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Masa cuti raya hari tu first time saya tengok Apa Dosaku - The Movie lakonan Elaine Daly yang juga merupakan cucu saudara kepada Sybil Kathigasu (Sybil Medan Daly - nama dia sebelum kahwin).

Saya tak tahu tentang Sybil sebelum ini dan rasa sangat tersentuh bila tengok ceritanya di TV, mungkin ada tokok tambah tetapi melalui apa yang saya baca di internet, penyeksaan yang dilalui Sybil pada zaman penjajahan Jepun memang sangat teruk. Atas keberanian Sybil dia dianugerahkan dengan pingat GM oleh kerajaan British.

Sesiapa orang Perak terutamanya di Papan yang tahu tentang Sybil ini marilah kongsi cerita ya. Saya fikir tak semua orang seberani Sybil tetapi ceritanya tidak ditulis dalam sejarah negara untuk pengetahuan orang lain. Dia layak digelar wira kerana keberaniannya.

This photograph shows Malaya's war heroine Sybil Kathigasu. Born in Medan, Sumatra, as Sybil Daly, the daughter of Joseph Daly and Beatrice Mathilda Martin,she was a Eurasian, a devout Catholic, a vegetarian and spoke fluent Cantonese.

She married Dr A C Kathigasu in St John's church (now cathedral) in Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur. Initially there had been a religious objection from her parents as he was a Hindu. However, with agreement from his father he changed his name and religion on 4 January 1919 in order for the wedding to take place. His new (Catholic) name was Abdon Clement (A C) Kathigasu. They were married on 7 January 1919 in St Johns Church, Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur. Sybil's first child was a son born on 26 August 1919, but due to major problems at birth, died after only 19 hours. He was named Michael after Sybil's elder brother who was born in Taiping on 12th November 1892 and was killed in Gallipoli on 10th July 1915 as a member of the British Army.

The devastating blow of baby Michael's death led to Sybil's mother suggesting that a young boy, William Pillay, born 25th October 1918, who she had delivered and had remained staying with them at their Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, house, should be adopted by Sybil and her husband. Then a daughter Olga was born to Sybil in Pekeliling, Kuala Lumpur, on 26th February 1921. The earlier sudden death of baby Michael made Olga a very special baby to Sybil, when she was born without problems.

So when Sybil returned to Ipoh on 7th April 1921, it was not only with Olga, but also with William and her mother who had agreed to stay in Ipoh with the family.

A second daughter Dawn, was born in Ipoh on 21 September 1936 and baptised in St Michael's Church Ipoh.

When the Japanese first bombed Ipoh, Dr A C Kathigasu and his wife Sybil vacated their clinic at 141 Brewster Road and sought refuge, in Papan where they were taken in by a friend at 74 Main Road. They stayed on in Papan during the Japanese Occupation and set up a clinic there.

After a short while, Dr. Kathigasu reopened the clinic in Ipoh while Sybil maintained the Papan dispensary, providing free treatment to the poor. She had long anticipated a role in the resistance against the Japanese and accepted the offer to provide treatment and medical supplies to the Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army guerillas. MPAJA members needing treatment were brought through the back door of the dispensary, where a vegetable garden was planted in the backyard to provide cover.

As Papan became more widely known as a support base for the Communists, the Japanese military police started to arrest people of the town that were suspected of assisting the guerillas.

Inevitably, Dr Kathigasu was arrested, followed by Sybil shortly afterward in early August 1943. She was interned and interrogated at the central police station in Ipoh. She was in custody of the infamous Ipoh Kempeitai chief Ekio Yoshimura from October 1943 to July 1945, being charged with being a spy, cooperating with the enemy, providing medical assistance to the Communist guerillas, possessing a radio set and listening to enemy propaganda. She was then transferred to the Batu Gajah prison and finally given a mock trial in the Ipoh lock-up.

Three weeks after the Japanese surrender on 6 September 1945, Sybil was found in, and transferred from, the Batu Gajah gaol, to the hospital by a British Army unit led by Captain David McFarlane. She was then escorted back to Papan, welcomed by the whole contingent of the MPAJA at Pusing, Perak. The whole town of Papan also turned up to give her a heartfelt heroine's welcome.

