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What's going on in Malaysia (Berita Sensasi)

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Non-Malay PM: Go by convention, says Aziz
MalaysiakiniMalaysiakini – 18 hours ago

While the federal constitution does not bar a non-Malay Malaysian becoming prime minister, consideration should also be given to the current protocol, former DAP vice-president Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim says.

"Of course, going by the constitution, he (DAP chairperson Karpal Singh) is absolutely right. But, and here is a big ‘but': we have also to go according to convention and practice.

"For example... when the Agong goes to pray, he would expect his prime minister to be in that party. If you are not a Muslim, you'd have to stay out," Aziz added.

Aiyah ... Just admit that Muslims and Malays are too arrogant to have non-Muslim/Malay as Prime Minister, lah. Why so much bull$hit here?

Malays WILL NEVER allow a Non-Muslims to be a Prime Minister, even so the Constitution could allow it because of ONE SIMPLE FACT - Malays stands to loose too much political power if they did that.

In term of Economic, frankly speaking, Malays are lazy ba$tards. No where among Indians and Chinese people will you find a single person with four or five wives, dozens of kids, selling burgers by the roadside and blaming Allah for lack of wealth. But you will find MANY among Muslims for that is their mentality when comes to economics.

In term of Sociol-economy, Malays are very far behind if compared to Indians and Chinese. Indians made up less than 2% (about 1.4 million people) and Chinese about 2 million plus, but it is well-known fact that many of the field of social-economic, this two races are the ones which holds the real power. Chinese hold the wealth of the nation in their hands and Indians are the backbone of the nation - the builders, engineers, doctors, lawyers and many more. What does millions of Malays on this country capable of doing, beside selling karipap, nasi lemak and burgers by the streetcorner?

Furthermore, Malays require the current (BN) government like a beggar requires charity. Without the BN government spoonfeeding them at every turn, there is no way Malays can ever survive, much less administrate a country properly. This spoonfeeding started since New Economic Policy (NEP) back in 1970s which was started to give the Malays chance to change and improve themselves. I must admit - IT IS NOBLE IDEA AND ONE WHICH I SUPPORT.

However, what had happened was, Malays have become so used to been spoonfeed by the government that they CANNOT live without Government's charity. They have become beggars with beggar's mentality, and BN KNOWS THIS. Don't think they do not know. They know and they have been keeping the Malays in the same beggars' mentality so the people will continue to support them despite of whatever nonsense they will do.

That is why the notion which Anuar suggested - like aborting NEP - is looked with fear by many Malays (especially the BN croonies who support the BN party directly in order to siphon more wealth). And this is why there will not be another non-Malay PM in Malaysia anytime soon.

Why did I say "another"? Because the FIRST NON-MALAY Prime Minister was Tun Sambathan - God bless him.
Source :

When Tun Abdul Razak Hussein succeeded Tunku Abdul Rahman as Malaysia's prime minister, the MIC was forced to become much more responsive to the dictates of UMNO. This was following the May 13 Incident and Razak was more assertive than the Tunku to demonstrate Malay Supremacy or Ketuanan Melayu.

And the racial "Ketuanan Melayu" bull$hit we have today is started by the father of the current PM - Abdul Razak Hussein and continued by his son. Like father like son.

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BN masih lemah kerana Pak Lah, kata Dr M kepada Umno Johor
The Malaysian InsiderThe Malaysian Insider – Sat, Jun 2, 2012  

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 Jun — Kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) masih lemah kerana zaman Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sebagai perdana menyeri, kata Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kepada Ketua Umno Bahagian Johor dua hari lalu.

Dr Mahathir, perdana menteri paling lama berkhidmat, keluar Umno pada 2008 sebagai protes terhadap kepimpinan Abdullah dan kegagalan pilihan raya 2008. Pak Lah menggantikan Dr Mahathir pada 2003 dan memenangi 91 peratus kerusi dalam pilihan raya 2004.

Turut difahamkan Abdullah akan melancarkan memoirnya turut menulis berkenaan Dr Mahathir yang membawa kepada kejatuhannya selepas menerima rating 71 peratus sebelum pilihan raya 2008. Banyak pihak menyalahkan sumber yang lemah dan kemarahan orang ramai berhubung Hindraf dan Bersih pada November 2007.

Pada pendapat aku, kelemahan BN tidak berpunca dr Pak Lah shj (walaupun ada sedikit sebanyak sebab drnya juga). Ada banyak sebab2 lain kenapa BN jatuh. Antara sebab2nya adalah :

1. Mahathir sendiri bersifat diktator semasa pemerintahanya. Bar Council serta institute keadilan (yg sepatutnya neutral) dikawal oleh Mahathir. Sultan2 dikawal supaya mereka terus menjadi boneka BN, angguh2 kepala dan menyokong BN dlm semua hal sampai terhadap kes2 dimana orang2 BN sendiri kelihatan lebih berkuasa dr Sultan - contoh - kes Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam pada tahun 2009 dulu di mana setengah pihak boleh melakukan kerja2 pembersihan di hutan simpanan kerajaan.

Bila Pak Lah mengambil alih, beliau tak dpt mengekalkan keadaan "dikawal" yg dibawa oleh Mahathir lalu mereka2 yg tertekan sebelum ini oleh kekuasaan Mahathir bebas melakukan apa shj mereka suka semata2 utk kepentingan diri sendiri, lalu menbawa kpd korupsi serta penyalahgunaan kuasa oleh orang2 BN.

