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                 Terdapat beberapa peristiwa pelik/misteri yg telah berlaku beberapa ketika sebelum berlaku pencerobohan didakwa askar sultan sulu di lahad datu, sabah :-

1.) The incident involving a large group of Sulu warriors (Royal Army of Sulu) currently locked in a standoff with Malaysian authorities at Lahad Datu in Sabah is not merely about the Sultanate of Sulu enforcing its ancestral claims on Sabah.

Do not be misled as this current unfolding of events is the beginning of a much sinister ploy.

Sabah is ground zero in a conspiracy perpetrated by very powerful entities and the Filipino Muslims rebels currently at standoff with Malaysian authorities are merely pawns in a game where lives are meant to be lost for a deceptive cause.

Claims that Sulu warriors landed in Sabah because the Sulu Sultanate was left out of the recent peace process brokered by Malaysia between Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Philippines Government is NOT REALLY THE FACT!

The following are some facts and evidence that reveal why Sabah is Ground Zero:


This ship C USS GUARDIAN C ran aground in Tubbataha Reefs in Philippines on Jan 17, 2013.

The USS Guardian, after it ran aground in Tubbataha Reefs is pictured on Jan. 17, 2013, by the Armed Forces of the Philippines Western Command.

This ship was deliberately made to sail off-course. Imagine with the latest equipment on board and having sailed through the same route many times, this minesweeper ship was unable to differentiate the reefs from the waters.

Despite being warned repeatedly by Tubbataha Reef Marine Rangers, the USS Guardian commander refused to listen and stop.

He even ordered his crew to get into battle position when the rangers tried to get on board to make a routine inspection on the ship after it ran aground.

Until today, it remains a mystery: Why were they even near Tubbataha? The Sulu Sea is so vast, and it takes hours from Puerto Princesa to reach it. Why couldnt they see it when they had all the state-of-the-art maps and navigation systems? asked Jose Ma. Lorenzo, World Wildlife Fund-Philippines chief executive officer.

THIS is what Philippines Department of Transportation and Communication Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said of the US Sailors on board USS Guardian:
Some say they probably enjoyed too much of an RnR in Subic, some said error in digital charts, some say they were doing a different thing there on their own..

In other words, the Secretary was trying to imply that USS Guardian was running its own 'clandestine' operation.

(For further read on the USS GUARDIAN issue, please go to:

Could it be that this incident created a smokescreen for some other activities to take place in the Sulu Sea and adjoining Celebs Sea?

* The date of the incident was Jan 17, 2013.

* Members of the self-styled Royal Army of Sulu invaded Sabah on Feb 11, 2013, which is 24 days later.

There was a flurry of activities involving US ships as well as rescue and salvage ships in the Sulu Sea since the Jan 17 incident at Tubbahata Reef region.

As a matter of fact, the crew on board USS Guardian were quickly rescued and whisked away to a Japan safe zone. Why were they not brought to Philippines which is the most logical thing to do?

Could it be that all this activities that ensued in the Sulu Sea could have provided an opening for hundreds of speed boats with Sulu warriors to sail into Sabah undetected?

Something is just not right with the USS Guardian.    

Memang ada peristiwa kapal navy us terkandas di laut sulu walaupun pihak ranger filipina telah memberi amaran kpd kapal tsb.....dgn adanya alat radar/gps/satelit/senjata yg canggih, mmg pelik hal spt ini telah berlaku malah mrk dikatakan dlm satu stage berada dlm ready combat to fight apabila pihak ranger filipina melakukan routine inspection di atas kapal itu.....adakah sesuatu secret ops sdg berlaku semasa itu ???

peristiwa ini berlaku pd 17 jan 2013 & dikatakan krew2 kapal yg direscue terus dikejarkan ke zon selamat jepun.....mengapa x dihantar ke filipina dahulu sdgkan filipina adalah sekutu rapat us ??? kredit utk blog dibawah krn highlightkan perkara2 ini kerana peristiwa ini menjadi laporan utama media2 arus perdana sblm ni......x pasti lah hal ini kebetulan shj atau mmg ada grand design tertentu utk -ve elemen atau subversif......

sumber :


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Sultan Jamalul Kiram III has been a toothless tiger for a very long time as he is plagued by a lot of problems, from family infightings, health issues, financial difficulty and rivals claiming his throne, more than a dozen to speak.

