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Edited by spankee_fili at 3-11-2018 01:27 PM

You are my sun whose presence I can't help but bask in,
Your laugh, your smile, the way you lovingly look at me;
Fill me with so much happiness and joy that I can feel goosebumps all over my skin.
The fear of losing you makes me forget all sense and reason, shakes my body in fright,
It haunts me in the night, in the silence, in every moment of calm,
It just flashing for a second, starts in my heart,
Then storms of all storms that rage with incredible might.

To calm it alone is a task unreachable as the stars,
I can move the mountain, swim the oceans, fight the wars but it helps none at all,
The only thing that helps is the knowledge you are with me and we are not apart.

The earth might have strong gravity,
But it is laughable compared to the one you have towards me,
Running is pointless, no matter how hard I try,
you pull me back to you with a single 'I love you' or a single smile,
All thoughts of running left me with them and all I can think is
how I love you and how lucky I am you love me.

I curse and pray to God every day and night,
Praise because He gave me happiness by giving me you and letting me experience your love,
Curse because He is also the reason for my greatest plight.

For I know no matter the season, the turning of the world or the standing of time,
No matter what you do, what I do, what we feel, you will never be mine.

I know my woman you will never be,
You may love me, kiss me and hug me,
But the possession of your heart, your soul, your thoughts or your worries
in my hand they will never be.

I will never be your one and only, your darling, your partner in crime, your husband,
your reason for living or the love of your life.
I will always just be a fantasy, your second place, the one you turn to
when the one you truly love is not available or you are fed up,
An illusion you got lost in and at the moment you don't want to get out,
But that will fade with time when your heart stops its strife.

But my heart beats in joy knowing that even for a single moment
it was me that made your heart beats,
That the smile on your lips blossomed because of my words,
That you made time stopped for me because you looked at me with eyes filled with love,
So even though the world is filled with darkness,
Those are the reasons why I wear a smile as I wake up and to the new day greet.

So everyday I hide my fear and scream at the heaven how life is unfair,
How He showed me a paradise, gave me a taste of heaven, sent me an angel just to take it away,
But I gathered my courage, filled my heart with love for you and enjoy every second with you,
Because I know they get less and I don't know how much is left in the hourglass of us,
Let God and the Devil whisper in my ear,
How you are not mine and never will be,
I will stand tall and bear.

For you are worth it,
And even if it is just for a little while,
I want to bask in your presence and feel what heaven feels like,
I don't care but want to enjoy,
Even though I can feel your love for me is slipping bit by bit.

For me you are a dream, perfect imperfection in its most beautiful form,
Worthy of all love the world can give, and I willingly to give you it all,
For me you are worth all trouble, all bleeding, fighting and hurt,
For you I would wait outside for all my life in a snowstorm.

I love everything about you, good or bad,
Be it your heart, your soul, your character or your physique,
Even your high temper and your thinking bad of me could never really make me mad.

Love is pure, love is unconditional, it knows no sense or reason,
And even though you won't believe me,
So does mine for you and it stays so through all seasons.

Never will I expect or want something from you for what I do,
All I want is your happiness, for you to enjoy life
and your dreams and hopes to become true.

I'm not perfect, not by a longshot I openly admit,
I know I will never be your perfect guy or someone you would spend eternity with,
I'm just boring, unfunny, ugly, loser who somehow got the most perfect woman
to fall for him though no one understands this,
I caused you heartbreak, hurt and I understand if you leave me and say
"I can't do this I quit".

But know my love for you unfaltered, never lessen or wilted it has,
Like a flower that will bloom forever grows,
It did through you my sun that I can swear,
And I will care for it, protect it and defend it like the most treasured topaz.

Every moment we spend together was worth waiting for a life time,
I laughed, I loved, felt lifted into the highest cloud,
And I will continue to cherish them, though your heart will never be mine.

And so I will wait here with the knowledge that a single moment,
a single word or command and our love will be put to death,
But even though I will never be the love of your life, in a few years probably
someone you won't even remember existed at all and have forgotten completely,
Know that you are mine, I will never forget you and that
the possession of most of my heart you will have until my dying breath.

I love you my angel,
You bring me a lot of joy and happiness and
I love you more everyday.

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 Author| Post time 13-9-2018 02:28 PM | Show all posts
Edited by spankee_fili at 19-9-2018 11:38 AM
Even in the coldest night your smile warms my heart,
I hope we will never part.

Your gorgeous eyes shine so bright,
Bring light into the darkest night.

Your lips so red and sweet,
Are the world most delicious and sinful treat.

When you are mad you rage like a storm,
But your laugh makes feel warm.

Every minute being away from you hell,
For you my soul I would sell.

Every minute with you is heaven,
Forgive this line I drank a red bull to be honest I drank eleven.

This idiot here doesnt deserve your favor,
But  you are this fools saviour.

Your smartness knows no bound,
Everybody else compared to you looks like stupid clowns.

You got a lot of humor nobody can deny,
You make a joke I laugh so loud my voice afterwards says goodbye.

Im not good at poetry that much is true,
But I know one thing and that is I really really like you


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 Author| Post time 13-9-2018 02:36 PM | Show all posts
Edited by spankee_fili at 19-9-2018 11:39 AM

15 Dec

I watched the lovely stars on a lonely night,
Then you crossed my mind as my personal knight,
With your blue green eyes sparkled really bright,
Became the source of happiness in my yearning heart.

I walked on the beach and my feet kissed the sand,
Then I imagine we walked together while holding hands,
We talked and we laughed ignoring others on the land,
We smiled and we kissed because you are my man.

