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Post time 9-4-2006 04:21 PM | Show all posts
Originally posted by mr_bertz at 3-4-2006 11:47 PM
hahhahaha...sebab takde makanan la die tibai makan ape ape je...glove aku mane busuk bai...kate sini kering...mane peluh..

aku rase tikus ni golfer jugak beb...hahhahaha

My hubby just discovered a dead rat on his book in our library.  I just thought, perhaps you could  use one for  bait.............. it may die from reading!!::

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Post time 9-4-2006 07:24 PM | Show all posts
Server ini buat hal lagi!!

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Post time 10-4-2006 07:04 AM | Show all posts
aiseh....nak buat gath ke....huhuhuhuh

beb..tak buleh tunggu aku balik ke...hahhahaha

bagi la can aku nak asah skill dulu...

karang kene tibai dengan bmw la nampaknye...

bro bmw ni bahaye...semua iron die pukul 1000 nih....huhuhu...kalau aku dah tercabut dah tangan aku...huhuhuh

aku tadi pegi range....walaupun keje final project aku bertimbun..tapi selamber aku pukul...huhuhuh

tak banyak pun tadi...dalam 200 bijik jugak....aku dengar nasihat bro bmw...nak try pukul 1000 satu iron..aku baru buat list ...setakat nih..
kire start from kosong balik la..

driver              =  700
wood 3            =  210
wood 5             =  70
wood 7              =  35
iron 3                 = 0
iron4                  =  70
iron 5                  = 0
iron 6                   = 210
iron 7                    =  700
iron 8                   =  140
iron 9                    =  210
pw                        =  350
60 degree           =  350
52 degree            =  350

kalau pelik apesal increment die 70, sebab kat sini sekali cucuk 70 bijik bola..pastu buleh beli 35 bijik bola kire separuh.....huhuhuhu

aduhhh....perjalanan masih jauh nih...hahhahahaha

bro bmw....camne mau 2 tahun barumencapai matlamat...huhuuhuh

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Post time 10-4-2006 10:21 PM | Show all posts

Malaysia's loss is Golf's gain.

Vijay Singh, when working at the Royal Selangor Golf Club, was rejected for Malaysian citizenship. Malaysia's loss is Golf's gain.

The Independent on Sunday, London
02 April 2006

Vijay Singh: In the final analysis, rhythm's the thing for Vijay the  
Time and the powerful young wannabes are enemies to a Fijian intent  
on ruling Augusta. James Corrigan spoke to him in Sawgrass
Published: 02 April 2006

It was 10, perhaps 15, minutes after he had just made a rather limp-
wristed fist of attempting to win his first Players' Championship,  
and Vijay Singh should really have been acting in the time-
dishonoured fashion of the modern sporting superstar. Yep, he should  
have waved away the reporter, petulantly thrown his spikes into the  
boot, sped off to his home, which very conveniently was just a short  
hike down the road, cracked open a cool one, switched on anything but  
the Golf Channel and settled in for a night of self-delusion,  
whispering to himself, "To hell with it, I'm loaded anyway".

But Vijay didn't. It's just not his way. Instead, he stood there in  
that emptying players' car-park, next to his own gleaming wagon, and  
started to analyse... and analyse, and analyse, and analyse. Indeed,  
he analysed so intensely it made you want to scream, "Hey, quit the  
analysing, just give me some fluff". But Vijay couldn't. It's not his  

Singh had been avoiding this particular journalist since the Thursday  
evening, when he had rumbled his pursuer was more interested in  
Augusta "the first major" than Sawgrass "the fifth major". Not that  
it's an unprec-edented journalistic tactic; players are usually more  
than happy to skip over the event at hand to discuss the Major  
looming. But to Singh this is absolute anathema; his competitive  
instinct instructs, "If you're in it, you win it". And how can you  
possibly win it if your mind's not even on it?

So as he left that press area, Singh tapped his newest stalker on the  
shoulder and asked: "Let me concentrate on this week, will you? It's  
not appropriate to be talking Masters yet." But three nights later it  
suddenly was appropriate, and Vijay's legend-ary focus had already  

"It's time to forget about this tournament and look forward to  
Augusta," he said, at last. "I have a week off now, and if I use it  
properly, working on the right stuff, I will show up in Georgia  
ready. I'm sure of it. I'm very close to playing good, very good. I  
know it's there, know it's not far away. All I need is a little work  
and a little mental positivism.

