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In 1982, Lotuss inspirational founder, Chapman, died aged 54 after a sudden heart attack. The team was devastated and never fully recovered from the loss of their lynchpin. Taken over by former Wolf and Fittipaldi team manager Peter Warr, Lotus struggled on through the eighties, and a series of flawed designs saw the team tumble down the order. Although the Renault-powered 94T helped Elio de Angelis to finish third in the 1984 standings, he didnt win a single race.

The cars successor, the 97T, enjoyed some solid results, with de Angelis winning in Italy and Ayrton Senna in Portugal and Belgium, but it was nothing like the glory days. They took third in the championship in 1986 and lost their long-term sponsor John Player before settling on a new deal with rival tobacco firm Camel. In 87 there were new engines too, provided by Honda, which powered Senna to two wins and third in the standings. A season later, he moved to McLaren.

Fellow Brazilian, and reigning world champion, Nelson Piquet, replaced Senna but the results didnt materialise. The Lotus 100T was a relative failure and in 1989 Honda jumped ship to be replaced by Judd engines instead. Further management changes and lacklustre results saw both Piquet and team mate Satoru Nakajima leave for pastures new. The team seemed to be spiralling ever downwards.

At the end of an unsuccessful 1990, Camel withdrew their sponsorship and former Lotus employees Peter Collins and Peter Wright took control. Mika Hakkinen was selected as the star driver and over the 91 and 92 seasons pulled out a few strong results including two fourth places. By then, however, the team was struggling for money and the Finn departed for McLaren in 1993.

British driver Johnny Herbert took over as lead driver. Although he took three fourth-place finishes, it was only enough to secure the team sixth in the standings and by the following year the teams debts were getting out of control. Starting the season with their old car, every race was tough.

The new Lotus 109 arrived in time for the 1994 Italian Grand Prix, and Herbert promptly took fourth on the grid, but a first-lap collision with Jordans Eddie Irvine ended his race. It was a swansong of sorts for the once-great team, and the next day Collins put Lotus into administration. Herbert left immediately for Ligier and the team was sold in October to David Hunt, brother of 1976 drivers champion James.

Within two months, work was halted and the Lotus team folded. Over 15 years later, a new chapter in the Lotus-F1 history book begins. Although well have to wait and see whether Malaysian backing and the experience of technical director Mike Gascoyne will pay off, the return of one of F1 racings most famous names is an exciting proposition indeed.

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huh ferarri cap china, takleh bayang haku

konpom amerika boikot ferarri pastu
ShadowChaser Post at 17-9-2009 10:23

bertambah ramai la penyokong ferrari

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SIC : 1Malaysia F1 Team HQ Will Include Wind Tunnel

September 16, 2009 15:50 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 16 (Bernama) -- Sepang International Circuit (SIC), a joint partnership involving the government and a consortium of Malaysian entrepreneurs for the 1Malaysia Formula (F1) One Team project, has allocated between 8,000 and 12,000 hectres for the development of the Made-in-Malaysia F1 team headquarters.

SIC chief executive officer (CEO) Ahmad Razlan Ahmad Razali told Bernama the headquarters, to be located at the circuit, would be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a wind-tunnel, to test the aerodynamics of the Malaysian-made machines.

He said the headquarters comprising an office, reseach & development (R&D), manufacturing, technical centre and other related departments would be fully functional, two years after the preliminary works expected to begin by the middle of next year.

"SIC have chosen a suitable site for the team headquarters which will be located at the parking area before the tunnel, to enter the podium building.

"But it's all in the preliminary stages. All the parties involved will have to sit together after the Hari Raya and submit whatever plans we have to the motorsports governing body, the Federation of International Automobile (FIA) for endorsement," he told Bernama here Wednesday.

Ahmad Razlan admitted, the cost to build the team headquarters at SIC would involve millions or may be, billions of ringgit, but could not reveal the actual cost because it was still in the preliminary phase.

SIC would only build the physical infrastructure but the hardware and software of the projects would be decided by other parties, he said.

