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MERGED : All About Phuket, Thailand

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longnailguy pic

Looking north from Kata View Point over Kata Noi Beach, Kata Beach and Karon Beach.

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Map of Phuket (beaches in brown)

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Bali, Indonesia and Phuket

hii ppl..sapa2 dah penah pegi phuket dan bali? katanya macam2 ada..rasa nak duduk bersantai dan relax..tenang pikiran..yang dia shooting the beach tu dekat phi phi island kan..
cun jugak phuket..nora tgk kat sini jea http://www.syokkahwin.com/honeymoon

Yang Nora tau, tempat yg paling romantik ialah Evason and Banyan Tree..ada sapa2 ada idea lain?

Kat Bali pulak ada Jimbaran Bay dan Kuta Beach..Hard Rock hotel dia ok ke?

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nora - for bali i always stay kat nusa dua area... most hotels are beach front..mmg best..hard rock hotel, ada beach but d hotel is not beach front.. kena lintas jln... jimbaran slalu gi for seafood... kuta..is nearer to town.. ie shopping.. try laa tgk MAS golden holidays...

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apa yg menarik kat bali?

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thread bali dah ada.. rerajin le selak belakang ye..

http://forum.cari.com.my/viewthr ... &extra=page%3D5

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kat bali, seafoodnya cukup murah. i oder lobster, ketam, ikan & sup utk 2 org hanya RM65+- saja.

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kepada yang nak ke bali january ni, PM bayan untuk dapatkan harga pakej ni ye..


Day 1:        KLIA - BALI
Pick up from Ngurah Rai International Airport Denpasar (Eta : 1325) and transfer to Town Centre Kuta and Nusa Dua for sightseeing tour. Check in hotel and free activities at your leisure.
Day 2:        BALI                                                        (B)
After breakfast at hotel, proceed for island tour.
Visit Tanah Lot Temple, Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Pasar Seni Sukawati, Uluwatu Temple, Ubud (the center of artists), Kintamani and Kecak & Fire Dance.
Day 3:        BALI                                                        (B)
After breakfast at hotel, free activities at your own leisure. You can enjoy various activities at Bali

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Reply #6 kebayan's post

saya berminat, boleh bagi harga pakej..

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Reply #7 hawari's post

i dah pm u..

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Phuket (Thai: ภูเก็ต; formerly known as Tha-Laang or Talang) is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are (from north clockwise) Phang Nga and Krabi, but as Phuket is an island there are no land boundaries. The island is served by Phuket International Airport, located in the north of the island. The ph of "Phuket" is an aspirated a soft "f", so the name is pronounced (roughly) "Puck-get". The name Phuket is apparently derived from the word Bukit in Malay which means mountain or hill, as this is what the island appears like from a distance.

Before that its old name was Ta-lang (in Thai): The word is derived from the old Malay "Telong" which means "Cape", which is still in use for one of the main districts in the Phuket area.

Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, located in the Andaman Sea off southern Thailand. The island is mostly mountainous with a mountain range in the west of the island from the north to the south. The mountains of Phuket form the southern end of the Phuket mountain range, which ranges for 440 km from the Kra Isthmus. The highest elevation of the island is Mai Thao Sip Song (Twelve Canes), at 529 m above sea level.

70% of the island is covered by forest. The western coast has several sandy beaches, while on the east coast beaches are more often muddy. Near the southernmost point is Laem Promthep (Brahma's Cape), which is a popular sunset viewing point.

In the mountainous north of the island is the Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Sanctuary, protecting more than 20 km? of rainforest. The three highest peaks of this reserve are the Khao Prathiu (384 m), Khao Bang Pae (388 m) and Khao Phara (422 m). The Sirinat National Park on the northwestern coast was established in 1981 and protects an area of 90 km? (68 km? marine area), including the Nai Yang beach where sea turtles lay their eggs.

One of the most popular tourist areas on Phuket is Patong Beach on the central western coast, perhaps owing to the easy access to its wide and long beach. Most of Phuket's nightlife and its cheap shopping is located in Patong, and the area has become increasingly developed. Patong means "the forest filled with banana leaves" in Thai.