Not long after she was flown to London by the British Government to receive treatment on her injuries. She was then summoned to Buckingham Palace, to receive the George Medal from the King George VI of England, for her courage and loyalty to the British. She succumbed to her injuries and died in Scotland on 12 June 1948. Buried initially in the quiet churchyard of Lanark Church with a handful of local mourners, her remains were brought back to Ipoh the following year for reburial in St Michael's Church Cemetery.

Her remains having arrived from Scotland by boat to Penang and then travelled home to 141 Brewster Road on 20th March 1949, one of the largest funeral processions ever seen in Perak took place on 21st March. Sybil the Ipoh heroine was treated in royal style and the people of Perak and further afield turned out to say goodbye.

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tak pernah aku dengar nama dia dalam silibus sejarah sekolah dulu. nampaknya sejarah malaysia perlu dirombak semula, byk error.

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kalau dia mendapat pengiktirafan daripada British... tetapi rakyat Malaysia ramai yang tak kenal dia nampaknya negara kita sepertinya gagal mendokumentasi sejarah dengan baik...

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ada rupa elaine daly sikit2

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cerita la lagi ape sumbangan die.

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tak banyak yang ditulis tentang Sybil, kalau ada pun maklumatnya hampir sama...


By Mariam Mokhtar

MALAYSIANS have a very poor sense of history. In recent decades, our education system and schools placed little emphasis on the subject. What passed off as history was knowing which political party and politicians featured prominently in Malaysias recent past.

Besides this and the study of the Malacca sultanate, few children have even heard of the two world wars or of the birth of democracy or the influence of powerful people through the ages.

Sadly, many children memorise certain historical facts just so they can pass their history exams.

This unhealthy trend is finally being addressed. Although films like Sarjan Hassan and Leftenan Adnan, are examples of local heroes remembered by Malaysian youth, there still exists a wide gap in historical knowledge.

However, an eight-part drama mini-series is also hoping to fill the gap in Malaysias local history. It will feature one Malayan woman who defied the Japanese occupiers in war-torn Malaya in the 1940s.

She is Sybil Kathigasu and is our World War II heroine. Her nursing skills and quiet determination have also termed her the title, Malaysias Florence Nightingale.

Shes a war heroine who was tortured and beaten up and yet she survived it all, explained 32 year-old Elaine Daly, a former Miss Malaysia Universe 2003, beauty queen-turned-actress, who portrays her in the series. Incidentally, Elaine is related to the heroine and would have been her grand-niece, had Sybil lived. After the war, Sybil was awarded the George Medal, the highest British civilian award for bravery, by King George VI.

Daly plays Kathigasu in Apa Dosa Aku? (What is my sin?): The Sybil Kathigasu Story C as part of a wider campaign to celebrate Malaysian history.

Tortured mercilessly

The real Sybil, according to older daughter Olga, was of French and Penang Eurasian descent. She married AC Kathigasu, a doctor, while she was a trained nurse and together they operated a clinic in Ipoh from 1926 until Japanese troops arrived in Ma-laya on 26 December, 1942.

The couple, along with their two daughters Olga and Dawn and an adopted son William, moved to a small town called Papan.

Together with her husband, the resistance fighter opened another dispensary in Papan and secretly provided the guerrilla forces with medical treatment and supplies as well as information to the resistance forces during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya.

They were betrayed and she was caught by the Japanese in 1943 and tortured mercilessly. She underwent the Tokyo wine treatment whereby water was pumped into her and her torturer would stomp on her stomach and force water out of her through all her orifices.

She was beaten, burnt and kicked on the jaw in an attempt to break her. She could not walk, lost all her fingernails and had broken bones everywhere, including her skull. Her five-year-old daughter, Dawn, was dangled from a tree and her torturers threatened to roast her child alive with charcoal burning beneath her.

Despite being tortured and thrown into prison by the Japanese military police, Sybil never divulged information about the resistance movement. She survived the ordeal although her health was severely affected after the various injuries sustained during her incarceration.

When Malaya was liberated in 1945, Sybil was flown to Britain for medical treatment. She was awarded the George Medal for Gallantry, the only Malaysian woman to receive the medal for bravery.

The two-storey shophouse at 74 Main Street in Papan now belongs to a private individual and is open to tourists for viewing. The shooting of the drama was done entirely in Perak and also at the house, from last December to early February this year. Everything mentioned in her memoir No Dram of Mercy was preserved in the house, including the well-concealed hole under the staircase where the radio was hidden.

