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Beijing, China [PART 5]

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Since rumah before ni dah nak habis, & aku pun ade banyak nak tanye soalan, so biarle aku bukak rumah baru..Terpulang pada mod nak solex rumah sane ke tak..


General Information

Embassy of Malaysia in Beijing
Ambassador: H.E.Mr.Iskandar Sarudin
Address: No. 2, Liang Ma Qiao Bei Street, Chaoyang District
Postal Code: 100600
Tel: +86-10-6532 2531, 6532 2532, 6532 2533
Fax: +86-10-6532 5032
Office Hours: 08:30 - 17:00 (Mon. - Fri.)



Introduction to Beijing Climate
Beijing weather is characterized by its clear distinction of four seasons - short windy spring, long hot summer, cool pleasant autumn and long chilly winter. The hottest month is July and the coldest is January. September and October with their pleasant and cool weather are considered the best time for visiting Beijing.
To visit Beijing in spring (early April till end of May) you need to bring lightweight clothing: long-sleeved shirts or T-shirts, plus one or two jackets and sweaters. It is warm, windy and dry but temperature varies sharply between the day and the night. Dress warmly when going out at night. Also guard yourselves against sandstorms with outdoors wind gear.
Summer (from early June to mid-September) is very hot with abundant rainfall. This calls for light clothes as the temperature in July and August ranges between 30 C (86 F) and 40 C (104 F). Short and heavy rainstorms may come suddenly in the afternoon on sunny days. Even weather experts can get caught unawares by showers. Remember to pack a raincoat or umbrella just in case.
The short but beautiful autumn (from mid-September to the end of October) is all time travel favorite. Autumn in Beijing enjoys mild temperature and plenty of sunshine. The flaming maple scene on the Fragrant Hills and the Badaling Great Wall can be a delight to behold. Long-sleeved shirts and thin coats are adequate for autumn. From late October onwards, the temperature comes down sharply, so warm clothing is a must.
Beijing has a cold, dry and long winter from early November to the next March. The chilly days have no let up despite sunny days. The average temperature in December, January and February below 0 C (32 F). Be sure to wear wool sweaters and thick down coats for winter. Visitors from tropical countries may find Beijing's weather extremely inhospitable. Winter sport enthusiasts will enjoy the snow scene on the Western Hills and combat the chill by skating in Shichahai. Chinese Spring Festival can be celebrated either in January or February. The traditional community activities in the city are quite an experience for someone arriving from outside the country.

Recommended Accommodation For Traveler/Backpackers (Recommended by Tripadvisor)
Chinese Box Courtyard Hostel
Sitting on the City Walls (Beijing) Courtyard House
Liuhexiang Quadrangle Courtyard
Beijing Downtown Backpacker Hostel
Dragon King Hostel
Lucky Family Hostel
Wanlilu International Youth Hotel Beijing Dongsi
No.161 Hotel
Sleepy Inn Downtown Lakeside Beijing
Backhome Beijing Guesthouse
Hongdu Shijia Hotel

Airport Transportation

The Airport Express Line of the Subway serves the airport from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 and then takes passengers to Dongzhimen via Sanyuanqiao. This line was opened just prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics. It carries passengers to the airport in twenty minutes from the city center, covering a distance of 28 kilometers.

Airport Shuttle Bus
Currently, there are nine different shuttle bus routes connecting the airport with various locations in the downtown area, such as Xidan,  Railway Station, West Railway Station, Nanyuan Airport and others.
Cross Terminals Free Shuttle Bus

Cross Terminal Free Shuttle Bus

Every seven minutes, there is a free shuttle bus leaving from Terminal 3 for Terminal 2 and then Terminal 1, vice versa. The bus just takes 15 minutes for one-way.
Pick-up stations: T1 -- Gate3-5 on the 1st Floor; T2 -- Gate 11 on the 1st Floor; T3 -- Gate 5 on the 1st Floor
Route: Gate 5 of T3 Arrival FloorT2 Departure FloorT1 Departure FloorGate 11 of T2 Arrival FloorGate 5 of T1 Arrival FloorT3 Departure FloorGate 5 of T3 Arrival Floor
Operating hours: every 10 minutes at 06:00~23:00; every 30 minutes at 23:00~06:00 (the next day)

