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Iran-Khodro may Part with Chinese Partner

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15:59 | 2008-02-12

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's largest auto maker, Iran Khodro Investment Development Co, might end partnership with Chinese auto maker Jinhua Youngman Automobile Manufacturing Co Ltd, sources reported.

Iran Khodro set up a China-based joint venture, in which it held 70% of stake, with the Chinese auto firm in 2006 as part of its development strategy to tap China's fast growing auto market.

Zhejiang-based Youngman is now cooperating with British car marker Lotus to develop new models after failing to gain sufficient technical support form Iran Khodro, sources said without giving detailed reasons for the break-up.

Official with the Chinese firm declined to comment on the news.

Youngman joined hands with Lotus in July last year. The first model, an imported RCR roadster coupe, went on sale in China last month priced between US$17,800 and US$20,500.

- Fars News Agency -


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kalau rujuk sejarah,memang ramai cendiakawan cerdik pandai dari iran

respek la kat iran ni

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Iranian Automaker Changes Foreign Investment Plans

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16:29 | 2008-02-25

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's biggest auto manufacturer has decided against establishing production facilities in Bulgaria after its Turkish distributor, MYS Holding, convinced them that an investment in Turkey would be much more profitable.

Planning to introduce its Samand brand automobiles to Europe, the Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO) started the necessary studies to establish a manufacturing plant in Turkey, where almost all major global auto producers have facilities.

IKCO General Manager Manouchehr Manteghi said Turkey is also among the company's primary targets for selling its vehicles.

"Turkey is both a neighbor of Iran and a European country. We are still at the beginning of our plan, but we are eager to improve our business in Turkey," he said.

Manteghi was speaking at a press conference in Tehran with MYS Holding Chairman ?kr

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Unveiling Peugeot SLX


Iran Khodro Industrial Group unveils Peugeot 405 SLX in order to meet the customers' needs and to develop its share in the market.

Indicating the matter, Dr. Manouchehr Manteghi said, "This new car has drastically changed in comparison with the existing 405, and that the changes are classified under three categories including external changes as the headlights, the taillights, fog lights and spoiler."

Explaining the trim changes of SLX, Dr. Manteghi, continued, "Door panels, new consoles (including flasher button, heater panel and clock) and steering wheel, front lever seat and the possibility to install air bags are among internal changes."

Regarding the engine he stated, "The CNG injection system of this car is equipped by Voleo Company which lengthens the engine life."

He emphasised, "50 thousand units of Peugeot 405 will be produced next year."

Sources :

2008 IKCO Peugeot 405 SLX


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 Author| Post time 4-3-2008 05:16 PM | Show all posts
2008 Saipa 132

Saipa 132, the facelifted version of the Saipa Saba

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 Author| Post time 3-4-2008 05:11 PM | Show all posts
Islamic Iran: Malaysia car maker proton factory to start product

    * From: "Najm" <najm@xxxxxxxx>
    * Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 11:35:20 -0600

Islamic Iran: Malaysia car maker proton factory to start product


Tehran, IRI

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia car maker Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional
Bhd (Proton) is poised to strengthen its position in the West Asia market
with the commencement of CKD (completely knocked down) operations
in Iran next month.

The factory which is situated in Borujed, 400-km south of Tehran,
will begin its production run of 90 units. Proton's International Business
Division General Manager Anuar Rozhan, in a statement, said Proton
had positive projections for Iran as it is a very important market given
its strategic location in the region, an area that holds tremendous
for the future. He said in Iran "demand strongly outgrows supply" with the
passenger car market in excess of 300,000 units per year. Iran offers Proton
a potential source of quality parts and components as it already has some
40 years of automotive industry experience.

Proton was invited by the Industrial Development & Renovation Organization
of Iran in 1999 to study the feasibility of assembling Proton cars there.

Subsequent progress saw Proton entering into a relationship with Zagross
Car Industries Co Ltd. The first Proton team went to Iran in 2000, and by
various agreements had been signed with Zagross Khodro including
technical licensing and parts supply. Proton and Zagross Khodro expect to
and sell 3,000 cars in the first year and gradually build up to more than
25,000 cars
per year in the medium term. The first model to be assembled and sold in
Iran will
be the proven Proton Wira.

