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General Info

Malaysian Embassy
4-1, Hannam-Dong,
Yongsan-Ku, Seoul.
Republic of Korea,
Location: At the back gate of the former DanKook University
Telephone: 82-2-2077-8600
Fax: 82-2-794-5480
E-mail :

Visa is NOT required for Malaysian to stay for 90 days.

KTO website :

E-book from KTO:

Public Holiday in South Korea

*Note : 18/9 - 20/9 is Chuseok Day ( Korean Thanksgiving) . It's a major celebration in South Korea, therefore expect massive crowd at train & bus stations . Expect some closures of the shopping & eating places as well.
Refer to last year's info regarding closures of tourist attraction places :

Weather in Seoul

Season in South Korea
Spring - March, April, May
Summer - June, July, August
Autumn - September, October, Nov
Winter - December, January, February

Muslim Prayer Room in Korea Tourism HQ

Electrical Plug : 2-pin plug jenis bulat. Power voltage - same as in Malaysia ( 220v)
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Upon Arrival

At the Airport

Incheon International Airport has introduced Biometric finger & face scan at their entry points . Therefore, expect long queues at the immigration checkpoint. It will take around 2-5 minutes for each visitor to pass the checkpoint.

Left baggage service at Incheon International Airport

Spa on Air :
- for taking shower or even for overnite stay

Location :
One floor down dr arrival hall. dekat2 ngan pharmacy ngan hair saloon tuh sume. ke hujung sikit. masa akak turun dr escalator tuh ada cafe - kiosk jek (tak ingat lak nama nya)..lps tuh turn right..jalan terus smpai nampak 'spa on air' belah kiri

Reviews : ... -airport-korea.html ... an-tidur-di_09.html

From Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul

By bus to Myeongdong :
Lepas baggage claim, kluar ikut Exit 5, pegi sebelah kiri, cari signboard bus 6015 . Last stop kat Sejong Hotel. Those staying in Myeongdong area, turun kat last stop.
Rega tiket bas 10,000 won, boleh beli either kat kaunter or mase nak naik bas terus. Perjalanan 1 jam ( kalau tak jem ). Last bus 10.45 pm. Kaunter tiket airport bus ni tutup after 10pm. So sape2 yg nak naik after 10pm, sila bayar terus kat ahjussi drebar bus tu..
Those staying in Namdaemun area ( e.g : hostel ahjumma ), turun kat Namdaemun market.

From Myeongdong to Incheon Int' Airport :
Tunggu bas no 6015 depan Sejong Hotel.

Schedule airport bus 6015

Airport Limo info

Airport Limo Discount coupon:

Airport Late Nite Bus :

By train:
1) AREX Express train from Incheon Int' Airport to Seoul Station
Fare : 13,500 won
Time : +- 45 minutes
From Seoul Station, proceed to your destination using either subway Line 4 or Line 1.

2) AREX Commuter train from Incheon Int' Airport to Seoul Station
Fare : 3,800 won
It will make a few stops between Incheon Int' Airport and Seoul Station.

AREX Schedule

Last express train from incheon to seoul station - 9.30 mlm (fare 13,300)
Last commuter train from incheon to seoul station - 11.21 mlm (fare 3,700)
Last commuter train from incheon to digital media city - 11.45 mlm (fare 3,500)
Last commuter train from incheon to geomam - 12.00 am (fare 2,300)

How to locate AREX from Arrival Hall in Incheon Int's Airport
At arrival hall, amik sebelah kiri, go to level B1, ikut signbord 'Airport Railway'. At Seoul Station, train smpi kat B7, amik lift ke B3, keluar dari gate, amik lif lagi ke level 1, keluar ke main road, tahan teksi.. Those taking subway lines, transfer at level B3

Info on AREX to Seoul

Airport Express Train Discount Period Extended

The AREX Express Train fare discount, which was initially scheduled to end in December 2012, has been extended for one more year.

The discount period extension comes as a response to the rising demand for the non-stop train service. During the discount period, one-way adult fare for the AREX Express Train is 8,000 won, instead of 13,800 won. Moreover, passengers can ride the AREX Express Train and Korea Train Express (KTX) together for an even lower fare: 6,900 won.

Meanwhile, the travel time on an AREX Express Train, the non-stop train service between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station, is only 43 minutes.

More info

< AREX Express Train Discount >
Discount period: Jaunary 1 C December 31, 2013
Discounted ticket fares (AREX Express Train only): Adults 8,000 won / Children 6,900 won
AREX Express Train Stops: Incheon International Airport & Seoul Station
Homepage: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Inquiries: +82-32-745-7788 (Korean)
1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


T-Money card (transportation card)

(Touch n go style) - essential to have for those planning to use subway/bus extensively. You will get 100 won discount for each one way journey.

Usage : subway, bus, taxi, palaces - 1 card for 1 person, no sharing

Price / Type
Basic card : 2,500 won
Seoul City Pass : 3,000 won

Other types : price starts from 5,000 won onwards

Top up : up to 100,000 won

Where to buy and top up : subway ticket windows, any convenience stores with T-Money logo (7-11, Family Mart, GS25, etc) . Tourist Information center in the following areas: Dongdaemun , Gwanghwamun , Itaewon , Gimpo Airport , Samilgyo , Myeong-dong , Namdaemun, Jamsil

Recharge can also be done at the vending machines inside subways stations. English instructions are available.

Can also be used at public parking lots, tolls, and palaces/ museums
Boleh refund balik card ni and dapat balik duit minus 500 won. The 2,500 ( 3,000)  won is non-refundable and you will not get back the card.

T-money card - Seoul City Pass type

Seoul Subway / Metro
Subway fares = 1,150 won for the first 10KM, will increase by 100 won for each additional 5KM
With T-Money =  1,050 won for the first 10KM
Subway operating hour = 5:30am til 12am

- Free - children 6 years or younger.
- Total distances exceeding 10 kilometers, 100 won for each additional 5 kilometers.
- Total distances exceeding 40 kilometers, 100 won for each additional 10 kilometers.
- Journeys outside Seoul, 100 won for each additional 5 kilometers and 100 won for each additional 10 kilometers if the total trip exceeds 35 kilometers

SeoulMetro map :

Subway link in Hangul :

Article regarding Seoul subway :

Other Info

M-Pass : Public transit pass for foreigners

How to Use Subway Locker :

Korea Pass Card :

Free Shuttle Bus for foreigners from Seoul to Jeonju

Free Postcards Delivery service :

K-Shuttle bus - tour bus for foreigners

Korail Pass :

Jumbo Taxi :
International Taxi fare W95,000 + 10,000 (Picket)

Taxi fare Guide :

Coupon service ( for cosmetics, food, entertainment): ... enefit_06_01_01.asp

Fo those going to korea in 2013 :
Make sure apply ya freegift dari lotte duty free untuk dapat diskaun free coupon n passport case (seorang apply untuk seorang sahaja)

Guide on halal food: Last edited by azradiza on 4-9-2013 09:29 AM


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1) Coffee Prince Cafe

Subway line 2,Hongik University station. Exit 8, turn right @ 7 springs corner,jln terus,3 way intersection,turn left. jalan terus smpai nampak playground,turn right. jalan terus (mendaki bukit sikit),cafe terletak 500 mtr dr playground belah kanan. byk pokok2 tutup cafe nih so kena perati betul2

2) Gwanghwamun Square

Subway line 5 (gwanghwamun station) Exit 2

3) Bukchon Hanok Village

Subway line 3 (Anguk Station) - Exit 3. jalan terus susur kedai2 antik, masuk kiri dlm 500 mtr dr exit subway station. dlm tuh u all jalan2 jek smpai nmpak umah2 antik nih.

8 Photo Spots in Bukchon :

Bukchon map

4) Banpo Bridge - Hangang Park

i) Water show : - close during winter season

ii) Floating island


Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3,7 or 9), Exit 8-1.
Go straight for 250m, and turn right at the Express Bus Terminal 4-way intersection.
Continue going straight for 400m and cross the road.
Go straight through the underpass to arrive at Banpo Hangang Park.

* Dongjak Station, Seoul Subway line 4, Exit #1 - this exit is a bit far from the bridge.. u might have to walk about 1 to 1.5km to watch the water show .. advisable to take the first route

* Rainbow Fountain (20min)

2012 show schedule

    Inqiries: +82-2-3780-0578

5) Cheongye Stream

Subway Line 1: City Hall Station, Jonggak Station, Jongno 3-ga Station, Jongno 5-ga Station, Dongdaemun Station, Sinseoldong Station
Line 2: Euljiro 1-ga Station, Euljiro 3-ga Station, Euljiro 4-ga Station, Sindang Station, Sangwangsibni Station
Line 3: Jongno 3-ga Station
Line 4: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station
Line 5: Gwanghwamun Station
Exit towards Cheonggyecheon Stream

6) Gyeongbokgung Palace

3,000 (adults)
1,500 won (youth: 7-18 yo)
6 & below - free
Discount for group of more than 20

Operating hours:
March ~ October 09:00-18:00 (admission 17:00)
November ~ February 09:00-17:00 (admission 16:00)
English tour starts at 11 am ( FOC)
Closed on Tuesdays
Direction: Subway line 3 (Gyeonbok-Gong Station)  - Exit #5

Integrated ticket to palaces : 4 palaces & Jongmo Shrine = 10,000 won

Special event : - post#1766

7) Deoksugung Palace

Subway Line 1 (City Hall Station) - Exit 2 or Exit #12 (Subway Line 12) walk for about 2-5 minutes.

1,000 won (adults)
500 won (youth: 7-18 yo)
Discount on group of more than 20
Changing guard ceremony
Hanbok wearing in front of the entrance - FOC

Operating Hours: 09:00 - 21:00 (Ticketing 09:00 - 20:00)
Closed on Mondays


Subway station Samseong (line 2) exit 5 or 6

Open: Tues - Sun - 10 am to 6 pm,last entry 5.30 pm. Closed on monday


To go to Namsan Tower

1) By walking
- Myeongdong station exit#3, walk toward 7-11, straight up, pass by Pacific hotel on your left until you reach cable car station. Walk all the way up using walkaway stairs across the road from the cable car

2) By cable car
- Myeongdong station exit 3, walk towards 7-11, straight up, pass by Pacific hotel on your left until you reach cable car station.
- Myeondong station exit 4 tu jalan terus..pastu jumpa simpang jln besar.tak payah lintas,just belok kiri, pastu jalan sikit dari kejauhan tu memang nampak terowong tu, ade elevator (lift) kat situ yg pegi all the way up to the cable car station

Cable car fares:
Return : 8,000 won
One-way : 6,000

3) By bus :

Walking direction to Namsan tower cable car from Myeongdong subway

Kluar2 dari exit #3 tu, korang akan nampak 7-11 ...

Gambar dari different angle

Dari 7-11 tu, korang jalan straight jer ke depan ... pastu kat depan tu nanti korang akan nampak Pacific Hotel

Gambo ni nak tunjukkan dari 7-11 tu jalan stret je kedepan...

Ni gambo Pacific Hotel tu ...

Depan Pacific Hotel tu, ade junction ... amik junction belah kanan

Pastu korang jalan terussssssss je .... time ni dah start naik bukit sket2 tau .... please get ready physically and mentally ...

Jalan lagi....

Dan lagi ....

Keep on walking ....

Nanti korang akan jumpe junction kecik mcm gambar kat bawah nih ... amik kanan mcm kete tu ...

Rupa paras junction tu ... amik jalan straight mcm van silver tu ....

Part ni dah mendaki yg agak heavy ...

Jalan stret je, nanti kat depan korang akan jumpe Namsan 1 Guesthouse kat belah kiri

And continue walking until korang nampak tangga mcm kat dlm gambar kat bawah ni.. naik tangga ni and korang akan sampai depan cable car station itu

Pastu sila masuk cable car station tu, naik pi tingkat 1 kalo tak silap utk beli tiket ... 8,000 won return ... 6,000 won for one way ...

Disclaimer : gambar2 semua taken from google streetview, dated back in October .. so landmark kedai2 tu banyak yg dah berubah...

10) Namsangol Hanok Village

Subway line 3 or 4, Chungmuro Station exit 3 or 4. Closed on Tuesday. Free admission.

11) Lotte World - theme park -

Subway line 2 or 8, Jamsil Station, exit 3
Monday - Thursday : 9:30am - 10pm
Friday - Sunday : 9:30am -11 pm

12) 63 Building :

Subway line 5, Yeouinaru Station, exit 4
Subway line 5, Yeouido Station, exit 5. Can take shuttle bus from here.
Shuttle bus schedule :

13) Nanta Show

Chongdong Nanta Theater
Subway Line 1, 2 - City Hall station
Subway line 5 - Seodaemun Station

VIP seat : 60,000 won
S Seat   : 50,000 won

14) Hangang Ferry River Cruise

Gambar from forumer : ... 9038&extra=&page=20 --> post#493

15) Seoul City Tour bus

16) Trick Eye Museum, Seoul : Last edited by azradiza on 7-5-2013 08:31 AM


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17) KBS Building
Direction :
1) Yeouido Station Exit 3. Walk up to street level and turn left, walking down the street. Cross the large street and continue through the park. Once you exit the park, take a left. Walk a short way and take the first right where you will see the KBS Building about 50m away.

