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Post time 13-1-2012 09:58 PM | Show all posts
negara yg punya musuh mesti industri pertahanan nya maju sebab mesti bersaing dengan musuh nya cam kes india,cina,pakistan ni

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Post time 15-1-2012 08:42 PM | Show all posts
Post Last Edit by wartakita at 15-1-2012 20:45
negara yg punya musuh mesti industri pertahanan nya maju sebab mesti bersaing dengan musuh nya cam kes india,cina,pakistan ni

eltoro Post at 13-1-2012 21:58

Jika ingin maju (dengan memakai analogi pemikiran anda)... Indonesia musti juga perlu menciptakan musuh bersama ...... Nah, Malaysia memang cocok untuk menjadi musuh 'besar' Indonesia saat ini dan mungkin hingga 20 tahun ke depan ....

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Post time 16-1-2012 09:14 AM | Show all posts
kenape memilih malaysia..kenapa tidak australia... sebab sudah nyata australia membantu timur leste utk bebas dari indonesia...

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Post time 16-1-2012 04:13 PM | Show all posts
Reply 128# tempur

   biasa la bro...indon memang irihati kat malaysia.... nak buat camna sebab ramai babu2 indon kat KL ni kena simbah dgn air panas koott he he he

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Post time 16-1-2012 08:44 PM | Show all posts
Jika ingin maju (dengan memakai analogi pemikiran anda)... Indonesia musti juga perlu menciptaka ...http://mforum.cari.com.my/redirect.php?goto=findpost&ptid=426177&pid=47285399
wartakita Post at 15-1-2012 20:42

ooohhh jadi indon anggap msia musuh ato itu hanya keinginan loe sendiri semarmesem ?

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 Author| Post time 29-2-2012 01:12 PM | Show all posts
JF-17 Jet Fighter Block 2 With Dual Seat Version From Pakistan Air Force

Avic, Pakistan Working On JF-17 Two-Seater

By Bradley Perrett perrett@aviationweek.com

The Chengdu works of Avics combat aircraft subsidiary is developing a two-seat version of the JF-17 Thunder fighter in cooperation with the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, say Chinese industry executives.

The two-seater will be adaptable for conversion training and combat roles, they say, though as a fighter it will not perform as well as the single-seat version. The JF-17 is being built in a joint program with Pakistan for the Pakistan Air Force. The program, which began, unusually, without a conversion trainer, will deliver about 100 JF-17s to Pakistan, the executives say.

Development of the two-seater has not advanced to a point at which Avic International, the export division of Avic, could sign a contract for delivery, the executives say, adding that they were unsure when the aircraft would be available. The single-seat version was designed with development of a two-seater in mind, they say.

Attempts at exporting the JF-17 would be greatly helped by an order, and therefore endorsement, from the Chinese air force, but the service is still evaluating the JF-17. It began doing so three or four years ago, the executives say, adding that the air force was not even telling them exactly what it wanted.

The JF-17, also called FC-1 Xiaolong, is a relatively small fighter with a normal takeoff weight of 9.1 tons (20,100 lb.) and a single Russian engine, the 19,200 lb.-thrust Klimov RD-93, a derivative of the MiG-29s RD-33. A key selling point of the JF-17 is that it is much cheaper than Western aircraft such as the Saab Gripen, says Avic International.

Chengdu is part of Avic Aviation Techniques (AAT), an Avic subsidiary which encompasses the groups combat aircraft, trainer, drones and missile plants and which was formerly called Avic Defense.

Another of its key export products, the L-15 trainer and light attack aircraft, would also be helped greatly by an order from the Chinese air force. The group is still looking for a first customer for the type, built by its Hongdu plant at Nanchang.

In its current form, the L-15 is subsonic but a supersonic version has been designed, say Chinese executives. They expect that it will be sold abroad mainly as a light attack aircraft.

Domestically it is competing for a volume production order against the JL-9 (or FTC-200), a very distant descendant of the MiG-21 capable of Mach 2 and built by another part of AAT, Guizhou Aviation.

AAT President Wang Yawei has identified after-sales support as a weakness for his company that must be fixed. The same message is often heard from other Avic subsidiaries.

Sources : http://www.aviationweek.com/


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 Author| Post time 18-10-2012 11:58 AM | Show all posts
Serbia wants to sell military equipment to Pakistan

By Agence France-Presse on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Serbia wants to conclude an agreement with Pakistan that would enable the export of its military equipment to the Asian country, Defence Minister Aleksandar Vucic said Monday.

