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chevrolet cruze...minta pendapat kwn2...

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Post time 15-6-2012 03:31 PM | Show all posts
Reply  sof

    Underpower la bro..kalau henjut tu mcm waja pegi nye
jenglut Post at 15-6-2012 15:24

Bro u pernah test drive ka? sbb die 1.8 lorr.. mcm ade org comments kate mcm BMW klu bg org yg tak mampu beli BMW lah ha ha...

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Post time 15-6-2012 05:46 PM | Show all posts
Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 LT Test Drive Report

Its finally here! Malaysians have been promised the Chevrolet Cruze for quite some time now, starting from mid last year. In fact, yours truly was part of a media contingent sent by GM to the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show, where we got to drive the groups (then) latest pride and joy. Held in a public park, it was far from a proper test drive, so we were happy to go on a drive to Kuala Terengganu to confirm/debunk those first impressions.

The Cruze replaces the Chevy Optra, but has a different sort of upbringing. While the Optra was a Daewoo designed model, its successor is billed as a Global Car, with GMs various outposts (GMDAT Korea and Opel) sharing development duties. Testing was spread across continents, with Korea being just one of the few global production hubs for the Cruze alongside China and the US. Naza subsidiary Pavilion Crest gets its supply from Korea, and the single spec Cruze 1.8 retails at RM98,767.60 OTR without insurance.

Continue reading the report after the jump.

The Cruze comes into a segment dominated by the Japanese; names like Civic, Corolla and Lancer have been with us for more than 30 years, and thats a long time to gain market trust and acceptance. The Chevy will have to battle for the cheques of the more open minded among car buyers, who already have the Kia Forte and Peugeot 308 to choose from. Coincidentally, both are also distributed by the Naza Group.

As you can imagine, its not an easy task, and we feel that most (if not all) of the Cruzes prospects will throw a glance or two at the sharply styled Kia. For the record, the Forte 2.0 is cheaper and better equipped than the Cruze, and the 1.6 SX costs nearly RM20K less than the Chevy, which is a lot of money in this segment.

But surely the Cruze has something going for it? It does. Chevys latest sits on GMs Delta II platform, which is the best compact car platform the company has at its disposal, and the same one used by the current Opel/Vauxhall Astra in Europe and the Chinese market Buick Excelle. It was engineered to claim all five stars in Euro NCAP crash tests, even if our Cruze cant quite take full plaudits with only two airbags. Still, a strong frame (torsional rigidity is up by 140% over the Optra) is the best safety feature a car can have, and thats standard fit here, as are ABS with EBD and Traction Control.

Under that heavy hood (lift repeatedly to build biceps) is a 1.8-litre Ecotec engine with 140 bhp and 176 Nm of torque at 3,800 rpm. We are told that this is an Opel sourced engine, a twin-cam 16-valve unit with DCVCP (Double Continuous Variable Cam Phasing) and VIS (Variable Intake System). The figures are competitive, and GM is the first in the C-segment to offer a six-speed automatic gearbox with Shiftronic.

The package looks quite promising on paper, but not fully satisfying in practice. Three adults on board, the Cruze really had to be worked hard to maintain a fast pace on the trunk road from Jabor to Jerangau, and the gruffy Ecotec isnt a rev happy unit, protesting with loud boominess from mid to high rpms. This finding is consistent with the Cruze I drove in China, although the 1.6 thats not available here revved slightly sweeter, if memory serves right.

There are no major flaws in how the six-speed auto works, although it prefers smooth overlapping into the next ratio rather than quick, clean shifts. Manual override is good to have.

But it has to be said that the cars we drove to Terengganu were fresh off the port C perhaps theyll be smoother with more miles on the odo. By the way, kerb weight is 1,315 kg and the 0-100 km/h sprint is completed in 11.5 seconds, while top speed is 190 km/h.