2) National Assembly Station exit 4 . Walk straight until you reach the junction. Turn right at the junction. Walk straight and you will see KBS building on your right

Direction to Merchandise shop in KBS Building:

kalau drpd pintu depan tu,jln terus kat tempat ada patung2 katun Hutos tu.ada satu pintu kecik.keluar kot situ,trus jalan ke blkg.jalan smpai nmpk bangunan cermin kaler ijau (tempat Music bank) jgn masuk bangunan ijau tu.pergi masuk bangunan sblh kanan bangunan ijau tu.ada pintu ke lobi. kedai merchandise tu kat dlm lobi tu.kedai kaler oren.

Gambar : --> post#386

Activity - ade section where visitor can enter : --> post#422

18) MBC Seoul
Yeouido station exit 5. Walk straight until you reach the big junction where you can see MBC building on your left.

19) Seoul Plaza Ice Rink - from opens from mid December til mid Feb only ( winter season) :, English).
Direction: 50m walk from City Hall Station (Subway Line No. 1 or 2) Exit No. 4
Time : 10 am - 10 pm Mondays through Thursdays and Sundays, and  10 am - 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and holidays, excluding Sundays
Fees : 1,000 won per hour (inclusive of skate rental), admission is only allowed for those wearing gloves. Walk-up purchase is available for skating gloves and socks

20) Siloam Jimjilbang :

21) Ihwa Village

Naksan Park- Hyehwa Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 2.
Go straight for 200m, then turn left onto Dongsung-gil Street.
Go straight for 200m, then turn left at Lock Museum.
Go straight for 50m, then turn right onto Naksan Gongwon-gil Street.
Follow the same street up the hill for 300m arrive at Naksan Park

22) Dragon Hill Spa - Jimjilbang :

Direction :

Stop dekat Yongsan station ( Line 1).
Kluar dari station building, belok kanan. Akan nampak pintu gerbang yg ade tulis 24hours. Tu la entrance jimjilbang ni.
Entrance fee : 12,000 won per pax.

Gambar from momod bdk2 :

23) Four Season House (Korean, English, Japanese)

Direction :
Take subway line 6 to Sangsu Station, go out exit #2, and walk for about 3 min towards Hongik Univ.

24) Rainbow Cafe

Location : Hannam Bridge

Direction :
Take the Seoul Subway to Gangnam (Line 2), Nonhyeon (Line 7), Sinnonhyeon (Line 9), or Sinsa (Line 3)>> Take any bus towards Hannam-dong (except the red bus) - Buses are marked with signs saying "Hannam Bridge Lookout Lounge"

25) Siloam Jjimjilbang :

Forumers review : - post#1585
Review : - post#1657

26) Itaewon Land - jjimjilbang :

Itaewon station exit 3...jln straight  n sbelum smpi cheil comunication building ader tangga naik mcm dlm gmbr link neh belah kanan anda, naik tangga tu la...ikut sini pun leh tembus masjid sbb sauna tu depan sikit masjid

27) Flora Festival - Ilsan Lake - now until 13 Mei

subway line 3 exit jongbalsan. pastu kuar dr subway ada information centre. bley beli tiket siap2 kat sana.jalan lebih kurang 1 km gitu (walaupun tertulis450 m je).
festival ni agak luas. kalau larat spend la lama skitsbb ada byk section

28) Seoul Fortress Wall / Bugaksan Mountain:

Direction :
Because it is located close to the presidental palace, security is high and you must carry your passport with you. You can only enter from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and must finish your hike before 5 p.m.

However, if you want to view the fortress wall at night or don't want to worry about carrying a passport, you can access the wall from Dongdaemun Gate (you can see spectacular night views from this route). Take the subway to Dongdaemun Station (Line 1), Exit 1. Make a U-turn upon leaving the station and walk in the direction of Dongdaemun Gate. Just before you reach the large intersection in front of the gate, turn right into a park and walk uphill. Soon you will be walking next to the fortress wall, and

can walk next to it for several kilometers.

Review from forumer: - post#2071 - post#2081

29) Naksan Fortress / Naksan Park - shooting location for Rooftop Prince

Direction :

1) From Dongdaemun station, Line 1 or 4, Exit 1 or 2. I failed to find Exit 1 so I went out from Exit 2 which was 50 metres away.
2) From Hyehwa station, Line 4, Exit 1.

Info from Zarina's blog :
Info from Fiqah's blog :
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30) Pororo Theme Park :

Direction :
Get off at Sindorim Station on Line 1 and Line 2 ( direct access from exit#1)

Children W16,000 10:30-20:30.
Adults +13 & above W6,000

Blog reference :

31) War Memorial Museum :

Direction :
Samgakji Station (Subway Lines 4, 6), Exit 12. It is 5min away from the station

Entrance fees: Free

Opening hours : 09:00 - 18:00 - Closed on Mondays

32) Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center, Myeongdong

Direction :
From Myeongdong Station (Subway Line 4), Exit 4.
Go straight for 150m to arrive at M Plaza on the right.

Opening hours : 10:30 - 21:30

Forumers review : -> post#235

- try experience hanbok wearing, papercraft making and also kimchi making

incase korang malas nak cari2 or tak sempat nak cari satu2 event ni kat tempat2 berasingan so boleh la try yg ni...totalnye 30 ribu won per person.  so far chimei rase bebaloi la jugak ....di ulangi ...ini for those yg malas nak cari2 merata2...sbb pe...ketiga tiga activity ni buat kat satu tmpt je...tempat paling strategik -----> myeongdong.

sape yg nak try kene booking dulu ye..x boleh walk in...kene wat appointment.  boleh email dekat ataupun dekat sini

tak boleh split2 kan activity cuntuhnye nak pilih kimchi making je ke...sbb regenye still 30ribu won..estimated time tuk semua activity tu is around 1 jam ke 1 1/2 jam....

boleh refer kat blog chimei ye ... th-trip-part-9.html

diulangi..sila buat appointment dulu...those yg nak try in group more than 10 people akan dpt diskaun 10%

33) Cheongwadae tour ( Blue House tour)

Fees : FOC

34) Seoul Land

Operating Hours :
Opening time 09:30 / Closing time 18:00-22:00

Fees :

Seoul Grand Park Station (Subway Line 4), Exit 2

35) COEX Mall

Attractions: COEX Mall, COEX Aquarium

Exits no. 5 and no. 6 of Samseong Subway Station (Subway Line No. 2) are directly connected to the COEX Mall.

36) Toms Cat Cafe

Direction :
Subway Hongyik University Exit 9. Jalan menghala ke entrance Hongyik University then masuk ke kanan lorong yg ada Tony Moly. Lepas tu rasanya cam belok kiri.. Nnt ko nampak signboard kaler kuning tulis TOMS CAT belah kiri. Cafe ni 3rd floor

Fees : 7,000 won for entrance fee and a cup of coffee

37) Central Inland Region Tour Train

Photo Credit: KORAIL (Korea Railway)
The Central Inland Region Tour Train will begin operation starting April 12, and will give passengers an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain areas of Chungcheongbuk-do, Gangwon-do, and Gyeongsangbuk-do.

The Central Inland Region Tour Train will have two different courses. The O-train will run along a circular track, and the V-train will run through scenic valleys. The O-train will depart Seoul on a 257.2km course through Jecheon in Chungcheongbuk-do, Taebaek in Gangwon-do, Yeongju in Gyeongsangbuk-do, and back through Jecheon before returning to Seoul. The O-train runs four times a day, carrying up to 205 people in four cars including a car for couples and a car for families. The train also has an observation car with a caf in it. The V-train runs on a 27.7km track connecting Buncheon in Gyeongsangbuk-do and Cheolam in Gwangwon-do. It has 3 cars that can accommodate up to 158 people, a caf, and a section with specially designed seats for enjoying scenery.

The train tickets are in the same price range as the Saemaeul Line (top tier trains) and ticket purchase is available online or on-site. The opening ceremony for the train service and the trial runs have already been completed.

Some info on these trains :

" In order to access the V-train, visitors are recommended to first take the O-train, which connects Seoul and Jecheon, and then loops around Jecheon, Yeongju and Taebaek.
Trains depart from Seoul Station at 7:45 a.m. every morning, arriving at the transferring Jecheon Station at 9:55 a.m.
From there, passengers may flag specific stations and routes to reach the valley area and the V-train."

sumber :

The O-train is a shuttle train that loops around the inland running through Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province), Gyeongsangbuk-do (North Gyeongsang Province), and Chungcheongbuk-do (North Chungcheong Province). The V-train, which connects to the O-train at Cheoram, Seungbu and Buncheon stations, travels 27.7 kilometers back and forth between Buncheon and Cheoram stations.

For the O-train and V-train, a two-day tour is most recommended because it would be very tight if someone tries to do it all in one day. It would take one full day to take the O-train and transfer to the V-train and then back to the O-train and then transfer to another train to return to Seoul.

sumber :
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Ski resorts across South Korea :


How to go to Nami Island from downtown Seoul:

By tour bus :
You can take tour bus from Tapgol Park @ Pagoda Park all the way to jetty. Then take the ferry to Namiseom Island. Bas fare 15,000 won (return trip). Early reservation is needed. You still need to buy the ferry and entrance fees ticket at the jetty (8,000 won). Bus departs at 9.30 am from Seoul and heads back dari Nami Island at 4.30pm. You can opt for the tour package, will cost you 23,000 won. This includes return bus ride, ferry and entrance fee.

By train :

Myeongdong-->(line4)-->Dongdaemun History & Culture-->(line5)-->Gunja-->(line7)-->Sangbong-->( line yg ke Chuncheon - Gyeongchun line)-->Gapyeong-->(Teksi)-->Naminara Wharf-->(Ferry)-->Nami Island

Myeongdong --> Dongdaemun History & Culture Park --> Wangsimni --> Sangbong ( line yg ke Chuncheon - Gyeongchun line) --> Gapyeong --> Naminara Wharf-->(Ferry)-->Nami Island

Myeongdong --> Ichon ( Jungang Line - take the one to Deouksu or Yongmun) --> Sangbong ( Gyeongchun Line) --> Gapyeong-->(Teksi)-->Naminara Wharf-->(Ferry)-->Nami Island

New ITX train
Take train from Yongsan Station or Cheongyangni station straight to Gapyeong.
Fares : From Yongsan = 4,800 won
Fares : From Cheongyangni = 4,000 won

The trains will only operate as express trains stopping at Yongsan (용산), Cheongnyangni (청량리), Pyeongnae hopyeong (평내호평), Gapyeong (가평), Namchuncheon (남춘천) and Chuncheon (춘천) stations.

You CANNOT use KR Pass for ITX train ride.

For more info on this new route, please refer to the following links :

ITX Train schedule
Yongsan --> Gapyeong

Cheongnyangni --> Gapyeong

Gapyeong --> Cheongnyangni

Update info pasal ITX to Nami - as of 2/5/2013

1.  Sekarang mesin tuk beli tiket dr stesen Yongsan dah x de english language so agak payah skit nak beli.  If perlukan pertolongan boleh call org KORAIL yg ade belegar2 kat situ. Panggil je dorang ckp nak beli tiket ke Gapyeong.  nnti dorang tolong.

2. ITX tiket boleh dibeli sehari awal.  kalo nak secure seat beli lah sehari awal ye tuk dptkan tiket pagi2..kalo tak confirm mmg dpt tiket petang2 punye.

3.  bile dah smpi kat gapyeong station trus je beli tiket tuk balik ke yongsan...di nasihatkan beli je terus bile smpi tu sbb confirm tiket cepat abis..boleh je naik tapi korang x de seat la...kene berdiri 50 minit..lama tuh...Oh ye...di Gapyeong korang x de masalah tuk beli tiket sbb mesin kat situ ade Englsih. Heran lak aku, kat yongsan x dok tapi kat gapyeong ade lak

At Gapyeong station, ade choice either nak naik taxi or nak amik bas utk pegi jetty. Kalau teksi, rega ikut meter, about rega 4,000 won one way. Bile dah sampai jetty, beli tiket utk naik ferry (pegi balik) and Nami Island entrance fees, rega altogether 8,000 won. Perjalanan naik ferry lebey kurang 5-10 minutes aje.
On the way balik, kalau nak naik teksi pegi train station, tunggu dekat depan bus stop.

Ferry operates:
First ferry departs Gapyeong Wharf at 07:30.
First ferry for Gapyeong Wharf departs Nami Island Wharf at 07:35

Last Ferry
Last ferry departs Gapyeong Wharf at 21:30.
Last ferry departs Nami Island Wharf at 21:35

07:30 to 09:00,ferry runs every 30 minutes.
09:00 to 18:00,ferry runs every 10 to 20 minutes.
18:00 to 21:30,ferry runs every 30 minutes.

Halal food in Nami Island :

Nama kedai : Cafe Yeonga Jiga (Cafe Drama).

Lokasi : kat belakang tempat nie.. kedai nie tersorok.. n kene ambil peta kat sane.. yang baru.. dari depan nampak restoran itik.. (peking duck)..

