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Dragon Ball Kai

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Siapa x kenal anime dragon ball kan? kali nie episode terkenal nie telah diperbaharui...episode Dragon Ball Z iaitu kisah setelah Goku (Watak Utama) dewasa dan mempunyai anak (Gohan). Kai disini bermaksud diperbaharui....apa yang diperbaharui adalah dari segi video qualitiy...warna...jalan cerita yang lebih kepada jalan cerita didalam buku..(sebelum nie kalu x silap Dragon Ball Z banyak filler)
Untuk pengetahuan anda episode ini masih ditayang (still airing)
Alternative title:
Dragon Ball Kai
Dragon Ball Kai (TV)
Dragon Ball 改
Dragon Ball Z Kai
ドラゴンボール改 (Japanese)
Genres: action, comedy, fantasy, science fiction, tournament
Themes: aliens, fighting, martial arts, space, superpowers

Goku is back, now married and has a son, Gohan, but just when things were calm and settled a new threat comes which creates adventures and uncover the truth about Goku's origins as a Saiyan, a near to extinct race. Facing enemies far more powerful then before Goku needs to train harder and reach limits he never even dreamed of since what is at stake is the World itself.
Episode : Ongoing...
Dragon Ball Kai includes a complete re-recording of the dialog by most of the original Japanese voice cast, as well as completely new sound design with updated sound effects. The opening and ending themes are completely new. Takayoshi Tanimoto performs the series' new opening and closing themes, "Dragon Soul" and "Yeah! Break! Care Break!". This new opening and closing credits have newly animated appearances by Frieza, Zarbon, Dodoria, The Ginyu Force, Nappa, Raditz, Saibamen, and Vegeta. There's also a new artwork clip after every intermission, such as one of Cui and Vegeta in episode 19. Unlike the original Dragon Ball Z, which only had 2 sets of eyecatchers for the entire series, in Kai it changes every few episodes to feature an appropriate character ensemble/situation. New artwork of Frieza, Zarbon, and Dodoria from an intermission in Dragon Ball Kai episode 21. The "Kai" 改「かい」 in the series' name means "updated," "modified," or "altered." Interestingly, despite the series being only a directors cut of Dragon Ball Z, the Z has been completely removed from the title.

Episode List

Episode 1
"Prologue to Battle! The Return of Son Goku"

The episode begins with a flashback of the destruction of Planet Vegeta at the hands of Frieza, and the upbringing of Goku on Earth as depicted in the original Dragon Ball series. Five years have passed since Goku's victory over Piccolo at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, and he has since married Chi-Chi and now has a son named Gohan. Goku and Gohan are heading towards a reunion with Goku's friends at Master Roshi's island. Elsewhere, an odd-looking spacecraft crash lands on Earth. A man in battle armor emerges from the vessel and flies off to scout out a powerful life form he locates with the help of an apparatus on his eye. Piccolo is nearly killed by the stranger, but this is averted when the man leaves to scout out a more powerful life form. The other strong life form is Goku, who at the Kame House presents his son to Roshi, Krillin, and Bulma. The stranger arrives and surprises everyone when they notice he has a monkey-like tail, just like Goku used to have.
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 Author| Post time 8-3-2011 11:59 AM | Show all posts | Share
Episode 2
"The Enemy is Goku's Brother?! The Secret of the Mighty Saiyan Warriors"

The stranger says that his name is Raditz and that he is Goku's older brother. Goku cannot remember this, as he suffers from brain damage caused by a fall when he was a child. Raditz reports that he and Goku are of an alien race called the Saiyans and that he and Goku are among the last four remaining. He also informs Goku that his "real" Saiyan name is "Kakarot", although Goku has no memory of this name and will continue to use the name Goku. Raditz then asks Goku to join them in exterminating the population of Earth, taking Gohan hostage when Goku refuses. Piccolo appears and offers to help Goku defeat Raditz; Goku accepts his offer and together they follow after Raditz. Goku and Piccolo confront the Saiyan at his space pod's crash site, but Raditz is not impressed and tells them that the other two remaining Saiyans are even stronger than he.

Link : (megaupload)

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 Author| Post time 8-3-2011 12:02 PM | Show all posts | Share
Episode 3
"A Life-or-Death Battle! Goku and Piccolo's Ferocious Suicide Attack" / "A Life or Death Battle! Goku and Piccolo's Desperate Attack!"