One just has to read to catch a glimpse of how many sultans are claiming the one throne in Sulu.

Jamalul Kiram knows his kingdom is not safe in his hands, and he suffers from liver ailment as well as other illnesses, and lives in constant fear that someone will poison him to claim his throne.

But then, suddenly, the toothless tiger Jamalul Kiram grows fangs and claws.

He orders his troops, helmed by his crown prince, to invade Sabah knowing very well that the full might of the Malaysian army will be upon his men.

How did this happen? Any by the way, Jamalul Kiram is still undergoing treatment at a Manila hospital for liver ailment.

This begs the question, who is behind Jamalul Kirams renewed vigour in claiming Sabah?

Who gave money to the Sulu warriors aka ROYAL SULU ARMY to buy speed boats, fuel,  food, clothes and weapons that include M16 and M14 rifles, M16 carbines and M203 grenade launchers?

This only means one thing C


And the troops that came in via sea were taken in and cared by those living in Sabah, reinforcing the fact that sleeper cells have been activated.

Sleeper cells are activated when orders are given to them together with funds as proof of an assignments authenticity.

4. Sulu Royalties seek AMERICAN help to claim Sabah

While poor old Sultan Jamalul Kiram is having it hard in the Philippines, six of his close relatives and heirs are living the American dream. They reportedly have become American citizens.

Upon receiving news that their patriarch is mounting a challenge to reclaim Sabah, Jamalul Kirams relatives, nephews and nieces are very excited.

They are so excited with the prospects of reclaiming Sabah that they now want the United States and President Barack Obama to help Sultan Jamalul Kiram with his claim.

Former Senator Santanina Rasul, one of  Jamalul Kirams relatives and heirs who lay claim over Sabah, told journalists that one of her sons, Abraham Rasul Jr is an American citizen and has right to claim his share in the inheritance of Sabah.

The articles on Sulu Sultan heirs to ask US help on Sabah can be read here:


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Did PKR duo find facts on CONMAN in Manila or did they learn more?

In early February 2013, two PKR politicians from Malaysian went to Manila to probe on Aman Futures Group conman Manuel Amalilion who defrauded Filipinos of 12 billion pesos in a Ponzi scheme.

The duo told Malaysians that they are going to Manila on a fact finding mission on Manuel Amalilio and his Aman Futures Group.

They took a Friday night flight, stayed in Manila on Saturday and returned to KL the following day.

The Question is - why did they go to Manila on a fact finding mission when almost 99% of victims swindled by Amalilio were in the Mindanao and Visayas regions?

After all, Manuels office and centre of operations was in Pagadian City, a city that is 1,113km away from Manila.

What were they actually doing in Manila?  

Did they meet a CIA agent there under instructions from Anwar Ibrahims American contact, or did they meet an agent of Nur Misuari, leader of rebel group Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)?

Or did they meet an agent of Sultan Jamalul Kiram?

After all, the Sultan is undergoing dialysis treatment in a hospital in Manila.

Indeed, hours after landing in Manila, they did meet someone who resembled a special agent.

Its no secret that PKR boss has very close ties with the CIA as well as Philippine rebel groups, and is in a position to help US set up a Navy base in Sabah should his coalition form the new federal government (Read


Before we explain further, please read the court proceeding in Philippines as reported in:

Manuel Amalilio was under the radar of Philippines internal security agency for supporting terrorism activities.

After all, he took thousands of Filipino Muslims to the dry cleaners by promising to double up their money with his preposterous scam.

Many Filipino Muslims supported him because he projected a greater cause, which is to make the poor Filipino Muslim community wealthier.