Ahmad Razlan said cooperation between SIC and Air Asia began a few months ago when Asia's low-budget airlines boss Datuk Tony Fernandes told him about his ambitious dream to set up an all Malaysian F1 team.

For SIC, the idea will not only enhance the level of the company's involvement in the motorsports industry but also show Malaysia's direct involvelment with F1.

"This is a new chapter for organiser of Malaysian F1 race to the niche Home of Motorsports and now, we can boast that we're the hub for motorsports in Asia," said Ahmad Rzalan.

Asked if the Malaysian-made machines would be on the grid before the Australian Grand Prix in March next year -- the first round of the 2010 F1 calendar -- he said the mean-machines would be in Malaysia before the race.

"I can assure all Malaysian that the 1Malaysia F1 Team machines will be in this country before the Australian race, most probably for testing at the 5.543km Sepang Circuit.

"We're not building the car from scratch. We already have the Lotus technology for the engines and within three month, the car is fit to be on the road. The Malaysian car has enough time to make a pinacle for the motorsports industry. That, I can assure them," he said.

He said the team's technical director Mike Gascoyne had over 20 years experience in F1, and previously performed the same role for the Force India, Toyota, Renault and Jordan Formula One Teams.

Meanwhile, National Sports Institute director-general Datuk Dr Ramlan Abd Aziz said the institute was willing to share its expertise with the budding F1 drivers.

He said former national F1 driver Alex Yoong used to undergo physical training under the institute's supervision as F1 drivers needed to be physically and mentally ready.

"If necessary, we will set up a team comprising experts to help in the training.

"However, before we provide any assistance, we must get the green light from the youth and sports ministry," added Dr Ramlan.

- Bernama -


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More details on the 1Malaysia F1 company

Finally some details from the horses mouth C the 1Malaysia name apparently shares nothing more in common with Najibs 1Malaysia administration other than the similiar name, as a tribute most likely.

    * The government announced yesterday that it has no equity directly or indirectly in the 1Malaysia F1 Team.
    * Proton will license its Lotus brand to 1Malaysia F1 Team.
    * The team will be called Team Lotus.
    * Its actually run and funded by Litespeed, Naza, and the Tune Group.
    * The scope of Protons involvement will hopefully go beyond licensing the brand and will include technology transfer, marketing rights and employment opportunities.
    * Petronas (so far) will come in through its Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, which will collaborate with the team together with UTM to help develop future Malaysian engineers, etc.
    * Composites Technology Research Malaysia (CTRM) will somehow be involved. CTRM is a composites manufacturer with clients like Airbus. It is owned 92% by the governments Ministry of Finance and 8% by Petronas. They make the composite body shell for Lotus Europa S, and are the official repairer for the teams participating in the Formula BMW Pacific.

So far no concrete mention of Proton or government money being used so far. It doesnt even look like Lotus will be running the team, instead expertise will come from Litespeed, which is a team participating in F3 founded by ex-Lotus employees Nino Judge and Steve Kenchington.

- Paul Tan -


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Petronas to fuel 1 Malaysia F1 ?

By Lee Wei Lian

SINGAPORE, Sept 27 As widely expected, the 1 Malaysia F1 team has started sponsorship talks with national oil company Petronas apart from looking into jointly developing a line of engine oils and lubricants.

Team principal Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes confirmed this although stressing that the motor racing team called Lotus F1 by the FIA remains a private venture.

We would love Petronas to sponsor us, Fernandes told reporters at the sidelines of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

1 Malaysia F1 team principal Tony Fernandes shares a laugh with Naza Motor's SM Nasaruddin at the Singapore F1 Race yesterday - Picutre by Wei Lian Lee

The aviation tycoon who turned around Air Asia into a successful budget airline has hit back at critics of his Lotus F1 Team project saying that and it will be privately funded and there will be no government equity involved nor any government funding.

He stressed that any government support will come in the form of Petronas sponsorship, and a deal with government controlled automaker Proton to license its Lotus brand. The ownership of the team is currently divided between Fernandes and SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin, the 26 year old second son of the late Naza group founder Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin.