Goku and Piccolo are no match for Raditz in direct conflict, so they decide to have Goku distract Raditz while Piccolo gathers energy for an attack strong enough to defeat Raditz. This plan fails, as does Goku's attempt to stop Raditz by grabbing his tail ends when Goku gets tricked by his brother. Raditz tortures Goku, causing Gohan to unleash his latent abilities in a fit of rage, and he strikes Raditz in the chest. Goku uses this opportunity to grab Raditz from behind, allowing Piccolo to use his Makankosappo technique on Raditz - killing them both. Before he succumbs to his wound, Raditz tells his enemies that the other Saiyans will be on Earth within a year. Bulma, Krillin, and Master Roshi arrive to witness Goku's death. Before he dies, Goku extracts a promise from Piccolo to personally train Gohan in the martial arts until Goku can be re-animated by the power of Earth's dragon balls.

Link : (megaupload)

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 Author| Post time 8-3-2011 12:04 PM | Show all posts | Share
Episode 4
Run in the Next World, Son Goku! The Million-Kilo-Long Serpentine Road" / "Run in the Afterlife, Goku! The One Million Mile Snake Way

Kami takes Goku along with his body to the afterlife. Bulma takes Raditz's scouter in order to repair it and find Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. Piccolo takes Gohan into his custody and flies off, intending to train the boy in the martial-arts. In the afterlife, Kami arranges for Goku to be allowed to travel to King Kai via the Snake Way, which is reputedly a million miles long; King Kai will train Goku in advanced fighting techniques in Otherworld, in hopes that by the time he is re-animated Goku will be strong enough to face the new Saiyans who are heading towards Earth. While Goku starts his journey along the long road, Krillin unsuccessfully attempts to tell Chi-Chi of her husband's death and her son's kidnapping. Meanwhile, Piccolo tells Gohan of his father's fate. Gohan doubts that he has any significant intrinsic power, so Piccolo uses a dramatic method to demonstrate Gohan's hidden power - he throws Gohan at a rock, which Gohan destroys reflexively.

Link : (megaupload)

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 Author| Post time 8-3-2011 12:06 PM | Show all posts | Share
Episode 5
Wilderness Survival! A Moonlit Night Awakens Gohan

Gohan's training begins. After a length of time spent alone on a mountaintop, Gohan sees the moon, which causes him to transform into a Great Ape. Rather than let him rampage unchecked, Piccolo destroys the moon, making any further transformations impossible, and removes his tail, before leaving to begin his own training. Piccolo plans to see if Gohan can survive 6 months in the wilderness without assistance; if he succeeds, then Piccolo will return to spend the next 6 months teaching Gohan fighting techniques in preparation for the new Saiyans' arrival on Earth. Meanwhile, Bulma repairs the scouter, and Yajirobe delivers a summons to Krillin, telling him that the two of them, along with Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu, are to report to Kami's Lookout for training.

Link : (megaupload)

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Post time 9-3-2011 08:53 AM | Show all posts | Share
Harap-harap anime DB Kai ini akan tayang kat TV2 juga, sebab TV2 pernah menyiarkan tiga siri DB sebelum ini.

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Post time 9-3-2011 01:44 PM | Show all posts | Share
sekarang ntv7 kerap promo citer dragon ball .bila la nak tayang dok coming soon je

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 Author| Post time 9-3-2011 04:47 PM | Show all posts | Share
download jer...latest episode skrg 95..goku dh mati bila cell letupkn diri..hohoho

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Post time 10-3-2011 09:00 AM | Show all posts | Share
sekarang ntv7 kerap promo citer dragon ball .bila la nak tayang dok coming soon je
jgfjhdjhg Post at 9-3-2011 13:44

Kenapa tidak TV2?

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Post time 10-3-2011 09:09 AM | Show all posts | Share
ntahla.rasanye pasni ntv7 akan jd penyiar untuk dragon ball n sailormoon,

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Post time 11-3-2011 07:49 PM | Show all posts | Share
baru2 ni DBZ Kai dilanda kontroversi di Jepun. Toei Animation baru2 ni mengakui bahawa ada sesetengah skor muzik latar dlm siri anime ni yang diciplak dari muzik orang lain. Oleh itu, pihak Toei terpaksa menarik balik muzik itu lalu menggantikannya dgn skor dari DBZ yang asal.

Sila baca yang ni utk butiran lanjut: ... start_from=&ucat=4&

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 Author| Post time 12-3-2011 01:45 AM | Show all posts | Share

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