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Post time 17-11-2011 07:47 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
Post Last Edit by ctsueraya at 17-11-2011 19:52

Selamat Datang ke Rumah Baru (LINK TO CHAPTER 28http://mforum3.cari.com.my/viewthread.php?tid=511747&extra=page%3D1)..... WELCOME!

Jom sembang2 pasal good diet, senaman, healthy lifestyle and well being.. all are welcome!

Harap Maklum:
This thread is dedicated to ways to keep fit and maintain slim with old school way, ie: balance diet & exercising.. Produk2 pelangsingan ie:ubat2 kurus, cara2 short cuts utk kurus, etc will not be entertained! TQ.

Getting Started:-
1. Ukur ketinggian
2. Timbang berat badan & ukurlilit badan
3. Assess BMI, body fat%, etc
4. PM details anda kat pembuka thread, join the forum and you are ready to go!

REFERENCE & Link Libary:-
1. How To Weigh and Measure Your Body
2. Assess BMI, body fat%, etc Online
3. What is your frame size?
4. Standard weight for height and frame size
5. Diet Addiction
6. The 80:20 Rules
7. Go Easy on Yourself
8. Muscle Pain and Soreness After Exercise (the Why's and How To Deal with it)
9. cool down benefits (credit to sunshinelady):
- slowly releases heat yg terkumpul dlm badan lepas buatsenaman gilababas tu. kita tak nak sudden drop in temperature coz bleh kasi migraine, shock to the heart & brain, etc. yg penting skali kalau extreme lose of heat or biar je badan tu panas sgt tanpa cooling down bleh dpt seizure.
- slowly recirculate lactic acid kat muscles so that tak cramp.
- slowly relaxkan muscles yg tadi tight/bekerja keras, again so that tak cramp.
- slow down ur respiratory rate & heart rate to a normal healthy rate supaya tak kena serangan jantung.
- slowly constrict/kecikkan blood vessels yg dah mengembang dgngamaknye masa exercise tadi, e.g. ke peripheral muscles, brain.and alsomengembangkan balik blood vessels yg constricted masa senaman tadi e.g.ke gastroenterology system, kidneys, etc. so cooling down will improveblood circulation ke seluruh badan. coz masa exercise,certain partsofthe body je yg blood supply banyak some other partssikit. so coolingdown ni kasi normalize balik.
- hati pon senang lepas cool down tu pasal dah puas senaman bersungguh-sungguh



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 Author| Post time 17-11-2011 08:06 PM | Show all posts

-kami tidak melayan sebarang iklan produk@cara pelangsingan badan okeh...
yang dibenarkan cuma blanced meal and diet + senaman
-janganlah cuba nak jual2 produk kecuali dvd fitness kat sini.tq

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Post time 17-11-2011 11:26 PM | Show all posts
takde apa nak citer today..
running aroung jalan kaki gi sekolah je 2-3 kali dok tunggu bila result kuar...then gi jalan kaki kat midvalley..the curve..hahahhah
makan okay..control..

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 Author| Post time 18-11-2011 08:00 AM | Show all posts
Reply 3# Ariys21

  hi sis..long time no seeok what activekan diri..hehe

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Post time 18-11-2011 09:27 AM | Show all posts
okla..aku aktifkan diri kat sini la..since kt fb tkley di opis
jd meroyan sini sajaaaaaa

meh layan diriku..wakaka

anyway, this morning woke up @ 5.30...and did workout:
-bodyrock warm up
-bodyrock whoop a$$ workout
-bodyrock sexy abs time

sume tu bole diperolehi di website bodyrock.tv

skng tgh bekpes:
-1 pc plum
-1 mug super power coffee collagen + 2 tbspn protein powder + 2 tbspn oat
-10 pcs raw almond
-several pcs home made oatmeal flaxseed raisin cake.

