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[Tempatan] Fungsi Baitulmal utk bina bangunan?

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How The Baitulmal Chief Raided Sarawak¡¯s Islamic Fund ¨C EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE!
16 Sep 2013

The Baitulmal building frenzy has been overseen by Daud (in pink) to the tune of hundreds of millions of ringgit. The fund is primarily meant to support the poor and needy

The Assistant Minister for Islamic Affairs, Daud Abdul Rahman, presides over all the money collected and distributed by Muslims in the state, through his role as Chairman of the Baitulmal Board (Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak/ TBS).

These funds include the obligatory Zakat, raised from the faithful in order to help the poor and needy.

However, much of the money is now being diverted into major commercial building projects and we can demonstrate that Daud has extracted millions of ringgit from these charitable funds by passing at least one of these mega-projects through his own company Eastbourne Corporation Bhd.

This leaves a shocking question.  Is the head of Sarawak¡¯s Islamic fund abusing his position of trust to obtain millions raised from the faithful to help the poor?

According to our evidence this is indeed the situation and we challenge Daud to explain how it can be possibly appropriate to pass such contracts through his own company?

Diversion of the fund for the poor

Thanks to ordinances passed by Taib Mahmud, Islamic taxes are now enforced on muslims by the Sarawak State Government by law and amount to considerable sums.

However, there has been growing concern over the secretive management of this money by Daud and his so-called Islamic Council.

The opposition party DAP has called for the TBS to reveal their finances, but has received no response.

Baitul Makmur building in Kuching is just the start of the building programme financed by Zakat money.

There has also been criticism over the recent decisions to spend most of this charitable money on large commercial buildings, rather than helping the needy, many of whom have complained that their support is currently being cut back by the Baitulmal Board.

Daud himself recently told reporters that the fund spends RM2million a year on support to the needy, adding ¡°every year, we spend at least RM30 million to RM40 million to help the target group.¡±

But, such sums pale into insignificance besides the hundreds of millions allocated to a series of grand ¡®Islamic Centres¡¯, which have been put up in Kuching, Miri and Sibu.

The recently completed Baitulmal building in Kuching cost an announced RM90million and contains a 17 story tower with two floors of commercial space for 74 business lots.

Naim Cendara, a company closely identified with the Chief Minister and Chaired by his cousin Hamed Sepawi, was selected by Daud and his Baitulmal Board as the contractor on the project to be officially opened today, Monday 16th September.

With state contracts like these Taib¡¯s ubiquitous cousin and nominee, Naim Cendera¡¯s Hamed Sepawi, can afford to look jubilant
Other building projects worth RM100 million have also been commissioned by the Baitulmal Board in Sibu and Miri.

Biggest Baitulmal building project was announced shortly after the election

Compassionate project or mere commerce?

However, there is already a new and far grander project underway in Kuching, the so-called Baitul Makmur II building in Petra Jaya, announced in May, shortly after the GE13 election ¡®victory¡¯ for BN.

Baitul Makmur II is designed as an 18 floor commercial and office building, which it is claimed will house many of the state ministries on its completion.

The religious connection is less than clear. However RHB Bank confirmed in June that it will provide a RM300million ¡®Islamic finance facility¡¯ to help build this ¡°office building¡¯.

At the same time, according to our research, the construction company Hock Seng Lee publicly announced that it had received the contract to build this complex for the sum of RM228million.

Yet the contract came not from the Baitulmal Board directly, but from Daud¡¯s own company Eastbourne instead!

Contract handed from Eastbourne to HSL (for RM15million less than the original commission)

Research in the official Construction Industry Development Board website makes clear that the original contract was indeed awarded not to HSL but to Eastbourne Corporation Berhad (below) for RM253million shortly after the election on 25th May.

The RHB loan was announced a month later on 28th of June, the same day that HSL also announced that it had entered into an arrangement with Eastbourne to take on the project for RM228 million, RM15million less than the amount originally awarded by the Baitulmal Board.

The official Construction Industry Development Board website records that days after the election Daud¡¯s Baitulmal Board awarded his own company the RM253 million mega-project, which a few weeks later was handed on for RM15million less to HSL.

Given these public records, we require that the Minister for Islamic Affairs should explain why his Baitulmal Board sought fit to place this mega-construction project originally with his own company Eastbourne Corporation Bhd for RM253million, which swiftly then sub-contracted it to Hock Seng Lee for RM228million?

What is the remaining RM15million, which was raised in the name of charity from the faithful, being spent on?

It is a matter that Daud¡¯s fellow YBs will be particularly interested in, because they themselves have been recently dragooned by the Chief Minister into ¡®volunteering¡¯ a large chunk of their newly increased salaries into the Baitulmal building projects!