He was often seen praying five times a day and making frequent quotes from the Holy Quran while speaking to investors.

Philippines Justice Secretary De Lima confirmed the National Bureau of Investigations received intelligence information stating that the multi-billion peso windfall from Aman's (futures group) pyramiding scheme is being used to finance the activities of a terrorist group.

The above is the actual quote from justice secretary Leila Magistrado De Lima as reported in Philippines media after syndicated estafa charges were filed on Pagadian City Mayor Samuel Co and his wife Priscilla Ann in the wake of the Aman Futures Group Scam end of last year.

That is the actual reason why Malaysian police scrambled to stop the deportation of the conman at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport on Jan 25, 2013.

Manuel Amalilio was in a position to provide Malaysian security forces with valuable information on terrorists/rebel groups such as Abu Sayyaf, MNLF and the Royal Sulu Army that could threaten the security in the region.

So despite knowing it would turn out to be a public relations disaster, Malaysian Authorities proceeded to block Manuels deportation.

The backlash received by Malaysian Authorities was severe but nonetheless, it was justifiable and worth the trouble.

During interrogation, Manuel has spilled the beans on who he was feeding the money to, and it appears that he is not only a conman, but an enemy to the state of Sabah.

Dozens of payment from these banks (list provided by Philippines Justice Department) indicate that they could have found its way to the hands of terrorist and rebel groups that wanted to derail the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement for peace.

Among the banks covered by the freeze order (on Aman Groups assets) were the Land Bank of the Philippines; Bank of the Philippine Islands; Banco de Oro; Unibank; Allied Bank; Bank of Commerce; BPI Family Savings Bank; China Banking Corp.; Citibank, NA; Development Bank of the Philippines, East West Bank; Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corp.; Metrobank; One Network Bank; Orix Metro Leasing and Finance Company; Philippine Bank of Communication; Philippine Savings Bank; RCBC; Security Bank; Standard Chartered Bank; Union Bank; UCPB; and Philippine National Bank.


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            The standoff in Sabah, and its timing, validates the fact that powerful, unseen hands are behind it.

There is a resemblance to many uprisings in the world.

Through highly specialised covert operations, the Government of many countries have fallen.

And often, these clandestine operations are carried out by private defence contractors and mercenaries appointed by the US Government.

The situation in Sabah is no different.


Sabah, it appears, is a prized catch.

For the American, there is a dire need to enhance and strengthen their military presence in the Southeast Asia region, especially to contain Chinas rising power.

After Philippines closed its doors on US Clark Naval Base, America has since been looking for another base, ideally in the South China Sea.

Getting its hands on Sabah by backing a new Government that will bend to its wishes will be the ideal scenario for US.

There will be a lot of spill-over effects.

It should also be noted that Sabah has oil and gas reserves as big as Kuwaits.

Besides, there are abundant natural resources and vast mineral deposits such as coal, gold, copper, limestone and etc.

As for some Opposition politicians in Malaysia, the fall of Sabah will signify the ruling coalition, one of the oldest Governments in the world, losing its fixed deposit and hence losing power after a rule of 50 over years.


The standoff in Sabah has all the trademarks of a cleverly orchestrated plan to topple the current administrators of Sabah with influence from world superpowers.

The Sulu Sultanate claim is just a smokescreen.

Common sense will show, if Sulu Sultanate wanted to claim back Sabah, why only NOW ???



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last2 nuart jugak yang salah
apa pun tak boleh

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memang amerika yg jadi punca sebenarnya....mungkin bukan anwar, tapi kebanyakan pemimpin bukan melayu dlm pkr mmg pro amerika, dan pro zionist

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apam posted on 3-3-2013 09:14 AM
memang amerika yg jadi punca sebenarnya....mungkin bukan anwar, tapi kebanyakan pemimpin bukan melay ...

ish..kalau perkara ini betul, memang sangat menakutkan.