A third investor, Litespeed UK is also expected to take a stake in the team. Fernandes claimed that the team will be profitable but declined to discuss revenue projections.

He is confident of substantial sponsorship support from the United Kingdom as the Lotus brand is particularly strong there and also expects strong sales from merchandising and a share of the profit from F1.

There is one F1 brand that sells £150 million worth of T-shirts . Were monetising the Lotus brand. It is one of the greatest racing brands and nothing invokes the same emotion apart from Ferrari, Fernandes said.

He added that there will be social returns as the project will encourage Malaysians to think bigger and that not enough recognition was given to the fact that the team managed to secure a place in the prestigious F1 competition.

Getting a place in F1 is like Malaysia getting a place in the last eight of the World Cup, said Mike Gascoyne, the teams technical director who had previously worked for Jordan, Renault, Toyota and Force India.

Fernandes disclosed that he has so far put in about £20 million (RM116 million) of his own money into the project. SM Nasarudin also said he has committed millions but declined to disclose actual amounts.

The team has said that it will start with RM168 million in capital and an annual budget of RM308 million.

The license deal with Proton will not involve cash transactions but will ba a barter trade - technology and exposure in exchange for use of the Lotus brand name.

Fernandes remained unfazed about other teams with far bigger budgets and remained realistic about the teams chances as the business plan was designed to take into account the team could come in last.

He said expectations are that the team will finish ninth or tenth initially but moving up to the middle of the pack after about six months.

Our target is to be the best of the new teams, he said. It is not about money. Air Asia had no money but we built a global brand.

Gascoyne said he is confident of Lotus F1s prospects as he has succeeded on putting his previous teams on the podium within 20 races.

Fernandes however acknowledged the chances of failure but said that he does not want to wake up one day and regret not taking the risk.

If it fails, yes I will pull the plug but I dont want to wake up at age 55 and regret that I should have done it, he added.

The former music industry executive also believed that Lotus F1 will eventually become an ASEAN project and has already started recruiting staff from Thailand for the 225 employees he needs to run the team.

As for other Malaysian sponsors, Fernandes said he is keen to talk to Malaysia Airlines and the Genting group.

The team principal added he will announce a team CEO soon. Former Malaysian F1 driver Alex Yoong has joined the team and is expected to play a prominent role in the Malaysian set-up.

- The Malaysian Insider -


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uih kaler oren ke, kuning is preferable la

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47# ShadowChaser
kuning mcm kaler kete A1

aku prefer kaler merah hehehe

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45# HangPC2
good idea least sama2 sponsor team Malaysia

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44# HangPC2 funding from goverment

tapi goverment boleh take advantage skit2

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Lotus F1 Team (1 Malaysia F1 Team)

Official Site :



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laju nyer ada lain blum prepare lagi

konfiden nampak nak conquer F1

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kihkihkih tim pun cuma ada nama je skarang, staff pun lum ada lagi

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gold, classic sgt hokeey!

seb bek bukan kaler paddle pop rainnbow neh!!


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53# ShadowChaser
aku pikir staf tu maybe dari team litespeed sendiri terutama yg engineer tu semua

org Malaysia isi tempat yang biasa2 je dlu kot

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54# jeanlouisfinch
dedua tak berkenan sgt livery tu

paling buruk paddle pop tu

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55# weta_studio

mungkin gak

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Lotus F1 Racing Wind Tunnel Model

Interview with Mike Gascoyne \ Lotus F1 Racing Chief Technical Officer

How important is the completion of Lotus F1 Racings first windtunnel model ?

The start of any windtunnel testing is an important step in the development of a new Formula 1 car, but it is particularly exciting for us as we continue preparations for our first season. It has been a very busy time since our entry was confirmed by the FIA. We had been working on the entry for several months so we already had aspects of the team infrastructure in place; the finances, the factory and the top management. Once our entry was confirmed in mid\September, we were able to accelerate our recruitment and car development process and this is really where we are at now.