Sources :


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 Author| Post time 8-4-2008 01:51 PM | Show all posts
Saipa to roll out Iranian-made car

Mon, 07 Apr 2008 01:37:25

Saipa is to roll out its first entirely Iranian car.

Iranian auto-manufacturer Saipa has announced that it will be offering its first series of entirely Iranian produced cars this year.

"This new model will be produced with the help of all the company's existing potential, at the research and development centers, factories and parts manufacturers," said Saipa Managing Director Mehrdad Bazrpash.

He added that the car would be a high quality but low-priced vehicle, without giving any information about what it would be called.

According to Saipa, the production line for the new model will be up and running during the current Iranian year.

Established in 1966, Saipa has produced a range of cars over the years, such as the Renault 5, Kia Pride, and Citroen Xantia as well as Kia Rio under license from their original companies.

Today, Saipa continues to produce the Pride under the names of Saba and Nasim, while also offering an updated model of the vehicle called the Saipa 141. Other Saipa products include the Citroen C5 and C4 as well as the Renault Tondar 90.


Sources :

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 Author| Post time 9-4-2008 02:44 PM | Show all posts
2008 Saipa S81

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respect iran

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 Author| Post time 14-4-2008 04:59 PM | Show all posts
Iran's Samand EL to hit Turkey market

April 09, 2008

Iranian automobile manufacturer Iran Khodro plans to begin the export of Samand EL to Turkey shortly, priced at around $13,000 per unit. Sukru Seskir, CEO of IKCO Turkey distributor MYS Automotive, said on Tuesday that IKCO had entered the Turkish market with the Samand LX model last year, and had attracted great interest.

"We have sold over 1,600 automobiles since we entered Turkish market. This figure is over our target," he noted.

IKCO currently runs 21 offices in Turkey, and the company plans to increase the number to 50. Samand EL will be sold in Turkey as early as next month and the Samand Soren model will hit the market in July. All Samand sedans are equipped with ABS brake system, air bags, air-conditioner, and central locking.

According to experts, French, German, and Italian automobiles top the list of cars in the Turkish auto market, but Turkish people's inclination towards Samand, irrespective of its competitive potential, seems to be due to the cultural commonalities between the two Islamic nations. Iran Khodro is the largest carmaker in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa regions with annual production of more than one million various vehicles including cars, trucks and buses.



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 Author| Post time 18-4-2008 11:55 AM | Show all posts
2008 Saipa Renault Megane Variants

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 Author| Post time 19-5-2008 12:47 PM | Show all posts
Iran to unveil National Engine at Engine Expo 2008

May 05th, 2008

The Iran Khodro Powertrain Company (IPCO) will unveil its most advanced dual-mode hybrid engine, the National Engine, on the first day of Engine Expo 2008, which is being held in Stuttgart, Germany from May 6 to 8.

IPCO Managing Director Mohammad Zali announced that the National Engine, which runs on both natural gas and gasoline, was designed and produced three years ago in Iran and now has the ability to compete with other modern engines since it observes the Euro 4 standard for air pollution. The engine is one of the most advanced in the world and will shine among the BMW, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Peugeot, and Fiat engines on display at the expo, he added.

Companies from the 35 countries will participate in the exhibition. Engine Expo is the most important international trade show for automotive, bus and truck engine designers and manufacturers. It is the must-attend event for anyone involved in the sale or procurement of engine components, engine manufacturing systems, engine accessories, new technologies and materials.

Engine Expo provides the most intense concentration of engine component manufacturers and technology providers anywhere in the world. Visitors from around the globe will have an array of engine technology and powertrain subsystems to inspect.

In conjunction with the Open Technology Forum, again situated right in the heart of the Engine Expo exhibition, the highly acclaimed International Engine of the Year Awards take place live on the second day of Engine Expo and have become one of the most sought-after accolades within the industry, with the winners often using the marque on their television and advertising campaigns.