Other popular beaches are located south of Patong. In a counterclockwise direction these include Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Kata Noi Beach, and around the southern tip of the island, Nai Harn Beach and Bang Tao Beach. These areas are generally much less developed than Patong, and sought out by individuals, families and other groups with a preference for more relaxed and less crowded environs than Patong.

Location: 7?58′N 98?20′E



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Tin mining has been a major source of income for the island since the 16th century. Chinese businessmen and Chinese workers were employed in the mines. Most were Hakka Chinese, and their influence on Phuket culture and cuisine can still be felt today. With falling tin prices, the mining has now all but ceased. Nowadays, Phuket's economy rests on two pillars: rubber tree plantations (making Thailand the biggest producer of rubber in the world) and tourism.

Since the 1980s Phuket has become one of the major tourist attractions of Thailand, and most of the sandy beaches on the western coast of the island have been heavily developed into tourist centers, with Patong, Karon and Kata being the most popular ones. Along with its stunning beaches, and picture-perfect landscape, the increase in tourists has been amazing. Since the 2004 Tsunami, all damaged buildings and attractions have been restored.

The most significant event in the history of Phuket was the attack by the Burmese in 1785. Sir Francis Light, a British East India Company captain passing by the island, sent word to the local administration that he had observed Burmese forces preparing to attack. Kunying Jan, the wife of the recently deceased governor, and her sister Mook then assembled what forces they could. After a month-long siege, the Burmese were forced to retreat March 13, 1785. The two women became local heroines, receiving the honorary titles Thao Thep Kasatri and Thao Sri Sunthon from King Rama I.

During the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), Phuket became the administrative center of the tin-producing southern provinces. In 1933 Monthon Phuket was dissolved and Phuket became a province by itself.

Old names of the island include Koh Thalang.

Patong Beach on Phuket was one of the worst affected areas on Phuket in the tsunami disaster of December 2004.

On December 26, 2004, Phuket and other nearby areas on Thailand's western coast suffered extensive damage when they were struck by a tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. The waves destroyed several highly populated areas in the region, killing as many as 5,300 people nationwide, and tens of thousands more throughout the wider Asian region. As many as 250 people were reported dead in Phuket, including foreign tourists. ITN journalist John Irvine and his family survived the tsunami, despite being washed 50 m inland. Almost all the major beaches on the west coast, especially Patong, Karon and Kata, sustained major damage, with some damage also being caused to resorts and villages on the island's southern beaches.

However, by February 2005 most undamaged resorts were back in business, and throughout 2005 life slowly returned to normal for the people of Phuket. As of November 2005, following strenuous recovery programmes, there is little obvious tsunami damage remaining other than at more remote beaches, and the tourist industry which drives the Phuket economy appears to have almost fully recovered.

As with most of Thailand, the majority of the population is Buddhist, but there is a significant number of Muslims (30%) in Phuket, mainly descendants of the island's original sea-dwelling people.

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The provincial seal shows the two heroines of the province, Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Sri Sunthon.
The provincial tree is the Burmese Rosewood (Pterocarpus indicus), and the provincial flower the Pepper Flower (Bougainvillea sp.).

Administrative divisions

Phuket is divided into 3 districts (Amphoe), which are further subdivided into 17 communes (tambon) and 103 villages (muban). There is also one city (thesaban nakhon), one town (thesaban mueang) and 4 townships (thesaban tambon), and also 13 tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

Mueang Phuket

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Phuket is hot and humid throughout the year. The high season is generally considered to be from November to May. During the summer monsoon season, mornings and afternoons are still sunny and clear, but it tends to rain in the evenings and water clarity goes down. Locals consider May to October the "cool" season, and the weather is quite tolerable, much more so than in the tourism centers around the Gulf coast. It's comparable to Florida's summer weather in temperature and intensity of rain storms: 25-33 deg C, flying clouds, short and thunderous rainfalls in the afternoons and evenings. Surfing is possible off the western beaches.

Phuket is one of Thailand's premier tourist destinations and (basic) English is very widely spoken, especially in the beach areas. That said, even a little Thai will draw smiles and can be useful in the less touristed areas of Phuket Town.

