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My maid org surabaya.dia kata surabaya bes. ade sapa2 boleh bagi informasi. sbb i teruja nak p, bila dengar cerita maid i tu



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mamakcute This user has been deleted
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Nothing much to see in town.
Rarely seen such a friendly people (at least towards bule) (especially if you can speak a bit Bahasa)

Where to stay ?

It seems that hotels 'walk-in' is cheaper than Internet Booking !

Promotion rate, Standard Room: 250,000 Rp /night including 21% tax and breakfast
Ok, though a bit old and noisy.
You can book a trip to Mount Bromo there.

Bamboo Denn
Like in Malang also here in Surabaya is a Bamboo Denn. Bamboo Denn is located at Jalan Ketabang Kali no 6A and has beds in a dorm for 12,000 rp. Small rooms run from 20,000 to 35,000 rp.
The place is often full, especially in the tourist season because in Bamboo Denn also live students. The students always try to get you into an English discussion.
Hotel Gubeng
Another cheap place is Hotel Gubeng at Jalan Sumatra no 18. The rooms, running from 80,000 to 100,000 rp, have nothing special to offer but the hotel is very close to the Gubeng station.

Hotel Santoso
At Jalan Embong Kenongo no 40 you can find Hotel Santoso which has some rooms facing a garden for about 80,000 rp. The rooms are clean and there is a shared bathroom.

Hotel Remaja
Also at Jalan Embong Kenongo on no 12 is the Hotel Remaja which offers nice air-con rooms with television and a bathroom for 240,000 rp up to 300,000 rp.

Wisma Marwarani
Run by a Chinese family you can find Wisma Marwarani at Jalan Embong Kenongo no 73. This very friendly and helpful people offer you a nice clean room with air-con, television and a bathroom for 220,000 rp

Hotel Majapahit
If you prefer the colonial style then you can stay at Hotel Majapahit at Jalan Tunjungan no 65. This hotel was build in 1910 by the Dutch as Hotel Oranje. It has just finished major renovations and is now a very nice place to stay. No price available yet.

Garden Palace Hotel
A nice place to stay is the Garden Palace Hotel with spacious rooms with bathroom, television, air-con and so on. The prices run from 800,000 rp. There is also a good restaurant and a 24-hour coffee shop

Hotel Natour Simpang
Simpang means crossroad and that's where you can find Hotel Natour Simpang at Jalan Pemuda no 1-3. The rooms are average for U$90. The rooms on the two highest floors are noisy because of the elevator machines on the top of the building. The hotel also offers a swimming pool.

Hyatt Regency Surabaya
One of the finest hotels is the Hyatt Regency at Jalan Basuki Rachmat no 124-128. There is everything you can expect from an international business hotel. A swimming pool, restaurants, bars and a business center.



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mamakcute This user has been deleted
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Where to eat ?

Pasar Kayoon
At Jalan Kayoon you can find the Pasar Kayoon where you can find many stables and warungs offering good food for a cheap price. Especially at night this is a nice place to walk around and to eat something.

Pasar Genteng
Another market with a lot of warungs can be found at Jalan Genteng Besar. Also here you can find many warungs and stables.

Plaza Surabaya
Plaza Surabaya is one of the shopping malls of Surabaya. On the ground floor you can find many different kind of restaurants including a McDonalds. Also on the 2nd and 4th floor you can find some food stables.

Tanjungan Plaza
Another big shopping mall is Tanjungan Plaza. Also here you can find many restaurants in all kind of price ranges. And of course you can find McDonalds also here.
If you like ice cream try Mon Cheri on the fourth floor. The ice cream is not cheap but the quality is great.

Chez Rose
At Jalan Pang. Sudirman no 12 you can eat at Chez Rose which offers home made bread, European, Chinese and Japanese food for a reasonable price.

Titra Indah Garden
Titra Indah Garden at Jalan Mayjen Sungkono no 47A has many Indonesian dishes.

Kiet Wan Kie
If you like Chinese food try Kiet Wan Kie at Jalan Kembang Jepun no 51. This air-con restaurant offers good Chinese food in a pleasant area.