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Attraction Place

Great Wall in Beijing

1 ) Bandaling Great Wall:-

great wall 10019447tm.jpg
Admission Fee:
CNY 45 (Apr. 1 to Oct.31); CNY 40 (Nov.1 to Mar.31)
Cable Car:
CNY 60 (single trip); CNY 80 (round trip)
CNY 30 (single trip); CNY 60 (round trip)
Opening Hours:
06:30-19:00 (In summer); 07:00-18:00 (In winter)

Transportation to Bandaling:-
1.Transportation By Bus from Downtown Beijing
Visitors could take buses at Deshengmen Arrow Tower to get there. Thenearest subway station to Deshengmen is Jishuitan Station (subway line 2, ExitA), which is about 450 meters (492 yards) away. Or one could take subway line 2or bus nos. 5, 27, 44(Outer Ring), 55, 83, 206 (Night Line), 305, 315, 380,409, 625, 909 to Deshengmen.

Below is the different buses from Deshengmen Gate:

Bus No.
Travel Route
Departure Station
Arrival Station
Operating Hours
Ticket Fare
Duration Time
  ⇌ Badaling
Parking lot north of the  Deshengmen Arrow Tower
Front Hill of Badaling
06:00-12:00 (Apr.1-Oct.31)
  06:00-12:30 (Nov.1-Mar.31)
CNY12/person; CNY 4.8 by Beijing Transportation Smart Card
About an hour
10:30-17:00 (Apr.1-Oct.31)
  11:00-16:30 (Nov.1-Mar.31)
Deshengmen ⇌Madianqiao South⇌ Badaling ⇌Tiyuchang Xiaoqu
Deshengmen Bus station (east of  the Deshengmen Arrow Tower)
Rear  Hill of Badaling
  CNY 4.8 by Transportation Smart Card
About 1.5 hours
Deshengmen ⇌Madianqiao South⇌ Badaling⇌Huaqiao Farm
Deshengmen Bus Station(west of the  Deshengmen Arrow Tower)
CNY12, CNY4.8 by Transportation  Smart Card
About 1.5 hours

2.Train from North Railway Station
Visitors can also take a train (rmb 6/ person) from North RailwayStation to get there. To reach the railway station, one can take Bus No. 85,375, 438, 534, 563, 632; or Subway Line 2, Line 4 and Line 13 to XizhimenStation, get off and then walk to the railway station. The entrance to theGreat Wall is a fifteen to twenty minutes' walk from the Badaling RailwayStation. The trains are being operated like other public transportations as thesubways and buses: seats unnumbered and Transportation Smart Card accepted. Ifpassengers do not have a transportation card, they need to buy paper ticketsfrom the ticket windows first.

  Train No.
Depart from
Time of Departure
Arrive at
Time of Arrival
Travel Time
Beijing  North


Beijing  North


2.) Mutianyu great Wall
great wall 10019385tm.jpg

Admission Fee
Adults (including children above 1.5M): CNY45;
  Children (1.2-1.5M): CNY25;
  Free for children below 1.2M
Cable Fee (Optional)
Adults (including children above 1.3M): CNY45 for a single  trip, CNY65 for a round trip;
  Children (1.2M-1.3M): CNY25 for a single trip, CNY35 for a round trip;
  Free for children below 1.2M
Slideway Fee (Optional)
Adults: CNY50 for a single trip, CNY65 for a round trip (Cable  car up, slideway down);
  Children: CNY40 for a round trip (Cable car up, slideway down)
Opening Hours

Transportation to Mutianyu

Themost convenient way is taking Tourism Bus No. 867 at Dongzhimen. One can takeBus No.106, 107, 123, 132, 206, 24 etc or Subway Line 2, Line 13 and Airport Express Train toDongzhimen.