Daud is Taib¡¯s right hand man managing Islamic fundraising and major construction projects, which have become increasingly inter-twined in Sarawak

Civil servants who are muslim are also likely to be directly concerned, because it has been widely mooted that their salaries are also due be docked at source to pay the Zakat, which will then be managed by Daud¡¯s Baitulmal Board.

Conscience or commerce?

Sarawak Report has already highlighted Daud Abdul Rahman¡¯s company Eastbourne in another context.

This Minister for Islamic Affairs¡¯ holds a parallel role as Sarawak¡¯s Minister for Infrastructure Development, in which role he has also presided over numerous public contracts to Eastbourne.

With Daud as the key decision maker on infrastructure projects, we have revealed that the State of Sarawak has awarded Eastbourne Coroporation nearly a billion ringgit in public infrastructure contracts.

So, it seems a clear pattern has therefore emerged. We see a Minister, who has not hesitated to use his various positions of trust to put vast sums of public money through his own private business.

Conflict of interest? ¨C The chief shareholder of Eastbourne, the recipient of the huge Baitulmal contract, is none other than the Chairman of the Baitulmal committee, Daud himself.

Many who have questioned whether it is the business of an Islamic charity to be spending the bulk of its money on largely commercial building projects will now have an answer as to one possible motive for these extravagant enterprises.

So far, all of the Baitulmal contracts are being pushed through companies in which decision makers have an interest.

Another case is a further enormous project being supported by Daud¡¯s Baitulmal Board and the Sarawak Mosque Welfare Trust Board in Batu Lintang.   Once again this project benefits his political boss, Taib¡¯s, family company Naim Cendara.

The former government quarters are now being turned into a vast shopping centre, 70% of which will be owned by Naim Cendara.

Managing Director Datuk Hasmi Hasnan said the proposed development would be sprawled over 13.597 hectares and be completed over 20 years.

The project will comprise a four-storey shopping mall with basement car park, office tower block, hotel tower, a 36-storey office tower with basement and elevated carpark, showroom, 18-storey condominium and a 27-storey high-rise apartment.

¡°We will incorporate a water theme park, a roof garden and incorporate plenty of greeneries so as to come out with a development that is eviromental friendly and one that the local populace can enjoy and benefit from,¡± he said [Bernama]

The HSL connection

The contractor Hock Seng Lee (HSL) has likewise established itself as a major client company of the Taib family, having received countless sub-contracts for projects that originally passed through the hands of relatives of the Chief Minister.

With the ubiquitous Idris Buang, another of Taib¡¯s key political henchmen, in place as Chairman of the Board  of HSL it is not for nothing that the company is spoken of as ¡®politically linked¡® ¨C a company to be invested in as it is therefore likely to receive many more projects in the corrupted State of Sarawak.

Another crony company ¨C Chairman of the Board at HSL is none other than Taib¡¯s favoured crony Idris Buang


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jawab je la sana nanti..

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tu tak tgk lagi hasil kutipan zakat
every year RM2 billion!

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Kayas org swak..baitulmal pun besar giler..siap ada ruang niaga..bagus2..

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Satu cari cari duit dengan senang dan bleh rembat merembat dengan sesuka hati... yg meskin pegi mampos laa.. asal aku makan pakai lepas, hujung minggu bawak anak bini jengjalan.. sebulan sekali gi sogo cukup laaa..

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di Sarawak
sejak tahun lapan puluhan lagi
pekerja2 beragama islam
buat potongan untuk baitulmal neh
seiring dengan potong utk LHDN
so..cuba  bayangkan berapa banyak collection selama ini

entah apa2...
ramai lagi yang perlu duit itu
nak megah2 dgn bangunan canggih2 untuk apa entah

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Kolumnis Utusan Malaysia, Awang Selamat hari ini menyifatkan kaum Cina telah lama menguasai kekayaan negara sambil menegaskan pengumuman pemerkasaan ekonomi Bumiputera oleh Datuk Seri Najib Razak semalam tidak mengambil hak kaum

agak nya siawang selamat ...suruh orang macang Daud ni memperkemaskan rekod ...kan dah kantoi ...

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Post time 17-9-2013 05:47 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Boleh x aku ckp yg system zakat yg diamalkan skrg ni failed hapuskan kemiskinan...