Takziah untuk keluarga wira negara yang terkorban.

Berat mata memandang, lebih berat bahu memikul.


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Bodo nyeee la haiii...menda2 melibatkan hal serius cemni tlg laaaaa jgn nak camporkan dgn politik....

Sapa bingai yg suke tanah tumpah kene serang dgn penceroboh??...xkirelaa pas ke umno ke pkr ke....hal2 cemni xyahlaa nak bt main dgn hal politik...

Da mcm gampang org yg suke amek kesempatan neh

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teori konspirasi ni nampak semakin menarik, tunggu dah lihat aja

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Harap semuanya segera terukai

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There is every possibility
you know what they can do

mereka telah pun berjaya di Timur Tengah

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jgn terlebeh bertiori udah...

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                petikan akhbar bertarikh 13 julai 2008 :

           KUALA LUMPUR: Will the real Sultan of Sulu please stand up.Over the past few weeks, several individuals have come forward claiming to represent the Sulu sultanate and giving their views on Sabahs long-standing illegal immigrant problem.
The sultanate, no longer a legal entity, existed before the European colonisation of the Philippines and Sabah in the 19th century, ruling parts of Mindanao, Sabah and the islands of the Sulu Sea.

Following the Federal Governments announcement of a crackdown on Sabahs illegal immigrants, an individual identifying himself as Sultan Esmail D Kiram II, claiming to be 34th Sultan of Sulu, urged Malaysia to take a humane approach in dealing with the problem.
He echoed the Philippine governments suggestion that Malaysia grant permanent resident status to Philippine citizens who had been staying in Sabah for a long time.

On Friday, soon after DAP advisor Lim Kit Siangs claim that the Sulu sultanate had been issuing birth certificates to illegal immigrants from the Philippines in Sabah, three people approached The Star claiming to represent another person claiming to be the Sulu sultan.
The three C Datuk Seri Putra Eddy T. Sulaiman, Datuk Seri Wilfred J. Kulungan and Datuk Seri Harry Lye Kok Heng C handed in a statement from Sultan Rodinood Mohamad Julaspi Kiram II, which said he was not the one behind the issuing of birth certificates to illegal immigrants in Sabah.

Putra Eddys business card states that he is the sultans adviser and personal secretary while Wilfred and Lye are the sultans financial adviser and associate respectively.
In January, Sultan Rodinood, who claims to be the 29th reigning Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo, was quoted in Manila as saying that he was claiming territorial rights over Sabah and was willing to take his case to the World Court.
Three years ago, Sultan Rodinood asked Malaysia to pay his sultanate US$20bil (RM75bil) in compensation for getting the Philippine government to drop its claim for Sabah.

Yesterday, Kota Kinabalu MP Dr Hiew King Cheu handed in a letter at the Karamunsing police station in Kota Kinabalu asking the Sabah Police Commissioner to investigate the issuance of the birth certificates by the Sulu sultanate.

The names listed are Sultan Ibrahim Barjin, Sultan Esmael Kiram III, Datu Udah, Sultan Rodinood Julaspi, Sultan Aydal Aliuddin, Sultan Ibrahim Pulalon, Datu Muedzul-Lail Kiram, Aliuddin Haddis Pabila, Akijal Attih and Sultan Fuad Abdullah Kiram I.
Yet another claimant to the throne is Sultan Jamalul D Kiram III, who was crowned the 33rd sultan in 1986.

sumber ;


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               nampaknya ramai yg mendakwa mereka lah keturunan sultan sulu yg sebenar .....adakah dokumen2 yg dikemukakan sahih/authentic ????               

