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[The art of Letting Go.]

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Post time 8-4-2006 01:56 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Why do we have to part while the love is still there?
Why do we have to suffer?
Why do we have to cry when somebody bids
Why do beginnings have to end?
Why do we have to meet only to lose in the end?

There are questions left unanswered,
words left unsaid,
letters left unread,
poems left undone,
songs left unsung,
love left unexpressed,
promises left unfulfilled.

In a relationship, one of the hardest things to do is
saying goodbye and letting go.
It is as hard as breaking a crystal
because you'll never know
when you will be able to pick up the pieces again.
More often than not, they who go,
do not feel the pain of parting,
it is they who stay behind that suffer,
because they are left with memories of a love
that was meant to be, a love that was.

At the beginning and at the end of a relationship,
we are embarrassed to find ourselves alone.
Unfair as it may seem,
but that's the way love goes.
That's the drama, the bittersweet and the risk of
falling in love.
After all, nothing is constant but change.
Everything will eventually come to its end
without us knowing when,
without us knowing how,
without us even knowing why.
And we must not forget because we have to but
because we HAVE TO.

In letting go,
sorrows come not as a single spy but in batallion.
It seems that everywhere you go,
everything you do,
every song you hear,
every turn of your head,
every move of your body,
every beat of your heart,
every blink of your eye and every breath you take,
always reminds you of him.
It's like a stab of a knife,
a torture in the night.
Funny how the whole world becomes depopulated
when only one person is missing.
Just imagine, there are billion people on earth
and yet it seems you feel LONELY and empty
without the other.

I don't know if it's worth calling an art,
but letting go entails special skills sparkled with a
considerable space and time.
Time heals all wounds but it takes a little push on
our part.
Acceptance plays a part.

Sometimes we have to part
because of circumstances beyond our control.
We have to suffer if it would mean happiness for
We have to cry to temporarily let go of the pains.
Every beginning has its end like every dawn has its
It's something we can't control, something we had
to live up.

It's over.
He's gone.
But life has to go on.
Goodbye DOESN'T always mean forever.
There WILL always be a place and time
where questions will be answered,
words will be spoken,
letters will be read,
poems will be recited in the night,
songs will be sung in harmony,
love will be expressed in solitude
and promises will be fulfilled.

Somewhere. Somehow. Someday..I BeLieve..

saja nk share.



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Post time 6-5-2006 02:01 AM | Show all posts

Reply #1 lily_daisy's post

a pretty intense poem...that was very opened my eyes....keekkekekeke....

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Post time 8-5-2006 09:47 PM | Show all posts

*all good things must come to an end. I hope I will be strong when the time comes.*

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Post time 10-5-2006 02:56 AM | Show all posts
Lily Daisy buat sendiri ke..
Best lah

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Red_Snow This user has been deleted
Post time 16-7-2006 12:24 PM | Show all posts
did you write that yourself? Tthat was really good,hahahahaha  slightly jealous at how brilliant you are at writing..

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Post time 12-8-2006 04:19 PM | Show all posts
hye lily...

ur's poem attract my attention .... it's also give motivate me in all my life since i lost someone that most precious in my life ...  since then, i alwiz enjoy read ur's poem every time i fell down..   i'm wonder how beautiful poem can change a person to a confident person ...  

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Post time 7-9-2006 09:32 PM | Show all posts
brilliant... !

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Post time 4-11-2006 03:46 PM | Show all posts
ni poem dari Hermann Hesse ke? someone mentioned this, tapi carik tak jumpa pulak

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Post time 27-12-2018 02:15 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice poem..

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Post time 31-12-2018 12:02 AM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Semalam, i was in the bus.
Looking out through the Window
Seeing KL Skyline, such a breathtaking view.
KL Skyline will always remind me of u & u.

The memory of 20th floor,
Menyelak langsir my heart stop for a second.
There you are KL Skyline.
The twin tower, the four season & the colored water fountain.
I look at ur face n smile n look back at the view.

The rain drops makes it even pretty.
Kabus2 membalamkan keseluruhan KL Skyline,
But we know its still there.
It will await for us.

I thank you for the whole experience.
2 mesmerizing nites yg x mgkn berulang.

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Post time 31-12-2018 11:09 AM | Show all posts
Wow!!!! poem yg sgt bagus. terima kasih sudi share kt sini.

semoga ada lg karya yg lain menyusul kemudian.

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