2. Sifat "Ketuhanan Melayu" yg dibawah oleh Tun Razak dan diteruskan oleh anaknya - Najib. Sifat bodoh sedemikian yg asalnya bertujuan utk memupuk kaum Melayu mengambilalih pentakdiran dr kaum lain - hanya mampu meningkatkan tahap kebodohan orang Melayu itu sendiri. Tun Razak lupa bahawa sekiranya sesuatu kaum itu memerintah, ianya sepatutnya menguatkan diri dgn ilmu, displin serta ketekunan utk berusaha dan maju kehadepan tanpa bantuan kaum lain, barulah ianya boleh mentakdir dgn baik. Akan tetapi, orang Melayu tak ada sifat2 tersebut - malahan, mereka menjadi pemalas di zaman Tun Razak dan masih menjadi pemalas di zaman anaknya, Najib.

3. Dasar Ekonomi Baru - NEP yg diwujudkan disekitar 1970an dulu adalah bertujuan menguatkan orang Melayu dr segi ekonomi - satu tujuan yg baik. Akan tetapi ianya menjadi "alasan" utk orang Melayu terus menjadi pemalas dan bangsa yg "memerlukan" bantuan kerajaan utk hidup.

4. Kewujudan Internet dan Alam Sosial Network - pada zaman Mahathir dulu, dia berjaya mengawal dgn baik semua media semasa - surat khabar, TV dan radio supaya media2 ini akan tunduk dan "cium buntut" BN dlm usaha menperbodohkan rakyat. Rakyat tidak tahu akan apa yg dilakukan oleh pihak pembangkang dan terpaksa menerima secara buta tuli apa yg diberitahu dlm media tersebut sbg benar.

Akan tetapi, dgn adanya kewujudan Internet dan Social Network, rakyat mula melihat keadaan yg sebenarnya. Mereka mula berkomunikasi sesama sendiri, menbincangkan hal2 politik serta menunjjukan bukti2 korupsi serta mengeluarkan rasa tidak -puashati mereka terhadap kerajaan serta kroni2 BN.

Oleh itu, kita boleh menbuat kesimpulan bahawa - sebab2 BN terus lemah adalah :

1. Kediktatoran Mahathir dan melemahan Pak Lah menjadi kuda tunggang Mahathir.
2. Sifat Ketuhanan Melayu yg dibawa oleh Tun Razak dan diteruskan oleh Najib.
3. Kegagalan NEP memupuk orang Melayu menjadi rajin.
4. Kewujudan Internet dan Sosial Network.

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Referring to the headline in the STAR newspaper, Saturday, 09-06-2012 - that Generation Y will determine the outcome of the GE13. Generation Y - refers to youngsters who were born from 1980s - 2000, young, IT-educated and has a lot of information but holds no loyalty to the political party. Makes up about 40% of the Voters.

According to the newspaper, both Pakatan and BN are trying to woo the Generation Y youngsters into supporting them, because 40% of the vote will come from them. IF that is the case, then BN already in BIG problem.

In the past one year (2011), BN government managed to upset the Generation Y with it's Internet Policy which many believed to be outdated and does not solve the problem at all. For example, in order to boost sells of locally produced movies as well as to combat piracy, the Government (through the advice of it's uneducated IT agency - MIMOS), had banned several File-Sharing websites. The annoying this was, this was not the solution to the problem and no one had taken any steps to consult with the public regarding this matter.

Now, BN continues to ruffle the feathers of Generation Y with an annoucement by BN's one-time dictator, Mahathir (through his ever-so-willing servant, Najib) that the Internet should be censored or controlled - and that open opinions by the public (through blogs and forums) should be controlled (through the Government) in order to maintain the same control they had over other media like TV and radio all these years. For generation Y who are used to looking at communist countries like China, North Korea and Mynmar (up to last year), and notice the similarities between them and Malaysian (BN) Government. All these nations are hell-bent on controlling the Internet since it gives too much power to the People.

So, it is highly debateable that BN going to find any support from Generation Y, not with this kind of track records since 2008. Generation Y knows that if BN were given mandate to rule, it is sure to try and control the Internet access further - just as it had with other medias for decades.

On the other hands, Pakatan seems to be very quiet in the matter. It is my opinion that Pakatan should come out with a working policy about Internet if they are elected as a new Government. I think it is alright if they banned porn websites - the public will welcome it, however, they will not welcome any attempt to control the flow of information.

Instead, I believe Pakatan can woo Generation Y by setting up forums in order to get closer to the Public. And by giving the Public freedom to speak out their mind, to express opinions as well as to vent out their frustration about anything (which in turn will keep the public from doing street demonstrations).

So I will end here by stating - it all boils down to the proper policies on how the (BN and Pakatan) managed the Information Technology.

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Oleh Mohd Farhan Darwis

BANGI, 8 Julai — Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak hari ini menuntut rakyat Selangor supaya memberikan peluang kepada kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk mentadbir kembali negeri tersebut yang kini berada di bawah kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

Najib dalam siri keenam Jelajah Janji Ditepati peringkat negeri Selangor di Bandar Baru Bangi hari ini turut menjelaskan, BN telah banyak berjasa sebelum ini dan telah membuktikan keupayaan mereka untuk mengekalkan kestabilan ekonomi dan keamanan di negeri terkaya di Malaysia itu.  

"Sebelum 2008, PR telah menabur banyak janji. Apa dah jadi kepada janji tersebut. Mana janji mereka? Kita perlu meletakkan kebertanggungjawaban kepada kerajaan negeri yang telah memerintah selama empat tahun itu.

Macam kuali memanggil periuk hitam.

Memang PKR banyak menabur janji sebelum ini dan selepas Pilihanraya 2008, masih banyak juga mereka belum tunaikan. Akan tetapi PKR hanya berkuasa utk 4 tahun shj, oleh itu, mereka layak meminta lebih banyak masa (sekurang2nya empat tahun lagi) utk memenuhi apa yg mereka janjikan. Ianya satu permintaan yg munasabah.