             Although the Sultanate is no longer officially recognized by any state as a sovereign entity, many individuals continue to claim the title of Sultan of Sulu and/or Sultan of North Borneo, often with documentation that would seem to support their claims.[46]

The website of the provincial government of Sulu recognizes Ismael Kiram II as the present Sultan.[47]
Particularly since the 2013 Lahad Datu standoff began, a number of news reports have described Jamalul Kiram III as Sulu Sultan.[48][49] He was reportedly crowned as the 33rd Sultan of Sulu in 1986.[50] The Sulu provincial government website lists him as reigning from 1983 to 1990.[47]

Muedzul Lail Tan Kiram, another claimant, has insisted on the legitimacy of his succession as the 35th Sultan of Sulu. He cites Memorandum Order 427 of 1974, in which former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos recognized his father, Sultan Mahakuttah A. Kiram, as Sulu ruler. [51] [52] The memo states that he is the eldest son of the said Sultan.[53][better source needed] His grandfather was Sultan Esmail E. Kiram (recognized by Philippine government[[url=]citation needed[/url]]), his great grandfather was Sultan Muwallil Wasit II and his great grand uncle was Sultan Jamalul Kiram I.[[url=]citation needed[/url]] Additionally, Muedzul Lail Tan Kiram has received foreign recognition for his claim such as the International Commission on Orders of Chivalry (ICOC).[54][55] He is a relative of Jamalul Kiram III.[55]

Datu Mohamad Akjan Datu Ali Muhammad, a Malaysian businessman, proclaimed himself as the 33rd Sultan of Sulu in 2011.[56][46] Other noted claimants include Datu Abdul Rajak Aliuddin[46] and Datuk Seri Putra Eddy T. Sulaiman.[57

     sumber :


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dah terang2 najib lembab, tak arahkn askar terus, igtla balik tahun 1985..

kerajaan nk tangkap ibrahim libya dgn pnduduk kampung, yg tak smpai seratus orang pkai parang cngkul bagai..
tapi pakai kereta perisiai, polis, tentera, vat69, fru , polis hutan semo dtg berjemaah..

ini pasukan penceroboh, beratus orang dtg, tapi najib masih nk runding2 lagi , bila terbunuh polis, baru nk terhegeh2.......bodoh betull..

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batmana posted on 4-3-2013 08:21 AM
dah terang2 najib lembab, tak arahkn askar terus, igtla balik tahun 1985..

kerajaan nk tangkap ib ...

kau kena tahu, bila askar masuk ia dikira darurat. dan mereka (penceroboh) yg ditahan akan di letak sebagai tawanan. kalau polis diorang di panggil tahanan. tahanan legal dia lain, banyak claim blh di buat, klu tawanan lain legal dia.

aku tak rasa kerajaan sangat bodoh nak saja2 letak polis dulu. semua ni ada tertib dia. even dalam rusuh pun, knp tak terus askar? knp polis dan fru?

sebab bila masuk je askar, semua kuasa akan lumpuh, askar yang akan ambil alih kuasa. semua atas arahan askar. aku rasa hal ni baik dikupas orang2 askar kat dalam ni, mungkin diorang blh bagi lebih detail.

maaf kalau aku salah info. tapi sefaham aku, ini lah dia

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hunny_bunny posted on 3-3-2013 02:05 PM
Bodo nyeee la haiii...menda2 melibatkan hal serius cemni tlg laaaaa jgn nak camporkan dgn politik... ...

masa mula2 invader tu x da sape2 pon kaitkan dgn politik.......sehingga REUTERS & Philipphine post yg mengaitkan dgn 'dia'!
& selepas tu satu2 bukti & news yg hampir2 mcm dia yg terlibat.....x kan ko nk ckp ni semua sandiwara!!!!!.....akai ada tp dok kat lutut!!

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Semoga perajurit Malaysia yang sedang berjuang di Sabah dilindungi dan selamat daripada malapetaka.. Damn you Sulus!

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Siapakah pengkhianat negara itu....

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jzzz posted on 4-3-2013 10:59 AM
masa mula2 invader tu x da sape2 pon kaitkan dgn politik.......sehingga REUTERS & Philipphine post ...

mengantok aku baca komen ko neh.....patot sebelom tunding jari kat sapa...ko kene dulu pegi jenjalan sehari dua cukuplaa ke sabah..ko tgk kaum pe yg paling ramai di sana??..

sapa punyer keje bg dorg kua masuk sesuka ati siap offer ic??..

dah laa buang masa je...