Visitors could take Tourism BusNo.867 at Dongzhimen Outer to Mutianyu directly in about 2.5 hours. The busleaves from Dongzhimen Outer at 07:00 and 08:30 and comes back at 14:00 and16:00. The bus ticket for a single trip is CNY 16 by cash and CNY6.4 by using Beijing Transportation Smart Card.Please note that the Tourism Bus No.867 is only available during the high season(usually from late March to November 15th).

Visitors could also take one of theBuses No. 916 or 916 (express line) which go fromDongzhimen to Huairou Bus Station first, get off at Qingchun Lu Beikou, HuairouBei Dajie or the terminus and then hire a mini-bus to Mutianyu. The Bus No. 916(express line) is recommended and its duration time is about 60-70 minutes. Themini-bus ride takes about CNY30-40 and 20 minutes; one can also share the mini-buswith others to save money.

Notes: Bus No.867 and 916(express line) depart from Dongzhimen TransportHub in Dongzhimen Waixiejie, which is about 10 minutes' walk from DongzhimenSubway Station (Exit B). Bus 916 can be found in the bus stop close to Exit Bof the subway station.

Transportation to Mutianyu from Beijing Railway Station:

Take Subway Line 2 at XizhimenStation to Dongzhimen, and then take a bus according to the ways indicatedabove.

Take Bus No. 24 from Beijing RailwayStation to Dongzhimen, get off and then go there by bus as mentioned above.

3.)Juyongguan Pass Great Wall
great wall beijing 10006057tm.jpg

JuyongguanPass is not just a military stronghold, but also a beautiful scenic spot.Around the pass, beautiful flowers and lush trees dot the mountains. A splendidpicture! As early as the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), it was named as one of theeight best scenery of Beijing. The extant pass was built in the Ming Dynasty.In the Qing Dynasty, reconstruction work was neglected. In 1992 and 2000, thepass was renovated.

Admission Fee:
CNY 45 (April 1 C Oct.31); CNY 40  (Nov. 1 C March 31)
Opening Hours
08:30 C 17:00

Transportation By bus:
a. Take the Subway Line 13 and get off at Longze Station in ChangpingDistrict, take the shuttle bus No.68 and you will get there.

b. Take the shuttle bus No.919 (shuttle bus) (Deshengmen West - Nankou)at Deshengmen Station and get off at Nankou Dongjie Station and take bus No.68in Changping District and get off at the terminal station, or take bus no.345(fast line) and get off at Shahe, and take bus No.68 to there. The trip fromDeshengmen Station to Nankou Dongjie Station takes about one and half an hoursand the ticket costs CNY 6. The trip from Nankou Dongjie Station to the passtakes about 20 minutes and the ticket costs CNY 0.5.

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Forbiden City
forbidden city 10019647tm.jpg
The ticket office at the Gate ofDivine Might (north gate) is closed. It carries out unidirectional itinerary.Visitors can only enter through the Meridian Gate (south gate) and leave fromthe Gate of Divine Might.

Admission Fee:
CNY 40 (Nov. 1 to the next Mar.  31); CNY 60 (Apr. 1 to Oct. 31)
  CNY 10 for the Treasure Gallery; CNY 10 for the Clock and Watch Gallery
Opening Hours:
08:30 to 16:30 (Nov. 1 - the next  Mar. 31); tickets not available after 15:30 and last entry at 15:40.
  08:30 to 17:00 (Apr. 1- Oct.31); tickets not available after 16:00 and last  entry at 16:10.
08:00 to 17:00 (July 1, 2013  C Aug.31, 2013).
  It will be closed on every Monday from January 1st, 2014 for the examination  and maintenance purposes.
Recommended Time for a Visit:
3-4 hours
Subway Line 1: get off  at Tiananmen West or Tiananmen East Station, walk north through the Tiananmen  Tower (Gate of Heavenly Peace), and then you'll find the Meridian Gate (south  gate)
  Subway Line 2: get off  at Qianmen Station and walk north through the Tiananmen Tower.
Bus Routes:
Take bus 101, 103, 109, 124, 202,  685 or 814 and get off at Gugong Station.
  Take bus 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 52, 120 or 802 and get off at Tiananmen Xi or  Tiananmen Dong Station, walk north through the Tiananmen Tower (Gate of  Heavenly Peace), and then you'll find the Meridian Gate (south gate).
  Take bus 9, 17, 44, 48, 59, 66, 803, 808, 4, 7  or Tuanjiehu Special Line and get off at Qianmen, Qianmen Xi, or Qianmen Dong  Station, and walk north through Tiananmen Square and you'll find it in front  of you.
Beijing Bus / Subway Search


