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Post time 27-3-2010 09:43 AM | Show all posts
Kebanyakan Semua dari Gravure Idol

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Mak Cik Mika Chiba Interview

Mika Chiba, a former J-idol and actress in the TV shows Cybercop ...
HangPC2 Post at 5-9-2009 07:21

haha citer kesukaan wa...makcik mika chiba ni walau dah tua tetap cun lagi...
cybercop reunion semua sudah tua tapi cyber mercury tetap maintain kacak....

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Post time 7-9-2010 10:31 AM | Show all posts
Mika Chiba dah bersara sekarang menetap di Hawaii

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Post time 23-6-2011 01:39 PM | Show all posts
kebanyakan sebelum diorang terjun ke bidang Dorama ini diorang punya debut banyak berlakon dalam Tokusatsu...

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Post time 1-7-2011 11:01 PM | Show all posts
rupanya makcik yg jadi rita repulsar dan mak pada vandara dah lama meninggal


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Post Last Edit by HangPC2 at 4-10-2011 10:43

Keiko Kitagawa

Name : ( )

Name (romaji): Kitagawa Keiko

Profession : Actress and model

Birthdate : 1986-Aug-22

Birthplace : Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Height : 160cm

Weight : 42kg

Star sign : Leo

Blood type : O

Family : Younger brother

Talent agency : Stardust

Blog : http://star-studio.jp/kitagawa-keiko/

Trivia :

One of the winners of Japanese " Seventeen " Magazine's " Miss Seventeen 2003 ". Japanese model/actress. Measurements (cm): 75-53.5-81 (Source : Japanese " Seventeen " magazine, 2003) Finds British English less complicated than American English. Has a male feline friend named Jill. Kieko is a big fan of Linkin Park. Favorite actress is Keira Knightley. Out of the PGSM girls, Kieko is closest to " KomacChan " (Ayaka Komatsu). Her favorite Japanese artists are Boa and Ayu-chan. " Kii-tan " was her nickname at elementary school.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon  '' Hino Rei / Sailor Mars (2003-2005)

P/s :  Aktress Wanita yang paling berjaya selepas debut dalam siri Tokusatsu.....


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Keiko Kitagawa : Finding Fame in Her Own Way !

Real Sports Web posted an interesting editorial about Keiko Kitagawa, and how her clean past is keeping her with her agency, Stardust Promotion. The agency recently dropped one of its breadwinner stars, Erika Sawajiri over allegations of drug abuse. Given the recent arrests of many stars in Japan for drug abuse, Stardust is axing any star with even the slightest hint of a drug problem. The article then talked about how Keiko is now playing many leading roles, such as the recent TV Drama Buzzer Beat, and in her very first Japanese period movie, Hana no Ato. We have a beautiful shot of her from this movie featured today (more can be found here) ! Keiko will be featured next in the movie Elevator To The Gallows. She has been called a starlet who is a step ahead of todays generation . Originally, she had been a local model, but later transitioned to drama. Playing Sailor Mars in PGSM was her first role, however in recent times her agency has tried to keep knowledge of that at bay. Keiko has never been one to show very much of her body, and the article makes special mention that she is the only star of PGSM who has not turned to the world of gravure idols (and makes specific mention of Miyuu Sawaii in this context). However, because there were a few shots of her bloomers, this has somewhat taken away from her wholesome image. However, now that Keiko has a more developed figure and that she is now a more respected model, this isnt a huge deal anymore (though some still think that PGSM is an obscure credit). The writer ends the article hoping that Keiko tries more, and that she also cosplays a bit in the future.

In Japanese society though, gravure idols arent seen as being dirty like they are perceived in North American culture. For many girls in fact, the only way for them to really get their start in the industry most times is to get into gravure modeling. We have to admire Keiko Kitagawa for avoiding these things largely and becoming a respected star in Japan. Fans, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think Keiko necessarily made the wrong decision in not pursuing a gravure career after PGSM ended ?

Sources : http://www.moon-chase.com/



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oh yeke tak perasan lak.....

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Post time 24-8-2012 04:31 PM | Show all posts
sailormoon leh kire tokusatsu ek? [saye noob]

btw... aku suke mele chan! sile lihat gekiranger... n die juga ade dlm kamen rider w!

n sape yg dr tokusatsu jadik av idol ek? aku kenal 2 org... tp die dr av idol berlakon dlm tokusatsu... dlm go onger sorang... dlm akibaranger sorang...


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Rei Machiko

Name : {

Name (romaji): Mashiko Rie

Profession : Actress

Birthdate : 1979-Jul-28

Birthplace : Tokyo, Japan

Height : 166cm

Star sign : Leo

Blood type : A

Vanny Knights (1999)

Akira Asagi

Kamen Rider : The Next (2007)