Particularly in the monsoon season, there are strong currents on many of the beaches and drownings are a depressingly common occurrence. Heed the warning flags on popular beaches and play it safe if off the beaten track.

The major beaches from north to south are:

Bang Tao - long, very quiet beach
Surin Beach - an up-and-coming destination
Laem Singh Beach - small bay with stunning views, between Kamala Beach and Surin Beach
Kamala Beach - a quieter beach to the north of Patong
Patong Beach - the largest beach resort, known for its nightlife
Karon Beach - a quieter beach to the south of Patong
Kata Yai Beach - busy, clean tourist beach with good surf
Kata Noi Beach - quieter sister of Kata Yai
Ao Chalong - home to Phuket's most popular yacht anchorage
Ko Rawai
[edit]Other destinations
[edit]Get in
The island has an international airport and is also directly connected to the mainland by a bridge, so it's possible to arrive by air, road, or sea.

[edit]By plane
The compact Phuket International Airport (IATA: HKT) (ICAO: VTSP) is located in the north of the island, and is Thailand's second largest hub.

International departure tax is 500 baht (700 baht after 1/1/07), payable in cash (there are several ATMs at the airport). Departure tax for domestic flights is included in the ticket.


There are very frequent flights to/from Bangkok as well as direct flights to many other airports in the region, including Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and direct charters to Europe and Australia in the high season.

Several domestic discount airlines fly here, including Air Asia and Nok Air - tickets from Bangkok can cost under 1000 baht one-way if booked well in advance, or around 2000 baht (including taxes) if bought on the day.

Bangkok Airways has a monopoly on direct flights between Phuket and U-Tapao (Pattaya / Sattahip) and Ko Samui.

Tiger Airways and Jetstar Asia Airways provide very affordable tickets to Phuket from Singapore. Other low cost direct connections to Phuket are currently available from Hong Kong, Macao, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

Airport transfers

Limousine (blue) taxis from the airport are expensive, costing 500-600 baht to Patong Beach or Phuket Town
Metered (yellow) taxis (available outside the car park gates) cost 300+ baht
Minibus services (basically door-to-door share taxis) charge 100-200 baht per seat
Airport shuttle bus service (6:30-20:30, every 30 minutes) to Phuket Town bus station costs 52 baht; local buses run from there to all the major beaches until around 18:00
[edit]By train
The nearest train station is about 3 hours away, at Surat Thani.

[edit]By bus
Buses to mainland destinations including Bangkok, Chumphon, Hat Yai, Krabi, Phang Nga, Ranong, Satun, Sungai Kolok and Surat Thani use the BKS terminal off Thanon Phang Nga in Phuket Town.

The most reliable buses from Bangkok are those from the Southern (Sai Tai Mai) Bus Terminal. The dodgy Khao San Road operations (which have a bad reputation for theft, and often turn out to include a "surprise" transfer to a minibus at Surat Thani) are best avoided.

[edit]By boat
Ferry services connect from Rassada Port in Phuket Town to Ko Phi Phi and on to Krabi on the mainland twice a day, taking 90 minutes and costing 350/650 baht one-way/return, for each leg. It's usually a pleasant ride, but can be rather bumpy when it's windy.

There are also boats to Ko Racha (2 hours), the Similan Islands (9+ hours) and other islands in the high season only. Boats and yachts can be chartered at Chalong Pier, the Boot Lagoon and the Yacht Haven.

It's possible to visit Phuket by cruise ship. For cruises from Singapore, try Star Cruises.

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By bus
From Phuket Town there are frequent bus services to Patong Beach (20 baht) and less frequent services to the other beaches (15-30 baht), by both full-size buses and by songthaews. Local bus services stop at around 18:00.

By taxi
Phuket has two types of taxi - millions (or so it seems) of small songthaew-style minivans (usually bright red, occasionally bright yellow), and a much smaller number of conventional sedan-style taxis (yellow and red, with a "TAXI-METER" sign on top).

The minivans are universally referred to as tuk-tuks (even though they have four wheels, not three). They have no meter, and their drivers are notoriously mercenary, so always agree a price beforehand and do bargain hard. Short hops around town shouldn't cost more than 40 baht, but good luck getting from Patong to Phuket Town for under 200 baht.

