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Post time 4-4-2007 07:18 PM | Show all posts

Reply #180 adwim79's post

tu arr

aku pun terpikir nak grip anu dia

pastu suruh dia bersiul ..... sooo soooo sooo

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Post time 4-4-2007 10:48 PM | Show all posts

Reply #181 ReuK's post

Jangan dia lagi seronok dah la..hehe

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Post time 5-4-2007 01:41 AM | Show all posts
tangkapan ni memang boleh buat tapi aku rasa risikonya banyak jugak pada yang menangkap...

kecualilah kalau dia tangkap tu sekejap aje atau saje nak buat umpan, tu tak taulah pulak...

cuma kalau akulah,...harus aku tak berani tangkap leher orang camni,...banyak mudaratnye...

apa pandangan kawan-kawan semua?


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Post time 5-4-2007 11:06 AM | Show all posts

Reply #183 sikomeng's post

Mudarat macam mana yang hang maksudkan?Kena bailk lagi teruk ke?

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Post time 5-4-2007 11:16 AM | Show all posts

Reply #183 sikomeng's post

kalau tengok smackdown pon slalu org lepas dari grip camni..

better kalau badan tu kat depan, letak tangan dia sebelah kat atas leher kita, angkat badan dia tinggi dan hempas ke belakang..

pergh kena kat atas tar tu mau masuk ICU tuh

taktik pasti bunuh ni dinamakan sbg Suplex oleh aku

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Post time 6-4-2007 12:33 AM | Show all posts
aku rasa mudarat tu harus risiko pada orang yang tengah grip tengkok tu Adwim. Sebab nya harus macam yang reuk kata tu, betol jugak. dan macam-macam lagi lah risiko nya. Tapi kalu dia saja buat sebagai umpan pada yang kena grip tu, harus pulak lain ceritalah.

pada perasaan aku lah, kalu kita nak pegang musuh ni biar musuh yang tewas bukan kita. so kena pilih kaedah yang selamat lah

entahlah, aku pun bukan pandai bab-bab nie...! ko cuba tanya cloud


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Post time 6-4-2007 08:54 AM | Show all posts
Aku tak boleh buat smack down sebab badan aku nih kecik jer.So kena le aku cari alternatif lain.katakan aku  terkena situation di mana kepala aku kena grip,first instinct aku ialah memang aku akan tampar penyawa dia.Mesti automatik dia lepaskan.

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Post time 6-4-2007 10:05 AM | Show all posts

Reply #187 adwim79's post

kalo tgk kat smackdown biasa diorg akan karate kelengkang dari bawah ke atas

bila dah lepas tu diorg tendang lutut lawan yg tgh senak :bgrin:

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Post time 6-4-2007 11:25 AM | Show all posts
ish... aku tak suke pegang2 ni
geli laaaaa.. kalo aku tendang je...
kat pinggang dia.. ni tok guru aku ajo la..

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Post time 6-4-2007 02:39 PM | Show all posts
Macam mana ko nak tendang?Kan body kita tengah membongkok?

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Post time 6-4-2007 02:48 PM | Show all posts
buat bicycle kick kot...

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 Author| Post time 6-4-2007 03:41 PM | Show all posts

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 Author| Post time 8-4-2007 09:25 PM | Show all posts

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Post time 12-4-2007 08:53 AM | Show all posts

New article from Lt. X

I rarely watch television, so when I tune in something
GREAT better be on.

Surprising to most is that I don???t watch any of the decent cop/action series that everybody else does.

I have never seen an episode of 24, and while I did like The Shield episode I caught last year, I havent watched
it since.

Maybe its because I deal with fighting and combat all day long that I just need some pure escapism when I finally sit
down to relax.

Shows like Lost, Las Vegas,The OC (dont  laugh it used to be really good), and of course my favorite,
Entourage highlight peoples lives that are almost exactly opposite to what I do for a living

Of course, what still drives me absolutely bonkers is whenever there???s a fight or some sort of combat action on
these shows and the Hollywood fight coordinators take over with their bull# nonsense.

Therefore, here's 7 legit ways to protect yourself and your own Entourage (or family) in the mean streets of reality.

1) Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Never lead your group into any area where there might even be a
possibility of conflict.Seedy neighborhoods, back alleys, rowdy European soccer games, etc. (I know it seems like
common sense, but even my own sister-in-law and her girly-girl friends wound up in Harlem last week)

2) Always move with a purpose. There is a reason criminals prey on those who look lost, confused, or sleepy. Move to
and from places with intent when out with your friends and family. If on vacation, do the whole tourist gaze thing
ONLY in public places that were designed specifically to do so (museums, historical buildings, tours, etc.)