Lokasi kedai Yeongajiga and Muslim prayer ( refer to the one in red square)

Gapyeong Circle Bus Tour ( hop on-hop off)

Latest Gapyeong tour bus schedule as per early March 2013

2) Mount Sorak

Take Subway Line 2 to Gangbyeon station.
Once in Gangbyeon, cross the road pegi Express bus terminal. Once kat dalam,cari kaunter tulis Sokcho. Dia mcm station Pudu kiter jer, kaunter kecik2 tulis location kt tingkap dia. Nanti ada gak helper kt situ if korg blur2, tanya je dia nnt dia tunjuk.Tiket to Sokcho 16100 won.

Nanti dia stop kat Sockho bus terminal & from there, head off to hotel/guest house masing2.
Taxi also available.

Dah sampai ke Sokcho Bus terminal, turn right...ada satu bus stop kat situ... kena jalan sikit dan cross the road...
bus stop tu betoi2 depan CU mart...boleh nampak bus stop tu dr GS 25 mart yg berada di sebalah kanan bus terminal tu...
dan ambil bus no. 7 - 1. Bus ni akan terus ke mt sorak. Mmg berhenti kat last bus stop. Tambang 1,100.
Sepanjang perjalanan ke Mt sorak, akan melalui byk kedai kedai.

Bus timetable to Sokcho

Forumers review: ... 9038&extra=&page=34 --> post#834

Cara2 membeli tiket bas to Sokcho dari Dong Seoul Bus terminal
- credit to forumer Haizzz123

Salam..haizzz nk share cara bli tket kat express bus terminal ke sokcho (mt sorak).
** dh smpi kt terminal tu, cari information desk sebelah kiri. pastu cakap nk ke sokcho dan dia akan bagi time table.
lepas pilih time, bayar 16100won dekat dia juga. kiranya tak payah ke kaunter yg byk2 tu.. perjalanan 2 jam stengah dan stop skali ja kt wayang gangland slama 10min..

haizzz share total yg kena ya:
train hoehyun station (dr namdaemun GH) to line 2 / gangbyeon station: 1150won x 2 for return: 2300won
express bus ticket to sokcho: 16100won x 2 for return: 32200won
bus ticket fr sokcho to mt sorak: 1100 x 2 for return: 2200won
mt sorak entrance fee: 2500won
cable car fee: 9000won
TOTAL: 48220won

gmbr information desk & time table as below:


Dekat MATTA Fair biasenye diorang ade bagi pamplet with 10% voucher.. amik dekat KTO booth

Discount coupon :

1) Express Bus
From Seoul Nambu Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an express bus bound for Everland (1 hour ride)

2) Subway + Bus

i) At Exit 10 of Gangnam Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), take City Express Bus (jwaseok bus) No. 5002 (50 min ride).
Bus Fare : 2,000 won

ii) At Exit 13 of Gyodae Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), take City Express Bus (jwaseok bus) No. 1500 or 1500-1 (80 min ride).

iii) At Exit 2 (Seoul Subway Line 2) or Exit 3 (Seoul Subway Line 4) of Sadang Station, take City Express Bus (jwaseok bus) No. 1500-2 (80 min ride)

iv) At Exit 6 Jamsil station, take bus no 5800. Bus fare : 2,000 won

3) City Bus
From Suwon Intercity Bus Terminal, Suwon Station, Singal, Yongin City Hall, and Yongin University, take city bus No. 66 or city express bus (jwaseok bus) No. 600 (40 min ride).

4) By subway + Everline LRT
Take Everline LRT from Giheung station on Bundang Line to Jeondae-Everland station.

Example if from Myeongdong station:
i) Myeongdong --> Chungmuro --> Yangjae --> Jeongja --> Giheung --> Jeondae Everland.
Fare : 3,850 won ( 3,750 won with T-Money)

ii) Myeongdong --> Dongdaemun History & Culture Park --> Wangsimni --> Giheung --> Jeondae Everland. Fare 3,050 won with T-money


5) DMZ

By Tour
Cost : W43,000
Tour boleh ambik dr hostel, tu yg bookingkan, mana2 hostel ada connection dgn tour agent yg buat tour ke DMZ. Please ask your hotel/hostel for reservation.

Review : --> post#1243

By train and take a tour bus to Imjingak ( done by Naadianaa & her geng)

Info by forumer fadzssha:
pegi sendiri sampai munsan jer..
last station pakai gyeongui line

Dah smp munsan, pegi dekat kaunter beli tiket plak nak ke imjingang
kejap je dlm 5 minit camtu dah sampai imjingang
dah sampai, kena amik tour guide dr sana..
Part ni yang memang kena pakai tour guide, nnt agent tu nak tengok passport bagai then bagi kite tag gantung kat leher

keluar2 jer nnt askar akan check beg, passport
jgn lupa beli return tiket sesiap
org tiket tu tau laa bajet bile nak balik
ade tulis time jugak kat situ pukul berapa train berlepas

then naik balik train yang sama ke dorasan st
Dh smp dorasan, baru naik bus yang bawak ikut pakej yg kite pilih
fadz amik yg harga 8700KRW
Pegi 3rd tunnel dgn observatory area..

pastu die bawak g jalan tgk mcm resetllement area, lunch skali
belasah makan bibimpap, insyaallah xde yg berunsurkan binatang

Yeoju premium outlet - shopping time

From the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal located in Banpo, Seoul, take the Yeongdong line bus headed towards Yeoju (station #21) and get off at Yeoju Terminal. The ride takes about 1hr and 30mins, but may take up to 2hrs during the weekends due to traffic congestion. Across the street from Yeoju Terminal, there is a bus that takes you all the way to the outlet. A taxi ride will take about a 15min ride, about 7,000 won.
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7) Hwaseong Fortress - Suwon

Take subway Line 1, heading south. Stop at Suwon Station ( 45 minutes ride from Seoul)
From Suwon station, take taxi to Hwaseong Fortress.

Suwon City Tour :

Experience forumer zafira : - post#876, #882

Entrance fee:
Adult : 1,000 won
Kid : 700 won

Activity : kalau pergi hwaseong fortress setiap hari kol 11 pg ada martial art performance. setiap sabtu pula ada saturday performance kol 2 pm.
kalau nk tgk kene dtg awal sbb kawasan show tu kecik. nnt tak dpt port yg best.

Martial arts perfomances tu kol 11pg setiap hari kecuali isnin. performance ni eventnya kat hwaseong haenggung. still dlm area hwaseong fortress gak. hwaseong haenggung ni tempat shooting Daejanggeum. Entrance fee 1.5k

8) Petite France - Beethoven Virus & Secret Garden filming location

Direction :
Take subway to Sangbong station. Transfer to Gyeongchun Line 경춘선 and take the train to Cheongpyeong Station 청평역 (about 40 minutes away). Fare : 1,700 won(1,600 won with T-Money).

1) From the Station, take a cab to Petite France(25-30 minutes away). Taxi fare +- 16,500 won.
Entrance fee : 8,000 won
Opening hours : 09:00 ~18:00

2) From the station, take Gapyeong City Tour bus
Fare : 5,000 won
Route : Cheongpyeong Station --> Cheongpyeong Terminal --> Petite France --> Nami Island jetty --> Gapyeong Station --> Gapyeong Terminal

Taken from this blog :
Another blog :
Whiteberry's pics :

Can also use the same tour bus to go to Nami Island - using the same ticket.

9) Yangji Pine Resort - ski resort :

Direction :
Ambik bas kat Express Bus Terminal (bukan Nambu bus Terminal). Sampai kat stesen Express Bus Terminal tu cari kaunter tiket and ambik ke Yongin. Pastu dia akan bagi tau terminal no brapa bas tu. Sampai Yongin Bus terminal tu cari teksi utk gi ke Yangji Pine Resort. Aku try nk cari free shuttle bas tapi tak tahu nk tunggu kat mana and org tempatan yg aku tnya pun x tahu. Tapi waktu balik tu kat resort tu ade tmpat tggu shuttle bas yang free tu and ckap nak turun Yongin Bus Terminal.

10) Bears Town Ski Resort :

11) Konjiam Ski Resort :

Public Transportation
From Exit #1 at Gangbyeon Station (Subway Line 2) take Bus No.1113-1, OR
From Exit #6 at Jamsil Station take Bus No. 500-1, OR
From Exit #7 of Gangnam Station, take Bus No. 500-2.
Get off at Gonjiam Terminal and take a taxi to Konjiam Resort (10~15 mins, about 8,000 to 10,000 won)

Info dari forumer jkk2 on direction:
- Naik bas tu betul2 depan dgn lotte world area jamsil..
Exit 4
- Kat konjiam ski resort internet dia open utk access dan laju
- Kalau dari Myeongdong,  boleh amik dari city hall stn exit 3 jam 9.20am atau
dongdaemun stn exit 6 (50m olleh mobile shop) jam 9.35am.
bas ni akan balik ke seoul jam 6.30pm. kalau korang rasa nak
balik awal blh naik shuttle bus ke jamsil area jam 2.30pm

Info dari forumer -Aya-
-tadi kitorang amik bas kat gangnam sampai konjiam..pastu amik cab gi ski resort

List of ski resorts :

13) Mount Umyeon
Diretion :
Take subway line 3 to the Nambu Express Bus Terminal (exit 5). Walk straight and turn right at the first intersection to the Seoul Arts Center (about a 10-min. walk). Take the overpass in front of the arts center which leads to the hiking trail.

14) Yongpyong Ski Resort :

About shuttle bus : -->post #1307
Shuttle bus fees : 30k won utk dewasa dan 24k won utk kanak2.

15) MBC Dream Center :
Direction :
Jeongbalsan station, exit 1.
Walk straight until you reach the big intersection. Turn right at this big junction. Walk straight for 4 blocks and you will see MBC Dream center on your left.

16) Hwacheon Sancheoneo ( Mount Trout) Ice Festival

When : Jan every year
Programs :
* Sancheoneo Experience: Ice Fishing (on-the-spot sign-ups/pre-booking), lure fishing, fishing with your bare hands
* Snow/Ice Experience: Ice Sledding, Bobsledding, Ice football, Eolgomiseong (tunnels, slides), Snow Sculptures, Snow Sledding, World Snowman Square, Ice Rink, Ice Train, Snow Train, Cross Country Skiing, Nongmokjangchigi (mini ice hockey)

Transportation :
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Hwacheon Terminal.
Hwacheon Stream is located within 10-minutes' walking distance of the terminal.
Can book a tour package thru the following agent :
Mr.KimDong : - can mention rosliana dr malaysia yg rekemen ( forumer yanadin)

Gambar from forumer yanadin :

17) Korean Folk Village :

How to get there ( Info from KTO) :

[Subway + Bus]
1) Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 10.
Take bus 5001-1 to Korean Folk Village.

2) Yeouido Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 6.
Take bus 7007-1 to Korean Folk Village 3-way Junction.

3) Suwon Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 4.
Take bus 10-5 or 37 to Korean Folk Village.

[Shuttle Bus]
- From Folk Village Office in front of Suwon Station to Korean Folk Village
- Schedule: runs 5 times a day/ 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 (30min-ride)

Nov. 16-Feb.: 09:00-17:00
March: 09:00-17:30
April: 09:00-18:00
May-June: 09:00-18:30
Jul.-Aug.: 10:00-19:30
September: 10:00-19:00
October: 10:00-18:30
November 1-15: 09:00-17:30
Operation hours on weekends may be slightly different.
Entertainment facilities: 30 minutes after opening.

Direction :
By Bus :
Take Bus 5001-1 from Gangnam Station (Subway Line 2) or Yangjae Station (Subway Line 3).
Take Bus 10-5 from Suwon Station (Subway Line 1).

By Train :
From Suwon Station (Subway Line 1) Exit 4, go 50m towards the Tourist Information Center.
Take a free shuttle bus from the bus stop in front of the Tourist Information Center

Activity :kalau pergi korean folk village pula ada show start kol 10.30 (sori tak igt nama show). kol 11 pm lak ada show org berjalan atas tali. Sapa2 yg suka period drama such as sungkyukwan tmpt ni mmg berbaloi untuk pergi

Review by forumer : - post#1749

18) Kintek, Ilsan
Directions :
From Daehwa Station (Subway Line 3), Exit 2. <-- stesen ni sehujung2 alam
Go straight for 65m, and cross Juhwa-ro Street.
Follow the walkway through the apartment complex (450m), and cross Hosu-ro Street.
Go straight for 120m to arrive at KINTEX.

check info kat sini

19) Aiins World :
Direction : Songnae Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 2. Pahtu amik je cab dlm 4,000KRW

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20) MBC Dramia, Yongin - filming location for drama The Moon that embraces the Sun

Adults 7,000 won / Youths 6,000 won / Children 5,000 won (ages 4-13)
- Hours: Open year round
- Summer seasonMarch - October10:00 C 18:00admission until 17:00
- Winter season (November - February10:00 C 17:00admission until 16:00

From Yongin Intercity Bus Terminal, take bus 10-4, 94 or 94-1.
Get off at Baekam Terminal and transfer to bus 35-1.
Get off at Yongcheon (용천) and walk 600m.
From Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Baekam Terminal.
Take bus 35-1 or a taxi to MBC Dramia.