Cafe Venezia
At Jalan Ambegan no 16 you can eat at Cafe Venezia which is located in a very nice old villa. The prices are not to high so don't be discouraged by the scenery. You can get European, Japanese as well as Korean food.



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mamakcute This user has been deleted
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Where to buy ?

The biggest and most interesting shopping mall in town.

What to do?

Mount Bromo trip (Volcano)
I booked a trip (car + driver + guide) at Garden Palace Hotel (460,000Rp) and a jeep there to go to the volcano (125,000Rp)
Departure at midnight, 2h40 drive to a village, then take a jeep there, 1h drive.
Arrived at 03:00am to see the sunrise (unfortunately too cloudy).
Stopped at the Sand Sea.
Climbed Bromo Volcano (still active)
Back to Surabaya at 9:00am.

Nightlife ?

Lousy and too loud music band with the same songs every nights.

Techno, loud, huge and very dark.

Club Deluxe (recommended by the doorman of Hyatt)
Well, actually not a disco ...

Bar with quite a good music band.
The equivalent of the Tanamour for Surabaya. Full of old expats of course.

Very interesting bar, 100% local (I was the only Bule), with a very good local music band. Unfortunately too crowded.

SAMMY'S (Westin)
Disco, crowded, no real interest.

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mamakcute This user has been deleted
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What to see ?

Surabaya has not so much touristic attractions to offer. The city is mainly a commercial center and a hot and busy place. Most tourists stay here as transit to go on to other islands or to eastern Java.

Surabaya Zoo
They say the Surabaya Zoo is the largest in southeast Asia. The animals do not differ much from the species in any other zoo but it is true that the park itself is large with a lot of space. Most animals however don't have that space. There is a nice collection of fishes in the aquarium hall. In front of it there is a terrarium with snakes which are once a week fed with other snakes. If you don't have time to visit the island Komodo to see the Komodo dragons, use your change, you can see them here.
The Surabaya Zoo is located near the Joyoboyo bus station and is opened from 07.00 till 17.00. The entry costs 4,000 rp and if you want to visit the aquarium you have to pay 1000 rp.

Tanjung Perak
Tanjung Perak is the harbor area of Surabaya. Along the 2 km long wharf of Kalimas harbor, you can find the large wooden schooners which sail to Kalimantan and Sulawesi. It isn't so busy with tourists here as Sunda Kelapa in Jakarta but it is worth visiting.
To go there you can take a bus heading Tanjung Perak from Jalan Jen. Basuki Rachmat.

Mesjid Ampel
North of the center you can find the Mesjid Ampel. It is a popular religious place and most sacred mosque for the Muslims the vicinity of Surabaya. Sunan Ampel who was one of the people who brought the Islam to Java is buried here in 1481. The mosque can be found at Jalan Ampel Suci near Semut Station.

If you are tired of the busy Surabaya you can go to the hill resort Tretes. There is not much to do, except a trip to the waterfalls in the neighborhood, but the climate is cool and there is a beautiful surrounding area. To get there take a bus from the center of town to Pandaan and from there a you can take a minibus to Tretes. The whole trip costs about 6,000 rp.

Information about the Bromo is placed on the page Eastern Java.
If you want to visit the Bromo it is the best to go to Probolinggo at daytime which takes about 2 hours by bus (12,000 rp). From here you can go up as shown in the Bromo section. It is also possible to go by an organized tour from Surabaya. Many organizations organize tours the Bromo which is a good alternative.

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Originally posted by noraidil_06 at 18-8-2006 03:47 PM
My maid org surabaya.dia kata surabaya bes. ade sapa2 boleh bagi informasi. sbb i teruja nak p, bila dengar cerita maid i tu

Memang seronok gak, last year before dr azahari kena bom. Aku bersama 2 kawan stay kat hotel tunjungan, bersebelahan mall tunjungan,  org kat sana biasa panggil banyak tempat gak g, main berani jer ... ke dusun apel ... ke batu malang ... byk lagi. kalau sekitar bandar aku tak berapa ... kebanyakan luar kota aje deh ... sewa mobil kijang cum driver rp450+++ sepanjang hari.  ape lagik erk :hmm:



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AFE74XX This user has been deleted
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Surabaya tak best!!!aku dah pergi tahun lepas .Dah la masa nak balik kena tipu dengan Pemandu Teksi kat Juanda Aiport...Sial betul:agr Nasib baik le sempat gak naik flight kalau idak abih le aku..

