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How to Avoid Fake Photographers in Delhi ?

Viewed 28 times1-7-2021 05:29 PM |Personal category:wedding photographer| photographer, Delhi

A wedding is the most significant way to go down memory lane and cherished the most beautiful chapter of your forever: the knot. But what if the result won't come as you expected as the photo artist was a scammer. Yes, the network of fake and amateur photographers in Delhi has too boosted under the guise of reputable ones. No matter what they claim, the truth comes out only after acquiring their services. Here are some ways that will help you to avoid 'Fraudtographers.' Take a look: 


Consistency is key

Always look for consistency while shortlisting photographers' profiles/sites. If you find inconsistency in a photographer's style, then something is wrong. It can be fishy, or probably it is. Persistence in the photographer's work is key to success. 


Meet photographer in person in his studio 

You can take a glimpse from a photographer's website, profile or portfolio, but the clear picture will come out only after meeting them personally. To get a sense of their work, experience, style, and authenticity, you need to meet them in person by visiting their studio. 


Ask for references 

A reputable photographer never hesitates to provide you with recommendations of his past clients. So, for the sake of safety as well as quality, ask them for references. Call their clients and ask their experience and what most they like about the photographer. However, you can't only rely on his recommendation; keep your search on, find references from your end as well.


Pay attention to the geographical clue 

Check the background of the images carefully. It will help give you geographical clues and help you find out if it's a stock image. You can also take the help of the reverse image search tool if you think the pictures don't belong to the photographer. 


Ending note 

There are plenty of maternity, fashion, newborn, birthday and wedding photographers in Delhi. So finding the right one is a bit tedious, time-consuming and challenging and required lots of research. Yet you can make the process of picking a professional photographer in Delhi-NCR a cakewalk with leading portals like ZoopGo, a reputable online platform that connects you with leading players of photography world.


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