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2011 Honda Wave Dash 110

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Post on 28-5-2011 07:46 PM |All posts

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*image credit to

RSR (Electric Starter)
RS (Kick Starter)

Honda Wave Dash 110 RSR RM5,268.00
Honda Wave Dash 110 RS RM4,998.00


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Post on 28-5-2011 07:46 PM |All posts
Post Last Edit by newspr at 28-5-2011 19:48


Engine Type: Air Cooled, 4 Cycle Engine OHC
Bore & Stroke: 50.0 x 55.6mm
Displacement: 109.1cc
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
Engine Starter System: Kick Starter (RS), Electric Starter (RSR)
Lubricating Oil Capacity: 1.0 litre

Clutch: Automatic Centrifugal & Multiplate Wet Clutch
Transmission: 4 speed constant mesh
1st Gear: 2.615 (34/13)
2nd Gear: 1.555 (28/18)
3rd Gear: 1.136 (25/22)
4th Gear: 0.916 (22/24)
Primary Reduction Ratio: 4.059 (69/17)
Final Reduction Ratio: 2.642 (37/14)

Ignition: DC-CDI
12V-2.5AH (Kick Starter)
12V-3.0AH (Electric Starter)

Overall Length: 1885mm
Overall Width: 709mm
Overall Height: 1071mm
Wheelbase: 1221mm
Curb Weight:
96kg (Kick Starter, Sports Rims)
98kg (Electric Starter, Sports Rims)

Suspension 每 Front: Telescopic 81mm
Suspension 每 Rear: Twin 83mm
Fuel Capacity: 3.7 litre
Tyre Measurement 每 Front: 70/90 每 17M/C 38P Inoue
Tyre Measurement 每 Rear: 80/90 每 17M/C 50P Inoue
Caster Angle: 26 degree 00*
Trail Distance: 67mm

Maximum Horse Power: 6.22KW / 7500rpm
Maximum Torque: 8.59Nm / 5500rpm

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Post on 29-5-2011 08:41 PM |All posts
lawa dah ni.....tapi kalau la pakai monoshock......

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Post on 31-5-2011 09:29 AM |All posts
lawa dah nie, tuh lah..mcm aku time aku elakkan honda cub..try yamaha plakk...

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Post on 31-5-2011 12:36 PM |All posts
menarik2..boleh sambaq satu
NM Creativa

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Post on 1-6-2011 09:36 AM |All posts
member aku nak amik nih. nxt week kot.. yg kaler oren tu, motor poslaju. yg biru merah posmen biasa. haha. yg dua kaler ni ade electric starter.

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Post on 2-6-2011 04:55 PM |All posts
Design cantik jugak... harga pun buleh tahan.

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Super Moderator

Post on 2-6-2011 04:56 PM |All posts
design dah lawa, tapi takat 110cc je. ampeh la. apesal honda tadak kasi kluar yg 150cc punya. baru leh celen belang ngan FZ camnih.

modenas bila mau kluar 150cc ? mimpi je la.... :re:
Man hasuna bidayatuhu hasuna ~

~ :: :: ~

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Post on 2-6-2011 05:04 PM |All posts
aiihhh...gerammm ajer aku nk sambor seketol....
i love my wife!!!

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Post on 20-2-2012 04:59 PM |All posts
sape2 yg dah ade pengalaman own moto ni. share la sikit....
Don't complain about others; change urself if u want peace...

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Post on 22-2-2012 03:24 PM |All posts
adik ipar aku pakai moto ni... ada gak pinjam.. tapi jalan dekat2 jer... susah nak kasi review...
biar betul....??

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Post on 26-2-2012 12:02 PM |All posts
igt nk beli motor ni.......tnggu lg 2 thn  
AnDa SuDaH pOtOnG ???

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Post on 25-2-2013 06:44 AM |All posts
design cntk sgt. motor ni ke motor LC lg best? sape2 leh compare sblm aku terbeli.. krg nyesal lak aku...

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