The International Engine of the Year Awards presentation attracts the most senior executives, VIPs and journalists from around the world, bringing exhibitors into close contact with some of the most influential people within the automotive industry.

- Tehran Times -


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 Author| Post time 31-5-2008 11:13 AM | Show all posts
Iran Khodro to launch a new car model both in Iran and China

May 21, 2008 - It's rumored that the tie-up between Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO) and Jinhua Youngman Auto may be on the verge of breaking down, but actually the largest Iranian automaker is to launch a new car model here in China and in Iran simultaneously.

"The cooperation between Iran Khodro and Jinhua Youngman is still going well, not ended, not suspended," said S. K. Hojjat, General Manager of Iran Khodro China, adding that chief executives of both sides met last October and decided that a new model code-named X12 will be built in their joint venture and then be launched both in the Chinese and Iranian markets.

"It's designed and developed independently by Iran Khodro," stated Mr. Hojjat. The X12, priced lower than 100,000 yuan ($14,300) for the basic model and a little higher than 100,000 yuan for high-end models, is scheduled to hit the Chinese market in early 2009.

Iran Khodro and the Chinese luxury bus manufacturer Youngman Auto Group signed a cooperation deal in 2006. The two partners invested a total of $60 million for the JV, in which Iran Khodro holds 30 percent shares and Youngman holds the other 70 percent.

The construction of their TaiAn plant in Shandong Province is now almost finished and the manufacturing facilities are going to be established. The two sides initially planed to produce Iran Khodro's own-brand sedan -- Samand, but later "as the joint venture company has to be more feasible," they changed it to X12.

The Samand Siren was showcased at the 2007 Shanghai Auto Show, but received a lukewarm response from the public. The X12 to be produced is said to be slightly similar to Peugeot 206, and aims at 70 percent localization -- to source 70 percent of the components from the Chinese suppliers in the end.

The biggest automotive manufacturer in the Middle East is now looking for OEM suppliers in China; for those highly demanding parts that local suppliers can't make, Iran Khodro will use imports from Iran.

Also there's possibility for the JV to export some components of the car or the CBU (completely built-up) cars into Iran, according to Mr. Hojjat.

IKCO Diesel, the commercial vehicle arm of the group, has already signed a contract with China National Heavy Truck Company (CNHTC), for importing HOWO trucks from China. The two sides are set to renew their contract, but so far "no plans yet to start commercial vehicle production in China".

Sources :

Previously, we perhaps mistakenly reported that the Iranian Khodra may well break up its joint venture with Chinese company Jinan Youngman, it appears that the joint venture is far from breaking up, and 2009 will in fact see Khodro simultaneously launch a new model in both China, and Iran.

The Khodro self designed and built X12 is set to hit the market in mid 2009. The factory that is going to build the X12 will be finished by the end of 2008. The X12, according to Chinese reports, is similar in style to the Peugeot 206S and will cost less than 100,000rmb when launched.

Khodro plan to source 75% of the cars parts from Chinese suppliers, which will keep costs down.

The question remains, will Chinese consumers buy Iranian? Many consumers are very familiar with the automotive cultures of Western Europe, USA, and East Asia, but will they connect with Iranian motors?

- China Car Times -


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 Author| Post time 10-6-2008 03:56 PM | Show all posts
Zagross Khodro aims to sell 100,000 Proton cars


IRAN-based Zagross Khodro, the exclusive distributor of Proton cars there, is targeting to sell 100,000 units in five years.

