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Author: Fujiwara

[KAJI SELIDIK FORUM] Anda SOKONG siapa dalam PRU ke 13?

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Post on 3-4-2012 01:55 PM |All posts

Saturday, 31 March 2012 00:38
Mahathirism, not George Soros stopped M'sia from becoming an Asian Tiger
Written by  J. D. Lovrenciear

Indeed Malaysia had been an Asian Tiger. And that branding was lost for good in just over thirty years all because of local, selfish politicking and not because of George Soros. We could have withstood Sorosarian attacks given Malaysias potpourri advantage.

Malaysia had all the ingredients to remain not only as an Asian Tiger but also emerge as the pride of ASEAN; it even could have gone on to be transformed into a beacon for humanity in the rest of troubled Asia. And certainly it would have emerged a world class model operating side by side with other first world nations that set benchmarks for the world community of leaders and the global intentions to reinstate democracy and uphold civil liberties.

Stable weather, resource-rich, diverse cultures, everything

Malaysia was blessed in many aspects from the very start of its history. It was protected from the ravages of unpredictable weather. It had a perfect balance of development and nature. It was a resource rich nation.

More importantly, in the context of this reflection on Malaysian politics, the nation was a potpourri of diverse cultures and traditions, rich ancestry (or roots, if you like) and history. It was truly a thriving cradle of religious acceptance, respect and tolerance.

And most importantly, here was a nation that had a perfect potpourri of humanity that lived peacefully and respectably.

Through able nurturing we could have gone on from being a rising Asian Tiger in economics, commerce and trade into becoming a model of co-existence for the world to benefit.

Could have but did not

We could have become a Truly Asian experience without having to hatch at great expenditure and loss the now embarrassing tourism campaign slogan Truly Asian. We could have earned a permanent place in Discovery Channel as the must visit and experience a land on this planet to see, breathe and live in this potpourri of humanity.

We would not even have to paddle at great cost and loss the 'Malaysia your second home' canvassing around the globe.

We could have become a model that the rest of Asia can learn from especially in these troubled times of unrest and hate-religion and hate-race campaigns. We could have become an inspiration for many countries and perhaps even have averted the sufferings and high cost of people-revolutions.

Our leaders could have been welcomed with open arms by the first world and played a role side by side with the North-North nations out of their respect and recognition of this miracle land called Malaysia.

The bottom line is we had everything and anything it takes to make Malaysia the celebrity nation in this troubled 21st century. This is not some whimsical dream. We could have but we did not want to.

The problem was not with the people

We could have because the rakyat know by experience they had no problems with each others race and religion. The rakyat not only co-existed but took great pride in partaking in this Malaysian potpourri. There was no problem in having a mosque, temple and church in the same township. There was no problem in having all the many races living in the same village. There was no problem in welcoming each other into everyones homes for all the many different festive and religious celebrations.

We had that wisdom and gratitude in our hearts to appreciate this potpourri as a blessing and a gift. So we cherished it; we protected it; we nurtured it. And that is probably one of the reasons why we did not have to take the sword or shoot with cannon balls to obtain independence nor to thwart off over protracted periods and cost the insurgencies and confrontations by the communists and Indonesians, respectively. Our socio-religious, racial and political fabric was so tightly interwoven that the Malaysian institutions namely the armed forces and the police could easily and valiantly discharge their responsibilities.

We were able to defend our pride, integrity and our cherished tradition and the institution of our Rulers without questioning rights and wrongs. Trust was the anchor. Tolerance was our pillar. Acceptance was our cornerstone.

It was because of Mahathirism, we lost our advantage

But with the rise of Mahathirism, we have thrown away this potpourri of healthy and blessed advantages. Instead the seeds of divisiveness and hatred were sown. We created an artificial enemy between us. And within these past twenty, thirty years we have been forced to make real that self-created enemy of our wonderful potpourri.

Our leaders and politicians took the road of divide and rule, control and fleece. And so we set out on a dangerous ravine and have joined instead the ranks and order of nations that live with hatred, suspicion and destruction, threatening man against man.

The very fact that we have lost out our lead as an Asian Tiger; pawned our status as a potential hope for the rest of Asia; and squandered the prospect of being with the league of North-North nations C all of these means we have truly sacrificed our potpourri advantage.

Who do we blame? Fate or fellow Malaysians? Or is it going to be another the Jews again story?

