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28 September 2007
Cekak, Cekak, Cekak, Cekak and Cakak?
When someone mentions Silat Cekak in Malaysia, the overwhelming young majority will recognise it to mean the silat style founded by the late Ustaz Hanafi Haji Ahmad. However, ask around in the villages and you'd be surprised when the older folk don't know this personality, but will mention a Pendekar Ahmad instead.

If you're a student of Silat Cekak Malaysia or Silat Cekak Hanafi, you would probably have been fed the party line, that only these two styles lay claim to the name. In fact, the name Cekak dates back through different lineages, one in Kedah, another in Pahang and yet another in Berunai.

Cekak Pahang
To my knowledge, there are five distinct Cekak styles running around Nusantara (maybe hundreds more). The first one is the famous Silat Cekak Pahang which is derived from the teachings of Pendekar Ahmad. As I understand it, the 'cekak' in this silat is a reference to its movements and not so much as an appelation, which came later.

Cekak or Bercekak, means to fight in a close-quarter pukulan fight, culminating in locks. Some Cekak (Pahang) teachers don't agree with this, instead preferring to use the term 'lintar' or 'spado' to describe the locking after the initial 'cekak'. This particular style is said to come from Sumatera since that's where Pendekar Ahmad hailed from.

Cekak Panglima Ismail
The second is of course what is represented by Silat Cekak Malaysia and Silat Cekak Hanafi today, the art that was taught by the late Ustaz Hanafi. The late Ustaz studied this art from the late Mahaguru Yahya Said, who later founded Silat Kalimah. Although there are several points of contention, both of their students agree that the lineage passed through a common ancestor, Panglima Ismail.

Ustaz Hanafi's students maintain that the name Cekak was originally revealed by Mahaguru Yahya Said, but the latter's students (especially guru Eusoff Ali [Pak Jauhari] who specifically questioned Mahaguru Yahya on this) claim that he only suggested the use based on an ancient style in Kedah which went by the same name, Cekak.

This (these?) is a very close-quarter pukulan and locking style and comes closer than any other martial art on earth (I base this on guro Omar Hakim's observation). However, the pukulan aspect is not as apparent as in Silat Cekak Pahang even though cikgu Baharin Ibrahim (former national silat olahraga coach) mentions that much of the locks in both arts are highly similar.

Cekak Kedah
This 'ancient style' is interesting since no one seems to know about it. The only clue we have is that several Kedah-born or Kedah-hailed masters claim to have inherited it. One is guru Osman Nok, currently of PESAKA Pahang, who heads his own Silat Cekak Harimau style. He claims it is a blending of his family's Kedah Cekak style and the Harimau he studied later.

Other than this, almost all other kampung Cekak styles are referenced as Cekak Minang to indicate their origin. Strange thing is, I have yet to find someone who can enlighten me on what Cekak Minang looks like. Add that to the Cekak Bengkulu style that appeared once in PENDEKAR magazine almost two decades ago, and you have a curious mystery on your hands.

Cekak Singapura
On one of my trips to Singapura, I was pleasantly surprised to find a style called Silat Cekak Singapura. Sadly this style, in its previous form, is no longer taught openly. The master who founded it is guru Allahyarham Budin Seon from Melaka. He migrated to the Lion City in the 1950s and started teaching his own blend of Cekak, Harimau and Sendeng, calling it only Cekak.

Because the Singapura government instituted the MACU (Martial Arts Control Unit), which made background checks into all masters obligatory, many students and masters faded away, including those from Cekak. Guru Budin left behind several black belt level students, but he himself returned to Melaka, where he restarted the style. It still exists today as Silat Cekak Bertam Ulu under guru Budin's son.

Where his Cekak style comes from, he did not inform his students. Either that, or I was not worthy of such information.

Cakak Berunai (Brunei)
Silat Cakak Berunai on the other hand is very different from the latter and former (my initial impression), seeing as it is a pukulan system without any apparent locking. It was demonstrated to me by Pengiran Anuar from Berunai (he was featured in both SENI BELADIRI and SENI SILAT WARISAN BANGSA) and he told me that the strikes are delivered with a bent arm, ala a western hook punch but at solar plexus level.

This is at odds with many other pukulan silat which deliver their strikes as an uppercut or backfist. Given the opportunity, I would definitely want to study more of this.

Either way, I would greatly appreciate if there are any other Cekak stylists out there who could contribute more information here on their particular brand, be it on any of the ones I named above, or even the ones we don't know of.

This article was edited from my post at Martial Arts Planet forums many years ago, with new information recently gleaned or some that I forgot to mention.

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab

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Originally posted by tdpp2006 at 3-2-2009 08:52 AM
Sekarang UTM KL dan JB guna pertubuhan mana yek??

x silap belah johor ni pro md radzi ..

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Originally posted by rimau_manja at 22-1-2009 12:29 PM
pusaka hanafi?? perghh terkejut aku ada persatuan cekak yg baru! dulu aku belajar under persatuan cekak hanafi, tp dah lama x pegi latihan, jurulatih2 aku mmg sokong en md radzi, so mesti diorg s ...

pecah  lagi ...  melayu

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Boleh cerita track record Tomoi lawan Silat Cekak? Still have no idea mcm mana Cekak nak sparring dengan Tomoi. Boleh ker Tomoi rebah dalam 5 saat?

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Post time 23-3-2009 12:34 PM | Show all posts
Rasanya kalau tak silap Guru Utama PSSCM iaitu Tn Ishak tu orang tomoi dulu tapi lepas cuba orang Silat Cekak baru dia masuk.. Err rasanya budak Cekak sekarang tak kan dapat macam orang dahulu sebab orang dulu khabarnya diikat tiang badan dan kaki supaya tak lari dan tak guna kaki dan latihan sekarang banyak yang tumbuk bertapak macamana pula dengan sistem yang serang tak payah bertapak..