What we can offer and what they are interested in are armored vehicles, large caliber ammunition, assault rifles and night-vision equipment, Vucic said after the meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Syed Naveed Qamar.

The Pakistani minister said the details of a potential accord would be known after a Serbian delegation visits his country, planned in the coming months.

For several years, Serbia has been trying to increase its military industrys exports, notably of ammunition, rifles, explosives and small planes.

According to the latest official data, these exports have increased in value to $247 million (190.5 million euros) from $75 million some five years ago.


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Post time 18-10-2012 07:19 PM | Show all posts
HangPC2 posted on 18-10-2012 11:58 AM
Serbia wants to sell military equipment to Pakistan

serbia ni ape senjata yg diorg produce ? sama mcm ex ussr ke?

kalo malaysia beli, mesti ada yg bising..

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Post time 24-10-2012 02:11 PM | Show all posts
Banyak copy senjata buatan Rusia tapi Serbia ni lebih kepada senjata ringan dan amunisi

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 Author| Post time 21-11-2012 06:28 PM | Show all posts
NDC Babur Cruise Missile

Babur (Urdu : بابر) (named after the first Mughal Emperor Zahir ud-Din Babur), also designated Hatf VII, is the first land attack cruise missile to be developed by Pakistan.

Launched from ground-based transporter erector launchers, warships and submarines, the Babur can be armed with a conventional or nuclear warhead and has a reported range of 700 km (430 mi). The missile is designed to avoid radar detection and penetrate enemy air defences. Serial production of the Babur started in October 2005.

It has been speculated that Babur is based on the BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile, after six Tomahawks crash-landed on Pakistani territory in 1998 during US airstrikes on targets in Afghanistan, and its design seems to show this influence. The propulsion system appears to approximate that of BGM-109 Tomahawk according to videos of its launch. However, there is no confirmation of this and the Pakistani missile development organisation NESCOM has rejected this theory. Some members of NESCOM have stated, off the record, that Pakistan has been working on cruise missiles since 1995

Babur is believed to have been developed in response to reports that India was planning to acquire Patriot missiles from the US, in order to set up a ballistic missile defense system to counter Pakistan's arsenal of ballistic missiles.

Type : Medium-range subsonic cruise missile

Manufacturer : National Defence Complex (NDC)

Engine : Turbofan (Solid-fuel rocket booster during launch)

Wingspan : 2.67 m

Propellant : Solid fuel (booster rocket) Liquid fuel (jet engine)

Operational range : 700 km

Speed : 880 km/h or 550 mph (Mach 0.8)



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 Author| Post time 6-2-2013 12:15 PM | Show all posts
Malaysia, Pakistan to jointly manufacture UAV, satellites

KUALA LUMPUR : Malaysia has welcomed Pakistans offer to jointly manufacture tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and satellites to boost our defence industry.

Revealing this, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that Pakistan had made an impression on him of its capability to manufacture the said items on a large scale, which could mutually benefit both nations.

Pakistan was convincing in terms of producing long-range UAVs, along with other strategic assets and equipment.

With such offers, Malaysia need not depend solely on a country for such expertise, he told newsmen after receiving a courtesy call from Pakistans joint chiefs of staff chairman Gen Khalid Shameem Wynne at the formers officer in Jalan Padang Tembak, today.

Zahid said Khalid had expressed greater defence cooperation with Malaysia in terms of other areas including exercises, training, education and exchange of officers.

Zahid added UAVs proved an effective eye-in-the-sky to thwart non-traditional threats like piracy, illegal trafficking of goods, people and drugs as well as illegal fishing, that could influence and shape maritime security.

Our enforcement agencies have in the last decade begun using UAVs, especially along the Sabah coastline to check on the infiltration of illegal immigrants, smuggling and other maritime border crimes.

These locally-made UAVs, which could endure up to 20 hours of operation and be controlled within a radius of 200km, had been tested by the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) during " Ops Pasir " in eastern Sabah
Composite Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) Sdn Bhd and Sapura has jointly designed and manufactured UAVs like the Aludra model, more than 15 of which have been sold to the Defence Ministry since 2007 for surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Both companies also assisting the ministry to manage the network centric warfare centre in Tawau, Sabah.

The UAVs, which have an endurance of 20 hours and a radius of 200km, had proven their mettle during "Ops Pasir" to check on illeggal immigrants in eastern Sabah.

Malaysia had the past two decades launched a series of telecommunication and weather satellites.

