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dulu...   kini.....   bersama adidas    ............  

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Jenama Dari Malaysia


IntraXius (My-Sutera Sdn. Bhd (Canggih)



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Sarang JKiNG

No: 22, Jalan Mutiara 7,
Taman Bukit Mutiara,
80000, Tebrau,
Johor Darul Takzim


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Jenama Dari USA



A 'hands on' company from the very beginning

From humble roots to industry leading excellence C Stannos evolution is born from an absolute passion for innovation.

The story starts in Naples, where talented goalkeeper Stefano Stanno Andreotti, the son of a tanner, was standing in for the first team keeper in a very important away game. The conditions were wet and several times the leather ball slipped through his hands, something that didnt happen in the dryer climate of Naples. Eventually one of these slip ups cost his team the game ; Stefano felt personally responsible and was determined nothing like this would ever happen to him again.

At this moment the seeds of inspiration were planted.

As a result of his experiences keeping goal in the wet, Stefano designed a kind of fingerless hand glove made up of a piece of leather with two crossed straps, which were fastened around his hands. However, he found that these slipped too much over his hands so he went back to the drawing board and stitched some turned ropes of leather on the outside which gave him a lot more grip C then and there the first pair of leather goalkeeper gloves were born. Later on, Stefano used bits of rubber on the outside improving the grip further and making the gloves resemble more closely the goalkeeper gloves that are used throughout the world today.

Seeing that there was an opportunity to sell these gloves to other goalkeepers he knew, Stefano started a business from his fathers workshop. The production and sales of these hand gloves soon grew into a small-scale industry under the brand name Standreo C however, when Stefano found his first agent in France and started exporting the gloves, he was forced to simplify the brand name into the more international sounding Stanno.

Unfortunately the idea of leather goalkeeper gloves didnt fully catch on and most keepers decided to play without gloves - Stefano was just too far ahead in his time. Before the 1960s it was uncommon for goalkeepers to wear gloves except under very poor weather conditions when they were just used purely for warmth.

In light of this setback, Stefano changed from the production of gloves to football boots and footballs; all were developed and made in Italy. In the sixties, Stanno goalkeeper gloves were brought back into production and today they are some of the most used gloves in the world.

Being a goalkeeper, Stefano always liked to be literally hands on - so it would come as no surprise to learn that all the design and product development was managed by Stefano himself, right up until the early eighties. This hands on ethos is something Stanno still place great emphasis on today.


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Jenama Dari India


Em Cee Cee Sports Agencies Pvt. Ltd.


Serving the clients since more than four decades, Em Cee Cee Sports Agencies Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a well-reckoned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Sports Accessories. The company offers reliable Cricket Accessories, Boxing Accessories, Sports Balls, Sports Shoes, Badminton Rackets, Roller Skates and so on. The company is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified and winner of many productivity awards, the latest being the Outstanding Entrepreneurship Special Recognition National Award 2010. Our achievements like these speak volumes about our credible operations and high quality product offerings.

The drive to deliver high quality products and maximum client satisfaction is what keeps us going. Thus, our quality controllers keep a stringent eye on the production process right from the procurement of raw material to the final dispatch. Also, we make sure that the products reach the clients within stipulated time frame. All these efforts have helped us in registering ourselves in the mind of the clients.


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Wan Sport




Raket buatan Malaysia saingi jenama antarabangsa

KUALA LUMPUR : Sekalipun raket berjenama antarabangsa sering menjadi pilihan pemain badminton, ini tidak mematah semangat seorang usahawan tempatan untuk terus mengetengahkan raket buatan Malaysia di pasaran.

Wan Zahrin Wan Abdullah yang mula menghasilkan raket tempatan dengan jenama 'Wan Sport' (WS) pada tahun 2008, yakin satu hari nanti produknya akan dapat menyaingi produk berjenama antarabangsa.

Di peringkat permulaan, beliau merancang memasarkan produknya menerusi pasaraya Mydin di seluruh negara.

" Sebelum ini saya ambil order raket dari jenama lain. Dari situ saya mula belajar macam mana nak menghasilkan raket tempatan dan timbul idea untuk melakukan inovasi mengikut citarasa tempatan.
" Kami ada perancangan untuk menjadi pembekal raket di pasar raya tempatan.

" Sebagai permulaan, pada tahun depan kami akan memasarkan raket Wan Sport di Mydin," katanya kepada Bernama.

Beliau berkata terdapat 35 model raket keluaran syarikatnya di kedainya di Teluk Air Tawar, di sini dan diberi nama mengikut tarikh keluaran.

Wan Zahrin berkata raket-raket itu dihasilkan di kilang di Sungai Bakap, dekat sini dan setiap pengeluaran adalah berkala dengan 1,000 raket dihasilkan bagi setiap pengeluaran.