Detail direction :

From Nambu Bus Terminal Station (Subway Line 3), take Exit 5 to reach Seoul Nambu Terminal. There are fast food and snack restaurants in the area, so you may want to grab a meal before departure.
Purchase a bus ticket at the ticket counter (some buses also accept T-Money cards) and get on the bus at the Bus Stop 18. There is no assigned seating.
The time table is available at the Seoul Nambu Terminal website (in Korean only).
Hours : 6:10 C 21:00 /Interval: about 20 min / Fare: 4,200 won

The bus ride to Baegam Terminal takes about 50 minutes. The bus will stop at Yangji and Jwajeon before arriving at Baegam. A recorded announcement will be played on the bus, but if it is hard to understand, inform the bus driver in advance that you want to get off at Baegam Terminal.
At the terminal, cross the street and take a taxi to Yongin MBC Dramia. It takes about ten minutes by taxi and costs about 8,000 won. After passing rice fields and stables, you will soon see Yongin MBC Dramia.
In front of Hanaro Pharmacy next to the taxi stop, you can also take Bus 10-1. It departs at 09:25, 13:30, and 17:40, but we recommend that you take a taxi to Yongin MBC Dramia instead.

After enjoying a time trip to the Three Kingdoms (Goguryeo, Baekje, Silla), Goryeo Dynasty, and Joseon Dynasty, it is time to return to reality. There are no taxis near Dramia, so you have to get a call taxi. Go to the ticket counter and ask for a call taxi, and they will make the call for you. (Call taxi: 031-334-3000 or 031-334-9100)
After making the call, the taxi will arrive in about ten minutes. The fare is about 9,000 won (1,000 won additional charge for call taxi service + 8,000 won for the trip = 9,000 won

To return to Seoul, you will take a bus at the same bus terminal you arrived at. First, purchase a ticket before getting on the bus. There is no timetable, but there is a bus every 20 to 25 minutes. (No announcement is made upon the buss arrival. When a big bus comes in, show the driver your bus ticket to make sure you are on the right bus.) The bus ride back to Seoul takes about 50 minutes

Can refer to this blog :

Yangpyeong English Village - BOF filming location ( the school)

1) Take train from Cheongnyangni Station to Yongmun 용문, about 1 hour 11 minutes away from Seoul (Taebaek Line, Jungang Line). Fare : 1,800 won ( 1,700 with T-Money).

2) From Myeongdong Station --> Inchon ( transfer to Jungang Line) --> Yongmun - 1.5 hours

Exit #1 at Yongmun station and take a cab to the English Village - 5 to 10 minutes away. Taxi fare around 4,000
Once there, go to Security Office and pay 6,000 won for entry fee.
Mention that you are visiting the BOF filming site and if you are lucky, they might bring you to the F4's classroom.

22) Paju English Village

Operating Hours:

December to March 09:30 - 19:00
April to November 09:30 - 22:00
* Last admission is 1 hour before closing time

Admission 2,000 won
Admission + Performance 5,000 won
Admission + Performance + Exhibition 8,000 won

1) Take the bus #200 from Hapjeong, Baekseok, Madu, Daehwa Station (Seoul Subway line 3)

2) Hapjeong Station, exit#2, take bus #2200. It takes about forty minutes depending on the traffic. Get off at the English Village stop. Its right after the Heyri Art Village ... urging-at-paju.html

23) Heyri Art Village

1) Take the one-hour trip on the Korail to Geumchon Station. Then, cross the street and take a local bus #900 to the English Village stop.

2)  Take bus #2200 from Hapjeong Station in Seoul directly to Heyri Gate 1. The approx. 1-hour ride is 1,800 won.

24) Lotte Premium Outlet, Paju :

Direction :

*If possible, take #2200 bus. The #200 bus will take longer routes. Do not worry if you do not speak Korean as the annoucement inside the bus is in Korean & English.

25) Jeongseon Auraji Rail Bike :

Direction :

Take a bus from Dongseoul terminal to Jeongseon Bus terminal.
(Alternatively, you can also take train from Seoul at Cheongryangri station (청량리역 지상) to Jeongseon).
To get there, take a bus for Yeoryang (06:10 - 17:35, 10 daily departures) at Jeongseong Bus Terminal. In Yeoryang, take a local minibus that goes to Gujeol-ri. Get off in Gujeol-ri station to find the boarding platform.

Bus Schedule From Jeongseon to Gangneung
Departure Time @ Jeongseon Terminal : 07:10, 08:10, 09:10, 10:10, 12:10, 14:10, 15:10, 16:10, 18:10, 19:10
Travel Time (Jeongseon to Gangneung) : 1 hour 40 minutes

Bus Schedule From Gangneung to Sokcho
First Bus Departure Time @ Gangneung Terminal : 05:50
Last Bus Departure Time @ Gangneung Terminal : 21:00
Bus leaves at 20~30 minutes intervals
Travel Time (Non-Stop) : 1 hour 20 minutes

Info from forumer on the routes : - post#1748

26) Sea Train, Gangneung :

Operating Hours

Departure Time
From Gangneung Station 10:20, 13:55, * 17:30
From Samcheok Station * 08:40, 11:50, 15:50
* Trains departing at 08:40, 17:30 are available only in May & August.
* Operating hours are subject to change

Duration : 1hr 20min (one-way)


* Train No.1 (30 seats): 15,000 won
* Train No. 2 (36 seats): 15,000 won
* Train No. 3 (42 seats): 12,000 won
* Proposal Room for couples (3 seats): 50,000 won (for 2 people)

Direction :
From Cheongnyangni Station, take a train to Gangneung.
Train Schedule: 7 times per day/ Travel time: 6hr 30min

From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Gangneung. (2hr, 30min)
From Gangneung Bus Teminal, take a taxi to Gangneung Station. (10min)

27) Hapcheon Image Theme Park - filming location 'Bridal Mask'

Admission Fees
2,000 won
1,500 won
* 20% discount for groups more than 20 persons.
* Age 65 or over are free.

From the Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal, take a bus towards Hapcheon
(5 buses daily at 10:08, 12:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:45. Travel time is roughly 4 and a half hour.) and get off at Hapcheon Bus Terminal.
Take a county bus headed towards Hapcheon Image Theme Park.
(The buses are available at 08:10, 08:30, 09:00, 09:30, 10:30, 11:10, 12:30, 13:40, 14:20, 15:00, 16:00, 16:50, 17:20, 18:30, 19:30 and the trip takes about 15 minutes.)   Last edited by azradiza on 7-5-2013 09:05 AM


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Where to stay - Part 1

Note on the location:

Myeongdong, Namdaemun, Dongdaemun -  closer to shopping places
Itaewon - closer to halal restaurants
Hongdae, Sinchon - university areas, expect lots of hanging places, restaurants, bars, pubs
Anguk area - lots of hanok style guesthouses

Incheon Airport

1. Incheon Airport Guesthouse :
2. World Guesthouse Incheon :

Review: -> post 1028 onwards

Myeong Dong

1. Namsan GH :

Namsan1 & Namsan2 GH :

Review: -> post 606 ... age%3D1&page=80 -> post 1979

Namsan3 GH :

Review : ... 9038&extra=&page=36 -> post 887

2. Myeong Dong GH :
Hot floor room :

3. Myeong Dong Seoul Backpackers :
4. Zaza backpackers :
5. IBVille Guesthouse : - a bit picky when it comes to babies, hence those with babies might want to avoid this guesthouse

Review: ... ra=page%3D1&page=34 - post 847

6. Seoul Tower Ville :
7. Yun Guesthouse :

8. Residence EO :

Review :
- post 1615 - post 2277 - post  254 ++ - post 718

9. Yim's House :
10. ECO Guesthouse :
11. Seoul Myeongdong Guesthouse :
12. Mama Guesthouse :
13. Guesthouse Myeongdong :

Review: ... ra=page%3D1&page=34 ->post 847

14. Crib49 Guesthouse :
Facebook :

15. B My Guesthouse :
Facebook :

Review : ... 4740&extra=&page=19 --> post#456, #474

16. J Honor Guesthouse :

17. Myeongdong Dream Hotel :
18. New Myeongdong Guesthouse :
19. Dongdo Motel Myeongdong :
20. Soo Guesthouse :
21. Guesthouse The Hill :
22. Happy Garden Guesthouse :
23. Ari Guesthouse :
24. Vestin Residence :
25. Gyerim Guesthouse :
26. Nana Residence :
27. Tomo Residence :

Hongdae/ Hongik Station vicinity
1. Kimchi Hostel :
2. Blu Guesthouse :
3. Ann Guesthouse :

Review : ... ra=page%3D1&page=53 --> post 1315

4. Namu Guesthouse :
5. Studio 41st :
6. Lee & No Guesthouse :
7. Come Inn Guesthouse :
8. Hongdae Guesthouse :
9. Pencil Guesthouse :
10. Bebop Guesthouse :
11. Hey Backpackers :

12 . Stay Korea Hostel :

Review: ... 9038&extra=&page=52 --> post 1279

13. Carpe Diem Guesthouse :
14. Boa Guesthouse :
15. Bibim Guesthouse :
16. Hi Guesthouse :
17. Hongsi Guesthouse :
18. Ujin Guesthouse :
19. Seoul I Guesthouse :
20. Blu Home Guesthouse :
21. 2Nville guesthouse :
22. Grape Garden House :
23. Seoulwise Guesthouse :
24. Miso Guesthouse :
25. DuriWorld House :
26. Time Guesthouse : Last edited by azradiza on 12-7-2013 02:11 PM


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Where to stay - Part 2

1. Beewon Guesthouse :

Review : -> post# 842, #844

2. Bukchon Guesthouse : -> hanok style
3. Tea Guesthouse : -> hanok style
4. WWOOF Korea Guesthouse : -> hanok style  
Review : ... 9038&extra=&page=25 -> post 612

5. RakKoJae : - hanok style luxury
6. DOO Guesthouse : - hanok style
7. Seoul Hostel :
8. Sophia Guesthouse : -> hanok style
9. Bongsan Guesthouse : -> hanok style
10. Yeha Guesthouse :
11. Guesthouse Korea :
12. Hanok Guesthouse Soriwool :
13. Moon Guesthouse :
14. Kundaemunjip :
15. Seoul Guesthouse :
16. Manaedang :
17. Guesthouse Korea :
18. Raon Guesthouse :

Review : ... 9038&extra=&page=25 -->post 625 ... ra=page%3D1&page=35 --> post 852

1. Toyoko Inn :
2. Backpackers Korea :

3. K-Hostel :
Forumers review : --> post#2114

4. Dongdaemun Hostel :

Namdaemun area

1. Seoul Backpackers (Main) :

2. Namdaemun Guesthouse :
Review by forumer : --> post #338 --> post #1055,

3. Irene City Hotel :

4. Yoon & Jin Guesthouse :

1. Jin Guesthouse :
2. Bangrang Guesthouse :
3. IPS Lounge :
4. Dalkom House :

Review : ... ra=page%3D1&page=22 --> Post#526, 541, 542, 543

1. Backpackers Inside :
2. Open Guesthouse :
3. Golden Pond Guesthouse :
Review forumer --> --> post #1878

4. Backpacker Mr.Sea :
5. Windroad Guesthouse :
6. Eugene's House :
7. Korea Central Backpackers :

1. ABC Seoul House :
2. J-Guesthouse :
3. Alpha Guesthouse :
4. Blu Guesthouse Sinchon :
5. Shinchon Hostel :
6. JK Guesthouse :
7. Sleeping Strawberry Guesthouse :


1. Seoul Hostel Center :

Jongno Sam(3) Ga Station

1.Songwontel :

Review: ... ra=page%3D1&page=41 -->post#1017

1. IS@k = i stay at korea :

Forumer reviews --> post #2061 --> post #2079

2. Homestay by malaysian student ( Ines Inn)

Review by forumer / blogs :  post#1463
http://artbardeartboy.blogspot.c ... 1-perjlanan-dr.html

Review for homestay in Gangnam : --> post#818 --> post#921 --> post#943

3. Doo Backpackers :

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Where to stay - Part 3

1. Travellers A :
2. Girls Generation Hostel :

Review: ... age%3D1&page=88

3. H2O Guesthouse :

Sindang 2-dong
1. Happy Guest House :

Achasan Station
1. Phil Guesthouse :

Forumer review : --> post #1948 --> post #1960 --> post #2061

Sinseoldong Station
1. Hostel Korea :

1. BigBang Guesthouse :

Hapjeong Station
1. Seoul Base Camp

Review by forumers: --> post#187

1. Provista Gangnam :

Review :

Mount Sorak
1. House Hostel

2. Seorak Morning inn :

3. Seorak Tourist Hotel : Last edited by azradiza on 8-7-2013 11:27 AM


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Food section removed due to too many complaints of halal/non-halal food premises featured before.

Please do your own research as whatever had been listed in the previous threads had caused too much issues and misunderstandings among forumers with regards to halal/non-halal status.