Akan tetapi BN (dgn sokongan MCA dan MIC) telah menerajui kerajaan selama 50 tahun. Beratus2 janji mereka menaburkan. BERAPA BANYAK ANTARA JANJI-JANJI TERSEBUT MEREKA SUDAH TUNAIKAN SEHINGGA MEREKA BOLEH MEMINTA SOKONGAN RAKYAT SEMULA?

Adakah BN menegur kroni2nya spt Hisamuddin semasa dia melaungkan ayat2 berunsur perkauman dgn slogan "Ketuanan Melayu" dan menlambai2kan keris? Adakah BN menyuruh Polis menahan serta mengemukakan mereka2 yg bertanggungjawab keatas pemusnahan lebih 100 kuil di Selangor dan beberapa negeri lain walaupun perbuatan tersebut jelas bertentangan dgn Rukun Negara dan Perlembagaan Negara? Apakah BN berjaya menunaikan janji mereka kpd pekerja2 Estate (kaum India)? Kenapa masih ada mereka2 dikalangan kaum India (dan China) yg masih tak ada kad pengenalan walaupun mereka sudah hidup di Malaysia walaupun sebelum kemerdekaan lagi?

Kesimpulannya adalah - BN itu sendiri GAGAL menunaikan janji2 mereka yg ditaburkan sejak 50 tahun yg lalu kpd kaum India dan China dan terlalu usuh mimpi indah mengenai Ketuanan Melayu, berfikiran bahawa mereka boleh buat apa shj mereka suka dan kaum lain tetap akan berkrompmi dgn mereka.

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Oleh Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 Julai — Pengundi India Malaysia berjumlah 1.8 juta orang akan menjadi penentu kepada pembentukan kerajaan dalam pilihan raya umum (PRU) akan datang kata Setiausaha Agung MIC, Datuk S. Murugesan.

"Mereka akan menjadi agen penentu," katanya kepada The Malaysian Insider ketika ditemubual baru-baru ini.

"Undi Melayu nyata terpecah. Masyarakat Cina lebih memihak kepada pembangkang. Namun India mungkin akan menjadi penentu kepada pembentukan kerajaan dan undi mereka perlu diambil kira.

Beliau menjelaskan, gesaan yang dibuat oleh ahli Parlimen Sri Gading Datuk Mohamad Aziz supaya menggantung Datuk Ambiga Sreenavasan atas penderhakaan terhadap penglibatan beliau dalam Bersih 3.0.

"Kami khuatir perkara-perkara seperti ini akan mengubah undi masyarakat India dalam sekelip mata. Itu amat merisaukan kami," katanya.

Murugesan menjelaskan, penentangan BN terhadap Ambiga menjadikan kebanyakan masyarakat India merasa simpati terhadapnya.
"Mereka setuju atau tidak dengan Ambiga, itu tidak penting. Tapi mereka melihatnya sebagai wanita, dan berbangsa India, soalannya mudah - kenapa hanya Ambiga? Bagaimana dengan pemimpin lain?" katanya lagi.

Saya pernah berkata sebelum ini - Kaum Melayu (dan Islam) adalah LEMAH. Mereka hanya berlagak kuat sedangkan mereka adalah kaum yg lemah dan tidak berkemampuan dlm pelbagai bidang. Negara ini maju kerana hasil usaha kaum India dan China (seperti apa yg berlaku sebelum zaman Melaka lagi).

Malahan kita boleh melihat dgn jelasnya bagaimana ahli politik (BN) menpergunakan agama mereka sendiri (Islam) utk menperbodohkan serta mengelirukan kaum mereka sendiri, lantas melemahkan mereka. Contoh, keinginan utk mengadakan pilihan raya semasa bulan Ramadhan. Siapa rugi? Kaum India? Kaum China? Kaum Melayu (Islam) itu sendiri yg akan rugi besar.

Sabtu lalu saya menbaca satu artikel dlm The Star (07-07-2012) yg mengatakan bahawa (lupa pula siapa katanya, Najib kalau tak salah) yg mengatakan pihak pembangkang mengajar rakyat tiga perkara yg bertentangan dgn agama Islam - 1). Tak perlu menbayar balik hutang. 2). Tak perlu mengenang budi (tunaikan janji). Yg ketiga, saya lupa dah.

Saya yg bukan Islam itu sendiri tahu sekira hutang seseorang itu akan tertunai sekiranya orang yg dia ambil hutang tersebut akan menghalalkan hutang tersebut (tidak perlu bayar) demi utk tidak menyusahkan si penghutang tersebut. Dlm konsep itu, apa bezanya dgn apa yg dijanjikan oleh Anwar? Sekiranya beliau mengambilalih kerajaan dan menjadi PM, beliau akan berada dlm tempat sama spt seorang yg boleh menuntut hutang (dr mereka2 yg meminjam dr PTPTN) dan oleh itu, beliau berhak menghalalkan hutang tersebut.

Dlm hal Amiga pula, ianya tak ada kena mengena dgn beliau seorang wanita ataupun keturunan India. Yg penting di sini adalah Kaum India sudah MUAK dgn MIC dan janji2 mereka. Kaum India melihat MIC sbg anjing belaan BN - BN suruh menyalak, MIC menyalak. BN suruh MIC gigit (mereka2 spt HINDRAF dan Amiga), MIC mengigit.