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janganlah jadi apa-apa kat Malaysia

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     komen dpd guest :

1. DATU JAMALUL DALUS KIRAM -- Outsider. Not a member of the Royal blood line of succession.

2. DATU ESMAIL DALUS KIRAM -- . His former name was ISMAIL but he changed it to ESMAIL to mislead the public that he is directly related to Sultan Muhammad Esmail E. Kiram I. He was a candidate in his province of Sulu in the 1992 election as provincial board member but he was rejected by his own constituents as he lost that election.

3. DATU AGHBIMUDDIN DALUS KIRAM -- Jamalul, Esmail and Aghbimuddin are not members of the Royal blood line of succession who are three (3) brothers who also installed themselves sultans of Sulu at the same time. No one in his/her right mind will believe that one family can have three (3) sultans of Sulu and succeed one another while the 3 are still alive at the same time, when no one died or abdicated if they were true royalty and true Sultan of Sulu. These 3 brothers are seen as clowns as they fight each other, with no respect for their own family, that they are treated with derision, disbelief and a laughing stock.

4. RODINOOD JULASPI -- (FABRICATING HIMSELF A KIRAM). Commoner & Outsider. Not of Royal blood and not a member of the Royal blood line of succession. Not a descendant or male heir of Sultan Muhammad Esmail E. Kiram I (Sultan 1947-1973). He is not from Sulu but an Ilocano from the Ilocos region of the Philippines . The grandfather of Rodinood Julaspi and Kudar Julaspi was Hadjirul, a commoner with no royal blood, who worked as a horse handler in a horse stable. There is no truth to the claims of Rodinood and Kudar and his father they are descendants of Sultan Jamalul Kiram II, as the Sultan was unfortunately impotent, and did not have any male or female offspring.

5. KUDAR JULASPI -- (FABRICATING HIMSELF A KIRAM). Commoner & Outsider. Not of Royal blood and not a member of the Royal blood line of succession. Not a descendant or male heir of Sultan Muhammad Esmail E. Kiram I (Sultan 1947-1973). Rodinood and Kudar Julaspi do not belong to the Royal blood line of succession who are brothers who proclaimed themselves sultans at the same time, which is an insult to the intelligence of many as no one in his/ her right mind will believe two (2) brothers can succeed each other while they are both alive. Kudar is not from Sulu but an Ilocano from the Ilocos region of the Philippines . Kudar and Rodinood are seen as 2 clowns in the Sultanate of Sulu & Sabah.

6. MR. MUDARASULAIL @ DATU PAIJAL -- Descent unknown. Outsider & Commoner. Not of Royal blood . He fabricates himself to be a Kiram. Not a descendant or male heir of HM Sultan Muhammad Esmail E. Kiram I (Sultan 1947-1973). The claims of this man are pure fiction and fantasy made up by his warped and distorted mind. His claim as a datu is questionable and without foundation. He lives in Sabah and works in the police in a lowly position. His claims as sultan are deliberate manipulations to further confuse and destabilize the Sultanate of Sulu.

7. IBRAHIM PULALUN -- Pulalun was proclaimed using the money of Stan C. Brandenburg, a tax agent, an American claiming to be the U.S. Ambassador to Sulu and North Borneo/ Sabah, but they had a falling out and Brandenburg instead supported and installed Bahjin afterwards. Scorned Pulalun advertised on Zamboanga City newspapers that he had nothing to do with Brandenburg.

8. DIGNIM PULALUN -- Another unscrupulous usurper and impostor sultan. Commoner & Outsider. Not of Royal blood and not a member of the Royal blood line of succession. He is the son of Ibrahim Pulalun who also installed himself sultan without any lawful rights. So now you have Ibrahim and Dignim Pulalun (father and son) clowning and masquerading without rights to be sultan. These father and son are regarded as clowns in the Sultanate along with the other fake sultans listed hereto.