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LAKMNS gagal sediakan Laporan KewanganWilliam Mangor |        November 7, 2013
Aziz mendedahkan pihak Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak (TBS) memberi maklum balas yang meragukan dan kali ini beliau mendapati LAKMNS juga menghadapi masalah yang sama
KUCHING: Lembaga Amanah Kebajikan Masjid Negeri Sarawak (LAKMNS) sehingga kini gagal menyediakan Laporan Kewangan Tahunan yang melibatkan kepentingan umum.
Pembantu khas kepada Ahli Parlimen Bandar Kuching, Abdul Aziz Abdullah berkata bahawa LAKMNS telah diperbadanankan dan orang ramai berhak mengetahui selok belok kewangan Lembaga tersebut.
Dalam laporan FMT yang lepas, Aziz mendedahkan pihak Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak (TBS) memberi maklum balas yang meragukan dan kali ini beliau mendapati LAKMNS juga menghadapi masalah yang sama.
¡°LAKMNS telah diperbadanankan maka segala aktiviti, laporan, dan pengurusan kewangan haruslah bertanggungjawab kepada pihak awam.
¡°Untuk mengelakkan fitnah, saya menggesa laporan disiapkan dengan kadar yang segera,¡± tegas beliau
Pihak LAKMNS dan TBS terlibat dalam pelbagai projek mega di seluruh negeri Sarawak dan banyak pihak tertanya dari mana peruntukan tersebut datang.
¡°Adakah perbuatan saya berdosa? Lebih berdosa jika membiarkan mereka membelanjakan duit mereka untuk tujuan kemegahan dalam masa yang sama lebih ramai umat Islam di Sarawak hidup dalam kemiskinan,¡± soal Aziz.


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yg kaya makin kaya, yg miskin terus miskin..

yg makan duit haram tu jawab la di akhirat nanti..

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Post time 7-11-2013 11:47 AM | Show all posts
babiey betullah...kenapa kita org Islam diam jer? ape pasal tak bleh buat apa2 ker nak banteras jahanam2 neh semua?? emo betulallah aku..bangun2 tido jer terbaca news camneh....

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kalau dah terang2 salahguna mcm ni¡­ bolehkah lagi kita sebagai pembayar zakat terus bersangka baik dan tawakal atas setiap sen yg kita zakatkan?

ada sesiapa bleh jawab?

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Cakkkk....aaaa posted on 7-11-2013 11:47 AM
kalau dah terang2 salahguna mcm ni¡­ bolehkah lagi kita sebagai pembayar zakat terus bersangka baik  ...

sebab tu ade org yg masuk ke kampung kampung yg sgt miskin dan menhulurkan sumbangan terus dari gunakan saluran yg ade.

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Bangunan zakat dibina mengalahkan istana......sepatutnya...agihan zakat tu yg perlu ditambah bukannya membina pencakar langit sebegitu gah......adoyai....

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Post time 7-11-2013 12:04 PM | Show all posts
orang zakat buat orang miskin macam peminta sedekah je......

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Post time 7-11-2013 12:08 PM | Show all posts
mmg jahanam la geng2 dok melesap duit zakat ni...
tunggu dicampak dalam neraka jahannam la..

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Post time 7-11-2013 12:11 PM | Show all posts
patutlah banyak kerenah bila orang minta bantuan.. ini rupanya duit tu pergi bangunan tu mesti runtuh atau rosak teruk sampai tiada siapa yang akan ddk... ha amek

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Post time 7-11-2013 12:12 PM | Show all posts
pusat zakat pun dah takleh percaya....makan duit. bayar trus sndri je lah zakat kepada golongan yg memerlukan...lebih telus

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makcik aku tiap2 tahun sumbang duit zakat ke fakir meskin di area kubang pasu..
sebab kat kodiang sana ramai juga yang kurang berkemampuan...
rumah bina sendiri, ikut modal ada, kalo x dak, x bertambah la...
zakat hanya bagi beras saja...syukurla kan dari x de
tapi makcik aku bagi duit...kesian la depa nak beli ape2 kan untuk raya..
depa hanya hidangkan air saja...n ketupat palas...
nak buat gulai, time qurban saja la

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BN kat sarawak kuat....bila la nak jatuh....BN kat semenanjung ni nak karam dah....

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Post time 7-11-2013 12:28 PM | Show all posts
kang bila org islam miskin mintak tolong ngan gereja....
baru la nak mengelupo....
tu pun hangat2 taik babi jer.....

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Post time 7-11-2013 12:28 PM | Show all posts
pas ni nak terus bagi duit pada charity group yang banyak buat kerja amal membantu golongan memerlukan

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Post time 7-11-2013 12:30 PM | Show all posts
nanti sapa yang merempat takda rumah boleh laa tumpang tido mandi manda kat situ

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Post time 7-11-2013 12:31 PM | Show all posts
pusat zakat atau baitulmal boleh berkongsi data dgn pihak bancian penduduk
sebab team banci tahun lepas tu memang pergi ke seluruh pelusuk

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Post time 7-11-2013 12:33 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Mmg betul la,kalo nk tolong org susah bg direct je kat diorang..even certain ngo pun bukannya jujur sgt pun..

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