00 (Adult) | RM20.00 (Child)
1. Gunung Brinchang (6,666ft above sea level)
2. Mossy Forest / Trekking
3. Tea Plantation / Factory
4. Butterfly Farm

Adventure 2
Rainforest Adventure
Departure: 8.45am
Duration: Full Day (Minimum 2 Pax)
Price: RM98.00 (Adult) |  RM60.00 (Child)
1. Aborigine Village
2. Waterfall / Swimming
3. Jungle Trekking
4. Butterfly & Insect Observation
5. Blow Pipe hunting demonstration
6. Tea Plantation / Factory
7. Rafflesia * * Only seasonal (extra Rm10.00/pax) OR During off flowering season will be replaced by Gunung Brinchang & Mossy Forest Trekking.

Adventure 3
Rainforest Experience
Departure: 8.45am & 1.45pm
Duration: Half Day (Minimum 2 Pax)
Price: RM40.00 (Adult) | RM20.00 (Child)
1. Rainforest experience - 3 to 4 hours of jungle trekking
2. Experience a journey into the virgin jungle with our knowledgeable guides

Adventure 4
Sunrise Tour
Departure: 6.15am
Duration: 6 Hours (Minimum 2 Pax)
Price: Rm78.00/Person
1. Exciting sunrise tour
2. 6 Hours trekking to the highest point in Cameron Highlands (6,666ft above sea level)

Adventure 5
Natural & Man Made Wonders Excursion
Departure: 8.45am
Duration: Full day (Minimum 4 Pax)
Price: RM98.00/Person
- Tour includes guides & transfer  (Entrance fee excluded)
- Return transfer or drop off at Ipoh station can be arranged for guests convenience

Adventure 6
Departure: 2.15pm
Duration: Approx 2 ½ hour walk
Price: RM68.00 (Adult) & RM45.00 (Child)
Package includes Tea and Scones
1. An interpretive walk along the trail where the Thai Silk King (Jim Thompson) mysteriously disappeared.
- In March 1967, Jim Thomson went for a holiday with friends to the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. There, he presumably went for a walk in the surrounding jungle and never retuned, leaving behind an enduring mystery.
2.  View of Moonlight Bungalow

Night Trekking
Departure: 6.45pm
Price: RM60.00/Person (Minimum 4Paxs)
-  Jungle walked with our guide into the forest to experience the environment, atmosphere and diverse sounds of insects and creatures 2 to 3 hours.

Night Safari
RM88.00 / Person (Minimum 4 Paxs with Tea & Snack)
- Experience the journey with a 4 x 4 vehicle into the virgin highlands jungle for a 4-5 hours off  road drive, night life of the orang asli and overview of a flower nursery.

Farmland Golden Discovery
Departure: 8.45am to 8.45pm
Duration: Full day (Minimum 2 Paxs)
Price: RM88.00 (Adult) & Rm50.00 (Child)
Includes Steamboat Dinner & Mineral Water
(Steamboat dinner at 6:30pm)
1. Tea Plantation and Factory (largest in Southeast Asia)
2. Orang Asli Village
3. Strawberry Farm
4. Cactus Valley
5. Mardi Argo Farms (Malaysia Agriculture Research and Development Institute)
6. Orchid & Anthurium Farm
7. Variety of 10 Different Vegetables Farms
8. Hydrophonic and Organic Farm
9. Persimmon (Seasonal) & Orange Farm (Seasonal)
10. Visit to a Watercrest Farm
11. Waterfall (Swimming)
12. Night Market (During school holidays & weekends)

Rainforest Exploration
Price: RM400.00 nett (Minimum 4 Paxs)
Note: Price will vary according to holidays season and peak periods.
-  Taman Negara via Kuala Koh / Merapoh entrance. Full board package for 3 days 2 nights. Includes accommodation, meals, transfer, guide and activities.

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Cameron Highlands Online


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