A story we should all know

Sybil Kathigasu died in 1948, in Lanark, Scotland, from acute septicaemia brought on by her previous injury sustained during her torture. In 1949, her remains were returned to Ipoh, where a huge crowd paid tribute and accompanied her cortege to her final resting place in the grounds of St Michaels Church.

Director Bernard Chauly is retelling the story of Sybil Kathigasu, based on her memoir. When asked what message he wanted relayed, he said: It is one womans struggle and sacrifice driven by deep personal conviction for justice, in the face of inhumanity at a time when Malaya was upside down. For those whore familiar and passionate about her story, this series need no introduction. For the majority of the Malaysian public, the simple message is: here is a story we should all know. One that should be in our history books.

Bernards films normally feature female protagonists: The contribution of women to the course of history, ours included, has been under- documented, under-recognised and often untold.

For him, the Sybil Kathigasu story is a perfect example: Luckily for us, she lived to tell her story and penned down her gripping -experiences. In short, it is a rare historiography of a true wirawati negara ( national heroine).

Sybil Kathigasu is without doubt a Malaysian heroine and 12 June 2010, marks the 62nd anniversary of her death from the torture she received at the hands of the Japanese military police.

She, like many others in the war effort, gave the ultimate sacrifice to the nation in order that we may live in peace and security.


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siapakah dia?

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xde yg tau pasal Sybil ke?yg pasti cerita kt astro tu memang terbaik

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owh..x sangka plak elaine daly nie cucu sendara dia..

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ada 1 jalan kt fair park, ipoh, dinamakan sempena nama sybil kathigasu....

tp bab klinik husband dia kt brewster road tu, tak sure plak yg mana 1.....(brewster rd skrg dkenali dgn nama jln sultan idris shah)

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pnh tgk citer ni thn lepas rasanya..
seksaan yg dia dpt tuh mmg horror la...
rasanya elaine daly ada dpt award kot untuk lakonan dlm drama ni...

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aku pnh tau nama kathigasu ni masa tgk chinese drama dr singapore masa thn 95 dulu

tajuk drama tu price of peace. mmg citer psl kehidupan masa zmn jepun dolu...

ingatkan watak rekaaan rupanya wujud manusia tu..

tp mmg betul la sejarah negara kita ni byk yg perlu dirombak

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Bagus la itu barua kena tangkap & kena seksa. Galak gatal sangat nak tolong tali barut Lenin.

Khaarrrk ptuih

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pernah tgok cite ni...sedih sangat...

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So sad... isk3...

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Sebelum kita mempersoalkan sejarah Malaysia yang berkaitan dengan penjajahan Jepun, kita kena tahu apa jasa & peranannya kepada Tanah Melayu ketika itu, kenapa dia diseksa oleh pihak jepun. Tak semestinya kalau diberi pingat keberanian oleh pihak British seseorang itu layak dipanggail wira/wirawati negara.

Kita sedia maklum pihak Jepun & British adalah penjajah kepada negara kita Malaysia ni. Jadi tidak timbul persoalan adakah wira British adalah wira kepada Malaysia...Tok Janggut adalah wira Tanah Melayu (Malaysia) tapi menjadi pengkianat kepada British...kita rakyat Malaysia bukan rakyat penjajah

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Filem tentang sybil kathigasu cuma berpandukan khayalan saja.  

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Pelbagai seksaan telah dilakukan untuk membuka mulut Sybil Kathigasu. Kaki dan tanganya juga telah hampir patah diseksa tentera Jepun, hinggakan anak perempuan beliau Dawn yang berusia 5 tahun telah digantung diatas pokok secara tebalik dan digigit kerengga dan diugut untuk dibakar tidak berjaya mematahkan semangat Sybil Kathigasu.

Akhirnya apabila tentera Jepun kalah pada 1945, Sybil Kathigasu telah diterbangkan ke Britain. Beliau telah menerima pingat dan anugerah George Medal for Gallantry oleh kerajaan British, merupakan satu-satunya rakyat Malaysia yang menerima anugerah terbabit.

Sumber: ... kisah-wirawati.html

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Edited by hanihan16 at 17-1-2017 06:42 AM

sybil kathigasu ni dah ada dlm silibus buku teks sekolah rendah versi kssr skrg. tp subjek english la, bkn sejarah. topik real life heroes.

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pernah baca nama ini x ingat baca kat mana zaman dulu2

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