Dan utk pengetahuan anda, mungkin ada sudah pula adakan MP BN, Datuk Devamani dr kawasan Cameron Highlands, Pahang. Beliau memenangi kerusi pilihanrayanya sedangkan ketua2 MIC lain (termasuk Samy Velu) jatuh teruk kerana beliau menyuarakan ketidakpuashati rakyat. Dlm ertikata lain, mereka2 spt Amiga diberikan sokongan oleh rakyat India bukannya kerana beliau wanita ataupun dr keturunan India; mereka disokong kerana mereka menyuarakan kehendak rakyat kaum India serta cuba sedaya upaya utk memenuhi kehendak tersebut.

Jadi, saya menyarankan kpd Barisan Nasional (BN) - Jangan berfikirkan BODOH BANGANG BAHLUL - menganggap bahawa dgn meletakan anjing2 belaan kamu (MIC), kamu dpt menjinak kaum India. Kaum India akan menberikan sokongan kpd mereka yg menperjuangkan hak mereka, samada ianya dr kaum sendiri ataupun kaum lain.

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Oleh Mohd Farhan Darwis

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Julai — Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur hari ini membatalkan keputusan Menteri Dalam Negeri yang mengatakan Gabungan Menuntut Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil (Bersih) sebagai sebuah pertubuhan haram.

Hakim Datuk Rohana Yusof dalam penghakimannya hari ini berkata kenyataan Menteri Dalam Negeri itu tidak masuk akal kerana setelah menggelarkan gabungan itu sebagai pertubuhan haram pada 1 Julai tahun lalu, kemudiannya membiarkan pertubuhan itu mengadakan perhimpunan pada 9 Julai tahun sama.

“Pada pendapat saya, keputusan itu adalah tidak rasional ... keputusan untuk mendakwa Bersih sebagai pertubuhan haram dibuat tanpa mengambil kira fakta yang relevan,” katanya.

Satu lagi tamparan hebat terhadap kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Pergerakan Bersih ditarifkan sbg pergerakan yg tidak haram mengikut perundangan Malaysia.


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Source :

Senator A Kohilan Pillay menjelaskan, beliau sama sekali tidak terlibat dengan kelulusan projek kondominium kontroversi 29 tingkat di Batu Caves walaupun bertindak sebagai ahli majlis berkaitan ketika keputusan itu dibuat.

Menafikan dakwaan Exco Selangor Ronnie Liu, pengerusi Gerakan Selangor itu berkata,  kelulusan terhadap projek yang dipertikaikan itu dikeluarkan oleh Bahagian Unit Setempat (OSC), Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS).

"Saya hanya ahli majlis, bukan saya yang memberi kelulusan. OSC dalam majlis yang beri kelulusan, saya tidak terlibat. Kalau dia (Ronnie) nak cakap, dengan faktalah... Banyak fakta diputar belit.

"Tidak ada tanda (saya) beri persetujuan. Saya sudah periksa fail, saya tidak terlibat memberi kelulusan," katanya yang juga timbalan menteri luar negeri.

Berdasarkan portal MPS, OSC berfungsi menerima permohonan kelulusan pelan bangunan, pelan kerja tanah dan kebenaran merancang untuk kelulusan MPS.

Kohilan berkhidmat sebagai ahli majlis selama 11 tahun daripada 1997 hingga 2008.

'Apa peranan ahli majlis era Pakatan?'

I just have one question to this Kohilan Pariah. "1997 - 2008 - Nee yare maire poodigethen eruthe?" (Who's hair were you grooming when you sitting in that Majlis for 10 years?"

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Source : ... e-to-044518941.html

The biggest news nowadays is about the news of Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin (Nama "Miskin" tetapi nama panjang satu batu apa hal? )

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 16 ― Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia (SW1M) claims its president, Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin, has gone underground since being exposed castigating a student on YouTube as she was blackmailed over the now-viral video.

“Why I never ask her to reveal herself? Somebody blackmailed her. So I think the best way (is) for her to keep quiet and that I do all the posting and I do all the explanation,” the SW1M supreme council member and advisor said.

She confirmed that Sharifah Zohra does not oversee posts on SW1M’s Facebook page, adding that she was not responsible for its content.

She acknowledged that there were some who viewed SW1M as an “NGO for [Barisan Nasional]” but stressed that the organisation is independent and “does not represent any political parties.”

But she agreed that the adoption of the “1 Malaysia” tagline in the organisation’s name may have caused some confusion, before explaining that it was chosen because they “respect” the prime minister.

I think Sharifah Zohra is in hiding not because someone threanten her. I think she is in hiding because she opened her mouth, cause embarrasment and critism toward the 1Malaysia (nonsense) BN trying to sell to the Public (especially since the incident spread fast through Facebook) and BN and SW1M want to reduce the fallout from the Public, especially with GE13 is just around the corner. I think she opened her mouth and cause a bad situation for herself and the party (and 1Malaysia Nonsense) at a curcial time.

I think someone had adviced (or ordered if you may) her to go and take a long break til GE13 finish. That way, she doesn't have to apologize to Ms. Bawani (and save her own pathetic ego) and BN can save face by denying any direct involvement with her.

Also, I don't understand one thing. The one who shoot the mouth was Sharifah, so what does this Emalee lady doing? Answering for Sharifah but Sharifah has nothing to do with Emalee's answer about her misconduct? Does it make sense to anyone of you??? Last edited by Sephiroth on 17-1-2013 09:39 AM


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Title : The Mamaks washes hands of Sharifah Zohra.

Source :

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 15 — Controversial speaker Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin, who openly attacked a student at a forum last year, is no longer a member of the Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (KIMMA), said its president Senator Datuk Syed Ibrahim Kader, who also accused the former National KIMMA Women’s Head of having a “hard to control” behaviour.