We sell about 17,000 units a year currently,

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 Author| Post time 10-6-2008 04:42 PM | Show all posts
Two New Models of Samand to Hit Market by Mid-March '09

2 June 2008 -   Time   11:33 PM

The improved version of Samand and Samand with automatic gearbox will hit the market in the current Iranian calendar year (ends March 20, 2009) in a bid to achieve the competitive goals.
Ghassem Kaheh, Iran Khodro Companys manager for Samand project, said the car in question will have a 16-valve engine and will be supplied this year as the IKCO follows its annual policy on promotion of Samand generation by making changes in systems

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 Author| Post time 22-6-2008 10:29 AM | Show all posts
Iran to manufacture more hybrids

June 10, 2008

Iran is to scale down production of gasoline-powered vehicles and increase its manufacture of cars with dual-fuel and natural gas engines. "Sixty percent of passenger cars produced this year will use natural gas as fuel or will be dual-fuel, and the remaining 40 percent will run on regular gasoline," read a statement released by the Cabinet of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Dual-fuel vehicles produced in Iran can consume both gasoline and compressed natural gas. The decision also requires that 80 percent of vehicles manufactured for public transportation by Iranian automakers and 80 percent of pickup trucks must have dual-fuel engines or be powered by natural gas.

The cabinet-level decision, which applies to the current Iranian calendar year ending March 20, 2009, comes in the wake of sweeping revisions announced earlier this week in Iran's gasoline rationing scheme. Among the changes in Iran's gas rationing program announced on June 7 is a measure that requires owners of luxury vehicles to purchase premium gasoline at market prices as of June 21, instead of heavily subsidized regular unleaded fuel.

Iran is home to the Middle East's largest carmaker, Iran Khodro, and holds the world's second largest oil and gas reserves. The country, however, lacks adequate refining capacity to produce gasoline and spends huge sums on imports, which burden the state coffers.

- Press TV -


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 Author| Post time 22-7-2008 11:50 AM | Show all posts
IKCO to roll out 11 new models by 2012

The Iranian giant automaker, Iran Khodro Company, will market 11 new cars models by the next four years, said the CEO of the company here on Saturday. IRNA quoted Manuchehr Manteqi saying the company will introduce its new low-cost family cars in the next Iranian calendar year (to start March 21, 2009). Producing 1.150 million cars per annum, IKCO ranks the 16th in the worlds car industry.

- Tehran Times  -

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 Author| Post time 28-7-2008 12:13 AM | Show all posts
Proton and SAIPA partner up for budget sedan in Iran

Iranian automotive company SAIPA and Proton has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enter a strategic partnership that would result in the two companies collaborating in areas of R&D, marketing, sales, JV investments, and supply networks.

The first project will be an inexpensive small sedan that will replace the SAIPA Pride (SAIPA Saba, SAIBA Nasim), a rebadged version of the ancient 1987 Kia Pride which was in turn a rebadged version of the Ford Festiva, or Mazda 121. That generation of the Kia Pride has since been replaced by the Kia Rio.

The new SAIPA compact will likely be based on an existing Proton model or platform similiar to how Chinese automaker Youngman is using the Proton GEN2 for its Europestar RCR. Like China, Iran is a left hand drive market.

Its interesting to note that one of SAIPAs subsidiaries (51% owned) Pars Khodro began manufacturing the Dacia Logan in Iran in 2006.

- Paul Tan -


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 Author| Post time 29-7-2008 06:25 PM | Show all posts
Iran's Samand popular in Turkey

July 28, 2008

The national Iranian automobile Samand, manufactured by the giant automaker Iran Khodro, has gained a foothold in the Turkish market. Iran Khodro, the Middle East's largest automaker, has sold more than 1,000 units of its Samand LX model in Turkey in 2007.

"The number of Samand LX sedans exported to the neighboring country is expected to hit 2,000 units in 2008," said Mohammad-Hossein Yazdi, the company's export director, on Monday. The Iranian automaker is set to launch an auto manufacturing plant in 2009 in Turkey, where almost all major global auto producers have facilities.

The giant auto manufacturing companies from the US, Japan, Europe and China are involved in stiff competition to dominate the Turkish market. Gaining a foothold in the Turkish car market is difficult, Yigit Seskir, general manager of MYS Holding, the Turkish distributor for Samand cars, said. "However, Iran Khodro Company has managed to have a significant presence in this market over the past a year and a half."

Iran Khodro exports the country's first national vehicle, Samand, to a number of countries, including Belarus, Russia, Syria, Tajikistan and Venezuela.



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