3) Have an emergency preparedness plan (EPP) for self-defense situations. Professional bodyguards and
private security teams all make sure their clients know EXACTLY what to do, and where to go for when things go bad.
You most likely have a fire drill for your family, why not a self-defense plan? Example: If ever accosted as a family,
my wifes duty is to drop whatever shes carrying (purse, shopping bags, etc.) ,grab the kids and run directly
to the last KNOWN safe area to call for help. My job is to put myself in-between my family and the threat long enough
to cover their escape.

4) Get in the damn car. Ive said it once, I'll say it 100 more times, You vehicle is the ultimate weapon. Get a ton
of steel in between your entourage and your attackers and its all over. Heck, you can even run the threat over during
your escape. (Theres a reason why Secret Service agents are trained to go for a car extraction first, even before
drawing their own weapons)

5) The forward drive. Regardless if the attack comes from one person or an entire gang, there is still only one of
you. Pick your target and start the forward drive leveling anything in your path. This will not only decimate your
front target, but will also ensnare the remainder of the threats into following you.

6) Gross motor movements. Jabs, crosses, arm bars, and takedowns are all fine for the ring but will get you killed
and those youre trying to protect killed in the street. Big, fast, thoughtless movement (edge of hand strikes, whip
kicks, driving knees, gouging, etc.) are what will open up opportunities of escape or put your attacker down.
Remember, combat sport (boxing, judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, MMA, etc.) is not self-defense.

7) Run you silly *****. Everybody clear? Good, now RUN. The stupidest thing you could do when trying to protect others
is get yourself all tied up. If there???s ever the option to hot-foot it out of there, take it. There are people
depending on you, and your own ego is not nearly as important as their safety. If you want to ?fight get in
the ring, if you want to protect yourself and your family, get the hell out of there.

Now honestly?

I hope that your family never, EVER has to use any of the self-defense techniques and tactics I teach and write

But you have to realize that the whole point of training and learning this stuff is so when that one moment of
pandemonium does happen, you'll be prepared and your family will be safe.

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Post time 13-4-2007 05:59 AM | Show all posts
Menarik artikel ni. Banyak faedah kalau difaham dan diamal...

satu point yang aku sangat setuju adalah, tak semua seni "mempertahankan diri" atau "martial arts" tu sebenarnya suatu yang boleh diguna pakai sebagai senjata... orang ni harus bercakap berdasar pengalaman dan tahu yang mendalam.

lari sememangnya satu hal yang paling praktikal... toksah nak cari pasal, terutama kalau kita berjalan dengan anak isteri. Musuh selalunya tak target kita, tapi ahli keluarga. Tu yang buat orang paling handal pun, terkedu tak boleh buat apa kalau anak dah kena sua parang kat leher...

Macam yang penulis ni kata, moga jauhlah hal-hal begini dari kita dan keluarga...Amin!!!


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Post time 13-4-2007 09:13 AM | Show all posts
Kalau ada musuh yg datang serang semasa kamu dgn keluarga, jangan bagi peluang dgn berlembut dgn mereka.

Adakalanya, lebih baik kalau serang dgn kekerasan yg melampau (patah tangan ke, kaki ke atau leher terus) di perlukan utk menjatuhkan sebanyak lawan yg mungkin demi utk melindungi keluarga kamu.

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Post time 13-4-2007 12:17 PM | Show all posts
aaaaa Seph.. a very long time no see

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Post time 13-4-2007 01:23 PM | Show all posts
Originally posted by ReuK at 13-4-2007 12:17 PM
aaaaa Seph.. a very long time no see

Every time I came to this column, they are discussing sports. So I didn't come by for some time. Today, I just check things out and see this thread, so I answered.

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Post time 13-4-2007 10:36 PM | Show all posts

Reply #198 Sephiroth's post

hahaaa da board had changed quite a lot..

now we have 3 mods

lots of new forummers..

and some professional fighters also haa

those fellas need to know about your true experience my fren :bgrin:

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Post time 14-4-2007 12:08 AM | Show all posts
harus seperti yang tuan sephiroth katakan tu betul.

cuma kalu macam aku ni, elok lari ajelah, silap-silap aku yang kena duduk hospital !! tak sanggup beb!


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