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Post time 11-4-2009 12:12 AM | Show all posts
Aya Hirano - 3rd DVD I Love You

Special Photo In Malaysia

Sources :


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Post time 17-4-2009 07:38 PM | Show all posts
aku terserempak dgn blog minah ni...dia kata double vision (the production house behind 5 jingga) menceburi bidang alih suara:

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Post time 7-5-2009 09:09 PM | Show all posts
xleh ke kita contohi org filipina siarkan nama2 pengalih sore tempatan cam contoh di bawah:


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Post time 17-6-2009 01:45 PM | Show all posts
Post Last Edit by HangPC2 at 13-8-2009 16:57

Chihara Minori in Malaysia

POPULAR Japanese seiyuu and singer Chihara Minori will be gracing the inaugural DaiCon, an event organised by the Emina club of Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. DaiCon will be held on July 11 and 12, 11am to 6pm, at the Grand Hall of Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. Chihara will give fans a mini-concert and will be part of a Q&A panel with fans. She shot to fame as Nagato Yuki in The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.

Emina will also be participating in a roadshow at the I Utama shopping centre (in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya) from May 1 to 3, 12pm to 8pm. Head over to 1 Utama Highstreet area to participate in cosplay photoshoots and view an exhibition of anime, manga and figurines. The Animax channel will also be there to give away freebies.

STUDY guides illustrated with cute, manga-esque female characters who explain the basics of subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics are selling well, giving rise to hopes among Japanese educators they will help stem the trend of young people turning away from the sciences.

Some doubt, however, whether such books will really help youngsters become more interested in the subjects.

The main store of the Maruzen bookshop chain in Tokyo Marunouchi district has on its third-floor shelves a selection of books introducing difficult physics subjects such as the properties of neutrinos and the principles of quantum mechanics.

Visitors are lured to the section by a selection of books with large, colourful illustrations of attractive young girls on their covers.

PHP Interface, a publisher known for its business books, published a study aid in October last year entitled Genso-shuki  Moete Oboeru Kagaku no Kiso (The Periodic Table, The Basics of Chemistry Learned Through Infatuation). In the book, attractive manga girls teach the periodic table by personifying the 118 chemical elements.

The company already has published 11 printings of the science Grammer's, selling a total of 35,000 copies to date.

Fluorine compounds are used for coating frying pans, and in the books the apron-wearing character embodying the element tells readers, The fluorine coating repels water!

A 16-year-old high school student from Chiba Prefecture said of the language used in the books, Is well as the drawings, the (characters's) lines also convey the properties of the elements.

Miyuki Mitsuda, a part-time instructor at Musashi Institute of Technology, was the chief editor of the books. He said he asked the illustrators to try to help readers comprehend the properties of the elements by simply glancing at the drawings of the books. Kochi cram school operator, Akihito Hamada, 47, said he always has copies at hand in class.

Manga drawings have been used in study books for many years. Hamada said, The cute illustrations of girls go down particularly well among female middle school students.

A manga book explaining quantum mechanics published by PHP Interface last month has already sold 45,000 copies.

Hiroshi Matsui, a 74-year-old chemistry teacher at a vocational school in Hiroshima Prefecture, said he felt the book's drawing in children who didn't get a feel for science from textbooks that focus on entrance examinations.

Ohmsha Ltd, a long-standing publisher of science and engineering books, has published about 20 books covering subjects such as calculus and Fourier analysis in its Manga de Wakaru Shirizu (Understanding through Manga Series). The series also features large front-cover illustrations of girls in maid costumes and other images typical of manga.

The most popular book in the series covers statistics. Maruzen reportedly sells twice as many copies of this book than any other title on the subject.

As Mio Murayama, a 32-year-old sales clerk at Maruzen's Marunouchi store, explained, it is not only the drawings of pretty girls that are helping the books sell.

Home books barely sell at all, Murayama says. That's because they don't have the content to go with the pictures.

However, Akito Arima, a former education minister and chairman of the Japan Science Foundation, is not wholly convinced of the books's utility.

Arima said, If (the books) are used by people unfamiliar with science to introduce them to scientific concepts, then I's in favour of them using this kind of book.

People who really want to learn, though, should then study from try specialist books, Arima, 78, added.  Yomiuri Shimbun / Asia News Network

Monument to mangaka

A TOKYO ward celebrated the achievements of manga giants such as Osamu Tezuka, Shotaro Ishinomori and Fujio Akatsuka by erecting a monument at the site where an apartment building where they lived once stood.

Tokiwa-so, which formerly stood in the Minami Nagasaki area in Toshima Ward, was home to many young manga artists keen to learn from their peers and attracted by the presence of Tezuka, who moved into the building in 1953.

