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Riot Orang Islam vs Orang Kristian Di Mesir Sekarang... Jadikan Iktibar

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mula2 ade org islam kene rogol,pastu tuduh org kristian yang buat
nak jadi cerita ade le drive shooting ...4 org kristian mampus
pastu gadola jadi riot cam sekarang

untuk makluman di mesir, org kristian kat mesir 16 juta compare org islam 80 juta

Egypt police arrest Christmas murder suspects

Mideast Egypt Christmas Attack        

Associated Press Writer
updated 7:17 a.m. ET Jan. 8, 2010

LUXOR, Egypt - Police arrested on Friday three men suspected of carrying out a Christmas Eve drive-by shooting in southern Egypt that killed six Christians, a security official said.

Police discovered the car used in the attack and then surrounded farm fields where the suspects were believed to be hiding late Thursday, before taking them into custody the next day, the official added on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

The three men are all known to have criminal records, according to the state media.
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Three gunmen opened fire on a crowd of worshippers leaving a church in the town of Naga Hamadi, 40 miles (64 kilometers) north of the famed ruins of Luxor on Wednesday, the day before Egypt's orthodox Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas.

A Muslim guard was also killed, and nine others wounded, including three in serious condition.

Thousands of Christians in Naga Hamadi went on a rampage Thursday protesting the attack and perceived discrimination against their community. They clashed with police and smashed ambulance and shop windows.

On Friday, though, officials reported that calm had been restored amid a massive security presence.

Egyptian Prosecutor General Abdel-Maguid Mahmoud arrived Friday to take charge of investigations into the attack and there was also a major meeting of security heads to ensure that violence does not erupt anew, especially following weekly Friday prayers.

The Interior Ministry said it suspected that the Nag Hamadi attack was in retaliation for the alleged November rape of a 12-year-old Muslim girl by a Christian man in the same town.

The local branch of the ruling National Democratic Party has asked leaders of both Muslim and Christian communities to help in ending violence, according to state media.

Christians, mostly Orthodox Copts, account for about 10 percent of Egypt's predominantly Muslim population of some 80 million people. They celebrate Christmas every year on Jan. 7.

The Copts generally live in peace with Muslims although clashes and tensions occasionally occur, particularly in southern Egypt, mostly over land or church construction disputes.

The attack on the holiest day in the Coptic calendar was the worst known incident of sectarian violence in a decade. In 2000, Christian-Muslim clashes left 23 people, all but two of them Christian, dead. The clashes were touched off by an argument between a Coptic merchant and a Muslim shopper in a village after years of simmering tensions.

The latest attack, however, was unusual in that it appeared to have been planned, in contrast to the spontaneous violence that had in the past erupted from disputes between Muslims and Copts.

The thorny issue of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt has taken added significance in recent years given the growing Islamic militancy and the increasing number of Christians, fed up with their perceived second-class status, becoming radicalized. Widespread poverty, high unemployment and the near total lack of genuine political reform are believed to have helped deepen the sectarian faultline.

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Egypt holds Copt killing suspects

Egyptian police have arrested three people over the fatal shooting of six Christian Copts and a security guard outside a church in the south of the country.

The men were detained on Friday as police searched an area of fields close to where the attack took place in Nagaa Hammadi, about 60km north of Luxor.

"As a result of the security services' efforts to arrest the criminals [behind] the killing of seven citizens in Nagaa Hammadi, on Friday morning Mohammed al-Kawmi, Kurshi Abul Haggag and Hindawi Hassan surrendered," an interior ministry statement said.

Al Jazeera's Amr El-Khaky, reporting from Luxor, said: "Police started their search immediately after the crime took place and they found the car which was used in that attack ... outside a vast area cultivated with sugar cane.

"It took time to search inch-by-inch until they managed to hunt them down."

The killing on Wednesday, Christmas Eve in the Christian Coptic calendar, sparked clashes between thousands of angry Copts and police.

Fighting erupted outside a hospital morgue where the bodies of the Christians killed the previous day were kept, the official said.

The six male churchgoers and the Muslim security guard were shot dead by three men in a car as the Christians left a late night mass, witnesses said.

Retaliation claims

Al Jazeera's El-Khaky said that one of the men arrested over the attack was "believed to be a relative of a Muslim girl who was allegedly raped last November".  

"It is believed that this attack was in retaliation for the rape of the girl," he said.

"Now that he and his accomplices are in [police custody] the investigations are going to start to find out the real motives for the crime."

A Christian man has been arrested over the alleged rape of the girl and is in custody awaiting trial.

Bishop Kirollos of the Nagaa Hammadi Diocese said he was concerned about violence on the eve of Coptic Christmas because of previous threats following the rape of the girl.

He said that he had received a message on his mobile phone saying: "It is your turn."

"I did nothing with it. My faithful were also receiving threats in the streets, some shouting at them: 'We will not let you have festivities'," he said.

Kirollos said he ended his Christmas Mass one hour earlier than normal because of the threats.

Christians, mostly Coptic, account for about 10 per cent of Egypt's 83-million predominantly Muslim population.

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mudah-mudahan kekecohan di Malaysia sekarang ni tidak menular sehingga ke tahap macam dalam berita ini.

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becareful with what you said i.e ber bau hasutan.

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 Author| Post time 8-1-2010 08:49 PM | Show all posts
becareful with what you said i.e ber bau hasutan.
Sofea Post at 8-1-2010 20:44

dekat mana hasutannya?
saya cakap jadikan iktibar apa yang berlaku di mesir...
adakah itu hasutan?

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Post time 8-1-2010 08:57 PM | Show all posts
4# Sofea

entah aku pun x nmpk apa2 unsur hasutan.
maybe ko blh jelaskan skit....

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Post time 8-1-2010 09:15 PM | Show all posts
sekali sekala kena gak gaduh, baru la boleh belajar dan tahu apa akibatnya, dan kesannya..

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Post time 8-1-2010 09:44 PM | Show all posts
dekat dekat je ngan 2012...

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Post time 8-1-2010 09:50 PM | Show all posts
kat tv tadi aku tgk musa Hishamuddin serabut je...tapi Musa Hasan boleh sengih2 lagi

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Post time 8-1-2010 09:53 PM | Show all posts
sekali sekala kena gak gaduh, baru la boleh belajar dan tahu apa akibatnya, dan kesannya..

Dicota8 Post at 8-1-2010 09:15 PM

Kalau tak kena rotan masakan nak tau sakit sikit ke sakit banyok, ye dok....

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Post time 8-1-2010 09:59 PM | Show all posts
aik, bukan depa kata Melayu BANGSAT jer jenis keliru kehulu kehilir

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Post time 8-1-2010 10:14 PM | Show all posts
dekat dekat je ngan 2012...

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Post time 8-1-2010 10:20 PM | Show all posts
membezakan penjenayah ikut agama pon boleh...
bila org islam rogol org islam, tak jadi isu sensitif...
bila kristian rogol muslim, boleh jadi major isu...

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