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5 best tourist villages in Indonesia

Viewed 146 times16-1-2021 01:32 AM |Personal category:travel

The charm of Indonesian tourism continues to skyrocket in the eyes of the world. The natural and cultural beauty of this country makes this country a tourist paradise. A tourist village is one that is currently loved by travelers. In just a few years, thousands of tourist villages emerged and became new tourist destinations in various parts of the archipelago.

Tourism village development is one of the programs that the government continues to push through the Ministry of Villages for Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration as well as the Ministry of Tourism. You see, tourism villages are proven to be able to create economic and social leaps for the residents of tourist villages as well as to make Indonesian tourism stronger in the eyes of the world.

Of the thousands of tourist villages that are now developing, in the middle of this year the Ministry of Villages has selected the 10 Best National Tourism Villages representing various categories. Here are ten jawara villages that are considered successful in developing their potential and are famous to foreign countries:
1.Fastest Development Category: Nyalo River Village, Painan
The charm of this village lies in the beaches, hills and rocks in the form of beautiful islands. Located in Koto XI Tarusan District, Pesisir Selatan Regency, West Sumatra, this traditional village in the form of a nagari is known as the Mandeh Painan area. Not only that, the Nyalo River also has Carocok beach, which has very clear water, with a beautiful BAdak island there. So beautiful is the nature of this village that it is called the "Paradise of the South". Although it is rarely heard domestically, but make no mistake, Sungai Nyalo Village is visited by many tourists from all over the world.
2. Kategori Desa Adat Terbaik: Desa Madobak, Mentawai
Apart from having a beautiful sea with extraordinary natural wealth in it, the Mentawai Islands also have another magnet: culture. Madobak Village, Mentawai was awarded the Best Traditional Village. Located in South Siberut District, Mentawai, West Sumatra, this traditional village still has the oldest tattoo tradition in the world.
3. Business Network Category: Taman Sari Village, Banyuwangi
The regency at the eastern tip of Java Island is getting better. One of them is in the field of tourism. This year Tamansari Village, Banyuwangi won the Best Tourism Village in the business network category. This village still maintains a strong cultural life of the Osing tribe, which is the original Banyuwangi tribe and culture. Located in the area of ​​Mount Ijen, Licin District which is popular for its natural attractions, Taman Sari Village is one of three villages that has the strength of the well-preserved Osing culture. World-class music performances are also held here, the Ijen Summer Festival is one of them.
4. Agro Category: Pujon Kidul Village, Malang
Being in the spotlight of various media, this is a village that has succeeded in selling agro-tourism life into various charming tourist attractions. Located in Pujon District, this village has a cafe in the middle of green views of rice fields, breezy winds and various dishes to spoil the tongue of its visitors. Visitors to this tourist village will also enjoy sustainable village houses, agribusiness activities, visiting cow milk processing hamlets, cultivating family medicinal plants to visiting passion fruit, apple and guava plantations. This is the Best Tourism Village in the Agro Category.
5. Science and Technology category: Seigentung Village, Gunungkidul
If in the past, areas that were often hit by drought were known, now Gunungkidul Regency is a district with tourism potential second to none in Yogyakarta. He has repeatedly won national, Asian and international titles in the field of tourism. Now, the Science and Technology Tourism Village has returned, namely Seigentung. It is very unique because so far the village is identical with many backward things. Seigentung proves that villagers are very adaptive to technology and can make technology a power to develop the economy.

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