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[INFORMASI] Kisah 3 Pemandu Lori Di Bunuh Kejam Oleh Pemberontak Syria (1video)

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Post time 27-8-2013 10:19 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Three Syrian truck drivers are driving in peace. A Saudi member of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (Al Qaeda) pulls them over at gun point and asks them to step down and hand over their IDs. Drivers hand in Syrian IDs from Tartus (a city with large Muslim Alawite population).

Terrorist: are you Sonni Muslim?
Drivers: yes, there is no god but Allah and Mohammad is his prophet
Terrorist: We will see about that, Tell me the Muslims prayers
Driver answers correctly
Terrorist: How many rak'ahs is the morning prayer
One driver says 3, the second says 4 and the third says 5
Terrorist: you are Alawites arent you? Didnt you see how the Assad regime is killing and raping our Muslim brothers and sisters
Driver: We have nothing to do with it. We are just poor drivers working to provide food for our families.
Terrorist cites from the Quran And fight against the disbelievers collectively as they fight against you collectively. And know that Allah is with the righteous Its gods words not mine. He then calls the pother terrorists to come over and they lay all three innocent drivers on the ground and shoot them while screaming god is great.

This terrible youtube video is a gift to every deluded mind supporting these Al Qaeda freaks thinking that they give a damn about their freedom and that they are any better than the regime. Assad army is over 90% Sonni Muslims and the wealthy business elite supporting him are prominently Sonni Muslim but Al Qaeda doesnt care about that they just want to eradicate 20% of Syrias population because god told them so. Assad was simply a convenience to rally the masses to support them.


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Post time 27-8-2013 10:32 PM | Show all posts | Share
Indahnya Islam

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Post time 28-8-2013 03:54 PM | Show all posts | Share

islam itu indah tetapi makhluk yg mencacatkan


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Post time 28-8-2013 04:04 PM | Show all posts | Share
Keindahan Islam dirosakkan oleh umatnya sendiri...

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Post time 29-8-2013 07:53 AM | Show all posts | Share
Kenapa kejam dan memburukkan Islam di mata penganut lain..

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Post time 29-8-2013 10:44 AM | Show all posts | Share
cikatilia posted on 28-8-2013 03:54 PM
islam itu indah tetapi makhluk yg mencacatkan



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Post time 29-8-2013 10:49 AM | Show all posts | Share
islam ke?
org islam sejati takkan wat benda kejam camtu..

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