Tokiwa-so was demolished in 1982 due to age, and new buildings were developed on the site. To celebrate the many famed manga artists who once lived there, many related municipalities, including Takarazuka in Hyogo Prefecture, Tezuka's hometown, have built museums and memorials. Toshima Ward has held several manga-related events at local museums, but has never considered such a memorial until now.

Following a request from a local community association in December 2007, the ward decided to erect a monument at a cost of about mil (about RM229,935).

The monument, which was erected in a park near the Tokiwa-so site, was unveiled on April 4. It is 1.7m high and 1.3m wide and features autographs and self-portraits of 10 artists and a picture of Tokiwa-so prior to its demolition.

The top of the memorial will depict a miniature reproduction of the apartment building based on residents recollections.

There probably aren't that many municipalities which have been fortunate enough to have such a collection of famous manga artists, a ward official said.

The ward hopes to differentiate its activities from other similar ideas by concentrating on the lives of the artists themselves, rather than focusing on the characters they created.

It also is considering the possibility of developing the Zoshigaya area to publicize the apartment where Tezuka lived after moving out of Tokiwa-so in 1954.  Yomiuri Shimbun / Asia News Network

- The Star -

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Post time 18-6-2009 08:25 PM | Show all posts
dub BM nih masa diorang cakap tuh terlalu skema n not casual sbb tu la = FAIL

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Post time 21-6-2009 12:40 PM | Show all posts
Rakaman temubual Joe Murray (pelakon suara di Singapura) mendedahkan benda2 yg x kita dugai...

Sblm masuk ke AS, One Piece dialih sore ke BI utk pasaran S'pura.

Ada sesetgh kartun AS yg perlu dirakam suara lain walaupun sama bahasa, agar mengelakkan penyiar asing membayar royalti mahal kpd pelakon sore asal

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Post time 4-7-2009 11:47 AM | Show all posts
Carian terbaru aku: ... -Purple-Houz?page=1
Introducing: Purple Houz                    
    Purple Houzisa lot of things at one time. Sure, they are predominantly a productionhouse dealing with anything audiodubbing, sound design, voice-overrecording, arranging, composing. Although that is how they run businessin the day, Purple Houz is unique because of an in-house project theyterm S.U.P.A.

Ledby Francis Cobb, Alda Tan and Selvan Gana, Purple Houz first took shapeabout a year ago, focusing mainly on creating music for animationworks. They saw an opportunity to expand the business beyond that whenthey started doing more and more work on albums. To date, Purple Houzhas worked with local artists like Dina (of Malaysian Idol fame), James Baum, Deja Voodoo Spells and Throne Away, to name a few. Purple Houz worked on the BM-dubbed version of the South African cartoon series Supa Strika, which can be seen on Sunday at 5pm on RTM2. They managed to convince Mooky of One Buck Short and singer-songwriter Rendra Zawawi to lend their voices to the characters.

PurpleHouz are working on the English version of the second season of SupaStrika. Francis adds: Supa Strika has actually been endorsed by FIFAto promote the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. We're fortunate to bepart of the team and I believe we're the first audio production housein Malaysia to get that opportunity.

Now, on to another supaprojectS.U.P.A. Short for Super Unique Producers Around, the band isessentially a collective of producers (Francis, Alda and Selvan) whoaim to collaborate with different artists to create a sound unlikeanything you've heard. We wanted to build a stronger presence [in theindustry] and so we decided to infuse music with visual elements, inthis case mostly animation. We found a partner, Animasia Studio,to be involved with this and they help project an image that'sdifferent from other artists, says Francis. S.U.P.A. ropes in guestvocalists on their tracks and you can hear Melina from Tempered Mental, Brokenscar, Prema Yin and Adam from Dragon Redon their tracks. We want to show our involvement in the industry andwith S.U.P.A., we get to be directly involved instead of sitting at theside lines. Being involved in every way seems to be a priority forthis team. When asked what sets Purple Houz apart from other productionhouses, all replied firmly that they're here to build lastingrelationships; they're not here just for the business. Find out more about Purple Houz at

kalau ikut blog dier, derang juga usahakan kartun dr korea selatan berjudul Mix Master utk rtm. tp
seingat aku, dubbing mix master hancus tp bila derang buat supa strikas tu...kualitinya byk meningkat

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Post Last Edit by cmf_scorpio_mmiv at 7-10-2009 19:03