Malaysia Chronicle

Damn UMNO/BN destroyed Malaysia future!!! :@

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Post on 3-4-2012 03:43 PM |All posts
Reply 474# Fujiwara

tolong laa..janji tu memang senang.
kalau betul beria-ia nk mansuhkan dan konfem boleh maintain, sila buktikan dulu...
..kerana selama ni dah banyak janji ditabur yang tak boleh diharapkan:

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Post on 3-4-2012 06:57 PM |All posts
Article kt atas tu ditulis oleh sapa2 ntah. Klu pilih antara Mahathir dgn Soros, ak lebih cayekn TUn. Media barat takkan sekali2 skong Tun. Name pn media barat. Self-explanatory.

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Post on 3-4-2012 10:16 PM |All posts
Reply  Fujiwara

tolong laa..janji tu memang senang.
kalau betul beria-ia nk mansuhkan dan konf ...
theautobot12 Post at 3-4-2012 15:43

Jikalau BN tak ada korupsi,PTPTN dibatalkan akan muncul...

Oleh Itu, anda nak kerajaan yang terus korupsi atau kerajaan yang anti korupsi?

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Post on 4-4-2012 11:28 AM |All posts

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Post on 6-4-2012 05:04 PM |All posts



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Post on 11-4-2012 09:53 PM |All posts
Saya sokong pr..sokong PAS..DAP..PKR
Raja-Raja Melayu adalah Tiang Agama Islam Me-Layu

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Post on 11-4-2012 10:39 PM |All posts
Reply 40# Anak_Nogori

sama jer AN. Yg skrg ni pon yg jaga kebun pisang tu berok. tak caye? tu ha yg terbaru duit jaga lombu tu. berok BN la yg pi buat kenduri.
PAS seumo hidop!takbirrrr!

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Post on 18-4-2012 01:09 PM |All posts


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Post on 18-4-2012 05:34 PM |All posts

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Post on 18-4-2012 05:42 PM |All posts
lawak plak banner KOTOR bawah BN tuh

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Post on 20-4-2012 05:40 PM |All posts
Post Last Edit by Fujiwara at 20-4-2012 17:42
batagolek Post at 18-4-2012 17:34


1. kes MITP 200juta

2. kes PKFZ 12500juta

3. kes Rumah Khir Toyo

4. kes Rumah Mewah Satay

5. kes Perwaja 2000juta

6. kes Bank Bumi 5000juta

7. kes Parlimen bumbong Bocoh

8. kes Pudu bumbong Bocoh

9. kes Stadium runtuh

10. kes kapal selam 500juta

11. kes biji tin Maminco 300juta

12. kes Bank Negara goreng forex 20000juta

13. kes MAS 8000juta

14. kes Altantuya

15. kes komissen SU30MKM 100juta

16. kes hospital shah alam 480juta

17. kes hospital pandan 500juta

18. kes Petro farm ke Brunei 300000juta

19. kes Taib tunai 3juta

20. kes polis pukul Anwar

21. kes MB Sabah hutang Casino 158juta

22. kes Bernas tak bayar cukai beras siam 60juta

23. kes 40juta utk rest house 10org exco S'gor

24. kes AP 60,000 kos 2400juta

25. kes Petronas tolong putra Mahathir MISC 1700juta

26. kes skandal Petronas tanah ampang 600juta

27. kes Polis ambik gambar nude Hamisa di jail Nov 2005

28. kes Nor Omah : org luar negeri tak suka, sila balik

29. kes MRR2 bocoh 70juta

30. kes Proton RM1 jual Agosta yg bernilai 300juta

31. kes KJ beli saham ECM Libra 9.2juta

32. kes jabatan Johor-S'pore 1100juta

33. kes kos membaiki Proton Perdana di Terengganu 1.17juta

34. kes bina Pusat Menteri Perdagangan selama 11tahun - 1000juta

35. kes membaiki sekolah RM30,000 jadi RM3,000- bukit kepong, muar

36. kes highway gomen bayar upah 38500juta, lebih drpd kos bina!!

