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The Best Installation Guide of APK for Android

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Many applications or games aren't from the official source, but users still want to experience them. So, we bring you the best installation guide of APK for Android.
The Android operating system is always turbulent on the smartphone market when launching a new product or a unique application. However, there are quite a few applications or games that are not from the official source that Android users want to experience. To do that, they have to know how to install APK files on Android.
As you know, Android apps and games have the default APK file format (.apk). To install and use applications from the Play Store or App Store, we need to have these apps on the device. 
However, there are ways to help users can download and install APK for Android without Google Play. The users can find these files on APK play store, APK download market or APK download site.
But one thing’s for sure. You have to know how to get the files and activate them.
We will introduce you the best installation guide of APK for Android.
To find out a good place for downloading apk files, you can go to
How to install APK for Android device?
The first thing we need to do is enable the “Unknown Sources” feature for our Android device. It will help the system allow users to install APK apps, APK files or APK games not from the official sources like through the Play Store.
So what do you need to do? Let’s follow these steps:
You click the Settings icon, then click on Security and tick the Unknown Source box.
Moreover, you should also note, when doing this operation, all software, applications are not "safe" will be able to install into your device, that also means the virus, Trojans, with the danger. So when you install it, you should pay close attention.
After allowing the smartphone to receive software and applications from outside sources, we begin to install Android APK files, not through Google Play.
For more informatiion, it is suggested that you visit
Method 1: Install APK for Android with third-party software
In the market today there is quite a lot of software to support users to install APK files directly without any app market.
In our article, we will guide you how to use this tool, Astro File Manager.
Step 1: 
We open any web browser, maybe Google Chrome or Firefox, it's up to you. Then enter the keyword "" in the address box and click Enter to go to the home page of the Google Store gadget, then do the following:
On the new interface, in the Search box, enter the name of the application, game or utility you want to download, then click the Serch icon (blue magnifying glass).
When the results appear, you click the app or game you need.
Do not click on Settings, just black out the address bar and then copy the entire path of this product.
Step 2: 
Open a different browser window, and type the address of, then Enter. 
It is a tool to support downloading APK on the computer is extremely useful and convenient, no installation or registration of accounts is required. Just paste the link above and click on the Generate Download Link button below.
Wait a moment to complete this process, and you will see “Click here to download... “
Step 3: 
Connect your device to any computer, find your local storage then copy the APK file to a folder on the computer.
Many people will use a memory card or an SD card, but if not, we will use the computer as an Android memory card, copy the APK file, and save.
Step 4: 
You search and download the tool to support, Astro File Manager. After the download and installation are successful, open it, find the folder where you copied the above APK for Android, just click on that file to start the installation.
Select Cancel or Install to confirm. Once selected, it will take less than a minute for you to use this utility, the process of installing APK files on Android without Google Play is successful.
Learn more about how to install apk files at
Method 2: Install APK for Android using online support tools
In this method, we will show you a different way simpler, no installation.
Sound interesting, right? 
We use APKInstall, an online APK downloads site. However, this method is only available when you have an Internet connection.
Step 1: 
From your Internet browser, go to
At the main interface, you can see three steps to perform. First, click Browse to select the APK file.
Step 2: 
When the new window opens, you find the path to the location of the copied APK file in the computer. Then, APKinstall will automatically upload your file and create an image with QR code.
Step 3: 
If you have QR code scanning software installed in your Android device, use it to scan the QR code that the APKkinstall has created. 
If you do not have, you can choose the following utilities: ZXing Project QR Code Generator, Barcode Scanner, or QR Code Reader, or George Barcode Scanner.
Step 4: 
A nice add-on of APKinstall is that after using your Android device to scan the barcode, the device will automatically download the file you uploaded earlier. Now just exit the main screen and wait for the file to load completely.
Step 5: 
You can go to settings and look for the downloaded data to activate or simplify, swipe from the bottom edge of the screen to open up the Notification interface. When the download finishes, just touch to confirm the installation.
Method 3: Install APK files using Dropbox
Follow the steps:
Step 1: 
First, you need to download and install Dropbox for the computer you are using, then copy the Android APK file to download that needs to be installed on your Android device to Dropbox.
Step 2: 
Continue to the download and install Dropbox for your Android device, then open up and log in, or create a new Dropbox account with just a simple Gmail account. Click Create Account to finish.
Step 3: 
Once logged in, you will see the APK file you copied in step 1, click to install.
Step 4: 
We will need to wait at least 3-5 minutes if the quality of the Internet you are using is not really good and stable, or the APK file capacity is too large, the time will be longer.
You also can refer to
Do you see where we’re going with this?
In this tutorial, you have been known and familiar with three ways to install APK for Android without Google Play, you only use them if you see the application or the game is really good and want to experience it. According to the latest statistics, up to 99% of viruses and malicious code targeted to the Android operating system.
In fact, even if you absolutely trust and use everything from best Android APK download site, it's not necessarily safe, so we strongly recommend check and consider carefully if you want to install APK files, not from Google Play.

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