Bear in mind that the above paragraph described an as fast as possible scenario common in media drives. Calm things down a notch or two, like we did on the highway, and the Cruze is clearly more at ease. Theres a sense of solidity and heft not found in the Civic/Altis and the insulation from wind and tyre noise is very, very good. Its silent all the way to 150-160 km/h, where youll finally hear some wind rustle C a library compared to the Civic! Funnily, youll hear more of the road and tyres from the rear seats than in the fronts.  

With the engine ticking quietly slightly below 2,000 rpm in sixth, the Cruze a very good cruiser indeed. The only time peace is disrupted is when the gearbox kicks down to fourth; the highest two ratios cant be used for overtaking. The curves of the Karak highway revealed steering thats nicely weighted, but with very little feel from the 11 oclock to 1 oclock position.

Body roll isnt an issue and the Cruze rides well both on the highway and on poorly surfaced roads. On the latter, potholes, bumps and rough tarmac are easily dealt with by the well-damped suspension. If you hear European tuned in the sales pitch, this could be what they were referring to. Theres a decent amount of travel to the suspension (front MacPherson struts, rear torsion beam) and the body moves around quite a bit on uneven B-roads, but the Cruze tracks and grips well. As a whole, ride and handling is good. The brakes are adequate and pedal feel is decent.

The Cruze driver sits in a sporty environment, with a good driving position and steering wheel thats adjustable for reach. The wheel itself is not covered with leather, which isnt a deal breaker for me as it isnt too slippery and quite chunky to hold. Then you notice the empty left spoke and realise that the Cruze doesnt come with cruise control. Curiously, theres also no left foot rest for the driver.

The chrome hooded instruments look good, but arent that easy to read at a glance. Both stereo and air-con share the prominent central display, where you can also alter the cars settings, such as turning the reverse sensors off or altering the duration the lights remain on, and so on. Plastics are not of the soft touch variety, but thats expected.

The unique thing about the Cruzes interior is the swathe of fabric across the dash, which continues on the door panels. I loved this idea when it was in grey, but our cars came with blue fabric (regardless of exterior colour), which i personally thought looked cheap and strangely retro. The fabric covering the seats didnt feel very premium either. Not to all tastes, so go check it out yourselves.  

Moving to the back, the rear bench looks very flat, but offers decent comfort. Head and legroom should be adequate for most average sized Asians. That plunging roofline, which is described as coupe-like by Naza/GM doesnt seem to come at the cost of headroom. For a mental picture of the Cruzes size, its 57 mm longer, 42 mm taller and slightly wider than the Civic, while its 2,685 mm wheelbase is just 15 mm short of the Hondas class leading 2,700 mm. Luggage capacity stands at 450 litres and theres a full sized spare under the boot floor.

While the C-segment isnt short of players, the Chevrolet Cruze is a welcome addition. Its not perfect (it deserves a better engine, for instance) but is certainly a capable contender. Despite the lower price, itll be hard to see those already set on a Civic/Corolla/Sylphy turning to the Cruze, which leaves us with the Kia Forte. Who will prevail? Lets look at the sales charts a year from now.   


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Reply 21# sof

    Dah naik da bro..better cari yg lain..

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Post time 15-6-2012 09:16 PM | Show all posts
sebu.......... senang2 je preve pancung

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Post time 16-6-2012 12:04 AM | Show all posts

chevrolet cruze...minta pendapat kwn2...

sebu.......... senang2 je preve pancung:lol:
penyo Post at 15-6-2012 13:16

Agak2lah skit, preve nak compare dgn cruze!lol. Preve terbaik dlm category die.

(posted by mobile)

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Post time 19-6-2012 10:23 PM | Show all posts

chevrolet cruze...minta pendapat kwn2...

Kereta sejuk....resale value buat sakit hati korang plak nanti..

(posted by mobile)

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Reply 25# sof

    Kalau bro bole sabar sket..simpan lg sket duit
Da bole sambar f30


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Post time 20-6-2012 08:53 AM | Show all posts
Reply 27# jenglut

    Amboi-amboi tak tercapai aku tengok rege die, by the way dah wat decisionpun ambik kete jepun gak.  Hari ni nak sign HP agrmt.