For longer distances the metered taxis are generally a better bet, so do your bit to break the iron grip of the minitaxi mafia and patronize them if you can. You can hail one by telephone on 076-232157.

[edit]By car or bike
More than 10,000 people are injured and over 250 killed every year in road accidents in Phuket. Nine out of ten accidents involve motorbikes. Major risk factors are the hilly terrain, careless speeding drivers and driving at night, and drunk-driving.

Renting a car or motorbike to explore the island on your own is a cost-effective way of getting off the beaten track. However, given the atrocious driving habits of most locals and the resulting carnage on Phuket's roads every year, the risks do demand careful consideration.

Motorcycle and scooter rentals start at around 150 baht/day, coming down to 100 baht/day for rentals of a week or more. Phuket police do enforce the crash helmet requirement, and also conduct frequent spot checks at which a driving licence must be produced.

Phuket is a little short on cultural or historical attractions, and most of its visitors spend their time at the beaches and in the bars. The most heavily-hyped attraction is the Phuket Fantasea show at Kamala Beach, a self-proclaimed "cultural theme park", but comparisons to Disneyland are exaggerated at best.

Elephant riding

This is a good way to support the remaining domesticated elephants of Thailand and their mahout, is fairly cheap, and can be an interesting new experience. The elephants are well trained, and you can tip the mahout by giving the money to the elephant who will hand it to the mahout with its trunk. Don't worry abour animal exploitation unless your are a radical ARLer and vegan. These are well loved pets, holy animals, not livestock, and (unlike cattle) live long happy lives.

Golf - see also: Golf in Thailand - Phuket section and Golf

The golf courses of Phuket are of international standard. Each one has its own particular challenges and scenic splendour that only Phuket can offer. Discount green fee are available by booking through Phuket golf booking agencies.

Blue Canyon Country Club
Laguna Phuket Golf Club
Loch Palm Golf club Phuket
Mission Hills Phuket Resort and spa
Phuket Country Club
Phuket Golf Courses Reservations
Thai Muang Beach Golf and Marina
Muay Thai training (Thai kick-boxing):

Suwit Muay Thai Boxing Camp
Chalong Chi Muay Thai and M.M.A. Training Camp

Scuba diving, yachting, jet-skiing and parasailing are the most popular activities on the island. Most dive sites are off nearby islands, but distances are fairly short and there are dozens of dive shops and boats to cater to your needs, mostly based near Chalong Pier.

Food in Phuket is surprisingly cosmopolitan, as many foreigners have set up shop to cater to their fellow travellers. All the usual Thai favorites are of course still available, with a particular emphasis on seafood.

Phuket has a busy nightlife, second only to Pattaya among Thailand's beach resorts. Patong Beach is by far the busiest, and seediest, of the lot, but in addition to go-go bars there are also plenty of other bars, discos and clubs.

There is a glut of rooms in hotels of all sizes and classifications, serviced (catered) apartment complexes (so-called 'mansions') and homestays. It's a buyers' market even in high season (Nov-May), with air-con room rates starting at under 500 baht, and 2-3 bedroom furnished houses available for 7000-10000 baht/month. For budget accommodation, the best rates are usually those negotiated in person.

See Phuket Town and individual Beaches articles for listings.

[edit]Get out
Khao Lak
Ko Phi Phi - 1.5 hours by ferry, parts of The Beach were filmed at this stunningly beautiful location
Phang Nga - 2 hours away, this bay is famous for its gravity-defying limestone formations, including James Bond Island
Ko Samui & Pattaya - Bangkok Airways operates direct flights to both

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Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Minitaxi in Phuket, Thailand

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ct plan nk gi Phuket in Feb 07...nk pakai Air Asia jer...tp nk pk utk ground arrangementlaa plak...
sape2 ada sajesyen local agency atau Phuket agency??and another...mahal tak grnd arrangement buat kt sana??:nerd:

