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Yam for potency

Viewed 222 times20-3-2020 01:18 AM

Lots of foreign and interesting food and drinks from distant countries and regions. Just like here, local ingredients are used that are exotic for our Western European taste. In foreign cultures, however, there are not only many unknown foods and beverages for daily care. In tropical areas in particular, the natural supply of effective agents is almost inexhaustible.

These classical cultures are based on the sometimes extremely old art of healing, which comes from natural resources and active ingredients from the original human environment. This is how entire health systems will work and ailments of all kinds will be addressed. Modern medicine still has a lot to do to research and use all available resources.

However, this does not bother anyone, especially when treating one's libido or the potency of these natural remedies. Yam, which is also known in Northern Europe, can be cited here. Vegetables are particularly valued in African cuisine because they are rich and can be cooked in different ways.

Many experts and connoisseurs of the powerful yam claim that it is the healthiest and best source of carbohydrates. However, the reddish root is not only easy to digest and nutritious, it is above all healthy. It has long been known to treat potency problems in both men and women. The symptoms can be effectively reduced, especially during the menopause.

In addition to numerous nutrients such as vitamin C, the healing effect is mainly due to the diosgenin content. It is a natural progesterone that also affects the human hormone balance. Those who love to eat yam give the adrenal glands increased levels of this hormone, which stimulates the production of testosterone and estrogen. If you are increasing your own hormonal balance with additional addiction hormones, Yam is a great choice for potency.

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