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Post time 15-9-2006 03:49 PM | Show all posts
pada aku surabaya tak berapa best..tapi barang2 souvenir lagi murah compare to bali
dan kenangan yg tak boleh dilupakan ialah waktu aku & the gang naik bas, lalu kat tepi sungai.  nampak org tgh basuk kain dan mandi manda, depan sikit, ada org dok sedap melepas sambil maca suratkhabar...sungai ni di tengah bandar..tapi it's their way of life

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mamakcute This user has been deleted
Post time 18-9-2006 09:23 AM | Show all posts
Mount Bromo, East Java.

more pics here:

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Post time 22-9-2006 11:57 AM | Show all posts
Last month baru balik dari sana! jumpa saudara mara! memag kat bandar dia tak best! ek! kotor, panas & berabok. Da nampak negeri orang macam ni baru aku bersyukur tempat aku lagi indah ..tapi aku suka tentang dia orang punya lifestyle, relax aje! klu kereta potong pon takde la nak maki hamun..tapi comparekan Surabaya dgn Jakarta, Surabaya lagi baik! korang kalau gi sana pergi la kat tempat gunung ganang dia, kat tu yg best, aku cuma dapat pergi kat tempat gunung Malang (Malang bahasa Indon, maknanya melintang) kat situ ada ladang apple, jadi la tak dapat pergi negeri orang putih tengok kat Indonesia pon jadilah! nanti aku cerita panjang sebab aku sibuk hari k! nanti aku cari gambar aku pergi kat Malang!

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 Author| Post time 22-9-2006 02:03 PM | Show all posts
TQ for the info...mcm x bes je surabaya ni. Ada tempat shopping bes tak?

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Post time 22-9-2006 02:29 PM | Show all posts
Shopping memang murah macam telekung, tudung (stail dia orang!), baju siap & curtain..memang muarah gila! I gi dgn my fren, dia buat curtain utk 1 rumah including dapur sekali..(rumah dia flat 4 bilik kat S'pore) dng material quality baik & design yg cantik harga dalam S$400/- klu di Spore mau harga dia sampai 1 ribu lebih dollar..cuma siap 3 hari aje..klu gi sana mesti ada yg tawarkan..sedara-mara I banyak kat sana jadi tentang tawar menawar no hal la!

klu nak belanja tudung & telekung kat pasar turi kat situ macam wholesale tapi mesti pandai tawar..tapi kat sini awas ramai pencopet..
lagi 1 yg banyak barang2 boleh shopping kat Jembatan Meah Shopping Ctr..kat Tunjungan itu Shopping Mall modern..besar sekali kat sana semua branded staff...kat sini boleh beli CD juga murah aje CD tempatan yg original cuma RP35 ribu..Barang branded kat sini murah klu kita comparekan kat Spore & M'sia kira2 separuh harga Polo Ralp ada butik dia harganya setengah harga dari kat sini..mereka kata sebabnya branded staff tu dibuat di Indonesia walaupon gunakan label terkenal dari Barat.

Makan pula yummy...kat sana asyik minum alvocado juice sebab sedap & murah..bakso Surabaya terkenal dgn keenakannya, nasi pecel, ayam penyek, daging empal & lain2 tapi awas jgn makan di jalanan sebab perut kita tak macam perut orang sana! dinasihatkan makan kat restoran jgn bimbang harganya murah sekali..

Saya sempat ke pasar Ampel..klu siapa yg pernah ke Madinah..suasana disini sama dgn apabila kita berada di Madina..lebih kurang macam kampung Arab la kat sini.. hehe! minum jugak air mata air yg diambil dari dalam masjid ampel rasanya bak air zam-zam..

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insyaallah saya nak p surabaya ujung bulan ni..
harap2 dpt lebih info apa2 yg best kat sana

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Aku cuma di surabaya sbb transit flight ke semarang. Transit dalam 3 jam kat Juanda. Tengok dari udara, Surabaya nie macam boring jer. Tapi dia nyer pemandangan dari udara cantik... bergunung ganang gituh.