Chainsaw Lizard `󥽩`ꥶ`  


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 Author| Post time 20-10-2013 09:20 PM | Show all posts
HangPC2 posted on 20-10-2013 12:44 PM

memang dah ramai amoi yang menjelma jadi kamen rider tapi hampir kesemuanya watak special dalam movie dan watak sampingan je, tak pernah lagi yang jadi watak kamen rider utama dalam siri(natsumikan , amoi heroin utama dalam siri kr decade hanya jadi kamen rider kivara dalam movie kr decade vs double movie taisen 2010 je)

meh layan amoi tokusatsu old school tahun 80an, 90an lak. budak2 tahun 80an, 90a pasti kenal mereka2 ni

sara @ flash kuning dari siri flashman

lou @ flash merah jambu dari siri flashman

haruka @ topeng kuning dari siri maskman

momoko @ topeng merah jambu dari siri maskman

kaori @ angsa putih dari siri jetman

ako @ layang-layang biru dari siri jetman

Last edited by RED 666 on 20-10-2013 09:25 PM


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 Author| Post time 20-10-2013 09:28 PM | Show all posts
rena, amoi heroin dari siri ultraman tiga, cute giler muka dia ni

dalam kehidupan sebenar, dia ni sebenarnya anak kepada pelakon hero atromen yg mula-mula sekali tu, yang nama dia hayata tu


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Post time 21-10-2013 05:47 PM | Show all posts
RED 666 posted on 20-10-2013 09:28 PM
rena, amoi heroin dari siri ultraman tiga, cute giler muka dia ni

dalam kehidupan sebenar, dia ni ...

jalan cerita pun ada connection jugak dengan Ultraman Hayata... Filem Ultraman Tiga dulu....

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Hikari Mitsushima : from pop idol to screen diva ?

Up until last year, 24-year-old Hikari Mitsushima was best known as a former member of the Okinawan idol group Folder 5.

Then she returned in fine style, wowing critics and cinemagoers alike with her role in Sion Sono's critically acclaimed, four-hour exploration of religion and romance, " Ai no Mukidashi " ( " Love Exposure " ). Now she's a searing hot property as one of Japan's most in-demand young actresses.

On screen, Mitsushima does battle in a miniskirt against a group of guys, flashes her panties, makes love with a girl and manically recites biblical phrases in a performance that won her many film awards, including Best Female Performance at the Fantasia International Festival 2009 in Montreal, Canada, and Best New Artist at the 34th Hochi Film Awards in Tokyo.

" I gave my all in that performance, feeling that it's OK if I die during the shooting, " she added.

It is a vehicle into which Mitsushima pours her high-octane, youthful energy in a performance that, she explained, was the result of Sono's harsh guidance.

Born in 1985, the first child of physical education teachers in Okinawa, Mitsushima grew up surrounded by adults.

In 1997, at age 11, Mitsushima debuted as a member of Folder, a seven-member boy-and-girl J-pop idol group. Then, in 2000, the group later transformed into the more widely known Folder 5, with a lineup of just five girls, releasing eight singles before disbanding in 2003.

" When I was a junior high school student, I was put into a dormitory for girls in show business away from my family. Though I had to step out into society on my own, I was too young to know how to behave," she said. And to deal with the world as a professional idol when she was in Folder 5, she said she soon learned to " fake it. "

But in the process of " faking it " and behaving the way adults wanted, Mitsushima said she lost touch with her real feelings.

That began to change after she started acting.

In fact, though, Mitsushima's made her first screen appearance at age 11, after being selected through auditions for a role in the monster flic " Mosura 2 : Kaitei no Daikessen, " ( " Rebirth of Mothra II " ).

" I was selected just for being a girl who looked ' Okinawan and energetic, ' " she said modestly. " When I look at my performance in the film now, it's so awful to the point that it is funny. But back then, when I first saw that performance, I was moved by myself. Somehow my face on the screen looked like it was trying really hard to express something. "

That, she says, was when she first thought acting could be the career for her.

However, she had to wait until 2005 to embark on a real acting career. It was then, after about eight years of trying, that she finally got a role in the children's TV drama " Ultraman Max, " in which she played an android named Elly. She went on to appear in other TV dramas, on stage in theater and in movies including a supporting role in Shusuke Kaneko's " Death Note " in 2007.

From then until 2009, the roles she got were mostly playing pretty, dolly types that reflected her idol image. In that year, though, she starred in " Ai no Mukidashi, " Kaneko's " Pride " and Daihachi Yoshida's " Kuhio Taisa. " In all three films, she displayed an intense energy and power that drew widespread critical acclaim. T his year, Mitsushima although she says it's not intentional seems to have widened her acting scope and revived her image as a " tough, powerful and aggressive girl. "

By contrast, in another independent film, " Kawa no Soko kara Konnichiwa " ( " Sawako Decides, " slated for May 1 release ), Mitsushima seemed to have had a fun time playing a comical part.

Mitsushima will appear with SMAP member Takuya Kimura in a Fuji TV drama titled " Tsuki no Koibito " ( " Moon Lovers " ) that's set to start in early May.

After that, her film " Akunin " ( " Villain " ) is set to open in the fall and it's a movie the actress said she's " most afraid to watch " because she was " very confused on the set" and thinks her performance is either " feast or famine. " But she won't reveal anything else about the film.

Sources : http://www.japantimes.co.jp


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Rin Takanashi

Name : R (ʤ )

Name (romaji): Takanashi Rin

Profession : Actress

Birthdate : December 17, 1988

Birthplace : Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Height : 166cm

Star sign : Sagittarius

Blood type : A

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (2009-2010) - Mako Shiraishi

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live Action '' Ayaka Komatsu Birthday '' (2/8/2014)


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Post time 4-10-2014 07:36 PM | Show all posts


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