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Where to shop in Seoul

1) Myeongdong - Myeongdong station ( Line 4) exit # 5,6,7 - mcm bukit bintang but more on high end stores
- kedai2 kat myeongdong tutup dlm 9.30 - 10.30 mlm
Contoh gambar kedai2 kat myeondong : - post#2060

2) Namdaemun - banyak handicrafts at a cheap price - pretty much like CM
Directions : Hoehyeon station exit#5

On Sundays & public holidays, kedai2 dlm bangunan mostly termasuklah kedai yg jual2 brooch semua tu.yg bukak hanyelah gerai2 yg kat tepi2 jalan tu jer.hence, kalau nak buat serious shopping, sila jgn pegi on sunday

Tempat nak carik brooch:
Bangunan name e- Lengdang, level 2 - area Namdaemun Gate 5
Sila refer & print bisnes card yg Chimei letak ni : --> tengok post #1687 ... agak2 kalau sesat, bleh mintak tolong diorang tunjukkan bangunan nih

Gambar pintu masuk e-Lengdang: --> post#2182

Direction :
Hoehyon station exit no 5 ..
klua2 je btui dpn gate 6 namdaemun .. lepas  klua pi kanan
pastu tgk atas akan jumpe 2 building (oren & hijau) belah kanan korg ..
beli brooch nek tingkat 2 bgnn hijau tu ..

Tempat nak carik baju2 budak - Won Children's Wear

3) Dongdaemun

- Nak beli kain cotton / silk
how to go: stop at dongdaemun station exit 9. when exit from subway,look for a building in front. Name bangunan ni Dongdaemun Shopping Complex,pegi floor 2-5
mostly sell by yards - wide: 60 inches
for normal baju kurung/baju melayu: 4 yards.
for shirts/blouse around 2 yards
prices vary,mostly range between 5,000 - 6,000 won per yard --> posting by K.Jel :

-Dongdaemun market - bukak sampai pagi

-Kedai  toys, stationeries atau beli barangan utk outdoor activities

Changsin Toy and Stationary Street, 309-29 Changsin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Subway Line 6 Dongmyo Stn. Exit 6   
Line 2 Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Stn. Exit 7   
Line 1 Dongdaemun Stn. Exit 7   

Bus Dongdaemun
103, 101, 105, 144, 152, 201, 260

4) Insadong - banyak handicrafts, art galleries, korean restaurants
- Anguk station exit#6. Go straight for about 100m, then turn left
- Jonggak station exit#3. Go 300m straight, then turn left. Go 100m straight, then veer left into Insadong alley

5) Yongsan Electronics Market - tempat utk beli electronic gadgets
- Yongsan Station exit#2 (direct access from station)
- Sinyongsan Station exit#5

6) Lotte Mart dekat Seoul Station
- ade jual barang2 sovenier murah2,rega dlm 1-2k

7) Gwanjang Market - tempat beli kain
Jongno-5-ga line 1 and get out from exit 8. The market is within walking distance from Dongdaemun --> gambar kain silk kat Gwanjang market

Kedai kain Hyun Woo : - post #918

Direction to Hyun Woo Silk - taken from Zarina's blog :

8) K-pop merchandise

i) kuar exit 5 hoehyeon station (line 4),kuar jek pusing kanan,jalan terus smpai nmpak 'i' counter.jln terus lagik smpai nmpak kedai jual accesories (corner),terus lagik,belah kanan sebaris ngan kedai accesories td

ii) Myeongdong station underground shopping : kuar kat myeongdong station,tuju arah exit 4 (ada lorong pertama belah kanan) sblum kuar exit,ada kat lorong tuh ada kedai jual CD

9) Doota -

For souvenirs :
Doota - To buy accessories, beauty and souvenirs (5 Floor)
Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Subway line 2,4,5) Exit 14.

Cerestar -  building ni btol2 belakang doota dia mcm kurang org sket compare to doota tp kat 1st floor ade kedai jual souvenir ... kedai tu msk jek main entrance yg belah kiri, ade 3 org chinese girls yg jaga Last edited by azradiza on 8-7-2013 11:13 AM


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K-Pop / K-drama related matters

1) How to go to MBC Music core :

2) Lie to Me C A Twosome place Dessert Caf. The outlet is said to be the Gangnam Branch. Take Line 2 Gangnam Station Exit 4 walk 100m ahead.

3) Bench kissing scene in Secret Garden - The Seas Hotel & Resort Jeju:

4) FullHouse set :

Blog forumer whiteberry : --> Look for Day 2 entry

- From Incheon Airport, go to Exit 5 kat tingkat 3 departure hall and take bus number 223 (1000 won)
- Tell the driver you want to go to Sammok Sonchakjang / 삼목 선착장
- Turun kat  Unseo Station (운서역) , ambil bus number 710. Bayar 1000 won.
- Turun kat Sammok Sonchakjang / 삼목 선착장 / Jetti Sammok (stesen ada lebih kurang 23 stesen tgk je signboard atau masa naik bas terus bagitau driver nak turun jeti Sammok Sonchakjang / 삼목 선착장.

- Naik ferry (one trip per hour) ke Sindo Island. You have to pay when you go back from Sindo Island (3600 won)
- masa naik ferry ni ko bagitau kat org dlm ferry tu suruh bagitau bila sampai pulau Sin (sebutan Shin-do) nanti jadi macam aku pulau pegi round  pulau2 ulang balik sampai 1 jam lebih hahaha...
- Take the bus at Sindo port (1000 won). The bus has the name plate "Full House" / 풀하우스
- Get off at the bus stop (don't worry, the driver will tell you)
- Rent the bicycle (3000 won) and ride the bicycle to the filming set
(semalam aku pegi jalan kaki je tak naik beskal pun... panggil2 takde org kuar pun..
- Pay 5000 won to enter the house

Direction / comments dari forumer Eyka:
kalau dari seoul amik ler bas pegi incheon airport... tempat full house tu mmg dekat dgn incheon airport... rasanya takde direct bas ke jeti tu dari seoul (seoul-incheon airport 1jam, incheon airport-jeti 15min)

nak senang naik jer teksi dari incheon airport tu ke Jeti Sammok (Sammok Sonchakjang).. tak ingat lak berapa hg tambang 4k kot

kalau naik bas kena tukar 2 bas.. aventure skit... hehe.. naik bas no. 223 turun kat Unseo Station (masa naik bas ni mesti bgtau driver ko nak pegi jeti sammok.. otomatik dia akan turunkan ko kat tempat sepatutnya).. kat Unseo Station ni naik bas no. 710 dan turun kat jeti tu... jgn lupa bgtau driver sbb bas ni lalu tepi pantai... nanti taktau yg mana satu lak sbb dekat jer...

5) Dream High filming set :


- Dangsan Station ( Line 2) exit #6.
- Take bus no 1082 & tell the driver you want to go to 'Dream high set-chang'. The journey will take about an hour

6) Personal Taste 'Sanggojae' house

- Located in Bukchon Hanok Village
- You need to exit from exit 2 at Anguk Station. Walk straight up until you reach a pharmacy, then you turn in, you will see the whole street Korean traditional old house, you walk up all the way and turn right, turn right again, and here you are at Sanggojae!
- Rumah ni no 43

7) You've fallen for me - their houses in Bukchon hanok village :

8) Hallyu Museum - to be opened soon :

9) Cube Cafe
Direction : line 7, exit #9 Cheongdam station

1st landmark gucci

2nd landmark coffee bean

akan jumpe JYP on the way tu


10) Maps and direction to SM Town building

Direction : Turun dekat Apgujeong Rodeo Station and follow the map below.

11) Maps to JPY Entertainment

Direction : can exit at Apgujeong Rodeo station as per in the map

12) Maps to FNC Entertainment

Direction : can exit at Apgujeong Rodeo station as per in the map

13) Map to YG Entertainment

Direction : Hapjeong station exit 8 as per in the map

14) Shooting location untuk RM blh check kat sini --> Tapi agak tak update la since dia list sampai ep 107 ja Last edited by azradiza on 21-6-2013 09:59 AM


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All About Jeju

Info about Jeju :

Link utk Jeju guidebook and Jeju Map :

How to get to Jeju island

By Plane :
1) Korean Airlines - depart from Gimpo Airport.
2) Asiana - depart from Gimpo Airport.
3) Eastarjet - can book only up to 2 and a half months in advance :
-depart from Gimpo
4) Jeju Air - depart from Gimpo
5) Air Busan

Tips on buying the air ticket:

those yg nak gi JEJU by JEJU AIR and EASTER JET rasenye dah senang skit kut nak purchase since dua-dua pun dah ade English Version and boleh di bayo guna kredit kad kita.

Jeju Air -- >

Easter Jet -->

Rajin-rajin la bukak website dia hari-hari sbb discounted fare ade hari2....kalo ikut comparison yg dibuat cam Easter Jet lagi murah dr Jeju Air.

Luggage limit is 15kg.

both kena register for login tuk senangkan process membeli tiket...kalo nama panjang panjang macam SITI NURHALIZA tu ..gabung kan skali ye kiranye x dok space

Website domestic budget airlines korea kalau siapa nak dari seoul fly to jeju cheaper than korean air or asiana.

By Ferry:
1) From Incheon - about 13 hours
2) From Mokpo - about 5 hours

Tourist attractions

1) Seongsan Iiculbong

2) Seopjikoji

3) Seongeup Folk Village

4) Mysterious Road

5) Teddy Bear Museum

6) Mount Halla

7) Manjanggul Lava Tube

8) Kimnyoung Maze Park

9) O'sulloc grean tea museum

10) Cheonjiyeon Fall

11) Saeseoum Olle

12) Sangumburi Crater

13) Jeju Loveland

14) Jeju's Glass Castle

15) Mara-do - an island that hold a plaque that marks Korea's southernmost point

16) Chocolate Museum

17) Trick Art Museum

18) Samyang Black Sand Beach

19) Jeongbang Waterfall


Taxi for hire in Jeju :
1) Richard Kim - recommended by Lonely Planet
Local Mobile:010-3710-0065, International Mobile:+82-10-3710-0065

2) Kim Hi Hyung
Local mobile : 010-2693-9461
130k for 8 hrs

3) Wan Mons - Dia fluent cakap English. Dia kata dia dlm hotel line for 18 years. Orgnya agak berumur. Dlm mid 40's
HP: +82-10-3697-2303

4) Mr HAN JEONG YONG - can speak english, friendly and good with dslr cameras
HP : 010-2082-0095
130k won utk 9hrs.

5) Mr An: Mobile:010-9233-9414  - recommended by Mr.Kim Hi Hyung
230k per van termasuk airport pickup-hostel, 8hrs tour, 2hrs overtime

Jeju Public Bus : ... in-jeju-island.html

Where to stay

-best coz byk attraction tak begitu jauh
-about 45 minutes from airport
-dari Jeju airport nak ke hostel di Seogwiop seram , lalu bukit2 & gunung2 takde lampu sunyi takde keta

1. Hiking Inn :
Forumer's review : - post#2063

Not recommened by many forumers due to rude owner and the condition of the guesthouse itself.

2. Tae Gong Gak Inn Guest house - good reviews from Tripadvisor

3. HK Jeju III :

4. The Third Day Pension

Review : ... ra=page%3D1&page=62 -->post#1545

- dekat dengan airport
- happening nite life

1. Yeha Guesthouse :
Forumer's review :
Forumer's review : - post#1619

2. Greenday Guesthouse : fb dia

3. HK Jeju I :

4. HK Jeju II :
Review :

5. B&B Pan I : ... opertyAnchor=p68258

Review : ... ra=page%3D1&page=25 --> post# 607

Tour service in Jeju

1) Yeha Tour :

You can get a special discount if you book all (DAY TOUR YEHA GUESTHOUSE) thru our system separately.
Yeha Guesthouse : Family Room C 70,000 krw per night for 2 pax/ 80,000 krw per night for 3 pax (The price of room is same weekday and weekend)

Yeha Bus Tour C
1 Day Tour booking                      2 Days Tour booking
Original Price        79,000 krw         158,000 krw
Discount Price        69,000 krw       128,000 krw

-Remark: You can get a discount if you stay at Yeha Guesthouse.

2) Discover Korea :
3) JejuDo Tour Guide
email :

Jeju City Tour Bus

☞ Period: March 2 - May 31, 2012 - trial run
☞ Time: 08:00 C 17:00 / 1-hour intervals
☞ Departure Point: Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal
(Directions: Take Bus 100 from the bus stop in front of the Gate 1 of Jeju International Airport.
/ Travel time: 15 minutes)
☞ Fare: Adults 5000 won, Children 3000 won
☞ Tour Route
Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal -> Jeju Starlight World Park and Planetarium -> Halla Ecological Forest -> Saryeoni Forest Path -> Jeju Stone Park -> Jeju Jeolmul Recreational Forest -> Roe Deer Observation Center -> Jeju 4.3 Peace Park -> Jeju National Museum -> Gukje Pier -> Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market -> Gwandeokjeong Pavilion -> Seomun Market ->Yongduam Rock -> Jeju International Airport C> Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal Last edited by azradiza on 15-5-2013 08:54 AM


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All About Jeju - Part 2 :

Car Rental in Jeju

Need to have international license - can apply in JPJ - pay about RM150 for 1 year license
Just bawak gambar dengan copy IC dan Copy lesen, and isi borang dekat JPJ

Car rental desks are located at the Arrival Lobby (1 st floor) of the Domestic Terminal at Jeju International Airport . Four companies operate here and prices are nearly all the same. Cars can be reserved and rented at these desks. Inquire at the Jeju International Airport car rental desk and fill out a rental contract Check the car condition and fuel level together with an employee of the car rental company and sign the contract Drive around Jeju Island Check the car condition and fuel level together with an employee of car rental company Return the car to the Jeju International Airport parking lot.