Sharifah Zohra is president of little-known organisation Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia (SW1M) that is seen to be aligned to the ruling BN, was caught on video berating the student — who had stood up to voice her views on the Bersih electoral rally and free education — with remarks such as “when this is our programme, we allow you to speak” and “when I speak, you listen”.

“Many phone calls to me have asked the same question.

“So, I wish to affirm that she is no longer with KIMMA. Whatever she has done and said now does not involve us or our stand,” said Syed Ibrahim, not specifying whether she was kicked out of the party or had resigned.

Well, I'm not surprised that Mamaks decided to ditch the b!tch and run for cover after their masters (Barisan National) did the same a few days before.

I was wondering about something though - IF Ibrahim Kader know about how vocal Sharifah Zohra is, then WHY did KIMMA send her to address the students in the first place. I think KIMMA is bull$hitting here and want to save face from the embarresment issue (something mamaks usually do). After all, they need to wash BN's backside to survive.
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Source :

Continuing Sharifah's animal-themed rant from the now infamous video, Natrah said her statement was to "make's to stop the barking".


Meanwhile, Vishnu YP had more brickbats for Sharifah.
"If you stand for women and children, why deny a woman a chance to speak?" he asked.  

I'm sorry but I failed to catch the "explaination" Sharifah was trying to give Bawani when she was ranting about cats, dogs, sheep, cows and all of her other "relatives" in the animal kingdom.

I didn't hear any of the so-called explaination. What I heard was two plain statements - When I speak, you listen AND you need to respect me. In basic English, it means "shut up" and "Kiss my a$$".

Furthermore, I don't think how Bawani spoke was wrong. While everyone seems to catch on on Ms. Bawani's tone (as disrespectful) toward Sharifah, they seems to FORGET one simple fact - Ms. Bawani is a 2nd Year LAW STUDENT. And if any one of you spend any time in a court house, you will recognise how Ms. Bawani spoke was similar to how a lawyer spoke. That is because the law students were trained to be vocal and strict in their presentation so they will not be overtaken by another lawyer and can argue better for their client. Therefore, from professional standpoint, Ms. Bawani was speaking the way she was taught to speak (as a lawyer). Last edited by Sephiroth on 17-1-2013 10:24 AM


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KUALA LUMPUR 7 MAC: Pihak berkuasa perlu menyiasat laporan media Filipina yang mendedahkan perbuatan Datuk Seri Najib Razak menjanjikan tanah kepada tentera Sulu hingga menyebabkan mereka menceroboh Lahad Datu, Sabah.

Beliau juga kesal kerana Perdana Menteri sehingga kini tidak membuat sebarang penafian terhadap pendedahan yang dibuat pengasas MNLF, Nus Misuari sebelum dipetik media Filipina.
“Kita anggap perkara ini serius. Isu ini jadi masalah apabila berlaku pencerobohan wilayah,” katanya pada sidang media di ibu pejabat parti, hari ini.

This is HIGH TREASON!!! Penderhakaan kpd Rakyat dan Negara Malaysia !!!

Dlm Perlembagaan Malaysia, satu2nya manusia yg boleh menbuat perjanjian pemberian tanah dan hak kpd rakyat luar negara adalah Yang Dipertuan Agong dan baginda juga perlu mendapatkan kebenaran dari Sultan2 lain serta Kabinet. Keputusan hanya boleh diambil selepas diambil kira semua pihak termasuk rakyat (kerana mereka mungkin khuatir akan hal keselamatan serta ekonomi).

Tetapi apa yg Najib (dikatakan) buat bukan shj melanggar Perlembagaan dan kedaulatan negara, tetapi juga telah menyebabkan insiden di mana rakyat Malaysia itu sendiri sudah terkorban. Najib MESTI meletak jawatan dengan segera. Kerajaan juga harus menahannya di bawah Akta keselamatan Dalam Negeri kerana Najib sudah menbahayakan negara dan rakyat secara terang2.

Ini adalah PENDERHAKAAN terhadap rakyat dan negara!

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At last, after five years of waiting, the time have finally come.

The 13th General Election is in this Sunday (05/05/2013). In the last GE, we have seen a great changes in Malaysian political system. The people fed up with the ruling party's nonsense and discarded MCA and Muslim Indian Congress (MIC) as ruling parties form Chinese and Indian people. MCA and MIC were just branches of the main party, UMNO which (together) formed Barisan Nasional.

Now, after the long wait, it is time to cut down the rotten tree by choping down its main trunk, the UMNO. It have been overshadowing our progress far too long. We the People had given it a lot of mandate to improve the system. Where is the improvement? I don't see it. BN stole Perak back in what was clearly a coup-d-etat, and they almost succeeed doing the same thing in Selangor. Actually, the tactician of that plot should have tried it in Selangor first, in order to improve BN financially, instead of Perak (which was one of their mistakes).

Then, BN continued to spend the next three years whining how the Opposition had fooled the people into voting for them, literally calling us the People as fools incapable of deciding our own fate. And they spend last year giving bribes in form of BR1M (Oh yeah, thanks by the way, I spend the money buying books my kids ). They formed 1Malaysia clinic and shops and promised Heaven and Earth if people give them mandate again. But the changes we were expecting - it never arrived.

We were patience with the likes of Julkifily Noordin and Khir Toyol who kept poking fun and insult against Chinese and Indians and getting away with it. Yes, we were VERY patience with this people, and BN did not bother to appreciate our patience. No actions have been taken against them, and people like Najis ... ahem ... Najib and Mahathir Muhammad actually had balls to come and say that Indian people actually forgive this clowns and accepted them. Sorry my miseable "leaders" - Indian people did not forgive them (nor did they forget them) and you will see it in GE13 when they lose BADLY.