37. kes Hindu Rights Action Force, tempat sembahyang diruntuhkan

38. kes KWSP pakai 15juta utk beli sykt bernilai 700,000

39. kes mrr2 kos mambaiki 40juta jadi 70juta

40. kes kos bina dewen university 100juta

41. kes mb sarawak taib ambik kommissen 32juta

42. kes mb sarawak taib ambik tanah org asli

43. kes bumbong makamah KL bocoh

44. kes vincent tan & lingam beli hakim

45. kes ex-melaka MB rogol

46. kes Monsoon Cup & tengku adnan sykt korea 300juta

47. kes ink SPR 2juta

48. kes buku rekod SPR ade 8666 org umur lebih drpd 100

49. kes toll cheras mahkota

50. kes pak lah melancong 80 negeri di tempoh 4 tahun

52. kes facebook cuti-cuti mesia 1.8juta

53. kes minta komissen pd sykt tourism mesia

54. kes ng yen yen pergi melancong di NZ dgn suaminya RM244,000

55. kes Gerakan 1000juta kontrak tukar pelaburan 350juta - Motorola

56. kes bas statin runtuh di Terengganu

57. kes sekolah runtuh di Terengganu

58. kes UMNO hina Sultan natang di Terengganu

59. kes Khir Toyo bazir wang gomen, sekeluarga melancong Disney land dgn maid

60. kes buang 1000 bas masih ok, supaya membeli bas baru kat kroni

61. kes polis Minta DNA Anwar. DNA code nombor shj, kes tahun 1998 dulu, polis dah ade DNA code nombor Anwar. Ape sebab minta sperma Anwar lagi? utk masuk belakang?

62. kes kapal PSCI 24000juta

63. kes wira Ahmad Ismail kata Orang cina hanya tumpang di sini, UMNO gantung membershipnya 2tahun!

64. kes ISA tangkap repoter

65. kes Perak Umno beli org Dap utk runtuh gomen PR Perak

66. kes G20 blacklist mesia sebab mahligai lari tax

67. kes USCRI kata Mesia teruk - World Refugee Survey 2009

68. kes org mati di bangunan SPRM(MACC)

69. kes org mati di balai polis

70. kes-kes polis tembak rakyat

71. kes F1 bazir 1000juta tapi kalah teruk

72. kes hospital angkatan tentera 95

73. kes org filipino dpt IC Sabah

74. kes projek pakai mykad utk tambah petrol 70juta

75. kes 7500juta beli kereta perisai yg bernilai 3000juta shj (ikut harga pasaran)

76. kes NTV7 dpt amaran tak boleh jemput org PR utk program forum

77. kes Apco dpt projek 76juta

78. kes email 1 malaysia 50sen utk sebuah email

79. kes you help me, I help you

80. kes Utusan hina Islam

81. kes beli undi org asli di Sibu, Sarawak

82. kes utusan - Kristian Agama Rasmi?

