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Pertandingan Laga Ayam Yang Kejam Dari Filipina (24 photos)

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Post on 11-4-2012 04:23 PM |All posts

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Cockfights in the Philippines called "Sabong."  Although cockfighting is prohibited almost everywhere in the U.S., Brazil and Europe, the Philippines, it is almost a national sport.  These cocks are grown specifically for fighting to make them aggressive, often plagued by crows.  Also, to make them more aggressive and tough, they introduced special substances such as amphetamines, caffeine, strychnine.  Compared with dog fighting , where dogs sometimes bite to death each other to the floor death cockfights appear no less daunting.

  A.  Fighting Cock is preparing for battle.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  Two.  Rooster ready for battle - one of the legs are attached sharp knife .  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  Three.  For the cocks looked after by the best up to two years.  And then they begin to address the same as with the athletes before an important event.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  4.  There are two types of fighting cocks - one that flies, and one that keeps the earth.  Flyer deals crushing blows from the air, but on earth it is quite weak.  Same with his opponent - in the air, it's pretty weak, but the earth he is much stronger flyers.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  Five.  In the Philippines, cock fights occurred in the 16th century, they came up with the Spanish colonizers.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  6.  Before the battle cocks are kept face to face, so they saw their enemy.  Rooster is automatically transformed into a killing machine, he craves blood.  Usually a fight lasts less than three minutes.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  7.  In the Philippines, for cock-fighting are two different kinds of knives - one with two blades.  All knives attached to his left leg cock.  Although if the owners agree, and can be attached to the right, or even both.  In some areas, special use spurs.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  Eight.  Flyer in action.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  9.  "Cock surgeon" makes cock action.  The cock may well survive and after some time again to enter the ring.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  10.  "Operation".  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  11.  Paw loser.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  12.  Rooster Farm where they grow for future fighters.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  13.  Petukhov show each other - "remember your enemy's face."  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  14.  Training gloves.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  15.  Jose Andreda coached their cocks.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  16.  Training Farm.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  17.  Place your bets, gentlemen.  Many people take the money borrowed to place a bet.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  18.  One of the most famous champions.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  19.  The cock is waiting for the fight.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  20.  Roasters are eyeing each other.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  21.  The battle has begun.  Flyer immediately tossed into the air.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  22.  Most often, the battle continues until the death of anyone of the fighters, or at least, to the inability to fight.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  23.  Looking at this picture and would like to ask, "Where are the activists, animal welfare advocates ? ".  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  24.  Before the battle cocks "coach" to make more aggressive.  (Carsten Snejbjerg)

  Source: A blog about animals

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Rank: 9Rank: 9Rank: 9

Post on 11-4-2012 04:27 PM |All posts
kesian aku tengok ayam tue..macam penah tengok kat tv3 kot tentang ayan sabung nie..siap ada yang jual ayam ni.

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Post on 11-4-2012 10:03 PM |All posts
kasihan kat ayam tue...
mereka berlawan demi memuaskan penonton penonton .....
I love you so much but I love myself more...

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Post on 11-4-2012 11:44 PM |All posts
Kejamnya mempergunakan haiwan sebegitu
Inggit...many many... see see... U luck me todayyy

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Post on 12-4-2012 09:16 AM |All posts
elok la kalau baru2 je dia dah pasang pisau kat kaki ayam tetiba dicekaunya dia punya muka:@

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Post on 12-4-2012 09:38 AM |All posts
kesian ayam2 tu.. zalim
Life is easy, but is complicated.Life is simple, it's just not easy..

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