But fear not, my Malaysian brothers and sisters - God is on our side. That is why the longer UMNO waited (we should have had GE13 last year), more problems arrived for them.

They could not control their members from insulting Indians and Chinese anymore than they could control rabib dogs. And everytime this fools within the party opened their mouth, they actually helped the People to leave BN and choose the Opposition. Not enough, buildings started to collapse, landslide, floods, cases of poaching and reserve forests being cut off. Not enough, the Lahad Datu Incident really painted BN black, since it is not possible for Sulu Extremists to come to Sabah without the ruling parties' approval, a clear violation and treason against Sabah people (Sabahans - PLEASE TAKE NOTICE AND TELL OTHERS). And If that is not enough, Tamrin Ghaffar Baba came out and dopped a bombshell telling the People the May 13th 1969 incident was a mini-coup by UMNO to outcast Tunku Abdul Rahman and install Najib's father, Tun Razak into the driving seat (which was the focus point for Ketuanan Melayu movement).

So, gentlemen and ladies - I hope you will be brave and consider these facts when you stand on polling boot.

Najb and BN, a personal message from me  :- You all laugh in 2006 and 2007 when Majlis Perbandaran people went and demolish our temples. You said that our gods were made of stone and cannot do anything. Well ... En Kadaval wachana onneke APPU.

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May 16th, 2013

I was shocked when I read the newspaper today. I don't know many of the names which Najib choose as his ministers but one name did stick out - Wavyamurthi.

One week before the General Election 2013, this man have acted as Indian Mandur (Post World War 2 coolie supervisor for Indian people) and went and sign a MoU with Barisan Nasional, selling off the Indian people to Barisan Nasional as if we were his personal slaves to be sold off at the highest bidder. Today, he is appointed as one of the Deputy Minister in Jabatan Timbalan Menteri. He did not sit at any election nor did any one ever voted for him. So I fail to see what qualification he has to be in a Ministry.

For 30 years, Barisan Nasional had controlled the Indian society through Pariahs like Samy Velu and his MIC dogs. They acted as BN watchdogs, preventing Indian people from voicing out their frustrations and ensured that the so-called leaders were quiet as Indian society become demoralized, corrupted and fell to the ruins. After Samy Velu left and MIC fell in 2008 Election, I actually felt that new people could come and Indian society could emerge strong once again. Then this busxxxd came along and did the exact thing Samy Velu did and mostly he will be installed as a puppet head for the Barisan Nasional Government to quiet down the Indian people. I'm so upset.

Now I think about it, I do have one regret. Back in 2007 when Samy Velu came to Shah Alam, some of the Indian youngsters had blocked him and his people, and threanted physical harm. But everything was resolved peacefully and Samy Velu and his dogs managed to leave the area safetly. Maybe that was the mistake. IF the Indian boys back then pour gasoline over Samy Velu and his boys and burn them alive, today another "Samy Velu" could not appeared in form of Wavyamurthi.

So, Boys ... IF you see Wavyamurthi again, DO NOT MISS HIM.

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Source : ... sasi-122019677.html
  1. KUALA LUMPUR, 26 Mei — Keangkuhan Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi dan Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar yang tidak sampai sebulan memegang jawatan hanya akan merosakkan demokrasi dan hak asasi negara, kata pemimpin veteran DAP Lim Kit Siang hari ini.

  2. Khamis lalu, pihak polis telah membuat tangkapan besar-besaran dimana tiga individu telah ditahan dibawah Akta Hasutan 1948 dan Kanun Keseksaan, mereka yang ditahan ialah Ahli Parlimen (MP) Batu PKR Chua Tian Chang, ahli PAS Tamrin Ghafar dan aktivis Haris Ibrahim.
Copy the Code
Satu per satu, hak asasi rakyat dan proses demokrasi akan terlerai. Mula2, polis akan menangkap para aktivitis yg kuat menpersoalkan hak rakyat serta cara proses demokrasi diadakan. Rejim kerajaan akan menpergunakan alasan bahawa mereka berbuat sedemikian demi utk keamanan dan mereka akan menghormati (kedaulatan) Undang-Undang serta mengekalkan situasi harmoni. Mereka juga akan mendakwa bahawa mereka "terpaksa" bertindak sedemikian demi utk memastikan Sektor Ekonomi tidak terjejas dgn teruk akibat tindakan aktivis yg menbuat paea pelabur sangsi akan kestabilan politik negara.

Tujuan sebenar mereka melakukan sedemikian hanya utk memisahkan rakyat dgn para pemimpin yg benar2 menpersoalkan kaedah pemerintahan mereka dgn lantang. Sekiranya para pemimpin ini dipisahkan dr rakyat jelata, rakyat tak akan dipengaruhi oleh para pemimpin ini dan mereka terpaksa mengikuti apa yg dikatakan oleh rejim kerajaan tanpa menpersoalkannya.

Seterrusnya, Polis akan bertindak dgn sewenang2nya tanpa sebarang policy Undang-Undang dan menangkap rakyat biasa yg menpersoalkan rejim kerajaan, sama spt apa yg dilakukan terhadap para pemimpin sebelumnya. Akan tetapi nasib yg akan menimpa rakyat biasa dibawah tindakan polis adalah lebih mengerunkan. Penangkapan tanpa waran atau sebab munasabah, penahanan reman utk jangka masa yg panjang, tidakmenghiraukan proses Undang2 serta "kemalangan maut" yg akan berlaku di dlm lokap akan berlaku. Sebarang pembunuhan oleh Polis terhadap rakyat semata2 utk menperlindungi rejim akan ditutup tanpa sebarang tindakan. Sekiranya jenayah tersebut berjaya dibongkarkan, Polis akan bersendirawara, kononnya ia akan menyiasat diri sendiri dan menutup kes tersebut tanpa sebarang tindakan.