I sat on the field with green grass before my eyes,
Started missing you causing my heart burst out cries,
The wind comforts me by bringing me some lies,
That we will be together soon and time sure flies.

I looked up to the sky holding up some tears,
I'm longing for you I might need some beers,
The lovely sound of your voice softly kiss my ears,
Whispering you are here and take away all my fears.

Oh the mighty deity please take care of my honey,
Because he is too great with a heart that is lovely,
He always protects me and constantly kept me happy,
He is important to me and I love him dearly.


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spankee_fili replied at 13-9-2018 02:36 PM
15 Dec
I watched the lovely stars on a lonely night,Then you crossed my mind as my personal k ...

Everything about you, is so fucking addictive..

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Edited by spankee_fili at 19-9-2018 11:03 AM


The sun in the sky is ashamed because it cannot shine as your smile,
Full of jealousy even it stared and blushed at it for a while.

Your laugh by far is the most beautiful sound,
There is nobody that won't smile upon hearing it when it echoes and makes it round.

Tears in your eyes make the sky turn grey,
And me do anything to make them fade away.

You got everything a man in a woman can ask,
So making you feel loved and protected is my most important task.

For me you are the most precious diamond that exists,
Every second you are gone by my heart you are deeply missed.

So I hope you always keep me close to your heart,
And we two will never part.

I love you I mean it as honest as I can,
And I am glad to be your man.


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Edited by spankee_fili at 19-9-2018 11:31 AM


You are as sweet as sugarcane
For you I will take a bullet in the brain,
But no worries since I won't feel any pain,
Because your love is a medicine that runs in my vein.

You are as stunning as moonbeam,
We both together made a perfect team,
In real life, virtual and my dream,
You influence my heart like ponzi scheme.

You are as cool as morning dew,
I can only see you in my every view,
How much I fall for you I really have no clue,
But I know my love for you is daily grew.

You are as tough as nails,
And I will follow where your ship sails,
I feel like I'm living in a fairy tales,
Because you make me smile without any fails.

You are as amazing as milky way,
Who keeps me happy night and day,
Every girl who comes close I will quickly spray,
Because next to me where I want you to stay.

You are as lovable as porcupine,
The peak of my day is when I see you online,
I even go and kneel under the stupid shrine,
Praying to old gods so you will be forever mine.


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Edited by spankee_fili at 19-9-2018 11:00 AM


When you say I love you my heartbeat goes insane,
It truly makes me realize that all the hardships are not in vain.

And when you smile that smile so beautiful like no one else can,
I realize how lucky I am that I can call myself your man.

I do not deny to lose you is one of my greatest fears,
It breaks my heart to know that sometimes Im the cause of you tears.

Even though weve been through hardships we can say we are happy still,
You trusted me with your heart so protect and guard it at all costs I will.

Every second of the day I would love to spend with you,
Trust me I know your love me is true.

Possesive maybe a bit, jealousy I sure can be,
But please know I work hard to not be too much please trust me.

There may be times when we fight and do not seem to care,
But I know deep in my soul for both of us is important the love that we share.

We two tease, we love each other, laugh, have fun and it goes the list,
And every second you're gone your presence is what I truly miss.

Youre my lady, my woman, my friend and partner in crime,
Im truly the happiest man bcos you are mine.


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 Author| Post time 19-9-2018 11:23 AM | Show all posts
Edited by spankee_fili at 19-9-2018 11:29 AM


I approached you when we were in the team,
Never thought you'd be the man of my dream,
You caught my eyes since your action was extreme,
So heroic you made me imagine you have a laser beam.

I befriend you when we wanted to run away,
Never thought it's my heart that you will sway,
You are funny amazing and awesome in your every way,
My greatest fear only if someone came and took you away.

I care for you because you are easy to remember,
Never thought I'd cherish you more than a member,
You thought I did since your power was high in number,
The fact is I developed my feelings for you since November.

I like you but I was so afraid to let you know,
Never thought your answer will be other than a no,
When we confessed I was nervous and lost inside the snow,
That was the moment my heart started to feel happy and glow.

I miss you whenever you are offline,
Never thought my favourite will be your line,
You have a heart that was previously mine,
Because of you my eyes learned on how to shine.

I love you for so many reasons,
Never thought you can lock me inside your prison,
I promise you I would never commit a treason,
I love you dearly every second every minute everyday and in every season.

I wrote this poem because you are so charming,
Even the stars cannot compete you in term of sparkling,
I will definitely choose you over thousands of pound sterling,
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and be blessed with happiness and joy my dear darling.


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Edited by spankee_fili at 19-9-2018 11:40 AM

25 Dec
Its been about two months since we first met,
It was a decision made without long thinking, but one I will never regret.

At first I  thought you would never even talk to me,
But even though you were all scared you had the courage,
You were the one that made us possible without you we wouldnt be.

Then we ran and got closer and closer,
Now I say everyday I'm glad that as my leader I chose her.

Your beauty without a doubt is breathtaking,
If you look too long you lose your heart so marveling as it is a dangerous undertaking.

Your laugh so beatiful and melodic makes everyone smile,
You could end all wars with it everybody would just have to hear it for a little while.

Your smile is without doubt your most dangerous weapon of all,
It caught me bound me and turned you into my wonderwall.

Sometimes I wonder if you realize how amazing you truly are,
For me you are like we usually say "wunderbar"

I am thankful for everyday and every second, every kiss and every hug I share with you,
Bcos there are times where all this seems like a dream too good to be  true.


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