These include the geostationary Malaysia East Asia Satellites - Measat-1, and -2 launched in 1996, and -3 in 2006 for television on communications. They were designed and manufactured by Boeing Satellite Systems.

Then came Malaysias first mircro-satellite -  Tiung SAT - that was launched in 2000. Nine years later, the high-resolution Malaysian Low Earth Orbit RazakSat was launched.

All these further led to our Angkasawan programme where Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie Sheikh Mustapha became the first Malaysian in space on October 10, 2007 on a Russian Soyuz TMA-11.

On another note, Zahid said Khalid was supportive of Malaysias United Nations peacekeepers continuing their humanitarian and healthcare programmes in Afghanistan.

We plan to move from our base in Bamyam to Kabut and join Pakistani troops to continue our mission, he said.

- NST -


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Post time 6-2-2013 01:19 PM | Show all posts
HangPC2 posted on 21-11-2012 06:28 PM
NDC Babur Cruise Missile

Bila kita nak join ni...


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 Author| Post time 6-2-2013 02:11 PM | Show all posts
tempur posted on 6-2-2013 01:19 PM
Bila kita nak join ni...

UAV dengan Satelit jer....


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 Author| Post time 15-4-2013 12:15 PM | Show all posts
NDC Hatf-IV Shaheen-1 Ballistic Missile

The Shaheen-I (Urdu : '‎شاهين), is a codename of a missile system programme that was developed by the joint venture of Nescom and the National Defence Complex (NDC). It is dedicated and named after a species of falcon found in the mountains of Pakistan. The Shaheen I is also designated Hatf IV. Both the Shaheen I and Shaheen IA are Pakistan's equivalent to the United States Pershing I and Pershing IA series.

Pakistan on April 10, 2013 conducted a successful launch of intermediate range ballistic missile Hatf-IV (Shaheen-1). The missile incorporates a series of improvements in range and technical parameters of the existing warhead and is capable of carrying nuclear and conventional warheads to a range of 900 kilometres, the Inter-Services Public Relations said in a statement.

Wednesdays launch, with its impact point at sea, was witnessed by Director General Strategic Plans Division Lieutenant General (retd) Khalid Ahmed Kidwai, Chairman Nescom Muhammad Irfan Burney and other senior military officers, scientists and engineers.

Type : Short-range Ballistic Missile

Manufacturer : National Defence Complex (NDC)

Produced : Shaheen I (1999) / Shaheen IA (2012)

Engine : Solid-fuel rocket

Propellant : Solid-fuel

Operational range : Shaheen I (750km) / Shaheen IA (1500km

Warhead : 1000 kg single warhead

Launch Platform : Transporter erector launcher (TEL)


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Post time 15-4-2013 01:40 PM | Show all posts
Malaysia tak nak beli teknologi missile dan senjata nuclear dari Pakistan atan North Korea guna mengahadapi China?

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 Author| Post time 27-4-2013 04:13 PM | Show all posts
Pakistan Acquires Chinese Made PG99 (CS/SA1) wheeled Anti-Aircraft Guns

Pakistan purchased a batch of Type PG99 (CS/SA1) anti-aircraft guns from Chinas POLY Group in 2011.

This type of anti-aircraft gun, which is also used by the PLA Army, was upgraded from GDF-02 that China imported from Switzerland in the earlier years.

Mounted on a 6 x 6 truck, the PG99 CS/SA1 is a self-propelled variant of the Type 90 35 mm AA system, previously available only as a towed AA piece. The system is based on a licensed Oerlikon GDF-002, and is credited with a 1175 m/s muzzle velocity, 3200 metre effective range, and 2 x 500 rounds/min rate of fire, with 360 traverse and +92 to -5 elevation.

The CS/SA-1 is suitable for point and coastal air defence. It is usually deployed near military bases, airfields, tunnels, islands, and along the coast to defend Sea Land of Communication (SLOC), ports, bridges and other important assets.

Kanwa Asian Defence (December 2012)

Air Power Australia ; Jane's Internation Defence Review


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Post time 12-5-2013 06:37 PM | Show all posts
Askar amerika boleh masuk dan bunuh sesuka hati sesiapa saja di pakistan. Askar pakistan hanya mampu saksikan saja sambil kecut telur

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 Author| Post time 1-10-2013 06:16 PM | Show all posts
Turkey Pushes T-129 Gunships for Pakistan, but US Could Scupper Deal

ISLAMABAD AND ANKARA Turkey is aggressively lobbying to give T-129 attack helicopters to Pakistan to replace
its aging AH-1F fleet and is prepared to agree to generous terms with cash-strapped Pakistan to do so, according to sources.