What precisely is the involvement from Malaysia ?

Our entry has only been made possible thanks to financing from the Malaysian private sector, so Lotus F1 Racing will be a Malaysian team through and through. Additionally we have valuable support from the Malaysian government through its 1Malaysia initiative, so we will essentially be flying the Malaysian flag in Formula 1. I am liaising with our Team Principal Tony Fernandes about our plans on a daily basis and am currently spending some time in Malaysia interviewing potential candidates for technical roles. The team is also in the process of recruiting Malaysian employees for other positions, including administration, marketing and PR.

The team is currently based in the UK, but is there a long\term plan to move to Malaysia ?

The longer\term vision is to create a centre of technical excellence at the Sepang circuit which we have already started planning together with Tony Fernandes and his associates. Naturally this takes time, so we have opted initially for a UK base at the RTN facility in Hingham from where we will run the F1 operations while we establish our Malaysian facilities. Ultimately, the team will be headquartered in Malaysia, but we will keep a small UK base which will give us a logistical advantage when we are racing within Europe.

What technical partnerships do you already have in place ?

We have been working with Fondtech to develop the aerodynamics, as well as with gearbox specialists Xtrac. We have an engine supply deal in place with Cosworth and we also have the support of engineering and composites teams in Malaysia who will play an integral role in developing the car.

Is there really enough time to get a car and a team up and running before the first race in Bahrain?
There is no escaping the challenges that we face simply to get the car ready for the first race of next season, but I am confident that we are up to the task in hand. Our target is to get the car ready for a roll out by the middle of February so that we can carry out pre\season testing in preparation for Bahrain in mid\March.

What are your expectations for the first year ?

We need to remain realistic in our aims for the first year. We are a new team and we are starting our development late, so it will be an achievement just to get two cars on the Bahrain grid. I hope by the middle of the season we will have established ourselves as the best of the rookie teams and then continue to make forward progress for the rest of the year.

How integrated will the F1 team be with other Lotus groups ?

It is a big honour to be associated with such an historic and prestigious Formula 1 brand as Lotus for whom I have a lot of respect. We will have a close relationship with other Lotus groups and we will do all we can to ensure that the Lotus name is treated respectfully with our new team.

Finally, has there been any decision made on drivers for next year ?

We have been looking closely at the driver market to determine our best options for next year including Malaysian drivers, but no decisions have been made yet. We need versatile drivers. We need reliable and technically\minded drivers who can help us develop the car during the season, but at the same time we need drivers who are hungry for results and who can extract every little bit of performance from the car at all times.

Sources :



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1MF1T : Tenaga teknikal seratus peratus tempatan

KIRA-KIRA 15 hingga 20 warga Malaysia akan menyertai pasukan teknikal perintis pasukan 1Malaysia-Lotus F1 (1MF1T) yang akan membuat kemunculan sulung dalam perlumbaan kereta Formula Satu (F1) musim depan.

"Bilangan ini akan bertambah dalam masa dua tahun," kata pengarah teknikalnya, Mike Gascoyne.

Gascoyne berkata, mereka berhasrat muncul sebagai yang terbaik dari kalangan empat pendatang baru kelak.

"Pasukan baru itu akan mempunyai kekuatan 220 juruteknik yang akan berpangkalan di United Kingdom. Melihat pada keadaan, kami menjangka akan mengambil sekitar 15 hingga 20 warga Malaysia," kata Gascoyne yang menjalankan temu duga baru-baru ini.

"Kami mahukan prestasi terbaik disebabkan kami baru saja membentuk pasukan ini dan F1 adalah perlumbaan yang amat kompetitif. Pada masa depan, saya harap pasukan teknikal akan terdiri daripada seratus peratus warga Malaysia," katanya.

Gascoyne yang dilahirkan di Norfolk merupakan antara juruteknik F1 paling terkenal dalam bidang aerodinamik. Beliau telah bertugas dengan beberapa pasukan termasuk McLaren, Sauber, Jordan, Toyota, Spyker dan tahun lepas bersama Force India.