83. kes Kuching jail 200juta

84. kes Sepang F1 Circuit rugi setiap tahun

85. kes Melaka Eye on Malaysia 23juta

86. kes Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak 300juta

87. kes Bank Islam banking scandal 700juta

88. kes Wang Ehsan from Trengganu Oil Royalty C 2004 -2007 7400juta

89. kes Petronas sponsor Philharmonic Orchestra 500juta

90. kes Menteri Pendidikan english utk Maths and Science 3200juta


92. kes skandal Bakun Sime Darby 2000juta

93. kes pasar dato keramat 38juta

94. kes Paya Indah Wetlands 88juta

95. kes bersih Sungai Segget, Bandaraya Johor Bahru 200juta

96. kes Kota Iskandar 1500juta

97. kes bina jalan sekenjang 0.5km 92juta

98. kes Sarawak International Medical Centre 400juta

99. kes Batu Burok Aquatic Complex 18juta

100. kes skandal Transmil 227juta

101. kes peminpin minum arak

102. kes sex skandal ex-menteri drpd MCA

103. kes istana baru 300juta jadi 800juta

104. kes sultan johor marah bab alam sekitar johor kotor sangat

105. kes ex-mb melaka pamelkan sex video di hotel sri cacorsa

106. kes meteri rogol maid

107. kes tentera curi enjin jet

108. kes org kaya beli rumah dpt 15% discount

109. kes Rasuah SPRM(MACC) : 1 Helai Talileher Berharga RM1,000

110. kes Asia Petrol Hub 1400juta

111. kes gomen rugi atau bazir 28000juta setiap tahun

112. kes peminpin kata pukul org india dulu sebelum pukul ular

113. kes Allah menyebabkan tempat sembahyang kena bakar

114. kes rogol di Baram Sarawak, tidak dipeduli

115. kes sianida di Raub, Pahang

116. kes nadir bumi di bukit merah, Perak

117. kes nadir bumi di kuantan, Pahang

118. kes 66,000 org asli tak dpt IC & tak blh undi

119. kes projek keretapi kos overrun 1100juta

120. kes beli 2nd hand keretapi 30juta

121. kes jalan Sapulut-Kalabakan, Sabah 565juta

122. kes Istana Melawati, Putrajaya 90juta

123. kes Tg Emas Marina, Muar 30juta

124. kes Kuala Kedah Marina, Kedah 23juta

125. felda pinjam wang kwsp utk pelaburan yg rugi 5000juta

126. Negeri Sembilam MB kirim 10juta tunai ke U.K.

127. Jalan Botanika Melaka 250meter 3.43juta

128.Projek Pulau-pulau Tasik Kenyir 300juta

129. Putra Jaya Astaka Morocco dan Monumen Alaf Baru 41juta

130. Bangunan Kompleks Konko, Perlis 2juta

131. LITAR GO KART DISITA, Air Keroh Melaka. 9juta

132. Bangunan kanser negara 340juta jadi 700juta

133. Pintu Botanika Pinang 7juta

134. Wisma Wanita 19juta

134. Ebara Corporation bakar projek 400juta

135. Projek e-kesihatan 103juta

136. Projek PULAU BUNTING,Kedah 70juta

137. Subsidi gas ke Kilang letrik 19000juta

138. Maltrade II tanah TTDI kpd NAZA 600juta

139. Skandal BMF 4000juta Carrian group. Pengurus BMF dibunuh.

140. Halal Hub 200juta

141. Boss Sykt Air gaji 6juta

142. Kolam berenang Terengganu 180juta

143. Kerusi di Komplek Bukit Jalil RM500 setiap unit

144. ICT overcharged 100juta

145. Labuan finance cetre 2000juta

146. Kes beli keretapi espanol 1800juta

147. Harga Proton Personal di Saudi cuma RM34,000, sini RM53,000

148. MB N.Sembilan bazir duit bina Pondok Bas yg terbengkalai di Linggi

149. MCA ex Boss(Ling) punya sykt Linksun Avenue hutang 2700juta

150. Hang Jebat Stadium 33juta

151. Projek Mykad RM1000juta

152. Projek LCCT 400juta

153. Wang penyimpan Tabung Haji dikhianati, rugi stanson bakery 90juta

154. KWSP rugi 300juta sebab Time cell

155. KWSP rugi 2000juta sebab RHB

156. Sime Bank rugi 1800juta

157. Felda tunai turun 2700juta

158. Perak 58b projek diserahkan kpd sykt dormant yg bernilai RM100

159. AP Abdul Gani Patail hapus bukti kes skandal 12000juta

160. Kantin Tentera Terendak Melaka kasi lauk pauk yg busuk kpd askar

161. Asrama tentera Lumut tidak dpt lulus QS

162. Asrama tentera Skulai jadi skandal

163. Airod ambik kommisen 5.70juta

164. Skandal kausar Corporation dpt tanah 600juta

165. RELA beli kain 16.5 juta

166. Skandal Tanah KTM 200juta

167. Skandal Amanah Saham Johor 300juta

168. Skandal curi Balak di Pahang 20juta

169. Skandal tanah Gerakan di Pinang 40juta

170. Skandal officer menteri pertahanan jual rasiah negara kpd luar negeri

171. Lugi hak milik Pulau Batu Putih di Johor kpd S'pore

172. Skandal sex di port dickson

173. ex MB N. Sembilan beli undi di undi rasmi UMNO

174. Harga kapal peronda 870% lebih mahal

175. Kroni Jual Air Mineral kpd MAS RM38 sekotak

176. Latihan Khidmat Negara ramai org maut & kena rogol

177. Kontrak pakaian & makanan Latihan Khidmat Negara jatuh di tangan Kroni

178. Utusan tulis Kristian Agama Rasmi dimuka pertama

179. Idris Jala kata Mesia akan bangkrap pd 2019

180. Anak perempuan MB Sarawak beli rumah mewah 30juta di Kanada

181. Hee Yit Foong bersalah menyerang Adun Aulong, Yew Tian Hoe dengan penyembur lada sewaktu Dun bersidang pada 7 Mei, 2009.