9. AYDAL ALIUDDIN -- Commoner & Outsider. Not of Royal blood and not a member of the Royal blood line of succession. Arrested and imprisoned in Brunei for impersonating the rank and title of Sultan of Sulu.

10. MUHD. YAHCUB ALIMUDDIN V -- Descent unknown. Outsider. He is an Indonesian.

11. HAJI MUHD. AL SAGOV VAN ELDIK (A DUTCHMAN) -- Adopted son of the father of Kudar and Rodinood Julaspi.

12. DEMETRIA OMAR KIRAM -- (FABRICATING HIMSELF A KIRAM). Commoner & Outsider. Not of Royal blood and not a member of the Royal blood line of succession. A Zamboanga City hotel in the Philippines is looking for him for failing to pay his hotel bills up to now. He is not from Sulu.

13. DATU MUEDZUL-LAIL T. KIRAM -- A member of the Royal blood line but not
acceptable and not proclaimed as Reigning Sultan by the Royal Datus and the Sharifs of the Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah . He is also not acceptable to the major groups of Sulu. As per his own admission Datu Muedzul-Lail accepted from Stan C. Brandenburg monthly payment of P50,000 and a Starex van, plus an additional P10 million for himself and P2 million for his mother-in-law and P3 million for his stepmother, in exchange for Brandenburg becoming Sulu Prime Minister of Datu Muedzul-Lail, but Brandenburg did not give him a cent and did not fulfill his promise to pay and instead proclaimed Bahjin twice. As a result many Sultanate leaders commented "Datu Muedzul-Lail sold his line to the Royal succession so cheaply which made him incapable and unsuitable to be Sultan of Sulu." Due to this unfit and improper conduct of Datu Muedzul-Lail, he eliminated himself to the rank and title of Sultan.

14. JUAN T. DELA CRUZ (FABRICATING HIMSELF AS AMIR KIRAM) -- Commoner & Outsider. Not of Royal blood and not a member of the Royal blood line of succession. Many people are looking for him due to loss of money they gave him as he promised to recover the assets of the late Sultan of Sulu and Sabah in foreign banks but he disappeared. He is not from Sulu.

15. ALAWI MOHAMMAD KARIM alias ALFONSO SAGUN BAUTISTA alias ALAWI JULKARNAIN AZAM KIRAM (FABRICATING HIMSELF A KIRAM) -- Commoner & Outsider. This man is trying to claim the assets of the late Sultan of Sulu and Sabah and now called himself a Kiram.

16. ABDULLAH AZAM ATALAD -- Commoner & Outsider. Not of Royal blood and not a member of the Royal blood line of succession. This man tried to represent himself as the Sultan of Sulu in the U.S. Congress but no one believed him and took him seriously. He lives in Mindoro . He is not from Sulu.

17. and lost but not the least but the most scandalous is Mohammad Fuoad Abdullah Kiram who is disowned by the very people of sulu who claims to be Sultan Foad., One who gets non-Tausugs and non-sulu peoples to assist him because no honorable Tausug wishes to assist him, he claims the Sabah money for himself and has forgotten the peoples of Sulu. A very irresponsible person who does nothing except appoint royal titles to Non tausugs while ignoring the people of Sulu and North Borneo.


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hunny_bunny posted on 4-3-2013 12:32 PM
mengantok aku baca komen ko neh.....patot sebelom tunding jari kat sapa...ko kene dulu pegi jenjal ...

aku ada tuding jari pd sape2!!!! ko b*n*ap sgt nk phm!
aku lgi nk baca komen ko!!!!!!

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jzzz posted on 4-3-2013 04:49 PM
aku ada tuding jari pd sape2!!!! ko b*n*ap sgt nk phm!
aku lgi nk  baca komen ko!!!!!!

wat emo neh penendang jah jwb nye...

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propa je sume nihhh

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