Car rental companyTelephone number
Jeju Rent a Car+82-64-742-3307
Kumho Rent a Car+82-64-743-8107
Jeju Car Rental Union+82-64-747-4301
AVIS Rent a Car+82-64-749-3322

Avis Rent a Car
Phone inquiries and reservations : 1544-1600 (Korean only)
Website inquiries and reservations : ( Korean, English)

Kumho Rent a Car
Phone inquiries and reservations : 1588-1230 (Korean only)
Website inquiries and reservations : (Korean , English) --> register jadi member dalam website dia
bleh dapat murah. berbaloi sangat pakai nih sbb GPS english dengan dapat free wifi dalam kereta (masa nak book, add eggunit: benda nih jadi wifi free dalam kereta)

You have to keyed in your passport number sebab you are not Korean. After tick foreigner, column Resident Registration letak passport number. Klu nak more details blh email Chelsea Joo dari KUMHO di Dia fasih tulis english.

Cara2 nak sewa kete kat jeju --> masa kat airport Jeju, carik kaunter mana u sewa keta
nanti dia akan suruh naik shuttle bus pergi dekat tempat sewa kereta

Tips/Tricks/Something worth knowing

1. Reasonable air ticket from Gimpo to Jeju ~ RM200-RM300 - anything more than this is consider expensive

2. At least spend 2 days in Jeju to cover the major tourist hotspots ... for leisure travel, recommended to spend at least one week


How to book Jeju Air ticket from Gimpo to Jeju (credit goes to forumer chimei)

* Flight ticket from Gimpo Airport to Jeju Airport (time pegi) --- > JEJU AIR. (Jeju Air website )

  1.  Open using Internet Explorer, kalo guna chrome x bleh proceed with

  2.  Register as member. Pegi kat 'Join'

  3.  During registration for nama if nama korang panjang contoh MOHD AIMAN
       jadikan single word je..MOHDAIMAN.  Isi detail semua and click ok

4.   Terms and condition tu click je AGREE kat semua kotak2 tu..and proceed
       with 'continue with membership registration'

5.   Then isi semua detail peribadi ye. kat contact information tu click ikon   
       confirm kat sebelah poskod tu baru bleh lepas ye.

6.   Dah setel registration baru leh buat booking.

7.   Log in, click kat domestic flight, choose from Gimpo to Jeju (aku beli 1way)...and click 'Ok' pada pop up yg keluar nnti.

8. Next akan keluar table fare, pilih la yg termurah but check dulu timing kul bape nak smpi Jeju..estimate time 1 jam.  Bare also in mind kalo naik bus dr Incheon Airport ke Gimpa takes about 30minit so pandai2 la bajet timing nak naik flight ke Jeju kul bape tuk mengelakkan tetinggal flight ye.  Untuk dptkan lowest fare click la kat yg ade diskaun tu ye..but again check timing..kut tengah malam ape kes nak smpi Jeju sape nak pickup?? Dah click price nnti bwh skali ade estimated amount fare tu price dia. If setuju click next.

9. Next, ticket ni dah sekali luggage (15kg) and no meal. Again, if bukak web ni gunaChrome orMozilla tak boleh proceed to payment so guna INTERNET EXPLORERye.

10.  Check all detail betui ke tak and proceed to payment. Guna credit card ye

11.  After success, bleh cek email and print out itinerary.  Jeju Air boleh select seat ye bile wat check in online.

How to book Easter Jet ticket from Gimpo to Jeju (credit goes to forumer chimei) --> post#513

Gambar & reviews from forumers: - Post #1813 onwards - post#1943 --> post#998 ... ;extra=&page=32

Blogs about Jeju : Last edited by azradiza on 19-7-2013 04:02 PM


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All About Busan

Busan Tour e-book :
Busan City-Culture & Tourism :
Dynamic Busan :
Busan Map :

Kepada mereka yang akan menerokai Busan, pendapat saya, kat web ni sangat berguna sebab tempat 2 menarik, tempat makan, dan maklumat berkaitan Busan ada dan lokasi nak pergi pun ada bagitau. nie laman web nya.

Nie main page Busan :

Nie antara kandungan dalam web :

Busan Masjid
Busan Masjid was the second masjid to open in Korea. It was built in 1980 with financial support from Ali Fellaq, the former minister of finance of Libya .
Address : 30-1, Namsan-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan
Tel : +82- 51- 518-9991

How to get to Busan

1) From Incheon International Airport
At the bus station outside gate 10C, take a limousine bus bound for Gyeongju (08:00~21:00/ Fare: 36,300 won/ Travel time: 5 hours, 30 minutes) Get off at Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal

2) From Seoul
By Train - From Seoul Station to Busan - take Korail :

Train fares from Seoul to Busan

If you plan to stay / travelling around by train for a number of days, it is recommended to take Korail Pass as it is way cheaper than single journey ticket.

From Gimhae airport to Busan City

By Gimhae Airport Limousine

1) To Seomyeon & Busan Station:

(From Airport to Busan Station)
Airport(Internation Terminal) - Domestic Terminal - Seomyeon Lotte Hotel - Seomyeon(1st street) - Hyundai Dep. store - Busanjin Station ( Busan Ilbo) - Busan Station (Allianz Building) - Toyoko inn Hotel - Jungang-dong (First Fire Insurance Building) - Coastal Passenger Terminal (Busan Dept. Store) - Nampodong (Phoenix Hotel)- Chungmudong (Seo-gu Office)

(From Busan Station to Airport)
Chungmudong ( Seo-gu Office, Samsung Electronics) - Nampodong (Jagalchi Market) - Coastal Passenger Terminal (Gukje Building) - Jungangdong (STX  Building) - Busan Station - Busanjin Station - Hyundai dep. store - Seomyeon Lotte Hotel - Seomyeon(1st street) - Airport(International Terminal) - Domestic Terminal  

Interval : Every 40 minutes

Hours of operation ( From International Airport to Busan Station):
07:05, 07:45, 08:25, 09:05, 09:45, 10:25, 11:05, 11:45, 12:25, 13:05, 13:45, 14:25, 15:05, 15:45, 16:15, 17:05, 17:45, 18:25, 19:05, 19:45, 20:25, 21:05

Hours of operation ( From Chungmudong to International Airport):
05:40, 06:20, 07:00, 07:40, 08:20, 09:00, 09:40, 10:20, 11:00, 11:40, 12:20, 13:00, 13:40, 14:20, 15:00, 15:40, 16:20, 17:00, 17:40, 18:20, 19:00, 19:40

2) To Haeundae Line 1:

Airport(International Terminal) - Domestic Terminal - Namcheondong - Gwangandong - Suyeong Intersection - Centum hotel - Bexco - Yachting center - Hanhwa resort - Hyperion three way intersection - Westin Chosun Hotel - Grand Hotel - Novotel Ambassador - Paradise Hotel - Paledecz - Jangsan Station - Haeundae Paik Hospital - Dongbu apartment - Daelim 1cha apt - Yangwoon high school - Homeplus mart - Centum hotel - Suyeong Intersection - Gwangandong - Namcheondong - Airport(International Terminal, Departure) - Domestic Terminal, Arrival

Interval : Every 20 minutes

Hours of operation :
06:55 until 21:30

3) To Haeundae Line 2:

Airport(International Terminal) - Domestic Terminal - Namcheondong - Crossing the Gwangan bridge - Centum hotel - Bexco - Yangwoon high school - Daedong apt - Dongbu apt - Haeundae Paik Hospital - Jangsan Station - Paradise Hotel - Seacloud hotel - Grand Hotel - Westin Chosun Hotel - Hyundai Benecity apt - Hanhwa resort - Hyundai ipark apt - Gyeongnam Marina apt - Bexco, Homeplus -Centum hotel - Crossing the Gwangan bridge - Namcheondong - Airport(International Terminal, Departure) - Domestic Terminal, Arrival

Interval : ?

Hours of operation: ?

All airport limousine routes taken from this blog:

Tourist attractions

1) Busan City Tour bus :

Haeundae Beach :

3) Taejongdae :

Direction : Take Metro Line No.1 and get off at Nampo-dong.(Exit 6) -> Take Bus No.8, 13 or 30

Gwangalli Beach :

Best to view at night.

Jagalchi Fish market

Direction :
Jagalchi Station exit #10

6) Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Square

7) Gukje Market

8) Songdo :

Direction : Take Metro Line No. 1 and get off at Jagalchi.(Exit 3) . Take Bus No. 96

9) Shinsegae shopping mall - the biggest in the world

10) Yongdusan park - Busan Tower

11) 8 Views of Yeongdo :

12) City Cruise :

13) Busan Aquarium :

Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 3 or 5.
Busan Aquarium is located 10min from the station.

Admission fees:
Adult : 18,000
Student : 16,000
Children : 13,000

14) Gamcheon Culture Village


1) Take No.2 or 2-2 bus in front of GS25 near Exit1 of Jagalchi Stn. and get off a bus at Gamcheon Elementary school. takes about 20min.(15 stops) * If you don't know where to get off, say to a bus driver "감천문화마을(Gamcheon Munhwa Maeul)"
To get back to the same spot from the village, get off a bus in front of TOUS LES JOURS.
* If you don't know where to get off, say to a bus driver "자갈치역(Jagalchi station)"

2) Toseong Station (one past Jagalchi) and exited through Exit 6. After exiting, we take first right up the hill, past the Pusan National University Hospital
and climbed for about 2-3 minutes until you reach a bus stop by the hospital entrance.  
Take bus #2 (one of the small ones with 12 seats inside) up the hill to the very top and
exited to the left side of the street.
It is very obvious where the entrance to the village is since there is a sudden abundance of
colourful statues and murals on the buildings.
Apparently bus #2-2 goes the same way as well.
Bear in mind that the bus will take you to the top of the village,
if that's any indication of when you should stop.

Bus #2:

15) 40 Steps Culture and Tourism Theme Street :

Direction :
Get off at Jungang-dong Station and exit through Exit #13. >> Walk in the direction of the Gwangsan Hospital (5 minutes).

16) Gwangbokro culture and fashion street :

Similar to Myeongdong in Seoul but on a smaller scale.

17) Shinsegae Centum City

World's largest Departmental Store.

18) Haedong Yonggungsa Temple :


Busan Subway :

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All About Busan - Part 2

Where to stay

Busan station area:

1. Pusan Inn Motel : - 200m from Busan train station
Forumers review : -> post#299 --> post#206 --> post#227, #230

"pusan inn tu per room 40k won tu.. itu pun weekend.. kalo weekday... 35k..
bilik die memang besar... harga nie utk 2 orang.. jadi kalo tambah sorang 10k.
bilik tu.. secara kasarnya (kalo ondol room.. boleh muat 4orang)... memang puas hati..
kalo yang ada katil.. (max 3orang dah cukup)"

2. Guesthouse Inn Busan Station:
3. Sum Guesthouse Busan Station :
4. Busan Guesthouse Korea :

Nampo-dong / Jagalchi area :

1. Sum Guesthouse Nampo :
2. Apple Guesthouse :
3. Fun Stay Inn Guesthouse :

Gwangalli Beach area :

1. Busan Friend Guesthouse :

Haeundae area :

1. Mr. Egg Hostel :
2. Miss Egg Hostel :
3. The Planet Guesthouse : --> women only
4. Indy House :
Review : ... ra=page%3D1&page=26 --> post #627 onwards

5. Busan Popcorn Hostel :
6. Guesthouse Korea Busan Haeundae :
7. Hi Korea Hostel :

Seomyeon area :

1. Blue Backpackers Hostel :
2. Zen Backpackers :

Busan Maps

Blogs about Busan

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Private tourist guides in South Korea

(1) ex-MAS, part time tourist guide kat korea, wife buat phD kat sana. naik kia carnival (kalau ramai boleh amik van). jaga waktu solat

nama: hanizul (gabung nama laki bini kot)
email :
phone : +8210-5549-2876

mungkin charge lebih kat transport tp memudahkan utk bawak org2 tua. kalau ramai lg leh share rege.prefer bawak famili & orang2 tua.Boleh buat intercity travel kat korea, seoul ke busan etc.

(2) student

nama : abdul haddie
phone no kat korea: 010-8330-7463

3) Forumer exodus90 - Email :
available  bulan1-bulan2 2013



6) Hanif :
Email :
Mobile : +82 10-3233-3117

7) Student - Nasihah :

8) Student :
Email :
Untuk maklumat lanjut, boleh terus rujuk FB page kami:

9) Zarina
Email : zemoneko[at]gmail[dot]com

10) Shahrul Nordin - malaysian yg buat private tour bawak org pegi korea ... tour mainly in April & October
email  :
hp     : 012 356 4894
nama package : Seoul Muslim Backpacker Package
lain lain : siap dgn photography (ni extra charges)
FB - Shahrul Nordin
Twitter - @shahrulNordin

Airport Taxi for Hire

1) Driver taxi ni pandai cakap Bahasa Indon sebab 15 tahun duk Indonesia, 2 tahun duk M'sia.  Haku ada ambik no contact dia... kalo berminat korang bole call je dia xde...  Dia kata bole ambik n hantar sebab dia duk kt Incheon.. Hari tu haku bayar 60,000.