182. Perhimpunan sejuta belia - kos sehari 2juta jadi 27juta

183. Kos MRT 36b jadi 55b

184. GST akan dilaksanakan supaya rakyat jadi mangsa

185. Isteri pemimpin beli beg tangan hermes yg bernilai ribu-ribu

186. Skandal komissen wang kertas - 100juta

187. PAAB beli hutang bond Syabas sebanyak 6500juta

188. RM65 juta untuk mengubahsuai Sri Perdana di Putrajaya

189. Rumah Najib TNB bil RM5,000 setiap hari !

190. Perkosa kata 513 yg ke-2 akan berlaku pd 9 July 2011 & nak blok jabatan Pulau Pinang pd hari tu


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Post on 23-4-2012 12:41 PM |All posts

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Post on 23-4-2012 11:24 PM |All posts


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Post on 25-4-2012 03:20 PM |All posts
BN SURE WIN in GE13! Here is the proof!

According to the analysis:
BN is sure win on GE13!!
They have lost long time ago in GE10, 1999, if the General Election is a fair election.
They already lost more than 50% of the support from Malaysia.
This is the proof of how they win!

-        BN win almost all the small seats. (Manipulated by SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia)
-        All the Blue color bar are win by BN, All the Red color bar are win by PKR
-        Largest Voters to win is 112,224 voters (PKR), Smallest to win is Putrajaya 6,608 (BN)
-        BN achieved 112 seats, majority, for voters 59,000.

-        Only 17% of Malaysian support is needed for BN to win.
-        Only 1.85 Millions Voters is needed for BN to win the simple majority.
-        1.85 Millions Voters decide the future of you and I, (28 millions Malaysian)!!
-        1.85 Millions Voters contain over 400,000 voters who may be illegal Immigrants!
-        Conclusion: BN will NEVER LOST, in ANY Elections, Now and Future, EVER!!
-        As long as SPR is manipulating the voters locations!

-        Please support the Bersih 3.0 on 428!
-        Please ask ALL SPR Management to resign!
-        Share this and spread this around. C BN will never lost!

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Post on 28-4-2012 08:18 PM |All posts
Reply 44# gicks79

    Aku sokong ko....kat sini jek bising...bila pilihanraya kalah...sebab depa tau demo jek....demo demo demo....kalau kalah kata BN main tipu...kalau menang kata rakyat pilih depa....tak tau ke BN still ramai pengikut.....tapi we all x demo...oppsss aku org biasa jek....BN x bayar aku....

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Post on 28-4-2012 08:23 PM |All posts
Bila pilihanraya undi je lah...x yah nk burukkan orang....insyaAllah tuhan akan tolong kalau kita doa banyak2 tunjukkan sapa yg benar...

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Post on 29-4-2012 10:46 AM |All posts

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Post on 30-4-2012 10:26 PM |All posts
Bila pilihanraya undi je lah...x yah nk burukkan orang....insyaAllah tuhan akan tolong kalau kita do ...
brunette Post at 28-4-2012 20:23

    rtm/tv3 + media arus perdana tiap hari kempen burukkan pembangkang apa citer??? buat jerlah keje biar rakyat yang nilai dgn undian ....kalau takder media alternatif mmg rakyat 100% percaya apa yg disogokkan.

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Post on 30-4-2012 10:43 PM |All posts
Sebelum Negaraku yg di cintai ni porak peranda. Sebelum keturunanku jadi amah kat luar negeri, eloklah aku pangkah Pakatan Rakyat.
No means no!!!

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Post on 2-5-2012 04:15 PM |All posts
pakatan mendahului.......
tp cam menang tipis jer..
x kesah.. janji menang...

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Post on 3-5-2012 07:46 AM |All posts
Post Last Edit by Fujiwara at 3-5-2012 07:48


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Post on 3-5-2012 03:31 PM |All posts

kalo bodoh mmg la duk bawah kene pijak..

guna akal kalo nak menang.... bukan guna tenaga....

ikut org ni jadi bodoh smp mati la...

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Post on 3-5-2012 03:32 PM |All posts
Hukum yg pas keluarkan...


ni pas punye hukum....

Hukum yg BN keluarkan...

mengundi adalah hak rakyat....

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Post on 3-5-2012 03:37 PM |All posts
abg ipar aku org kelantan... ni kat kmpg dia la...

dulu dia gi dgr ceramah pas.... penceramah tu pakai serban mata bercelak... mmg alim la..

sekali dia cakap mase penutup..

" kalo demo tok suko pah.... demo pangkoh pah... tak suko pangkoh...tapi pangkoh kok

pah la....."

kesian org kampung... ulamak dia cakap cam tu kat org kampung....

entah la... aku tak tau la agama mane suruh ikut perintah tuhan....

tapi hukum berbohong dah jadi wajib ke harus ke aku pun tak tau la kan...

sbb dia dah tahap ulama...

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