Antara nama ialah WS An Najwa, WS As Sabil, WS Ad Deen, WS Trisya, WS Al Badar, WS Taming Sari, WS Titanium, WS Nano Tech, WS Nano Ray, WS Smash Power dan WS 1Malaysia.

" Model WS An Najwa diberi bersempena nama anak saya.

" WS Al Badar pula bagi mengenang sejarah perang Badar. Nama ini diharap dapat mencetus semangat juang pemain sebagaimana ditunjukkan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. semasa perang Badar.

" WS 1Malaysia diberikan sempena Hari Kemerdekaan negara, " katanya.

Katanya, raket itu dijual dengan harga antara RM36 dan RM253 setiap satu.

Menurut beliau, pelanggannya selain daripada kalangan orang ramai ialah sekolah-sekolah di Perlis, Kedah, Terengganu, Negeri Sembilan dan Johor.

" Walaupun untuk membina jenama dan meyakinkan pelanggan agak sukar tapi tanpa mencuba kita tidak tahu kemampuan kita.

" Memang saingan cukup hebat tapi sedikit demi sedikit orang akan mula tahu kewujudan produk kita.

" Harapan saya satu hari nanti raket jenama Wan Sport menjadi kegunaan utama pelajar sekolah seterusnya berkembang menjadi kegunaan pemain badminton negara, " katanya

Sources : http://www.astroawani.com/


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NIKE CR7 superfly best

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The brand will not only providing series of basketball products to all our basketballers, but from year 2015, Xballer will be taking a step further and produce high quality and fasionable products for footballers as well named Xballer Football Focus!!

With the off season training from the Iranian football Club Zobahan Fc, there will be a Friendly match between the Harimau Muda B and the PDRM FA on coming 6th And 9th Jan 2015.


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adidas tahan lama, puma okeh okeh je, nike reka bentuk cantik

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Mitre Sime Sports (Pernas Sime Darby Sdn Bhd)


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Jenama Dari Indoneisa


Salvo Sports Apparel




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Prospeed Badminton (As Casual As You Prefer)


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Jenama Dari German


uhlsport GmbH



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Jenama Dari Lithuania


AB Audimas



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welcome to grand royale...
visit here gr118.com thank you

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welcome to grand royale...
visit here gr118.com thank you

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Kuala Lumpur 27 Ogos C Tokoh korporat peralatan sukan Malaysia, Tan Sri G.S Gill meni­nggal dunia hari ini pada usia 92 tahun.

Mendiang merupakan pengasas syarikat G.S. Gill Sdn. Bhd. pada 1946 yang berpangkalan di Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur.

Syarikat berkenaan juga pernah menjadi pemegang lesen pengedar barangan sukan jenama terkenal Adidas di Malaysia sejak 1952.

Bekas Setiausaha Persekutuan Hoki Malaysia (PHM), Datuk G. Vijayanathan turut terkejut ketika dimaklumkan tentang pemergian rakan karibnya itu yang kali terakhir ditemuinya Februari lalu.

Kami macam adik-beradik dan mendiang seorang yang gemar menolong orang seperti menaja jersi dan kelengkapan sukan lain.

Setahu saya, mendiang ada dua anak perempuan. Kali ter­akhir saya jumpa mendiang ialah ketika majlis hari jadinya pada 4 Februari lalu dan dia sihat ketika itu.

Mendiang juga seorang yang kuat bekerja dan memang tidak suka duduk diam di rumah walaupun pada usia le­bih 90 tahun, katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Bekas Presiden Persekutuan Kebangsaan Berbasikal Malaysia (PKBM) dan pemimpin Gerak Sikh Malaysia, Tan Sri G. Darshan Singh berkata: Saya mendapat tahu berita kematiannya daripada anak saya, Manjit yang mengetahui­nya menerusi Facebook.

Ketika diberitahu saya dalam perjalanan ke Kuala Terengganu atas urusan kerja di mahkamah.

Saya difahamkan upacara pengurusan mayatnya akan diadakan petang esok di krematorium Jalan Kuari, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, katanya.

- Utusan Malaysia -


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10 pilihan kasut bola sepak terbaik

1. Nike Tiempo Legend V
2. Adidas Copa Mundial
3. Under Armour Clutchfit Force
4. Pantofola d'Oro Lazzarini - SG
5. Puma King II
6. Nike Magista Obra
7. Adidas Predator Instinct
8. Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0
9. Puma evoPOWER I
10. Nike Mercurial Superfly

http://www.independent.co.uk/ext ... -boots-9916207.html
Untuk update lebih tentang bola sepak antarabangsa boleh lihat sini


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Jenama Sukan Dari Malaysia

Jenama Sukan Dari Indonesia


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