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Bukan cara Cekak main sepak terajang sebab main kaki itu 'kurang ajar'.

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Originally posted by WonBin at 23-3-2009 00:26
Boleh cerita track record Tomoi lawan Silat Cekak? Still have no idea mcm mana Cekak nak sparring dengan Tomoi. Boleh ker Tomoi rebah dalam 5 saat?

Takde track record pun, cuma ada cerita mengenai arwah Ustaz Hanafi tewaskan peninju Tomoi hingga mati dan Hj Ishak tewas kpd pesilat Cekak mcm yg tdpp cerita tu. Samada boleh atau tak Tomoi rebah dalam 5 saat, itu bergantung pada individu pesilat Cekak tu sendiri, tapi kalau tgok pesilat2 Cekak zaman skrg, rasanya susah nak kalahkan peninju Tomoi. Bukan pesilat2 Cekak je, pesilat2 lain pun mcm tu jugak, sebab latihan silat zaman skrg ni takla sekeras mana.

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Reply #26 WonBin's post

Yup tapi Silat Cekak masih ada tendangan bawah paras pinggang sasarannya pelipat lutut... malahan ada latihan tangan kena ikat dan guna tendangan sebegini. Buah kusyen pula kita duduk dan apabila musuh tendang kita akan tendang lutut musuh...

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mmg zaman skarang susah nak tgk silat kalahkan tomoi...silat skrg dah lembut skeet..tomoi plak makin keras

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silat cekak ni mmg hebat...
tapi yg hampeh pengamal die..
hampir semua budak2 cekak yg aku jumpa..semuanya berlagak nak mampos..kutuk silat lain..silat yg selalu drang kutuk adalah gayong..

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Post time 9-5-2009 03:36 PM | Show all posts

napa silat gayong menjadi bahan kutukan yer..???

pelik lak aku...

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err antara sebab agaknya
sebab ada kekuda x natural..
sebab ada gerakan binatang cam harimau...
lama sangat agaknya...
err ca

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org cekak ni sesetengahnya kuat perasan, perasan boleh kalahkan tomoi la, pdhal lawan tomoi pun tak penah.

[ Last edited by  rimau_manja at 10-5-2009 07:03 ]

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Balas #33 rimau_manja\ catat

yg itu.. kena try dlu r...


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Post time 16-6-2009 04:34 PM | Show all posts
aku budak cekak malaysia....hehehe dulu masa study kat uum ada la sorang member aku dia budak kelantan...dia ada tomoi dan kutuk2 aku belajar cekak...cekak penakut, tunggu serangan, pastu diri tegak macam patung..lembik, training macam pempuan takde guling2, takde latihan keras, silat cekak hanya untuk pempuan lelaki tak layak sebab latihan lembut sangat...

pehh berdesing telinga aku...last2 aku ajak dia turun test power satu kali serangan je, jangan lebih2...cekak macam biasalah, diri tegak je tunggu serangan...dengan sekali tumbukan aku dah berjaya kunci dia...aku pakai buah keputusan gayung fatani.budak cekak taula buah tu camne..hahaha..masa tu aku belum belajar tamat pun lagi, baru sampai buah potong kot...

aku pernah terbaca dalam majalah beladiri yang diorang buat kajian tentang martial arts...taekwondo tak dapat makan tomoi...sebab tendangan dia akan dapat dipatahkan dengan senang oleh kekerasan badan tomoi hasil latihan keras pengamal tomoi...kalau sendeng lawan tomoi, keputusan akan jadik 50-50 sebab masing2 main jarak dekat dan corak serangan yang sama iaitu sendeng 90% serang, 10% defend..begitu jugak tomoi yang kita tau memang suka menyerang...kalau tahan pun selamba tahan ngan badan n kaki je..maklumla keras...

tapi kalau tomoi ngan cekak, keputusan akan berpihak pada cekak sebab cekak tunggu serangan, tangkap dan kunci....tapi ini kalau free fight la..kalau dalam gelanggang pakai gloves, memang abisla budak2 silat memang tak dapat kunci la sebab tangan dah kena bungkus..sebab tu la dalam perlawanan ultimate warrior kat KL tu melambung2 budak2 silat kena libas ngan tomoi..hahaha

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Sebenarnya bukan berpihak pada Cekak tapi berpihak pada dirimu yang dapat mengaplikasi Silat Cekak dengan bagus sedangkan budak tu tak pandai aplikasi Seni Tomoinya. Sebab tu kalau ada orang kata Cekak kalah ngan Tomoi atau silat lain bukan salah Cekak tapi salah yang kalah kerana x dapat aplikasi dengan keadaaan semasa. sekian.

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betul tu bro aku semua bergantung kepada pengamalnya..kalau ilmu tinggi mana pun tapi tak dapat aplikasi dalam pertarungan sebenar, tak guna jugak..tu yang keluar gaduh koboi tu..

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Reply #35 http://mforum.c's post

owh mcm tu ker.. ok...

xda sapa nk kasi aku free blaja silat ker? tetibe teringin pulak

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Post time 19-6-2009 10:19 AM | Show all posts
bole datang la gelanggang member wa kat Lipis. Memula ada 30 orang lepas tu tinggal 4 orang... ada berani??

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Post time 22-6-2009 08:48 AM | Show all posts
39# tdpp2006

xphm.. tujukan dekat aku ke org lain ni

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