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Post time 20-6-2012 11:02 AM | Show all posts
kete2 yang kurang laku..mmg byk promotion yg dorg buat cthnya mazda,kia,chevy

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Post time 3-7-2012 10:09 AM | Show all posts

chevrolet cruze 2012

Post Last Edit by polipoplipop at 3-7-2012 10:11

ada member aku amek bayar muka 5k jer, bulanan rm 650.00 wat sembilan tahun....tgk mcm best la....dah terpikat....tapi langkawi la...hihihihi

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Post time 3-7-2012 11:18 AM | Show all posts
kete cun...

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Post time 3-7-2012 05:29 PM | Show all posts
Reply 28# sof

kereta jepun model apa ko amik?   xnak kongsi kat sini ke  

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Post time 3-7-2012 10:47 PM | Show all posts
ala2 forte sket

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Post time 6-7-2014 04:59 AM | Show all posts
hello,saya cuma nak sharing pasal kereta civic compare dengan kereta cruze,sebab saya ada kereta cruze dan saya kerja dalam honda 3s centre,apa yang saya tahu,honda civic memang laju kalau compare dengan kereta cruze ni,tetapi saya akan tanya korang balik,macam mana kalau stability,comfortable,speed handling dan crash test rating?apa kereta yang tak ada problem,kalau korang suka kereta itu ,kena accept problem kereta tu!!!   

(ada sikit info dekat sini)

cruze  1.8                 
1.0mm safety high grade plate for protect accident=body material yang baik,sebab tu berat
pick up/speed/up hill=pick up dengan speed boleh tahan tapi uphill lambat
stability speed over 170km/h=still stable and comfortable
belakang seat luang kecil
brake system kalau turun genting walaupun panas brake dia still ok
crash rating=50% (infomation dari global internet test result)
brand ini tak ada harga value,customer service bad....dan spare part mahal
problem kereta=noise from rear side,tranmission ecm problem,brake caliper noise in morning,power steering not enough power to turn and turn finish got a bit vibration
(ini saya dapat dari forum 60% orang yang sama problem dengan saya cuma saya ada noise itu)

civic 1.8
0.8mm safety high-grape steel body material with trunk lid=kereta ini ringan dan body macam plastic,jari pun boleh tekan tak resa keras, honda dalam safety range rendah,banyak kes dalam negara china,europe ada kes kereta europe langga kereta jepun,resultnya kereta jepun 80%crash rate dan kereta europe hanya 50%crash rate
pick up/speed/up hill=yang ni memang menang ringan dengan laju
stability speed over 170km/h=sudah goyang kalau boleh slow sikit sebab kereta ringan
brake system tak makan masa turun genting
crash rating=80% (infomation dari global internet test result)
brand honda ada harga value, customer service dan harga spare part pun ok
problem kereta=noise from dashboard front and rear (60% interior made in plastic),sound system bad,touch screen panel lagging or gps problem,aircond blower noise compare all car,abs modulator senang rosak(1 tahun ada 5 kes) dan tensional bearing(1 tahun ada 10+++ kes)
(ini saya dapat information dari tempat kerja dengan kawan kawan dalam honda company lain,compare semua condition kereta civic 1.8)

kalau nak dapat infomation yang terbaik,sendiri boleh cari forum lain-lain,feel the test drive feeling dan tanya kawan kawan kerja dalam honda dan chevrolet jika ada (senior foreman)
macam saya cakap tadi,apa jenis kereta yang tak ada problem punya,kalau korang suka kereta itu ,kena sayang kereta itu dan accept problem kereta itu yang tak boleh fix!!!

thank you Last edited by thomasskl on 6-7-2014 05:03 AM


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Post time 8-7-2014 04:53 PM | Show all posts
thomasskl posted on 6-7-2014 04:59 AM
hello,saya cuma nak sharing pasal kereta civic compare dengan kereta cruze,sebab saya ada kereta cru ...

I like your post bro. keep it up!