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Originally posted by Muntz at 12-1-2007 07:32 PM
Aku cuma di surabaya sbb transit flight ke semarang. Transit dalam 3 jam kat Juanda. Tengok dari udara, Surabaya nie macam boring jer. Tapi dia nyer pemandangan dari udara cantik... bergunung gan ...

hmmm...ya ker boring

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Post time 6-4-2007 02:31 PM | Show all posts
harga telekung dan lain2, sama ke mcm kat padang, bukit tinggi?

sy insya allah g surabaya, mase yang 0 fare air asia tu .. main amek je surabaya, taktau pulak tak byk tempat menarik utk dikunjungi .. tapi, sy sbnrnye kaki shopping .. so okaylah kalau surabaya mcm padang, bkt tinggi .. hehe

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Post time 16-4-2007 11:26 PM | Show all posts
Originally posted by ayanghanie at 17-1-2007 10:59 AM

hmmm...ya ker boring

Tak tau lah. Aku transit kejap jer kat juanda tu. Tengok cam boring jer. Tapi at least surabaya nie nampak maju daripada semarang. Ada gak bangunan2 pencakar langit. Tapi satu benda jer common pasal Indonesia nie, rumah2 dia berterabur sangat macam setinggan jer. Tapi diorang mmg beli tanah tu.

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Mojokerto - Ibukota Kerajaan Majapahit

Kalau anda pergi ke Surabaya, jangan lupa mampir di bekas ibukota kerajaan Majapahit di Mojokerto.

Banyak peninggalan bersejarah disini. Ibukota kerajaan majapahit seluas 9 X 11 km2 pada jamannya merupakan kota tebesar/metropolitan terbesar di Asia Tenggara dengan penduduk pada saat itu (abad 14 M) sekitar 300,000 orang.

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Post time 16-5-2007 12:08 PM | Show all posts
been to surabaya. ok lah...kaki shopping blh pegi turi market. kena pandai tawar menawar. jembatan merah pun ok gak. among the places yg ok :

surabaya town : tunjangan, jembatan Merah, WTC (kat sini ada segala peralatan handphone n computer), masjid Agung (blh naik menara n dpt bird's eye view of surabaya), ampel quarters (arab quarters..ada makam wali), masjid cheng ho, kya-kya at nite(chinatown dia), jembatan merah (pendek je jambatannya...depan Jembatan Merah Plaza)

sidoarjo : abt 40 mins from surabaya: tunggalangin (home of leather:imitation products), candi sura or suri, kedai keropok yg berbagai jenis (Mitra namanya...siap packing dlm kotak kalau beli byk)

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mount bromo is abt 4 hours drive from surabaya. it's better to stay at one of the hotels there so that you can catch the sunrise the next morning. on the way nak ke mt bromo tu, blh naik kuda but u have to pay le! then when u reach kaki bukit dia, u have to climb 241 steps before u can view the sunrise. biasanya org pegi pagi-pagi buat...abt 4am..

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Post time 6-6-2007 11:57 AM | Show all posts
baru pegi surabaya last week..4 days 3 nights. Booking siap2 transport dari sini, carnival 360 ribu IDR for 24 hours + supir.. Sampai aje kat juanda airport, supir dah tunggu, kami terus ke batu-malang. on the way singgah kat taman safari (better lagi safari kat puncak-bogor) tapi oklah untuk anak2. then terus ke batu. overnight kat batu. sejuk.

2nd day, pagi2 ke coban rondo (air terjun janda)...cantik banget. then ke kesuma agrowisata. petik apple atau jeruk (oranges) dan strawberry. lunch kat situ gak.. then kami terus bertolak ke bromo. on the way kami singgah kat bakpio telo (restoran keledek) semua makanan dari keledek..dari ice-cream sampai le ke donut dan pizza..sedap banget....masih teringat2 sampai sekarang. kat bromo stay kat bromo permai...bersih dan murah. restoran dia sedap... malam tu hujan..ramai orang jual topi, glove, dan muffler. murah sangat. muffler kait tu..siap tulis bromo hanya 10 ribu rupiah (rm4).

