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Peralatan Pejabat Harga Murah...

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Post on 29-12-2010 11:27 AM |All posts

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Kami menyediakan perkhidmatan membaiki dan membekal mesin/peralatan pejabat terus dari kilang dengan harga murah seperti:

- Trolley (Prestar / Mystar)

- Electronic Typewriter


- Paper Shredder

- Electronic Binding Machine

- Photocopy Machine

- Facsimile

- Document Laminator

- Digital Time Recorder

- Hole Puncher

- Stapler

- Document Signer

- Whiteboard

- Steel Dust Bin

- Teleconference System

- Pressure Sealer

- Paper Folder

- Franking Machine

- Counting Machine

- Check Writer

- Trimmers & Guillotines

- Paper Driller

- Newspaper Rack

- Safety Cabinet

- Perforating Machine

- Labeling Machine

- Money Detector

- Hanger & Stand

- Steel Furniture

- Hailer

- Steel Filing Cabinet

  Peralatan Hospital dan Makmal:

       - Emergency & Rehab
       - Instruments
       - Diagnose & Measure
       - Stainless Steel

  Dan lain-lain.

Jika tuan-tuan berminat boleh hubungi kami untuk mendapatkan sebutharga dulu.

Harga amat berpatutan...

Tel: +603-6277 5571

Fax: +603-6277 5571

H/p: +6019-393 5571


Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.




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Post on 3-1-2011 11:06 PM |All posts

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Post on 3-1-2011 11:07 PM |All posts

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Post on 16-1-2011 06:57 PM |All posts

    Terima kasih atas penghantaran brg tempoh hari...

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Post on 16-5-2012 02:04 AM |All posts
Boleh bagi quotation Shredder machine tak?

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