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Post time 10-7-2014 12:42 PM | Show all posts
thomasskl posted on 6-7-2014 04:59 AM
hello,saya cuma nak sharing pasal kereta civic compare dengan kereta cruze,sebab saya ada kereta cru ...

wow ada jugak ye org keje honda tapi pakai kereta chevy. pakai chevy ni kalau tak join dia punya club memang sakit la.

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Post time 21-5-2017 01:11 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Teringin nak pakai

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Post time 13-6-2017 03:14 PM | Show all posts
Salam semua,

Aku adalah pemilik Chevy Cruze 2012 LT, full bodykit, 18" sport rim.  Dulu beli sebab minat abis bila Cruze conquer WTCC (World Touring Car Championship).  Ada plak diskaun rm18k, sebat je la.

Dapat je keta, baru aku perasan yg keta ni pakai timing belt, sambil termenung mengenang nasib bila umur kereta mencapai 100,000 km nanti. Tapi, aku gagahkan juga pakai sambil terkemut-kemut memelihara mileage supaya jangan laju sgt.

Selama 5 tahun dah pakai keta ni, bateri dah tukar 3 kali (rm600 sebiji), ignition coil 3 kali (1 kali warranty, 2 koyak poket seluar kerja = rm500 sebiji), plug pon sama ngan ignition coil, nasib pakai plug biasa aja), sekali steering auto lock rosak (tu pon pomen chevy yg rosakkan) dan sekali tukar brake pad (4 biji = rm300).  Minyak setiap 10,000km, aku masuk SC Chevy sampai 60,000km, lepas tu babai la, aku carik parts sendiri, lebih murah.

Pada aku, ada yg best, ada yg tak best mengenai keta ni:

1. Muscular look - pegi hotel mahal2 kompom Nepal Guard hormat gila sambil ubah kon suruh masuk parking VIP.
2. Rtax 1.8 je, tak mahal mcm 2.0
3. Keselesaan sangat best (banding dgn civic, altis, accord, camry)
4. handling superb (berbanding proton)
6. Spare part pon tak susah

Tak best:
1. Timing belt - chevy malaysia caj rm3000 (harga terbaru aku gi tanya la, kalau salah mohon maaf la ye), tanya GM Thailand baru RM900, so Thailand kena kunjungi kerap sket, ada alasan kat bini hahahah
2. Kuasa pecutan yang hampeh - dengan Jetta kena belasah tahap pasukan belasahan liga perdana
tapi skang ni dah ada benda yg boleh remap balik ECU utk driving style yg kita nak, cuma aku tak penah try, tatau la keberkesanan dia camne.

So, basically bagi aku yg dah terbeli ni, aku bangga dan aku regret sama banyak je.  aku bangga sebab keta ni rare, lalu je kat tpt org ramai, mesti semua toleh, kalau pakai civic turbo pon org buat tatau je.. hahaha. Aku regret sebab aku dah takleh buat perangai lama lagi, perangai tukar keta setelah habis warranty sebab keta ni resale value sgtlah hampas.  cuma pada aku, as long as dia tak buat perangai yg teruk2 cam Peugeot, aku consider ni kira nikah mati la ngan dia hahahaa.

Dan bila dah terpakai keta Conti ni, aku dah hilang selera dgn keta Jepun, atas beberapa faktor:

1. Design - muscular vs robotic (Japan la)
2. Ketahanan - long lasting vs short life span
3. flexibility - kurang tegas dr segi warranty vs Jepun semua part dia nak handle
4. Keselesaan - superb vs so so (aku katakan atas pengalaman aku memiliki jazz hybrid dan keta2 jepun lain sebelum ini)

So, ambillah iktibar atau renungan pada yg bertanya. Yang baik dr Allah, yg tak betul dari saya.

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Post time 15-6-2017 01:31 PM | Show all posts
thomasskl replied at 6-7-2014 04:59 AM
hello,saya cuma nak sharing pasal kereta civic compare dengan kereta cruze,sebab saya ada kereta cru ...


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