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Post time 18-11-2011 09:35 AM | Show all posts
yeahhhhhhh rumah baru..............

pagi nie bangun lambat...tapi gigih jugak buat JM 30 Days Shread with 4lbs dumbell..

breakfast mkn roti wholemael 2 keping + 2 spoon baked beans + chess...


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Post time 18-11-2011 10:01 AM | Show all posts
mane ko dpt gmbo kucin cium screensaver tu?

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Post time 18-11-2011 02:35 PM | Show all posts
Salam all!

pagi ni baru buat 50 Burpees 50 Challenge Day-8 [5X10reps]
42 days more to go!

Ptg karang baru buat proper workout.

Nak promote blog sendiri volley??


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Post time 18-11-2011 02:42 PM | Show all posts
Workout Summary Update (7-13/11)
7 Nov None

8 Nov Part 1

Quick Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout
Interval 20s rest/40sec effort, 3 rounds=15 minutes
Tactical lunges(R1;10kg, R2&R3;12kg)
3-swings to 3-wide leg push ups(12kg)
High Pull subs>>Snatch(L&R)(10kg)
1-legged box Squats(R1;8kg,R2&R3;10kg)
Turkish get up sit ups subs>>KB Renegade Row(8&10kg)
Part 11
12 minutes Interval skipping =24 rounds of 10sec rest/20 sec effort
9 Nov Fasting
10 Nov
Part 1 :3 rounds of this combo:-
30 reps of Snatch(10kg)(L&R)*switch hand every 5 reps
10 reps of Sumo Push Ups
Part 2: 12 minutes interval skipping 20s/10s

11 Nov
50 Burpees 50 Days(50B50DC) Challenge Day-1 50 Burpees [5X10reps]

12 Nov Part1
Quick Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout (same workout as 8th Nov)
3 rounds @15 minutes
Tactical lunges(12kg for all round)
3-swings to 3-wide leg push ups(12kg)
High Pull subs>>Snatch(L&R)(10kg)
1-legged box Squats(10kg for all round)
Turkish get up sit ups subs>>KB Renegade Row(8&10kg)
Part 2: 50B50DC Day -2 50 Burpees [5X10reps]

13 Nov  50B50DC Day -3  50 Burpees[2X10reps][3X10reps]

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Post time 18-11-2011 05:09 PM | Show all posts
kagum! bila aku nak start guna treadmill nih

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Post time 18-11-2011 06:26 PM | Show all posts
Hello all.. melaporkan diri kat rumah baru kiter. Thanks su

btw, i nak quote ElizaNor dr rumah dulu...

pauline: i respect your work dan kegigihan you... i ni tak gigih la.. asik turun naik turun naik.. haritu buat gak beginner tapi sakit lutut peh tu rasa kat bahagian peranakan tu sakit bila buat lompat bintang.. tu yg terus x buat dah setahun... huhuhuh

hi ElizaNor, sorry baru skrg i reply, sbb agak lama tak belek forum.. thank you for the compliment.. i guess all come with passion and determination dulu i hanya determine nak kurus, but bila dah kurus, i'm addicted to this activity.. i can eat my fav food, being healthy, slim, fit and strong not only physically but also mentally.. so fitness and leading active lifestyle is so beneficial and everyone MUST embrace it.

pasal sakit lutut and tak selesa kat bhg peranakan tu i pernah rasa.. untuk lutut tu, what i do is amik susu tinggi kalsium and protein. i would recommend Nesvita Omega Milk. you bleh pilih nak powder or packed.... i am now taking powder punya. take susu every morning; and take it in the evening when you crave. selepas minum susu you akan rasa full, lagipun khasiat susu sgt byk.... i amalkan and teruskan workout, and rasa tak selesa kat lutut tu dah takde skrg... i think unless you ada masalah lutut yg kronik, nothing can stop you from teruskan with your senaman.

now, about perasaan tak selesa kat peranakan.. i penah rasa masa i mula menjinakkan diri with jumping rope / skipping.. mmg perasaan tu mcm peranakan nak luruh.. but i teruskan jugak.. kenapa org lain bleh buat i tak bleh? so what i do is practice. and gradually increase the speed. now i can skip 100x in 1minute. but of course, senaman/workout ni byk sgt jenis and variasi. keep challenging yourself and venture new things, this will make your exercises routine interesting

lagi satu during workout you kena pakai pakaian yg support your breasts and body. ini sgt penting!