Bapak Bae Dae Yoel
Tel:  010 - 8008 5831

vehicle type : van

2) 70k from gh to Airport


Seoul interactive map :
Seoul Travel Mate - for iPhone :
Jihachul - Korea Subway Route Map for iPhone :

Map Downtown Seoul

To Itaewon mosque

Myeongdong station vicinity




Visit Korea' and ' i Tour Seoul' phone apps

what u have to do is = buy smartphone + subscribe data plan + install apps ni...amik la dr play store google or itunes ye....than..sila lah travel ke Korea dgn senang lenang..hehee..i've practice this now. Tak perlu nak tulis2 note ke print the earth!! phewiitt~~~~

basically apps 'visit korea' and 'i tour Seoul' very helpful to those yg xde masa nak wat research and bace2 semua buku tu.  Semua info is in there..sambil2 jalan kaki ke mane2, smbil dok lam LRT pun bleh tgk info2 yg ade dlm ni..

further cite bleh refer kat sini ye.. Last edited by azradiza on 24-7-2013 08:05 AM


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Seasonal Attractions - Spring & Summer

Best spring time destinations

Promotional video from KTO
[youtube] ... e=player_embedded#![/youtube]

1) Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival :

Direction :
1. National Assembly Station (Subway Line 9), Exit 1.
2. Yeouinaru Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 1.
3. Yeouido Station (Subway Line 5 or 9), Exit 2.

Yeouido Cherry Blossom festival date for previous years - info for those expecting cherry blossom in April

1996 - 4/12
1997 - 4/13
1998 - 4/9
1999 - 4/14
2000 - 4/15
2001 - 4/13
2002 - 4/14
2003 - 4/15
2004 - 4/13
2005 - 4/17
2006 - 4/8 - 4/12
2008 - 4/2 - 4/11
2009 - 4/3 - 4/18
2011 - 4/13 - 4/17
2012 - 4/13 - 4/17
2013 - 4/12 - 4/18

2) Namsan Park

The Namsan Circular Road, which connects the Namsan Library to Palgakjeong Pavilion and the National Theater in Jangchung-dong, offers a beautiful scenic route lined with forsythias, azaleas, and cherry blossoms. Despite its height of 262 meters above sea level, Mt. Namsan is a fairly easy walk.

The walk from Namsan Library at the bottom to Palgakjeong Pavilion at the summit takes about 40 minutes. You may also take the cable car or the Namsan shuttle bus to the top, which offers a fantastic view of Seoul.

3) Kyunghee University

Direction :
Hoegi Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 1

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Seasonal Attractions - Autumn

2013 Autumn Foliage

2012 Autumn Foliage

Info from KTO:

The Korea Meteorological Administration has announced that autumn foliage will make its appearance 1~5 days later than it has in previous years. The foliage, changing of colors in leaves, normally peaks 2 weeks after the process begins, and its timing differs by region.

This year, the foliage is expected to arrive in early October in the eastern region, mid-October in the central region, and late October in the western region. The changing of colors in leaves on mountains in each region will also resemble the foliage schedule. For instance, Seoraksan Mountain will have its first foliage starting October 2nd and peak foliage starting October 17th; Jirisan Mountain will have its first foliage starting October 10th and peak foliage starting October 18th; and Naejangsan Mountain will have its first foliage starting October 25th and peak foliage starting November 6th.

* First foliage = 20% of a given areas foliage has changed colors
* Peak foliage = 80% or more of a given areas foliage has changed colors

Courtesy of: Korea Meteorological Administration ([url=][/url])

Where to enjoy autumn leaves in Seoul

1) Gyeongbukgung

2) Deuksugung Stone Wall

Direction :  Exit 3 or 12, Deoksugung Station, Line 1 or 2

3) Samcheongdong Road

4) Yeouido Park

5) Yonsei University

Sinchon station exit # 3. Walk straight for about 10 minutes until you reach the university front gate

6) Secret Garden, Changdeukgung

7) Parks around Seoul

Where to enjoy autumn leaves outside Seoul

1) Nami Island

2) Seoraksan ( Mount Sorak)

3) Odaesan

Direction :
From Dong Seoul BusTerminal take a bus to Jinbu (06:32-20:05, depart every 30~40 min, ride 2 hrs 15 mins).
Take a bus bound for Mt. Odaesan or Woljeongsa & Naksansa at Jinbu Bus Terminal (12 times a day, 15 min ride).

4) Jirisan Mountain

Direction :
From Gurye Train Station (Jeollanam-do Province), take City Bus bound for Gurye-eup. Transfer to the bus bound for Yeongoksa Temple or Piagol Valley at Gurye Bus Terminal (first bus 6:40 / last bus 19:40 / 1 hour interval / 30 minute ride).

5) Naejangsan Mountain

Direction :
From Jeongeup Bus Terminal, take a bus No.171 headed to Mt. Naejangsan National Park.(Bus runs every 20 min)
Taxi takes 20 minutes.

6) Metasequoia-lined Road , Damyang :

*pic credit to KTO

Direction :
From the Seoul Express Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Terminal (Subway Line 2), take the bus to the Damyang Terminal (10:00 to 16:00 / Travel time: 3hr 45min.) >> From the Damyang Bus Terminal, walk 30min along the right side of the road until you see the Metasequoia-lined Road. You may also take a taxi from the Bus Terminal (approx. 15 min) Last edited by azradiza on 18-9-2013 09:27 AM


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Seasonal Attractions - Winter

1) Seoul Plaza Ice Rink - from opens from mid December til mid Feb only

2) Ttukseom Supia Park :

Direction :
Ttukseom Resort Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 2 or 3

Entrance fees: 8,000 won

3) Ski resorts across South Korea :

Review & gambar Yongpyong Ski Resort by forumer whiteberry: -->post #2245

4) Hwacheon Sancheoneo ( Mount Trout) Ice Festival

When : Jan every year

From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Hwacheon Terminal.
Hwacheon Stream is located within 10-minutes' walking distance of the terminal.

Can book a tour package thru the following agent :

Mr.KimDong : - can mention rosliana dr malaysia yg rekemen ( forumer yanadin)

Gambar from forumer yanadin :

5) Grand Hyatt Seoul Ice Skating Rink - opens from 26th Nov 2012

Photo Credit: Grand Hyatt Seoul
The Grand Hyatt Seoul Ice Skating Rink is slated to resume operation on December 1st.

Throughout the operation period, Grand Hyatt Seoul will hold a series of special programs and events including ice skating lessons, weekly events, and discount events for children and couples. Moreover, the hotel will be giving away 30% discount admission coupons via Facebook starting on November 26th.

Meanwhile, the Grand Hyatt Seoul Ice Skating Rink, for its beautiful and romantic atmosphere, has appeared in many TV dramas and commercials. General admission is 22,000 won on weekdays and 26,000 won on weekends. Last edited by azradiza on 7-5-2013 09:23 AM


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Rough guide for backpackers

Daily Expenses
between airport & downtown Seoul - by Arex express = 13,800
between airport & downtown Seoul - by Arex commuter = 3,850
between airport & downtown Seoul - by airport limousine bus = 10,000 ( 14,000 if deluxe airport bus)
between airport & downtown Seoul - by taxi - 60k ( if request earlier), 80k and above if use airport taxi

based on exchange rate : 1,000 won = RM2.90

guesthouse - dormitory - 20-25k won per nite = RM73
guesthouse - private room with attached bathroom - 40-60k won per nite = RM174
travel by subway - bajet 20k utk 1 week = RM58
makan2 kat itaewon (halal food) - 8-15k per meal = RM43
makan2 kat kedai korean seafood - 5-10k per dish = RM29
makan2 kebab kat Namdaemun - 3.5 kto 5k = RM14
minum2 coffee kat coffee house - 3k to 6k = RM17
nasik putih instant - average 1.5k ( rega between 1,450 to 2,000, ikut size) = RM4.50
theme parks = +- 38k perentry = RM110
palaces - suggest amik combined tickets - 10k for 5 palaces = RM29

utk shopping
3 helai t-shirt - 10k
1 papan FM ( 4 ketul) - 5-10k
1 papan keychain - 5-10k
Sudu garfu satu set - 3-5k
Ketip kuku - 5-10k
Kain silk/cotton - starting from 5k per yard
Brooch - starting from 2-3k each
Korean comforter set - 25k perset

Wireless Internet Option

1) S Roaming

Wireless pocket wifi

(picture credit tu Mulan si..Komawooo~~)
bleh guna 24 jam kat mane2 saje..x perlu le tecari cari free wifi..of kos la benda ni bebayo..tapi pada aku bebaloi sbb aku antu internet...and also device ni boleh guna up to 3 bleh share2 dgn kawan-kawan...

device ni kene book dulu so sape nak wat reservation bleh go to this website ye..

buat reservation and nnti dorang akan kasi email..print email tu and bile smpi epot claim device ni kat location yg dibagi kat website tu..

Payment?  bayo guna CC..1 day = 7700won (exclude 10% tax)..bile aku kira2 tempoh aku stay and kongsi 3 org..sorang kene bayo dlm 16,000 won murah ye..

Steps on how to rent pocket Wifi

1.  booking kat website nih.. kat web ni jugak boleh sewa mobile phone ye..once dah make reservation for pocket wifi ni nnti korang dpt email reply print email tu ye..

2.  bile smpi kat airport kuar dr pintu arrival tuh, trus ke kanan...hujung skali ..hampir kat ujung airport la gak..same floor..cari pintu exit no 13..nnti akan jumpe kaunter sroaming and tunjuk email tuh...for those yg kejar masa better think about it sbb nak gi smpi ke kaunter ni takes time and process nak ambik pun leceh skit byk cekadak..especially kalo line panjang sbb everyone akan tanye cane nak pakai and org tu akan explain panjang lebar...chimei arituh ade sorang je kat depan tapi rasenye 20 minit gak la tunggu dia selesai...kaunter ni bukak 24 jam.

3.  Charge/ Fees.  caj dikenakan 7700 won + 10% vat satu hari.  unlimited usage selagi ade bateri slagi tu bleh guna.  Coverage area kat Seoul..kuar skit cam Nami Island ade la skit2..Pocket wifi boleh guna tuk 3 device so boleh la share2 dgn kawan so bayaran skit la kan...chimei guna 6 hari total 50,820 bahagi 3 org..sorang cuma bayo 16,940 krw..after cek dgn kredit yg di caj dlm  ringgit is RM137.85

4. Method of payment.  Sila guna kredit kad tuk bayo ye..nnti dia akan caj total lumsum tuh..kalo nak guna cash boleh tapi akan dikenakan deposit 300,000 won + day use + 10% vat..giler mahal k..huhu..

5.  Pocket wifi hanya boleh pakai di handphone, tablet or laptop yg ade WIFI... harap maklum..

Review : --> post#479 --> post#594

2) KT Roaming

8000won sehari up to 7 users, and cover area jeju gak

book kat sini, collect kt airport..