However, the US could sink the deal and make a counteroffer of helicopter gunships to Pakistan that could be too good to refuse.

Pakistani media reports state a deal with Turkey could lead to local production of the T-129 at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC),
but speculation that preparations are already underway to build a new helicopter production facility there could not be confirmed.

Turkey made its latest push during Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharifs Sept. 16-18 visit to Turkey for the Third High Level
Cooperation Council meeting. Sharif was given a demonstration of the T-129s capabilities and a potential deal was discussed.

Turkish officials confirmed talks have matured to a certain extent, and Turkey remains committed to any possible deal,
not only for financial benefits but also potential strategic gains.

We see that both countries are keen to cooperate, said one senior procurement official in Ankara. We have a longer-term
vision over any deal. We do not aim to win just one foreign contract but also view spillover benefits for the local industry.
The Pakistani market may win international recognition for the T-129 and pave the way for future contracts.

The official declined to comment on the modality of any deal.

However, a Pakistani source familiar with the negotiations said Turkey had offered to gift three T-129 helicopters to Pakistan with 2,300 items of spares. The T-129 variant in question was not clarified. The initial T-129A is being used for flight testing while the full specification T-129B is still under development.

Turkey followed the same approach in securing a deal for MKEK 155mm Panter howitzers with Pakistan in 2009. It is now produced in Pakistan by Heavy Industries Taxila.

However, a Turkish procurement official dealing with international agreements and financing voiced doubt over Pakistans ability to afford a deal.

We know that Pakistan is not in the best financial shape. But this could be overcome with political will, he said.

Salma Malik, assistant professor at the Department of Defence & Strategic Studies at Islamabads Quaid-i-Azam University, is uncertain, but not dismissive, saying this depends on how and what kind of budgetary allocation the concerned offices have, and how they have outlaid it.

A more serious potential obstacle, however, is obtaining US permission to export the LHTEC CTS800-4N engine powering the T-129.

A US industry source in Ankara said a US export license for the T-129s engine would be critical. This may require complex deliberations in Washington, involving many industrial and political parameters, he said.

Brian Cloughley, former Australian defense attache to Islamabad, said Congress holds the key to the deal.

It is most unlikely that either the White House or the Pentagon would attempt to deny an export license to Turkey for T-129 power plants and ancillaries, but the Defense Security Cooperation [Agency] is required to notify Congress of most proposed sales and obtain approval, he said.

Given the mood of Congress, it is extremely difficult to predict what they might or might not do. It takes only a couple of members or senators to demur, and the whole process could be halted. Everything depends on the political mood of the moment.

Nevertheless, Turkey hopes the T-129 will be an export success.

In remarks carried by Turkish daily Todays Zaman, Turkeys procurement chief, Murad Bayar, said Sept. 23 that the T-129 attack helicopter had strong export potential.

The T-129 has been going through acceptance tests before deliveries for the Turkish military. Officials expect the first delivery to be made within the next few weeks.

We may complete the delivery of the first nine helicopters by the end of the year, Bayar said. After these helicopters make their way into the Turkish inventory, I believe they will have strong chances for export.

Azerbaijan is reportedly looking to buy 60 T-129 helicopters. Jordans King Abdullah, who was in Turkey in March, visited Turkish Aerospace Industries, co-maker of the T-129, and examined both the helicopter gunship and Turkeys first locally-developed drone, the Anka.

Despite Turkeys hopes, however, the US might try to tempt Pakistan with a deal for the AH-1Z Viper helicopter.

No one at the defense section in the US Embassy would comment on the matter, but details were confirmed by sources in Pakistan familiar with the deal.

Pakistan has been awarded US $300 million in foreign military financing for FY2013-2014, which could be used to procure the Viper attack helicopters, made by Bell.

This is part of a wider deal discussed during US Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carters trip to Islamabad on Sept. 17.

Cloughley, however, does not believe Pakistan will be tempted.

I do not think that Pakistan would be tempted to ditch the T-129 deal if there were an offer of Vipers. There might be a good deal proposed by the US, but operating costs are high and would [argue] against acceptance. Further, and probably more significant, there is decided and most strong opposition in Pakistan to further deals with the US.


