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Viewed 787 times16-11-2012 04:49 PM |Personal category:politics

PAS had no comment on Nurul Azzah Anwar’s statement on no compulsion on religion for Malays and the subject was not even raised by the party’s youth, muslimat and ulamak wings at their respective assembly on Thursday. This means PAS is playing safe to protect its position in the unregistered and unholy alliance with PKR and DAP, objective is to get votes from every side. PAS is cooling down and playing to the gallery to protect its interests while at the same time emphasizing its objective for a theology state, thus satisfying its grass-root members and supporters while same time pacify DAP. DAP has been against the theology state and implementation of Hudud laws as reflected through the party strongman Karpal Singh as the party ‘owners’ Lim Kit Siang and sons and cousins keep a distance and remain quiet so as not to ‘rock’ the volatile political relationship with PAS and PKR. PAS assembly is being watched closely by its partners DAP and PKR as they analyse the party’s direction and the unspoken intend and the subtlety in speeches and debates. DAP is a chauvinistic party that does not trust any other and PAS is one party DAP is very wary because of its ideology and philosophy. Besides being chauvinistic, DAP is also a ‘Christian’ body where its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and cousins in Perak do not hide their disdain on Islam and Muslims. But for political mileage and benefits, they hide their hatred and accommodate Malays and Muslims like its old predecessor PAP headed by Lee Kuan Yew in the 50s and 60s. And as far as PAS is concern, DAP would be watching closely any ‘hindrance or voice of dissatisfaction among PAS members’ and the party leaders would try every means to accommodate any with the sole aim of adding the numbers needed to take over the government at state or federal level. DAP’s aim is nothing but to deny the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) the majority or take over the government, which objective is shared by the three parties in PR. Thus, PAS assembly is being watched closely as this will determine whether their co-operation will strengthen or weaken. With the general election around the corner, DAP cannot afford to lose any kind of relationship because the effect is far reaching, particularly so when the Chinese-based party is on an aggressive recruitment drive to get Malays to join and support it. PAS is DAP’s alternative to get additional support in terms of seats – parliamentary and state – to make up the numbers as the party seems to lose trust in PKR, the party that is now being viewed as party comprising liars and cheaters, unethical leaders devoid of ideology and philosophy

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