Review: ... ra=page%3D1&page=31 --> post#756

3) Olleh Wifi :

Contoh2 gambar hasil tangkapan kengkawan forumers

Expenses from forumers --> post#251

Contoh itineraries from forumers ... 9038&extra=&page=30 --> post#731, 732 ... ra=page%3D1&page=20 --> post#491 ... ra=page%3D1&page=23 --> post#561

Gambar2 yg forumer letak from previous threads --> pyongchang ski resort --> IBVille gh --> Jeju --> Jeju --> kedai kat myeongdong yg jual haemultokjim tu --> yongpyeong ski resort --> gambar Seoul Tower Ville --> kedai makan haemul ( seafood) --> gambar dekat Hwacheon Fishing Festival - from yanadin --> gambar makanan --> cherry blossom kat Namsan Park - post#2090 - gambar spring

Naadianaa & geng sesi terjah sendiri pegi DMZ : Last edited by azradiza on 7-5-2013 09:24 AM


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Forumers travelling to South Korea

Autumn 2013
nurulfaw : 20/9/13 - 24/9/13
tnieyz : 22/9/13 - 28/9/13
shinkaihajime : 25/9/13 - 1/10/13
vamplave : 26/9/13 - 30/9/13 ( KUL - PUS)
azradiza : 27/9/13 - 1/10/13
ed_sawa12 : 29/9/13 - 9/10/13
kebayaungu : 30/9/13 - 5/10/13
masyit : 5/10/13 - 10/10/13
nasrolf : 9/10/13 - 14/10/13
nazhari : 11/10/13 - 17/10/13
k3 : 12/10/13 - 20/10/13
reoreoisland : 15/10/13 - 24/10/13
heidihana : 16/10/13 - 25/10/13
feezasabri : 17/10/13 - 21/10/13
AmmaroHagemaru : 17/10/13 - 21/10/13 (KUL- PUS - KUL)
inamess : 17/10/13 - 21/10/13 ( KUL - PUS)
norha : 17/10/13 - 22/10/13
ujin : 18/10/13 - 24/10/13 ( KUL - PUS - KUL)
ki_aries : 20/10/13 - 1/11/13
Zalika : 21/10/13 - 28/10/13
yuyoi : 22/10/13 - 31/10/13
akukasihkirana : 25/10/13 - 29/10/13
purpler : 25/10/13 - 3/11/13 ( KUL - PUS - KUL)
mizzL : 25/10/13 - 28/10/13 ( KUL-PUS-KUL)
eyka : 26/10/13 - 7/11/13 ( KUL-ICN-KUL)
miss_blur : 27/10/13 - 3/11/13 ( KUL-ICN-KUL)
agashi : 27/10/13 - 4/11/13
ifwanfx : 29/10/13 - 4/11/13
nisaxiaojie : 29/10/13 - 7/11/13
kwekerot : 31/10/13 ( KL-PUS-Seoul-KL)
Inaz69 : 1/11/13 - 7/11/13
Azlinfarida : 4/11/13 - 10/11/13 ( KUL - PUS)
evey709 : 4/11/13 - 10/11/13  ( KUL-PUS-KUL)
aily : 5/11/12 - 12/11/12
chikuyotei : 7/11/13 - 13/11/13
princ3ssfaith : 8/11/13 - 14/11/13
civicvtech2.0 : 11/11/13 - 16/11/13
gurluvpink : 11/11/13 - 17/11/13
feezasabri : 13/11/13 - 18/11/13 ( KUL - PUS)
arenip : 14/11/13 - 19/11/13
aquatic : 15/11/13 - 21/11/13
alyssasarah : 17/11/13 - 25/11/13
afia_dayana : 18/11/13 - 22/11/13
DinKicap : 18/11/13 - 25/11/13
azradiza : 26/11/13 - 4/12/13
miss_eiza : 27/11/13 - 2/12/13

Winter 2013/2014
SuperKe : 2/12/13 - 13/12/13
mazura86 : 8/12-13 - 19/12/13

lipasz : 16/12/13 - 22/12/13
mama74 : 10/1/14 - 16/1/14 ( KUL - PUS - KUL )
azradiza : 10/1/14 - 19/1/14 ( KUL - ICN - KUL )
k3 : 12/1/14 - 19/1/2014
ainurmaisara : 12/1/14 - 20/1/14 ( KUL-ICN, PUS-KUL)
noraienz : 21/1/14 ( KUL - PUS )
nanie : 28/1/14 - 6/2/14
anissa_kyra : 11/2/14 - 19/2/14
akukasihkirana : 28/2/14 - 4/3/13 ( KUL-PUS, ICN-KUL)
crywolf88 : 6/3/14 - 14/3/14
milosusu : 10/3/14 - 16/3/14
JuanM : 19/3/14 - 24/3/14
ah_mao : 20/3/14 - 28/3/14

Spring 2014
nanowhite : 14/4/14 - 21/4/14 ( KUL-PUS-KUL)
watie79 : 19/4/14 - 25/4/14
nisa_11 : 20/4/14 - 28/4/14
chikinoiz : 22/4/14 - 27/4/14
setankuning : 24/4/14 - 28/4/14 ( PUS)
BeasT : 5/5/14 - 14/5/14

Blogs about South Korea ... ea-time-winter.html
http://travelmaniacduo.blogspot. ... ea-winter-2012.html ... ing-seoul-2012.html
http://kakkiahsukatravel.blogspo ... ay-0-departure.html ... ackers-trip-to.html ... o-seoul-part-2.html
http://cantiknyapurple.blogspot. ... h-kami-korea-1.html ... inter-sonata-1.html ... -korea-part-17.html ... vacation-day-1.html ... -1-12-jan-2012.html
http://nadey-nadeyslam.blogspot. ... inter-day-1-at.html ... rt-seoul-day-1.html Last edited by azradiza on 25-9-2013 07:36 PM


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1) Saya nak ke Namsan GH, nak naik bus no brape & brape won tambang bus?
Bus 6015 - tambang 10,000 won
Bus 6001 - tambang 14,000 won - bus ni akan singgah Gimpo Airport dulu before proceed to Seoul

2) Saya sampai airport pukul 9.45pm, agak2 sempat tak nak amik last bus pegi Myeongdong?
kalo nak try naik bus tu gak..start dr smpi tu trus gi ke area aerotrain...follow je direction..dah smpi main buliding..ko kene lari kejo eskelator kecik lagi sempit tu nak naik atas ..time ni le kene rebut2 skit dgn org lain..kat situ nak tuju imigresen..byk line nye tapi try to be  dlm line yg pendek...kat situ kejap je ceknye kalo dah dok depan2 + kalo x de rolem..and nak lagi slamat bawak cabin luggage je so x yah le nak tunggu confirm sempat..
chimei slalu dok rempit kat area imigresen tu le..pastu tunggu beg kejap je kuar..pastu lari keluar kat gate 5...mmg seyes sempat la so far wat keje2 running2 ni....kalo bleh jgn singgah mane2 le...tiket bus bleh beli time nak naik bus tu..

3) Macam mana nak pakai KR Pass?

1. beli tix online kat web dia n print voucher
2. naik subway pegi seoul station (korail station) n redeem KR pass.  tunjuk voucher kat kaunter n nnti dorang akan kasik KR pass ni (ni 3 day pass ye)

   3. bile dah dpt KR Pass ni baru la ko pi claim tiket ko nak gi mane..cuntuh ke Busan, check timetable display tuk naik train pukul brape n bitau kat kaunter tu..and nnti dorang akan issue tiket ni..

4.  everytime ko nak dpt tiket ni tunjuk la KR pass tu (KR pass ni kita simpan ye)

5. ape je ko bleh naik guna KR pass ni? Subway tak buleh. cuma train korail je..cuntuh KTX, Saemaul, Mugunghwa. Semua destinasi yg menggunakan train2 ni buleh le guna KR pass.

6. Kalo ko guna KR pass ni tuk travel luar Seoul mmg berbaloi sbb bleh guna korail train ni.  kalo within seoul cam x bebaloi sbb tmpt2 semua reachable by subway.

again KR pass x bleh guna tuk subway ye..

hope that help..

refer kat this blog:

Kat dlm long distance train ( KTX, Saemul, Mugunghwa) boleh makan and ade org jual2 makanan jugak .

4) Berape tambang taxi dari Incheon International Airport ke Seoul?
Kalau suruh guesthouse yg arrangekan, biasenye diorang charge dlm 60,000 won per car .. max 3-4 person
Kalau amik taxi direct from airport, charge from 80,000 won onwards

5) Macam mana nak book air tickets to Jeju ?

T'Way Airlines

Sila refer to Zarina's blog on how to register as member first

Ni pulak how to buy the tickets

*credit goes to tuan empunya blog yer...

6) Register Eastar Jet but receive error ''Enter your name in Roman characters only' ?

Nama tak boleh ada space ...

7) Kalo nak beli sim card koya (prepaid) ada jual kat mana? berapa rm? telco apa?

Korea takde prepaid & dorang nya system different ngan kita.
Recommended beli Calling Card ( mcm ITalk card tu) ..

Kene make sure tepon tu ade at least 3G .... kalo tepon takde 3G, takleh pakai kat sane utk wat call...

8) Senang tak nak carik Wifi?

Wifi connection ade merata2 ...some are free, some are not shops biasenye free .. dlm subway pun ade Wifi.. dlm KTX pun ade ( free lagik ) ... guesthouse biasenye provide free wifi ...

9) Macam mana nak pegi Sokcho from Nami Island

Naik train dari Gapyeong ke nam chuncheon station (sbb station neh  yg dekat chuncheon bus terminal)
Then, naik bus ker sokcho (dekat 3jam gak la)

Bus fare chuncheon- sokcho 12500 won

chuncheon bus terminal walking distence dari nam chuncheon station iaitu 2nd last station....kalau last station line neh kan chuncheon tapi station chuncheon jauh dari chuncheon bus terminal so klu saper 2 yg nak gi chuncheon bus terminal kene turun kat nam chuncheon 2nd station last before chuncheon station

More explanation : --> post#696

10) Kalau nak pos barang, brape rate?

pos guna DHL.... 77k won utk 17.1 lebih kurang 4k la utk sekilo... Lebih kurang 12 hengget sekilo... Fiza rasa cam ok jer... X la mahal sgt.... Cepat pn cepat... Fiza anta khamis ptg, sabtu pagi dg sampai kastam....

11) Ade tak beg wrapping service kat Incheon International Airport?

kalau nk wrap kat Incheon Airport takder.. just ikat and kotak jer disediakan. aritu me ngan kwn amik yg ikat jer.. =) rega utk tali tu, 3k per bag

12) Macammana nak beli tiket ITX?

Boleh refer kat blog chimei nih :
Seat selection
: mase aku beli tu aku tak pilih seat..mesin tu mmg dah choose seat tuk 6 org..mmg sebelah2 la...based on yg mane aku x perlu pilih dah..tapi timing tu mmg mesin tu yg tetapkan...let say ko smpi kul 9..tapi seat yg available tuk 6 org cuma ade kul 11 je so dia akan auto select time tu + seat number...aku rase boleh je pilih seat ....kalo dah penuh mesin tu akan inform kat situ...

ITX ni mmg dr yongsan je ker?klu cheongyani ke gapyeong xde ker?
ITX ni stop kat 6 station bleh naik kat mane2 6 station ni..kat every stop yg dia berenti tu bleh beli tiket

Yongsan (용산)
Cheongnyangni (청량리)
Pyeongnae hopyeong (평내호평)
Gapyeong (가평)
Namchuncheon (남춘천)
Chuncheon (춘천)

13) Macam mana nak beli tiket Jeju Air to Jeju ?

a) Kene register as member dulu baru boleh beli tiket
b) Nama passenger kene taip without spacing : example : MOHAMMAD ALI kene type MOHAMMADALI
c) Bila dah proceed sampai purchase information kena click "Foreign Issued Card" dan bukan " credit card" (credit card tu hanya untuk local sahaja).

14) Better tukar RM to USD, then kat sane baru tukar to Won, or tukar terus dari RM to Won, or just bawak RM then tukar to Won kat sane?

tukar won lagi better sbb kat sana mostly guna won je pun..kalo guna USD beli barang2 kat duty free je le...leceh kalo nak gi tukar kat sana nnti...
Kalau bawak RM dari m'sia, kat sane nanti susah jugak nak tukar sebab ade money changer tak accept RM .. unless kalau bawak USD la... tapi dari buang mase nak cari money changer, baik la tukar kat m'sia siap2 to won

15) Ape nak pakai time winter ?

kalo mmg sungguh2 tak tahan..avoid la outdoor yg banyak ye..cari outfit yg btui2 sesuai ...for winter jacket avoid jenis wool semata2 and the best is jenis yg gelembung2 tu sbb dia kalis air and dlm dia tebal

guna thermal yg wool 100% bukan baju je tapi seluar sama..means sepasang le..chimei slalu pakai baju je..seluar malas nak pakai...ekekek...

chimei penah mention about heatech uniqlo, ... enerating-clothing/

k actually utk chimei tu dah cukup cumanya on top of heatech chimei pakai lagi 2 helai t-shirt pastu baru la winter jacket so total 4 pasang pakai skali harung...akakkaka..

BUT...untuk yg x tahan sejup and 1st time gi time winter di advicekan for full attire....bwk kawan chimei aritu time winter, culture shock ok...hahhahaa..kesian2..but it's good experience for her..

never miss glove + socks wool + paling penting..ade sometimes tu muffler ni function dia as nak tutup mulut n idung sbb kalo telampau sejuk susah nak benafas so cover dgn muffler k..and those yg bertudung mgkn xde masalah dgn telinga sbb dah tutup but yg tak pakai try la guna beanie hat nnti sakit telinga lak

and lastly the most important thing is avoid skin dryness..

mmg serious kalo x guna lotion time winter kulit akan crack means mengelupas and kering never go out without vaselin ye..sapu la satu badan pun x pe..hehe....oh! sunblock juga penting tuk muka ye..kang bebelang lak muka

16) What to do if you lost your passport in Seoul?

1) Kena pi report polis... sila report polis yg dekat itaewon kalo korang perasan dia kat tempat turun subway tu... itu mmg ada counter international.. balik polis lain is takde ok..

2) pergi embassy.. malaysia punya embassy dekat area itaewon tu jugak.... and harus diingat kaunter bukak smpai kul 11 pagi sahajaaa... sebaik ade dak hazim.. diorang sampai kul 11.30 kot.. so pastuuu sebab dak hazim ni semua org kedutaan kenal, so diorang kata dtg balik kul 2...

3) passport dia sementara je bukan passport betol... so esok nya baru leh collect.. sebaik diorang transfer tiket tu 2 hari lepas the exact date yg kitorang kena fly...

4) dah sampai epot, passport tu takkan lakuuuu.. pulak dah... dia takkan laku kalo takde stamp masuk tu... so korang kena pi immigration kat bawah suruh dia cop kan date bila masuk... Last edited by azradiza on 7-5-2013 09:25 AM


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