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 Author| Post time 28-10-2013 02:17 PM | Show all posts
Pakistan Ready To Start Sale of JF-17 Thunder Planes From Next Year

Pakistan has decided to start sale of state of the art JF-17, Thunder combat planes developed by the collaboration of China to other countries from next year. According to sources, a sum of 100 million dollars has also been released to the Pakistan Ordinance Factories Wah in connection with the up-gradation of its machinery.

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra has accomplished the up-gradation of Cobra Helicopters presently under use of the army besides installing high tech system therein. Pakistan will also import the modern helicopters from Turkey. Ministry of Defence Production sources said as many as 42 JF-17 Thunder planes have been developed so far under joint venture with China.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has been assigned a target of exporting 5 to 7 JF-17 Thunder planes next year, and the discussions in this regard are under the way to Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Qatar and other friendly countries. Ministry of Defense Production officials have expressed optimism that Pakistan would succeed in exporting these modern planes in the next year.

Sources said Heavy Industries Taxila has manufactured prototype of Buraq vehicle to defuse the land mines and remote control explosive material. It has also been learnt that Pakistan is continuing the talks process with Turkey to acquire T 120 high techs helicopters from the latter. Pakistan is also endeavouring to launch a joint venture with Turkey with reference to the manufacturing of these helicopters.

If both the countries dont agree over it then Pakistan will execute an agreement with Turkey to purchase these helicopters. Sources said that PAC Kamra has refurbished several helicopters being used by Army Aviation. Pakistan has acquired these helicopters from US and they have now been upgraded. Modern technology has been installed therein while US voiced its concern over it. On the other hand finance ministry has released 100 million dollars out of 200 million dollars to POF Wah for replacement and up-gradation of machinery.

- Defence Pak -


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 Author| Post time 29-3-2015 06:43 PM | Show all posts


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Pakistan fires ' first submarine-launched nuclear-capable missile '

Jan 9, 2017 | 8:05am EST

Pakistan fired its first submarine-launched cruise missile on Monday, the military said, a show of force for a country that sees its missile development as a deterrent against arch-foe India.

The launch of the nuclear-capable Babur-3 missile, which has a range of 450 km (280 miles) and was fired from an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean, is likely to heighten long-running tension between India and Pakistan.

The nuclear-armed neighbors have fought three wars since independence from Britain in 1947. Both nations have been developing missiles of varying ranges since they conducted nuclear tests in May 1998.

"Pakistan eyes this hallmark development as a step toward reinforcing the policy of credible minimum deterrence," the military's media wing said in a statement.

A spokesman at the Indian defense ministry was not immediately available to comment on the Pakistani missile test.

India successfully test-fired a nuclear-capable, submarine-launched missile in 2008 and tested a submarine-launched cruise missile in 2013.

The Pakistani military said the Babur-3 missile was "capable of delivering various types of payloads and will provide Pakistan with a Credible Second Strike Capability, augmenting deterrence".

An army spokesman later confirmed the language meant the missile was equipped to carry nuclear warheads.

The Babur-3 is a sea-based variant of the ground-launched Babur-2 missile, which was tested in December. The military said the missile had features such as "underwater controlled propulsion and advanced guidance and navigation".

Last year, Pakistan said it was "seriously concerned" by India's test of anti-ballistic missiles which media reports said could intercept incoming nuclear weapons.

According to media reports, on May 15 India tested a locally designed Anti-Ballistic Missile system which could in theory intercept a nuclear-carrying ballistic missile.

- Reuters -


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 Author| Post time 10-11-2018 09:07 PM | Show all posts


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 Author| Post time 24-11-2018 06:58 PM | Show all posts
Air Force pilot killed in crash in Tangail

The training aircraft crashed in a firing zone of the Air Force in Rasulpur

An Air Force training aircraft crashed in Tangail, killing its pilot Wing Commander Arif Hossain. The plane crashed in the Air Forces Telki Firing Zone in Rasulpur on Friday around 3:30pm.

Madhupur Fire Service Station Officer Delwar Hossain confirmed the incident to the Dhaka Tribune. Local fire Service, police and Air Force officials went to the scene to conduct salvage operations shortly after the crash.

Speaking to the Dhaka Tribune, Madhupur Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Ramendra Nath Biswas said: Bangladesh Air Force was conducting an exercise in Arankhola union from November 22 to 27.

Around 3:40pm, an F7-PG aircraft crashed in the Madhupur forest and caught fire, leaving the pilot Wing Commander Arif Hossain Dipu dead on the spot.

Sources : https://www.dhakatribune.com/


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