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Post time 18-11-2011 09:34 PM | Show all posts
i've put on a lot of weight recently. byk baju yg dah x muat and it;s getting depressing bila orang constantly ckp "eh eh apsal skg semangaaaat?". X perlu la ckp cemtu kot sebab i do have a mirror to see all these fats that i have. i'm planning on getting on the treadmill kat gym tempat tinggal i ni tapi tatau the best way to start. is it really 20 minutes are all you need on the treadmill? speednye cemana ek. ade cara yg proper utk breathing jugak ke? kalo ada sesape buleh tolong, terimakasih daun keladi

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Post time 19-11-2011 09:25 AM | Show all posts
kalau 20 mins tu u still kena go for high intensity interval training..various speed, various strength..for details, actually ada kat BOD lama, aini byk post..but for starters, u tgk kat treadmill gym you tu, ada tak weight loss pre-program.
anyway, if you can only allow yourself 20-30 mins, u may want to consider beli CD kettle bell workout or try Bodyrock..start at your own pace..or maybe Jillian Michaels..
lagi cpt results u akan nampak..

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Post time 19-11-2011 09:29 AM | Show all posts
hi all..i love weekends! weekends la i ada time nak meroyan kat internet..hahhaah..and time for myself..and working out..
hubby got a new hobby, cycling! so i dont want to be beaten, while he went cycling, i did my workout..yes, i mmg pemalas, tp takde la tinggal terus everything..and i also malas nak update apa benda i makan or workout here..hehehhehe
suka baca workout diary orang lain kat sini, aini ke, pauline ke, leny ke..syik ke...
okay..mau mandi..sudah sejam cooling off...take care!

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Post time 19-11-2011 10:47 AM | Show all posts

-kami tidak melayan sebarang iklan produk@cara pelangsingan badan okeh...
yang dibena ...
ctsueraya Post at 17-11-2011 20:06

La ye ke sue? I baru nak cari orang jual perodak lansingkan badan. Ngehngehngeh. Makas ka nak senaman, nak kena jaga makan. Telan je perodak-perodak ni, sure kurus bergetah. Kasi rosak buah pinggang n hati n jantung pon takpe, asalkan senang nak kurus nyah. Tak yah nak peluh2 ni. Panas n memenatkan.


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Post time 19-11-2011 06:34 PM | Show all posts
amboi cik doktor..welcome back to malaysia..cuti berapa lama?
kalau takat product kurus ni, you can ask somebody to prescribe la kan?
hehheheh..i tak jumpa lagi doctor yg betul2 commercial about slimming yet..i know ada la..
the ones that i met strict gila..kena betul2 overweight and monitor you gila2..

by the way, saya mmg suka frequent all those slimming product thread, tp tak beli la..
saya hanya beli fiber untuk lawas sbb the natural way, agak lambat untuk saya lawas gak..
kdg2 i sakit kepala if tak ke tan hari2..so, tak mengapa la..
but those fiber mmg buat saya lose weight..maybe water weight la kot..takde la byk sgt..