3rd day..morning call at 3:30 am..naik jeep ke penanjakan. sejuk banget...berasap lah bila bercakap. tengok sunrise..masyaAllah, cantik sesangat. then pura..tunggang kuda ke kaki bromo, then naik tangga...kat atas tu nampak lah asap2 yg keluar...cantik..tapi penat sangat naik tangga. naik jeep semula ke hotel.. breakfast..dan siap2 untuk check-out. bertolak ke surabaya. on the way singgah di tanggulangin..tempat kraftangan kulit. Tak payahlah ke intako..walaupun murah tapi actually itu koperasi ..semua yg tak laku di jual disitu. ada banyak kedai lain yang jual genuine leather,, dan harga masih murah. then bertolak ke surabaya. stay at ibis rajawali.. malam tu dinner kat primarasa.. then jalan2 ke jembatan merah plaza.

last day..breakfast soto..then ke masjid cheng ho, masjid ample, arab street. terus ke mirota.. anak2 cari souvenir utk kawan2. lunch at tempo doeloe then terus ke tanggulangin lagi sekali. Hehehe..husband nak beli beg golf...genuine leather, murah banget. then terus ke juanda..bertolak balik ke malaysia jam 6 petang.

oklah surabaya..anak2 enjoy, especially kat agrowisata dan bromo. tapi cukuplah p sekali aje. Tak macam bandung, we went last year..teringin nak pegi lagi..banyak FOs.....

kalau sesiapa nak ke surabaya..nak tanya lebih lanjut, boleh lah pm.

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macam mana nak book keter dari sini?
aku nak pergi hujung minggu ni..
nak ke tretes n bormo...

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Kalau di Surabaya saya tinggal di sebuah hotel depan muzium kapal selam. lupa nama hotel tu.

kalau suka shopping beg terutamanya pi tanggul angin. saya pernah beli beg semurah RM 1.00 tapi beg model beg tangan je (sesuai buat souvenir)

Kalau keropok2 yang famousnya keropok udang sidoarjo.

Surabaya banyak shopping complex. yang terbesar di asia tenggara adalah plaza tunjangan kat sini semua kedai penuh. tak ada kedai yang kosong pun walaupun di sudut2. harga ada yang murah dan ada juga yg sama mcm kat malaysia.

kalau ke luar kota sepanjang jalan ke kediri dan malang ... semuanya rumah2 kg je dan kalau ada pun warung makan. mencekik darah (area kg) pernah singgah sekali mkn nasi pdg warung - nasi putih kosong kena sampai 8000 rupiah sepinggan.(rm 3.20) belum campur lauk lagi.

teringin nak ke malang tapi tak sampai sebab kerja. sampai kediri je. kediri tu kota gudang garam.

menarik tentang surabaya ni nampak ada beberapa persamaan dengan malaysia.
contoh jumpa sekolah dengan nama Hang Tuah (makwe dia kan org sini ikut PGL).
nama2 macam kerian, perak (tg perak) macam kat perak pula.

Airport juanda sekarang airport baru dan lebih besar.

sidoarjo sekarang tengah isu lumpur lapindo entah dah selesai ke belum tapi yang pastinya satu kampung dah tenggelam dalam lumpur.

Tak kisah la best ke tak best tapi kalau dapat jalan tempat orang. jalan je la. luas pemandangan luas pengalaman.

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Menjenguk kota raya Surabaya


Menurut legenda, kota raya ini mendapat nama daripada kisah pergelutan ikan jerung (suroe) dan buaya (boya) yang merebut sebuah kawasan. Daripada kisah itu, lahirlah nama Surabaya yang dahulunya dikenali dengan nama Soerabaja.

PANORAMA indah pergunungan Penanggungan dilihat
dari jalur gunung Welirang dan Arjuna

MERCU tanda Surabaya, buaya
dan ikan jerung.

Masjid Ampel.

MASJID etnik Tionghua, Masjid Cheng Ho.

DESA Renokenongo dan Desa Kedungbendo di Porong
ditenggelami lumpur panas gunung berapi sejak
26 Mei 2006 hingga hari ini

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Reply #21 mamalin's post

Berapa harga untuk keseluruhan trip tu?

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