JOHN OOMMEN (VOKALIS SILENTSCREAM - kumpulan indie Malaysia)
Able to comfortably do various voice overs in both English and Malay
Full Name:
John Samuel Oommen
Contact Number:
Member Number:
Member Category:Member
25 years
Voiceover Experience:
1 years
Voiceover Languages:
  • English
  • Malay
Voice Category:
  • Announcer
  • Character
  • Voice Prompt
Previous Voiceover Jobs:
Animation dubbing in Malay such as Supa Strikas (dr Afrika Selatan, TV2, 10 Episodes), Xiaolin Showdown (dr AS, Cartoon Network, 52 Episodes), Iron Kid (dr Korea Selatan, TV2, 20 Episodes) as well as English animation suchas ABC Monsters and Jungle Friends.
Soundclip: ... hp?playerUserID=255

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Post Last Edit by cmf_scorpio_mmiv at 7-10-2009 19:04

PASHIONATE (bekas ahli FO3, peserta Mentor 2005 bawah didikan Cat Farish)
First started emceeing in 2004. Events range from formal such as launching ceremonies and annual dinners, to casual events such as competitions and concerts. Writes own scripts for all events emceed.
Was actively involved in debating and represented Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia at various local inter-varsity and international tournaments.
Performs as a rapper by the name of Pashionate. Had a brief stint being a part of Fothree under the guidance of Cat Farish in 2006. Also featured in a track called Menarilah by local R&B group CLV alongside Caprice.
Has attended closed auditions by Red Communications, TV3, and Hitz.TV. Has also trained as a radio announcer.
Started doing voice overs/dubbing since April 2009.
Full Name:
Pasha Abdul Rahim
Contact Number:
21 years
Voiceover Experience:
0 years
Voiceover Languages:
  • English
  • Malay
Voice Category:
  • Announcer
  • Character
  • Voice Prompt
Previous Voiceover Jobs:
Little Nyonya TV Series, Dubbing, April 2009 <---bukan ke ini drama cina?
Justice League Unlimited, Dubbing, May 2009
Robot Boleh Animated Series (Pilot), Voice of 'Ms. Lena', June 2009
Soundclips: ... hp?playerUserID=286

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Post Last Edit by cmf_scorpio_mmiv at 7-10-2009 19:04

Recording Artiste,
Master of Ceremonies,
Professional Voice Over Artiste,
Jingle Artiste
Malaysia's King Of Swing

Sharizan made his debut on the local music scene when he represented Malaysia at the Asia Bagus talent search in 1993. The music industry took notice of his talent and awarded him the Best New Artist (Male) award at the prestigious Anugerah Industri Muzik (Malaysias equivalent of the Grammy Awards) in 1997 for his debut Malay pop/R&B album, HADIR.This was followed by the release of SAAT INI in2003 where proceeds from the sale of the album were donated to various national NGOs. In the following years, Sharizan developed a love for the jazz and swing genre. He then launched his next album entitled TIMELESS in 2006, the first live recording of a jazz and swing album by a Malaysian artist in the country. The album also marked a decade of Sharizans involvement in the local entertainment industry.

With TIMELESS, Sharizan pushed jazz and swing to theforefront of the Malaysian music industry. His uniqueinterpretation of jazz standards and the hits of the 80s and 90shave led to numerous requests for him to perform at companydinners, product launches and events.

Sharizan has also performed at the prestigious Sunrise Jazz Festival in 2006 and 2007 and at various entertainment outlets such as Avantis, Alexis, Bangkok Jazz and Top Room. in 2007,Sharizan added another feature in his cap when he was invited to perform in the UK in  conjunction with Malaysias 50thMerdeka Celebrations.The success of TIMELESS along with Sharizans interpretation of jazz and swing classics have earned him the title of Malaysia's King of Swing!

In addition to singing, Sharizan is well-known and much in demand as a radio and television host. He started his career in radio broadcasting in 2002 when he joined RED 104.9 FM. Currently, Sharizan can be heard on the popular radio station Lite FM every Sunday night on Swing Time (9pm till Midnight) as he spins timeless classics for his faithful listeners. Sharizans trademark voice makes him a popular choice as a jingle and voice-over talent for radio and television advertisements

Being such a versatile talent, its no wonderSharizan is also a much sought-after master ofceremonies for corporate functions and events
throughout the country.
Full Name:
Sharizan Borhan
Contact Number:
012-206 7748
Member Number:
Member Category:Member
34 years
Voiceover Experience:
9 years
Voiceover Languages:
  • English
  • Malay
Voice Category:
  • Announcer
  • Character
  • Voice Prompt
Previous Voiceover Jobs:
CIMB Clicks Octo
Faber Castell
Jusco Selection
KFC (Good Things) - Bahasa and English
MAS (Everyday Low Fares) - English
Mcdonalds Moon Man (Mac Tonight) - Bahasa and English
Nippon Paint Solareflect
Parkson Sale
Wendys - Bahasa and English