"You get into a lull and start thinking of all the bad things. I have  
to start thinking of all the good things. I believe I'm going to have  
a good year. I don't know if it's going to be a great one. May- be in  
Augusta we'll find out. See, it's all to do with my rhythm..."

When Singh starts referring to his "rhythm" it's advisable to go off,  
make a cup of tea, complete a Sudoku - and then repeat the process.  
However glazed the eyes are in front of him, Singh is content to bang  
on and on about the technicalities and utter statements that sound  
rather worthy going into the tape recorder but on later listening  
fail to make a lot of sense to the ignorant. A classic here was:  
"It's like a bow and arrow. You pull the bow to the max and let it  
go. I'm not quite doing that." At times like this, Vijay and his game  
really do seem indistinguishable. Where exactly does Singh start and  
the swing stop?

Over the years, many have found it too easy to say that they don't,  
that it's all just one big circle of obsession, and this, of course,  
is what has led to the cruel write-offs: that he is a mechanic to  
Tiger Woods's artist, man-made to Ernie Els's innate, blend to Phil  
Mickelson's single malt. None of which bothers Singh very much.  
Probably because it just plain isn't true.

Sure, Singh practises longer and hence more diligently than any of  
them - although Woods's coach, Hank Haney, has raised sceptical  
eyebrows at that claim - but in public he is also more natural than  
any of them. While Woods has mastered the PR ploy of saying plenty  
but giving away nothing, and Mickelson's smile continues to be the  
most expertly erected façade in sport, Singh rivals Els for his  
transparency. But unlike nice-guy Ernie, wise-guy Vijay cannot hold  
back. No, this tongue never was for biting.

"It seems to me that it's just like top guys have almost conceded  
nowadays," he said at Sawgrass, waging war on the pen nibs once  
again. "It's like we arrive at the tournament and they've conceded if  
Tiger is playing. That's the feeling that I don't have. I'm more  
aggressive. I want to go out there and take it on, and if my game  
gets back to like it was, I'll be there. I'm working very hard  
towards that."

Woods knows how hard. Eighteen months ago the supposedly uncatchable  
world No 1 had to sit there open-mouthed, just like that snoring  
hare, and watch as an opponent emerged from his shell to overtake  
him. Granted, Tiger's game had fallen asleep somewhat, but with nine  
PGA Tour victories in 2004 (matching Woods's best) Singh's had sprung  
into a seemingly everlasting life.

"Yeah, that was fun," recalled Singh. "It was a result of hard work.  
I mean, I've always followed the old-timers, Ben Hogan and Gary  
Player, and they always thought that to get good, you've got to  
practise. The more you do it, the more it pays off. So that's what I  
did. And in a way the chase was more fun. The sense that No 1 was on  
the horizon made you work a little harder and play a little better.  
But, you know, once I was the No 1, I had a lot of fun doing it."

Singh stopped as he was saying it, no doubt to reflect on the six  
months he enjoyed at a summit that Tiger had governed, uninterrupted,  
for a record five years. While his fall since has hardly been  
vertiginous (he won five times last year, after all, although he is  
still waiting for his first W of 2006), there has definitely been a  
drop-off in his giddying consistency. "It's kind of disappointing not  
being up there week in, week out and not feeling the same excitement,  
the same adrenaline you felt a year ago," Singh admitted. "I still  
want to go get it, to find what I had. The enthusiasm in me to be No  
1 is as strong as it ever was. And I think I'm capable of doing that.  
It's not going to happen in the next two or three weeks, as I'm 10  
points behind Tiger [in the world rankings] and that's huge. That's  
10 wins, and he's not going to stop winning in the meantime. But  
don't count me out. I'm going to be up there again. I just have to  
step up, that's all."

