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Melawat Istana Saddam Hussein Berhampiran Kota Purba Babylon (28 photos)

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Post on 21-4-2012 07:23 PM |All posts

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There was a calm ancient city of Babylon, described in detail in the Bible and other sources.  At the beginning of the XX century came the German archaeologists have unearthed the city, and marveled at the beauty stole all to itself in Germany (to keep from the British).  Were ruins and outlines.

  Then he came to power, Saddam Hussein, who was as stupid as it is vain.  And he commanded the ruins in order to bring, and what a *** x - bricks, some vague.  Did everything humanly, of the yellowish brick.  As Soviet party house 70 and 80 turned out.

  The director of the museum shows a photo (upper left), which is visible arch (in the background - as a rat hole) before restoration.

  Become increasingly accurate.  On the part of Saddam bricks made impressions with his name and all sorts of self-praise, like he was the son of Nebuchadnezzar.

  In every corner of Babylon - History.  Here is the scene of the provincial House of Culture - it is the throne of King Valtasara.  It is here on his wall were strange fiery words.

  This is even painted a picture of Rembrandt (Valtasar Yarmolnik like this artist):

  And so Saddam liked what happened, he decided to build near Babylon, one of his palaces.  In the form of a ziggurat.

  And to make it easier to see, and ordered to pour a hill 50 meters high.  And the palace is put on top.

  Now this palace stands idle.

  Although the view from it is still offering one of the most expensive in the world.

  The main entrance to the palace is decorated with bas-reliefs to the profile owner.  Saddam - a descendant of Hammurabi.

  Saddam - the sun of the nation, a leader of soldiers, workers and peasants.

  And in the palace - the desolation.

  The floors on the ground.

  The walls are painted.

  The main entrance.

  The front lift on the upper floors.

  Elevators do not work.

  Beautiful view of the river Euphrates.

  In the palace for some time now one of the headquarters of the U.S. Army.

  But graffiti on almost no English - apparently, the soldiers were not allowed to express themselves in this way (but in fact Babylon was a helicopter landing pad, parking tyadeloy technology, and part of the historic brick soldiers of the famous gates of Babylon podspi * dili shamelessly).

  The quality of construction of the palace is as bad as the taste of the owner.  Reminiscent of a certain amount of another country.

  The Throne Room with a tasteless magically painted on the ceiling.  On the right - a place for the throne, left - basketball hoop.


  Trump view of Babylon.  I wonder when this will open the Hilton Resort End Hotel Babylon?

  Tours of the Palace is imperfect without visiting a Russian audience.

  Babylon is mutilated, if they find the money back to the original form of the ruins - will remove all the modern bricks.  And it will return the status of UNESCO World Heritage site.  And while it is possible to speculate on where to build himself a palace, Saddam, if the Germans did not fond of archeology?

  However, while Babylon did not return to normal view, you can enjoy a fully complete solitude.  Well, like as if you personally have closed Red Square.

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Post on 21-4-2012 07:42 PM |All posts
memang cantik tapi dah tak terjaga...
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Post on 21-4-2012 11:14 PM |All posts
Mesti meriah masa zaman kegemilangan die ni..
Skang jadi tempat terbiar  je
ParkSunWo ♥ JooMinYoung 4ver~ LJW♥JYH

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Post on 22-4-2012 12:51 AM |All posts
dalam keadaan tak terjaga pun dah cantik... kalo ditouch up balik ni, sure look awesomeeee
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Post on 22-4-2012 02:28 PM |All posts
Tak ada yang kekal cantik2 pun rosak juga akhirnya
Inggit...many many... see see... U luck me todayyy

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Post on 22-4-2012 05:28 PM |All posts
sepatutnya diselenggara dengan baik.biar jadi tempat sejarah.tapi penuh dengan vandalisme.

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Rank: 4

Post on 23-4-2012 12:22 AM |All posts
amerika punyer kerja...

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Post on 23-4-2012 12:30 AM |All posts
kesian, tempat bersejarah di cemar oleh Saddam Hussein....
Cepuk Individu Bernama Anwar Ibrahim (C.I.B.A.I.)

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Post on 23-4-2012 10:19 AM |All posts
Saddam ni mcm firaun
Selamat hari raya uolss

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Post on 23-4-2012 10:25 AM |All posts
sepatutnya di jaga tempat nie..jadi bahan sejarah....

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Post on 23-4-2012 11:08 AM |All posts
cantik hapa..

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Post on 23-4-2012 12:43 PM |All posts
fuh,lawa siot istana saddam tuh..
syg terbiar camtu jer

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Post on 15-5-2012 02:03 PM |All posts
sayang nya...
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Post on 15-5-2012 02:47 PM |All posts
byk duit sadam nieh kan
jangan membazir makanan

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Post on 15-5-2012 03:13 PM |All posts
should be preserved
It's only my life i care

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