Rejim kerajaan akan mengubahsuai sektor pendidikan, dgn menghentikan syllabus2 lain yg tidak "diiktiraf" (dan diikuti oleh kaum lain) dan mengenalkan satu syllabus yg "diiktiraf" oleh rejim. Di dlm sylllabus baru tersebut, sesuatu kaum akan dinaikan taraf sbg "bangsa agung" (tanpa mengira petapa bodohnya mereka), sejarah mereka dicarit dan ditokok-tambah dgn cerita2 dongeng semata2 utk menyedapkan ego mereka.

Dlm bidang Ekonomi pula, kaum "agung" tersebut diberikan pelbagai inisiatif utk maju walaupun mereka tidak menpunyai sebarang kebolehan utk maju ke hadepan. Dan bila "kaum agung" tersebut terbukti bodoh dari segi pelajaran serta bidang ekonomi, kaum2 lain dipersalahkan sbg punca kegagalan mereka. Pada masa ini, rejim kerajaan sudahpun menjadikan kaum lain sbg sasaran mereka utk "menbersihkan kaum".

Dan sebelum anda memikirkan apa yg saya katakan ini adalah khayalan semata2, saya ingin menberitahu anda (bukan Islam) bahawa apa yg saya katakan ini adalah FAKTA bagaimana Adolf Hitler menguasai seluruh negara Jerman pada tahun 1930an dan meneruskan tindakan2nya yg menbawa Jerman dari sebuah negara makmur kpd negara yg mengilakan kuasa dan mendahagakan darah dlm masa KURANG DARI SEDEKAD (dari 1931 - 1939). Ianya akan berlaku di Malaysia mengikut turutan yg saya katakan di atas tak lama lagi.


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Source :

KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 — Putrajaya today sought help from the business community to settle the Malay-Chinese racial divide that emerged post-Election 2013 and accept the polls results and move on, claiming the ongoing opposition-led protests would hamper the country’s investment climate.

In a dialogue session between the International Trade and Industry Ministry and 11 national associations and commerce chambers this morning, minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed (picture) repeatedly stressed the need to “move on”, saying despite widespread allegations of polls fraud, it is Barisan Nasional (BN) that still holds federal power.

“The final decision is that BN returned to power,” he pointed out.

Repeatedly, the minister urged the associations present to play their roles in urging the business community to accept the final polls verdict and encouraging them to refocus their energies on reviving the nation’s economy with an eye on income growth and employment.
“The bottom line — investments, trade, income and employment. We need to survive, we have mouths to feed, families to sustain.
“The country has to move on, life has got to go on,” he said.

But Mustapa, or “Tok Pa” as he is often referred to, also noted concerns over the fragmented Malaysia that emerged from Election 2013, pointing to the post-polls discourse that has been tainted by racial tensions and talk of alleged betrayal by the Chinese community.

The Business Community must now take heed. The corrupted Government which continued to exist even so the People have choose to change the Government is an illegal Government, run namely by men of power who kept chantting that Indians and Chinese are nothing more than immigrants. Many times, we have heard their warmongering chants, telling us to leave the country. SO WHY SHOULD WE GIVE THEM BUSINESS TO FILL THEIR STOMACHS?

The People still have Power. It is we, the People who decide who lives and who dies, not Barisan Nasional OR the Police or the Court. We choose what sort of Government we want and that have been so in hundreds of examples througout the human history. So why should we listen to Barisan Nasional Government, who have stole our rights and future and given it to foreigners in order for them to survive.  Bak kata - Kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kebuluran. Go and tell this Barisan Nasional ba$tards to find businesses among Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indons.

Remember one simple fact - You give them Economic power now, you will empower them to further do damaging things in the future, to you and your children. The Malays have had betrayed you, Chinese (and Indians). And they WILL do it again.

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Source : ... ence-055016144.html

Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) founder P Uthayakumar has refused to continue his defence to a sedition charge in the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court today.

He is accused of publishing seditious material in a letter written between Nov 15 and Dec 8, 2007 to then British premier Gordon Brown, alleging state-sponsored social 'ethnic cleansing' of the Indian poor in Malaysia. It was also posted on the now-defunct Police Watch website.

Each time, Uthayakumar replied: "Because of the circumstances of this case and in protest against institutionalised racist government policies in Malaysia victimising in particular the Indian poor, I was/am unable to proceed further with my defence, re-examination, calling further witnesses, submitting a close of case and mitigation."

He said this before and after DPP Noorin Badaruddin made her final submission.

The court is expected to deliver its decision at 2.30pm today.

If found guilty, Uthayakumar can be jailed up to three years or fined a maximum of RM5,000, or both. However, he has already said he will not pay a fine.

If anyone wonder what Uthayakumar is doing, he is trying to mimic Mahatma Gandhi who refused to pay fines and willingly go to jail. In those days (1930 - 40), there are no Internet or Social Media, so Mahatma's sacrifice behind bars were not showcased for the whole world to see. However, I believe he wants Malaysian Government to put him behind bars, so he could "showcase" his suffering for the sake of "Indian people" as if he is a great leader.

Everything he does, he does it for the sake of his own reputation and prestige, trying to create an "image" of a great leader (like what Suu Yii did in Mynmar) and that could likely could force the Government to "promote" him as leader of Indian people without any needs of political dramas or election for that matter. Clever fellow, just not clever enough.

Anyway, Malaysian Government ... Shoot the pig. Don't waste Indian people's (as well as all the Malaysians') time with this nonsense. This is one Indian fellow no one going to miss.