More likely, at the age of 43, it will require something resembling a  
quantum leap, beginning with one gigantic bound at Augusta this week.  
But to discount the Fijian from doing so is to discount an entire  
career of the impossible; of the poor boy escaping the Pacific  
Islands via some hitherto unheard-of route called golf; of the  
desperate wannabe on the Asian Tour escaping the shadow cast by a ban  
for "cheating"; of the lite professional escaping an even more  
imposing shadow cast by a genius who comes along once every few  
sporting generations.

No wonder, when he won the green jacket that offered him credibility  
in 2000, he was wont to bellow into the Augusta night air: "Kiss my  
ass, everybody." He had his Malaysian wife, Ard-ena Seth, and his  
son, Qass Seth, by his side at the time, but it was still hard not to  
label Singh as the loner who had just proved the rest of the world  

"I'm not totally obsessed by golf," he has been known to say. "I do  
have a life outside it." But when the rest see him teeing it up every  
week, and, in his off-time, robbing the driving-range attendants of  
their sleep, perhaps they can be forgiven for speculating that here  
really is a man who is only Singh when he's winning. And when he  
declares an unrelenting hunger for more, at his age, you accept that  
this is no normal competitor, no normal life.

"The important thing for me is not to start worrying about these long  
hitters, not try to keep up with these young kids coming through," he  
said, sizing up his biggest opponent yet - time. "Bubba Watson, JB  
Holmes and a few other young guys out there just hit it forever, and  
watching them makes me feel like I've gone backwards. But golf is a  
great equaliser, you can make up with iron shots and you can make up  
with putting and chipping. That's why it is such a beautiful game.

"All I've got to do is keep my rhythm and trust it. I'm very critical  
of my swing and my expectancy gets me into trouble. I'm hitting good  
shots to 15 feet and not happy with them. My caddie said to me the  
other day, 'Why not just go out and trust it and play it?' And he's  

"So yes, I want to try to relax a bit more, but I have to be positive  
as well. If I don't want to go out there and get it, I fear it will  
slip away. And I feel it's right to be expectant going into Augusta  
because I do have a great chance of winning. You know, it's all to do  
with my putting. A few weeks ago I found out that I was standing too  
far away from the ball, which made me reach out and give me too much  
room for movement. I moved the ball closer to myself so my eyes are  
right over the ball and..."

His voice drifted off towards the land of the initiated. Singh must  
have been analysing again. Forever analysing.


NAME: Vijay Singh.

BORN: 22 February 1963, Lautoka, Fiji.

VITAL STATS: 6ft 2in, 14st 12lb.

EARLY CAREER: Turns pro in 1992; wins first title at Malaysian PGA  
Championship, 1984.

HIGHLIGHTS: Wins first European Tour title at the Volvo Open, 1989;  
wins first US PGA Tour title at the Buick Classic, 1993, voted PGA  
Tour rookie of the year; wins first major in US PGA Championship at  
Sahalee in 1998; wins his second major at the US Masters in 2000; 18  
top-10 finishes in 27 starts in 2003; 12 consecutive top-10 finishes  
in 2004, winning US PGA Championship and then ending Tiger Woods'  
record run of 264 consecutive weeks as world No 1.

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Post time 11-4-2006 07:07 AM | Show all posts

takpe....nanti aku akan ganti tempat vijay singh...


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Post time 11-4-2006 11:26 PM | Show all posts
Aku baru online....layan 18 lubang.....

banyak giler miss par..sebabnya 3 putt..dan pepenat 1 on 2 on...tapi semua 3 putt..

Aku dah habis 1000 bola untuk 5 iron.....

Skrg dah layan 4 iron.......boleh layan PAR 4 tight course......Nak konsisten ..mak ai..susahnya..

Nak main 18 ?

Bukit Unggul tuh berapa green fee ? KAlau dapat kitae off pagi Sabtu..dapat rate Weekday

Azril - 016 973 2309
- UPM Driving Range
- Sunway Driving Range
- Palm Resort Putrajaya Driving Range
- Bangi Equotorial Driving Range

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Post time 11-4-2006 11:29 PM | Show all posts
Aritu aku main tak silap hari Rabu baru RM 54 / person je pakej siap green fee+buggy including set

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Post time 12-4-2006 12:35 AM | Show all posts

adusss....tensen nye ..huhuhuhuh

exm dah nak dekat....tapi ketgih nak main golf nih...huhuhuhh

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Post time 12-4-2006 12:36 AM | Show all posts
bro bmw....

dapa ttak sms aku?...huhuhuhu...

name betul aku apis..hehehhe

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Post time 12-4-2006 10:07 AM | Show all posts
aku dapat...tapi tak reply la..takder kredit he heh...