Dengan hanya tinggal lima bulan lagi sebelum bermula- nya musim baru, Gascoyne berkata: "Kami melangkah maju dengan cara yang terhad. Kami kini mempunyai 30 pereka bentuk yang menjalankan reka bentuk kereta."

Kereta berkenaan sedang dibina di kilang Norfolk yang akan dijadikan pangkalan Eropah bagi pasukan itu dengan fasiliti seperti terowong udara, jabatan penyelidikan dan pembangunan, dan pengeluaran alat-alat ganti. Enjin Cosworth bagi kereta lumba telah menjalani empat ujian selepas tidak dapat menyertai perlumbaan F1 sejak 2006.

Gascoyne berkata, bajet permulaan ialah antara RM65 juta hingga RM100 juta, sementara kos keseluruhannya bagi setiap musim dianggarkan RM300 juta.

Pasukan 1MF1T dijadual melakukan kemunculan sulung pada pembukaan musim di Bahrain pada 14 Mac dan kembali ke sirkit tanah air pada 4 April untuk menyertai GP Malaysia.

Mereka disenaraikan bagi musim 2010 selepas pasukan BMW Sauber menarik diri.

Tiga pasukan baru yang lain ialah Campos Meta (Sepanyol), Manor F1 Team (United Kingdom) dan Team US F1 (Amerika Syarikat).

Gascoyne berharap nama- nama pemandu akan diumumkan bulan depan.

- Kosmo -



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Saya tidak takut gagal


DALAM perlumbaan kereta Formula Satu (F1), kejayaan adalah sesuatu yang sangat penting bagi sesebuah pasukan.

Begitupun, prestasi di atas litar lumba pula menjadi penentu kepada masa depan setiap pasukan di mana modal dan sumber pendapatannya banyak bergantung kepada sokongan pihak penaja.

Tidak dinafikan lagi bahawa perlumbaan F1 ialah sukan paling mahal di dunia.

Dengan melibatkan kemajuan teknologi dalam kejuruteraan enjin, aerodinamik dan kepantasan, diiringi dengan strategi berpasukan dan pengurusan yang lancar, maka semua ini sudah pasti memerlukan kos yang besar.

Malah, sukan F1 juga merupakan satu risiko pelaburan yang tinggi bagi sesetengah pasukan, namun perjudian sebenar akan bermula sebaik sahaja jentera F1 sudah bersedia di litar.

Namun, ini semua tidak menjadi halangan bagi Malaysia untuk mengorak selangkah lagi dalam sukan pemotoran antarabangsa.

Dengan mewujudkan sebuah pasukan baru yang dikenali sebagai 1Malaysia F1 Team (1MF1T), reputasi dan imej negara kini semakin gah di mata dunia.

1MF1T ialah pasukan kedua dari Asia (selepas Force India) yang bakal menyertai saingan F1 pada musim 2010.

Sebelum ini Toyota dan Honda merupakan dua kuasa besar yang telah lama menyertai perlumbaan F1 dan berjaya mengukuhkan jenama mereka menerusi sukan ini.

Begitupun, dua gergasi pemotoran di Asia ini telah menarik diri daripada perlumbaan musim depan atas alasan bajet yang semakin sukar ditampung ketika zaman kemerosotan ekonomi global ketika ini.

Justeru, adakah pendatang baru ini, 1MF1T sudah bersedia untuk menangkis segala halangan dan cabaran untuk muncul sebagai sebuah pasukan yang konsisten dalam persaingan perlumbaan F1 setiap musim?

"Saya tidak takut pada kegagalan, mungkin pasukan ini akan gagal pada penampilan pertama tetapi saya tidak takut pada kekalahan," kata ketua pasukan 1MF1T, Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes.

"Inilah mentaliti rakyat Malaysia yang patut kita ubah. Belum turun gelanggang lagi sudah menyerah kalah dan ragu-ragu tentang kemampuan sendiri.

