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[INFORMASI] Potret Kehidupan Masyarakat Syiah Iran Pada Awal Abad Ke19(35pics)

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Post on 28-8-2013 10:01 PM |All posts

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Persian portraits of the early twentieth century

  Amir Khan with his niece

Ali Khan Qajar times

  In the front row fourth from left Ripsime.1906

  Group Portrait

  Group portrait of orphans and nuns

  Two children

  Girl with a Doll

  Children of Sultan al-Ulama Tehran

  Children Navvab Mavassak al-Davlaha

  Children of Sultan al-Ulama Tehran

  Jahangir Khan and his sister

  House Sadat Akhavi the birthday of the 12th Imam

  House Sadat Akhavi the birthday of the 12th Imam

  Daughters Shayakh al Islam with another child and a woman

  The daughter of Sultan al-Ulama Tehran

  A woman from Savadzhibulagha

  A woman from Savadzhibulagha

  Residents of Tent

  Ibrahim Aga and woman

  Manufacturers of blankets Savadzhibulagha

  Qasim Khan in his office with students

  Qasim Khan, son of Ali Khan Wali

  Nurse Makdikuli Khan

  Nurse Makdikuli Khan and Ishrat

  Lala Khanum


  Maryam Khanum in the hands of the woman next to Hassan, the son of Ghulam Mashhadi

  Maryam Khanum and her maid

  Maryam, the daughter of Ali Wali Khan

  Maryam, the daughter of Ali Wali Khan

  Mach Mach Khanum

  Mahmood Khan Wali, son of Wali Muhammad Khan and Haidar Quli Khan, the son of Ali Khan and his second wife Tuba Khanum

  Mirza Muhammad Sadiq Sahib Nasak

  Mirza Muhammad Sadiq Sahib Nasak

  A man and a woman

  A man and a woman

  Man with child

  A man with a daughter

  Muhammad Husayn Mirza, an officer of Sarab, son of Haji Mirza Nasr Allah and Navvab Ismat al-Dawla

  Naki Bpyyag, dressed in a suit banker

  Colonel Naki Khan flirting with a dancer Teymur, Mirza Asad Allah and Abu al-Qasim Khan looked upon with envy


  Ravza in the house of Sultan Al-Ulam

  Ripsime at the school where she worked as a teacher

  Said the daughter of Mirza Aqa Asad Allah Khan

  Sahib Nasak and Mademoiselle Renee

  Pickers wool from Savadzhibulagha

  Students from Catholic schools in Urmia

  Protestant school students in Urmia

  Dancer Hussein Bala

  Dancer Hussein Bala and Bayyag Kurban Ali, the leader of the caravan

  Himmat and his daughter



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Post on 29-8-2013 07:50 AM |All posts
apsal ke timur tgh mcm ni baju cam western jah..
Love for All Hatred for None

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Post on 29-8-2013 11:48 AM |All posts
want2bhappy posted on 29-8-2013 07:50 AM
apsal ke timur tgh mcm ni baju cam western jah..

Iran dulu sekular
Espeseli jaman shah jahan
Bila kena guling khomeini baru jadi orthodox
Selamat hari raya uolss

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Post on 29-8-2013 01:10 PM |All posts
Vintagenya gambar
Inggit...many many... see see... U luck me todayyy

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