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don worry banyak agency kat sana..bole tahan gak murahnye..bole bargain lagi
dulu aku gi amik kat sana je kalo nak gi pulau racha/koh phi phi..ok lah include everything
kalo nak gi town lak..amik je bas..senang dan murah
sampai town akan ada org yg offer nak bawak round2..bargain ler

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sigenit This user has been deleted
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i went to phuket 2 months before tsunami...thank god...alhamdulillah...
phuket memang cantik..cuma food agak susah sikit..but kat town u can always cari muslim restaurant...kalau u penggemar sambal blacan..emm kat sana mmg very yummy!!

ramai yg suggest to go to james bond island..which diaorg ckp u shouldnt miss d opportunity la..but i rasa ramai forumer kat sini stuju..better for u to go to phi phi island...cun gilerrr kat sana...kalau mat salleh mmg they would prefer to go to phi phi island..sebab maklum la mat salleh ni semua suka sun bathing!!

wondering how phuket new looks..lepas tsunami...dengar citer dari kengkawan they developed it back very fast..ye la kan kat sana kan tempat tourist..

n lagi satu..for those yg suka nite life..kat pathong tu mmg happening..dulu masa i pegi..mostly all pub is open concept..n..bapuk die cun gilerrr..kalau ada camera canggih amik aa gambar pub2 kat sana mmg cantik!!

overall phuket is a very nice island, nice beach, nice people tooo...pempuan kat phuket town semua cantik2 n kulit putih mulus!!!




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Post time 12-12-2006 04:20 PM | Show all posts
aku pegi ari tu pun few months after tsunami..devastated areas still can be seen
hotel yg aku dok tu siap tampal gambo2 masa tsunami..kira masa tu cam baru nak pulih
ada kedai2 yg masih tutup..still under renovation. kalo ko ingat SOHO indian tu tutup masa tu...tang bangla road yg ada open pondan menari2 atas meja tu dah start bisnes dah
aku risau gak masa tu..kalo apa2 jadi lagi sekali..dgn pondan2 tu..dgn aku-aku sekali whosssshhhhhh dan tak dapat dikesan lagi..

apa-apa pun aku sempat gak lagi amik massage by the beach..kesian masa tu kat diorang nak struggle bisnes balik..cth cam yg niaga2 yg pantai tu
makan muslim feveret aku mana lagi..ada satu tempat kat ujung cam medan selera dia..tak tau ada la gi ke idak..baik budak2 pelayan tu..makan pun ok
aku perasan ada satu mat salleh tu pepagi breakfast nasi putih+ayam halia..hari2 lak tu

trip tu aku gi koh racha je..gi naik bot, snorkel, mandi laut kat racha, makan-makan, sunbathing..hihi..aku penah dapat email psl racha nye resort yg cantik banget tu..sampai sana
sedih beb..abis pantai yg cantik tu. resort tu dah takde rupe..pasir pun cepat hakis
tapi lautnye..superb beb

phi phi island aku gi few years back..by the cruise..sunbathing kat deck huhu
aku rasa berbaloi..lengkap dgn lunch kat pulau, F&B atas kapal, snokerling cruise tu siap lalu slow motion kat james bond island..island yg leonardo berlakon tu..huiii best first class

nanti aku citer lagi..bos tgh takde ni hihihi



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Post time 17-12-2006 06:57 PM | Show all posts
mcm best jer korg cete...

unfortunately...my trip has been pospon to late Mac 07...aiyaa....bz aa...tgh closing...:geram:..

but i'm still going insyaallah...

resort ape korg suggest??:hmm:

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Post time 18-12-2006 02:04 PM | Show all posts
nape ko pospon? ko naik AA ke? kalo ko naik AA aku ada banyak soalan ni..

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Post time 18-12-2006 10:38 PM | Show all posts
Originally posted by bottombikini at 18-12-2006 02:04 PM
nape ko pospon? ko naik AA ke? kalo ko naik AA aku ada banyak soalan ni..

CT naik AA...ada byk keje in Feb 07...tu yg kena reschedule...pegi under package AA..dok kt Coconut Village Patong...

haaa...apo soklan2nyer???

main reason pegi sana...sbb nk snorkling....sbb kt Msia sume dh habih khatam...

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