Minggu nih rasanya aku cuma layan course murah aja..Uniten GC...RM30 boleh main the whole day...sapa nak join bleh laa call....

malam tadi masa aku tengah betulkan swing iron 3 kat sunway....tiba-tiba ada sorang  pro tegur swing aku totally salah..., lepas dia tunjukkan swing yg betul...more upright...aku layankan ajalaa......dia kata aku swing too flat.....lepas tuh offer RM600 lesson punya package.....pastu siap kutuk aku guna club set cokia ( Honma dia kata cokia ?? )

Pada aku..baik aku stick swing yg sekarang nih, unless aku jumpa pro yg faham OPS swing concept( One Plane Swing )..nih balik-balik nak penuhkan poket sendiri..kondem swing orang lain salah.....

Trust yourself

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Originally posted by bmw_e34 at 12-4-2006 10:07 AM
aku dapat...tapi tak reply la..takder kredit he heh...

Minggu nih rasanya aku cuma layan course murah aja..Uniten GC...RM30 boleh main the whole day...sapa nak join bleh laa call....

malam ta ...

Hi, bmw.

Awas sikit dgn pro2 ni. Sekarang banyak yang nak kapor orangpun ada.

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Post time 13-4-2006 11:36 AM | Show all posts
Yaa betul tu Hami. Ini bukan pertama kali, dah banyak kali....tapi yg lain tuh approach cara baik laa..yg nih bila saya tolak pelawaan belajar dengan dia ( RM600 pakej )...terus tarik muka.........

Ada sesetengah orang akan improve jika amik lesson...ada yg suka self taught...

Golf is ongoing analysis game

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Post time 15-4-2006 08:22 AM | Show all posts
weird...its been like a month now....

tetibe i cant hit my driver...hmmm

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Post time 15-4-2006 08:57 PM | Show all posts
Swing plane untuk driver dengan iron lain...maybe sebab pakai iron, ko terlalu steep angle, bila ko apply method yg sama....driver terus jadi jahanam

p/s : Dalam beg aku takder driver pun...pakai wood 3 aja untuk tee off....kat rumah dekat 5 driver sekenhen duduk buat perhiasan.

Pagi tadi main 18
- 3 lubang PAR
-  ada satu lubang 4 ON 4 putts
- banyak miss par sebab 3 putts

Putting woessss

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Post time 18-4-2006 07:16 PM | Show all posts
bro bm...

kalau kasut nike golf sp5 berape kat mesia?

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Post time 19-4-2006 03:37 AM | Show all posts
bro bm...

ko tahu tak care untuk un-ketagih golf...huhuhuhuh

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Post time 19-4-2006 08:39 AM | Show all posts
Golf is game for life time.

Biasanya orang yg quit golf nih cuma recreational golfer yakni
- main golf sebab nak dapatkan business ..bila business secure...dia dah stop main
- main hanya suka-suka....bila dia rasa boring kejar bola putih tuh...dia quit
- orang yg tak tau bersosial...main golf dia akan dipulaukan dan takder kawan nak main golf

selain dari tuh...takder cara lain nak berenti main golf..

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Post time 19-4-2006 09:43 AM | Show all posts

sampai ke tue la aku nih....huhuuhuh

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Post time 21-4-2006 01:34 AM | Show all posts
Originally posted by raden at 8-4-2006 01:49 PM
I cadangkan gathering thread member ni dibuat over good 18 round kat mana2 club .. I'm suggesting Bukit Unggul ...

Ada sambutan ke atas cadangan ini?

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Post time 21-4-2006 10:53 AM | Show all posts
kena listkan nama dan green feee dan tarikh

AKu cuma boleh main weekend aja.....

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