"Kita sepatutnya berbangga kerana dengan hanya memiliki sebuah litar perlumbaan (Litar Antarabangsa Sepang), Malaysia kini sudah mampu membentuk sebuah pasukan F1 sendiri. Ini satu kemajuan yang luar biasa dan amat mengagumkan.

"Ya, mungkin kita akan menduduki tempat terakhir pada perlumbaan musim depan tetapi sekurang-kurangnya kita telah mencuba sesuatu di sini. Saya tidak mahu hanya duduk saja tanpa melakukan sesuatu," kata Tony yang juga Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Kumpulan AirAsia.

Begitupun, semangat dan keazaman sahaja masih belum cukup untuk melahirkan sebuah pasukan yang cemerlang, apatah lagi untuk mencatat kejayaan dan prestasi yang membangga- kan.

Pasukan Minardi adalah contoh terbaik di mana walaupun mendapat sokongan penaja dan dibekalkan dengan enjin pasukan Ferrari, mereka masih menamatkan saingan di tempat terakhir dalam setiap perlumbaan.

Jelas sekali segala-galanya perlu dilakukan dengan tepat. Pasukan 1MF1T memerlukan jentera yang sesuai, pemandu yang berpengalaman dan juga modal yang besar sekiranya mahu terus kekal dalam sukan ini.

"Sasaran kami ialah untuk menjadi antara yang terbaik di kalangan pasu- kan baru, mungkin di tempat kesembilan atau ke-10, kemudian baru cuba berada di kedudukan pertengahan.

"Kami bukan menyertai perlumbaan ini untuk berada di tempat terakhir. Jadi saya harap dalam masa lima tahun lagi kita mampu mencatat keja- yaan podium.

"Sudah tentu kami akan cuba melaksanakan impian ini dan tidak akan membiarkan reputasi Malaysia terjejas. Begitupun, sekiranya kita terus mengalami kekalahan, kita tiada pili- han selain menarik diri daripada perlumbaan ini," kata Tony lagi.

Idea penubuhan pasukan F1 Malaysia ini mula tercetus apabila ada beberapa individu yang berhajat untuk menghidupkan semula pasukan F1 Lotus yang suatu ketika dahulu pernah melahirkan juara dunia seperti Ayrton Senna, Mika Hakinnen dan Nigel Mansell.

Syarikat pengeluar kereta di Britain itu kini telah menjadi hak milik Proton yang mengambi alih Lotus pada 1994 berikutan bekas pemiliknya, Bugatti diisytiharkan bankrup.

"Semuanya bermula apabila ada beberapa individu mahu menghidupkan semula pasukan Lotus dalam perlumbaan F1 dan setelah mendapat kebenaran daripada Proton, saya dan Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (rakan kongsi) terus memulakannya," kata Tony.

"Apa yang saya boleh katakan ialah semua idea ini berpunca setelah saya melihat ramai peminat sukan di Malaysia memakai jersi pasukan asing seperti Ferrari dan Manchester United. Di mana-mana saja saya pergi orang Malaysia akan memakai jersi pasukan lain selain daripada negara kita.

"Jadi saya rasa semua ini perlu diubah. Alangkah bagus jika kita pergi ke seluruh dunia, kita akan lihat orang lain memakai jersi Malaysia atau pasu- kan negara kita. Kita sepatutnya berbangga dan tunjukkan kepada dunia kebanggaan kita," ujarnya lagi.

Pasukan 1MF1T akan diketuai oleh Tony sendiri yang memegang saham 60 peratus bersama rakan kongsinya, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun manakala baki 40 peratus lagi dipegang oleh SM Nasarudin, anak kepada pengasas Kumpulan Naza, Allahyarham Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin.

Cuma kini satu-satunya cabaran bagi pasukan baru yang akan menggalas nama Malaysia ini ialah mencari penaja untuk menyuntik modal bagi saingan perlumbaan 2010.

Dilaporkan bahawa modal permulaan bagi penyertaan sulung perlumbaan F1 ialah sebanyak RM168 juta dan dijangka kosnya meningkat sehingga RM308 juta bagi semusim.


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