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Source :

Oleh Mohd Farhan Darwis
KUALA LUMPUR, 5 Jun — Akhbar Umno, Utusan Malaysia, hari ini melaporkan kajian sebuah universiti awam di negara ini menunjukkan graduan Melayu didiskriminasikan oleh syarikat milik masyarakat Cina dan juga warga asing.

“Daripada lebih 3,000 resume yang dihantar kepada syarikat terbabit kamun Melayu hanya mempunyai 4.2 peratus peluanf dipanggil temuduga.
“Kaum Cina pula mempunyai 22.1 peratus peluang walaupun mereka mempunyai kelulusan setara dan lepasan universiti sama dengan kaum Melayu,” memetik laporan Utusan Malaysia.
“Graduan Melayu yang boleh bertutur , menulis, dan membaca dalam bahasa Cina juga lebih berkemungkinan dipanggil temuduga berbanding mereka yang tidak mempunyai kebolehan,” kata kajian itu lagi.

Awang turut menjelaskan kajian berkenaan mencadangkan penubuhan Akta Peluang Saksama perlu digubal bagi mengekang diskriminasi daripada terus berlaku.
Apa lagi Melayu mahu?

Bukan kah mereka sudah dapat negara ini melalui tipu muslihat do PRU 13 itu dgn bantuan Bangla, Sulu, Pakistani dan Indon? Bukankah mereka sudah puas cium buntut Mahathir dan Najis dgn menyokong Rejim BN? Apa lagi Melayu mahu lagi?

Adakah mereka ini bodoh piang sampai mereka tak sedar diri? Tak sedar bahawa mereka itu tidak akan mampu bersaing dgn kaum2 lain yg lebih pintar, lebih maju serta lebih rajin dari mereka2 yg tak ubah macam sampah atas muka bumi ini?

Orang2 macam Anuar faham hakikat ini dan tahu selagi ada je orang2 macam Mahathir dan Najis masih hidup di atas muka bumi ini, serta adanya Dasar2 bodoh macam NEP yg hanya akan melemahkan orang Melayu dari segi daya saing, selagi itulah orang Melayu akan terus mundur ke belakang. Tak percaya? Tengok je apa jadi kpd tanah2 wafka kamu itu, sudah di jual kpd orang lain. Sekarang, orang Melayu sibuk menjual tanah air mereka sendiri kpd orang Sulu, Indon, bangla dan Pakistan. Tetapi orang Melayu itu sendiri DEGIL tak nak berubah. Kononnya Allah menjadikan mereka bodoh piang dan sampai kiamat, mereka tetap akan menjadi bodoh piang juga. Kalau itu keputusan kamu, apa lagi orang Melayu mahu?

Orang2 Melayu - Kamu kena ingat satu fakta. Kalau kamu memilih menjadi kaum bodoh yg boleh dipermainkan oleh orang2 macam Mahathir, lantak kamu lah. Tetapi APASAL kamu nak sangat kami (bukan melayu) pergi sokong kamu menperbodohkan diri kamu itu? Apasal pula kami kena sokong Mahathir dan Najis? Apasal pula kami perlu sangat sokong anak2 kamu yg tidak berpelajaran tinggi serta berfikiran cerdik dgn perniagaan kami sedangkan anak2 kami sendiri mampu mengisi ruang tersebut? Kami bukan Melayu tak ada sebarang "obligasi" utk menolong kamu.

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 Author| Post time 30-8-2013 02:18 PM | Show all posts
Source :

This is not a Malaysian Webpage, but it is a good site to read about political situation in India, including what is happening among Hindu communities.

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Source : ... t-ic-225032250.html

The Malaysian Insider – 2 hours 41 minutes ago

Sabah opposition leaders have accused former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad of lying when the latter denied any knowledge of the controversial Project IC, where identity cards were allegedly issued to foreigners in exchange for votes.

While they are not surprised with Dr Mahathir's denial, they said it was inconceivable that the country's fourth prime minister had no knowledge of the matter especially since individuals close to him were implicated as well.

They pointed out the mass issuance of identity cards to immigrants has affected the Borneo state's sovereignty, prompting Sabah State Reform Party (STAR) chairman Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan to describe it as "reverse ethnic cleansing" where foreigners are displacing natives in order for Umno to retain its control of the state.

Dr Mahathir also said the government cannot be held responsible for immigrants being issued identity cards illegally, as they may have been issued the cards erroneously or it may have been the wrongdoing of certain low-ranking civil servants.

This is bullshit. Crap like this only happens in Malaysia and 3rd World Countries. Mahathir have been around for nearly 30 years as the leader of the country (since 1980s) and he is telling the public that he had no idea how 200,000 immigrants in Sabah and Sarawak got their IC from??? Does he really think Malaysian people are so damn stupid???

Mahathir should be stripped out of his Tun title and brought before a Grand Jury for Treason. Because that is what this is - an Act of Treason. He must be held responsible for the immigrants in Sabah and Sarawak and the current situation with Sulu Sultanate who had send over 400 ARMED militants to Sabah to reclaim the land back. Mahathir must be held responsible for all these problems.

Oi Mahathir - Kalau benda macam ini berlaku di Jepun, Perdana Menteri Jepun sudah gantung diri lah. Kerana dia orang ada maruah, dan bukan perangai macam Syaitan macam kau. Jangan kau fikir kamu boleh lepas dari hukuman semata2 kerana pangkat Tun kamu itu, Bila kamu mati nanti, tak ada pangkat yg boleh selamatkan kamu dari apa yg sedang menunggu kamu di alam mati itu.

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