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Post time 19-11-2011 07:57 PM | Show all posts
haii...iols badan x kurus sgt n x gemuk...tp utk fitness n bg mengelakkan bdn terus berkembang dgn pesatnya, iols senaman almost everyday, alternate days pon ok..satu hari, almost sejam...buat warm up dulu, then wat le senaman apa saja...sit ups, skipping, lari setempat, menari, apa sajalah..hentam keromo pon ok, janji keluar peluh ..kalo ada muzik rancak lg best mcm lagu super junior-bonamana,

maklumlah nk beli thread mill x mampoo, nk p gym, yuran mahal sgt , so wat le sendiri,
apa2 pon jgn wat alasan yer, nk fit mesti berusaha sedaya upaya

makan pula, iols x kontrol sgt esp breakfast (bantai je segala mak nenek fr ns lemak, roti canai, etc), lunch pon sama...cuma bab mkn mlm tu, mkn yg ringan je sebelum kul 8 mcm minum susu or mushroom soup..hehehe

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Post time 19-11-2011 08:20 PM | Show all posts
hoh..nampaknya iols pun kena start exercising..
smlm jumpa x-coursemate..tgk xpression dia yg i dah gemuks sekarang neh, stress jek

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Post time 20-11-2011 12:01 AM | Show all posts
Reply 1# ctsueraya

   hye...mel muncul balik ...lama x de kt sini

skrg ni mel nk fokus kurus...huhu..mel jaga makan n exercise...skrg ni mel tgok berat mel sama...tp mel tgok perut n paha dh geleber ....cm ner nk buang tu?mel fikir positf sbb dulu mmg tebal paha mel,...skrg baru dpt cubit...cm ner nak bagi buang yg geleber tu n mantapkan lagi body??

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Post time 20-11-2011 08:09 AM | Show all posts
haip! korang... tengkiu to ctsue memeriahkan porem neh.. asenyer me kena rajin menepek kat sini lar baru motivated sket... actually lately neh me ase agak busan ngan mukabuku... so, alternatif akan rajin lepaking kat sini...

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Post time 20-11-2011 09:58 AM | Show all posts
Salam semua
Calla melapor diri kat rumah baru
Tak taulah if ada yg masih ingat lg
I'm due on Dec 13, tak sabar rasa nak workout lepas beranak nnt
At 4 months pernah try nak exercise tp rasa uncomfortable & penat sesgt lepas tu
Nak buat housework pon tak larat
Now berat naik almost 14 kg since pregnant & maybe by the time nak deliver naik lg 2-3kg kot

Boleh tak you all share healthy menu berpantang you alls kat sini?
Calla plan nak full breastfeed tp org ckp jgn diet nnt susu kurang
Perhaps you all can share healthy menu korang yg at same time tak kacau production susu

Oh ya, siapa yg jual dvd JM yg title Hip & thighs (latest frm JM) pls pm calla yer
Mau beli itu dvd lah

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 Author| Post time 20-11-2011 04:24 PM | Show all posts
La ye ke sue? I baru nak cari orang jual perodak lansingkan badan. Ngehngehngeh. Makas ka nak se ...
sunshinelady Post at 19-11-2011 10:47

nak like sesangat komen nie

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 Author| Post time 20-11-2011 04:39 PM | Show all posts
Reply 21# Calla lily

welcome back callastill rembebr you
congrate sdh dpt baby
utk petua berpantang kene tanya mak2 dara mcam sis arys, sis pauline and aini
iols anak dara trang tang tang

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Post time 20-11-2011 05:09 PM | Show all posts
nak join balk..  badan skarang rasa dah kecik sikit.. ;)
tapi lately ni rasa lemah jer.. aish!!

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 Author| Post time 20-11-2011 05:23 PM | Show all posts
welcome utk semua...maaf tak sempat nak quote everyone punyer posting
untuk yang baru masuk macam jejakajambu, babypingu, miu84...welcome
yang dh lama dan kembali ke pangkal lengan..oppsss jalan
SELAMAT MENINSAPKAN DIRI(utk diri sendiri jugak)
iols dh 4 hari tggal workout
hrnie malas giler tapi gagahkan diri lawan BRUTUS
takut BRUTUS bermaharajalela
maka i'm done with
ZUZANA Hot blooded+ Zuzana Push Me (1 circuit) + Zuzana Hoi Abs Workout (1 circuit)..I LOVE Bodyrockers

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