Documentary / Reads
Colgate Roadshow
Cyber Security Malaysia
Koperasi Tentera Berhad
Malacca Planetarium
Petronas Adventure Team

Regular Voice
Disney Channel (Channel Promos in Bahasa Malaysia)
LITEFM Swing Time (Sundays 9pm till midnight)
Mas Kidzone - Fomerly on MAS

Charater Reads / Cartoon Productions (Into Bahasa Malaysia)
Mickey Mouse Club House (AS)
Goofy Movie (AS)
Harley Spiney(Jepun - Ϥ⤰ϩ``)
Danger Mouse (UK)
Supa Strikers (Afrika Selatan)
Bananas in Pyjamas (Australia)
Fish Tales (Biru Si Bijak Laut, tempatan tu)

Voice Overs
Air Asia
BIC Shavers
Canon Eos
Can Am Spyder Roadster
Choki Choki
Faber Castell
Ebene Bio Ray Healthcare
Education UK
Glade sport
Magic Sing
I Talk
Johnsons and Johnsons
Mattel Toys
MBF Cards
Mens Health
Mi Sedaap
Ministry of Transport
London Weight Management
New York Skin Solutions
Nestle Koko Krunch
Old Town Whote Coffee
Pizza Hut
Putrajaya Holdings
Quaker Oats Series
RHB Bank
Sanofi Pasteur
Sime Darby
Sinari Kolagen
Swan Bags
The Chicken Rice Shop
TM Streamyx
TV3 Promo
UHU Glue
Yun Nam Hair Care
Zenne Stove

Soundclips: ... php?playerUserID=83

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Pernah Dengar Suara dier dalam Anime Alihbahasa dan Iklan....

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131# HangPC2
anime yg mana ni? anime lama ke baru? studio mana? xprasan pun, entah dia buat2 suara...xpernah tgk harley spiny pun...anime budak tadika kalo x silap...

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Post time 5-9-2009 08:09 PM | Show all posts
Jaclyn is also game enough for voiceover work in Bahasa Malaysia editions of films from the United States.
Im all for it if its voice acting. A few years ago, I sang for the Asian edition soundtrack of High School Musical, while Marsha Londoh (her staunch fan) did a splendid job voicing a major character.
Id be delighted to follow her footsteps and lend my voice to movie characters, she said.


OK ker Jac jadi pelakon suara? Bishojo boleh? Cam best jer!

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Post Last Edit by cmf_scorpio_mmiv at 12-9-2009 00:40

Kunjungi laman Dubbers Inc Malaysia di Facebook untuk mengetahui pandangan dan keluhan warga-warga yang terlibat dalam bidang alih suara BM tempatan. Menarik juga apa yang dibahaskan di discussion board antaranya,
Penggunaan 'Bahasa Pasar' , 'Bahasa DBP' or 'Bahasa Komik', yang mana 1 korang rasa patut diterap lebih dalam dubbing ?, Citer katun apa korang teringin nak dub tapi lom ader rezeki lagi dan kalau boleh sebagai karektor apa dlm citer tu ?, Kalau D.I nak organize trip melancong reramai mana lagi best , ke Jepun or ke U.S.A?, dsb.

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Pengalih suara yang paling aku suka yang bawak watak Nobita dulu-dulu punya, Doraemon dulu-dulu jugak, Shin Chan lama, Bapak Shin Chan lama, Cikgu Yoshinaga lama dengan Nini. Yang lain kurang sikit. Suara dia orang memang ngam ngan watak yang dia orang bawak.

Bila dah tukar suara ni, rasa boring pula. Feel tu tak de.

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Post time 12-9-2009 10:21 PM | Show all posts
aku paling menyampah suara kamen rider kat ntv7 dlm bahasa melayu...x de suara mcm hero dan org jahat pun.mcm suara kena paksa ja dn suara mcm dpt duit bayaran yg sikit

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Post time 12-9-2009 10:21 PM | Show all posts
suara sapa kamen rider black dulu2 nya ya

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Post time 13-9-2009 01:46 AM | Show all posts
tengok video2 berikut utk meneka ;)


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Post time 13-9-2009 01:52 AM | Show all posts
Ah-ha...maklumat baru dubbers kita!

Teka siapa nama pelakon ni:

Dalam blog tersebut terjumpa foto proses alih suara berlangsung:

Erm...anime yg mana ni eh?

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Post time 13-9-2009 07:40 AM | Show all posts
dapat juga Dub Melayu......

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