Tiananmen Square

The present square has an area of 440,000 square meters and hasbecome a relaxing place for the common people to fly kites and walk. On aholiday, the whole square is covered with fresh flowers.

  Admission Fee:
Free for visiting the square; CNY  15 for ascending the Tiananmen Tower
Opening Hours:
Flag-Raising Time - Flag-Lowering  Time (Please refer to 2012 Timetable for Flag-Raising Ceremony for  the schedule)
Recommended Time for a Visit:
Half an hour
Subway Line 1: get off at Tiananmen Dong or  Tiananmen Xi Station.
  Subway Line 2: get off at Qianmen Station.  Get out from Exit A or B and walk north.
Bus Route:
Take bus 1, 5, 10, 22, 37, 52,  205, 728 or 802 and get off at Tiananmen Xi.
  Take bus 1, 2, 10, 20, 37, 52, 59, 82, 120, 126, 203, 205, 210, 728 or 802  and get off at Tiananmen Dong.
  Take bus 2, 5, 8, 20, 22, 120, 126, 203, or 210 and get off at Tiananmen  Guangchang Dong (Tiananmen Square East).
  Take bus 2, 5, 20, 120, 126 or 210 and get off at Tiananmen Guangchang Xi  (Tiananmen Square West).
  file:///C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image004.gif Beijing Bus / Subway Search


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Summer Palace (Yiheyuan)


Ticket  Type
Price  (CNY)

Nov.1 - Mar.31(next year)
Apr.1 - Oct.31
Entrance Fee
Combination Ticket (including  entrance fee and the following sites)
Dehe Garden
Tower of Buddhist Incense
Wenchang Hall
Suzhou Street and Danning Hall
Opening Hours
Recommended Time for a Visit
3 hours

Transportation: Tourists can enter  the palace from the North Palace Gate, the East Palace Gate, the New Palace  Gate and the West Palace Gate.
By subway
Subway Line 4: get off at Beigongmen Station  (Beigongmen means the North Palace Gate); or get off at Xiyuan Station, get  out of the station from Exit C2 (southwest exit) and walk west to the East  Palace Gate.
By bus
Take bus 209, 330, 331, 332, 346,  394, 683, 690, 696, 718, 801, 808, or 826, get off at Yiheyuan Station and  then walk west to the East Palace Gate.
  Take bus 469 or 539 and get off at Yiheyuan West Palace Gate Station.
  Take bus 209, 319, 320, 331, 332, 333(), 333(),  394, 432, 438, 498, 628, 664, 718, 801, 826, 6, Yuntong 106, Yuntong 114, or Yuntong 118, get off at  Yiheyuanlu Dongkou Station (The Eastern End of Yiheyuan Road) and then walk  west to the East Palace Gate.
  Take bus 303, 331, 346, 375, 384, 393, 498, 634, 683, 696, 697, 718, 801,  808, 5 or 10 and get off at Yiheyuan North Palace Gate Station.
  Take bus 74, 374, 437 or 952 and get off at Xin Jian Gong Men (Yiheyuan New  Palace Gate) Station.
Beijing Bus / Subway Search


Temple of Heaven

Ticket Type
Nov.1-Mar.31 (next year)
Entrance Fee
CNY 10
CNY 15
Combination Ticket
  (including the entrance fee, Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Circular Mound  Altar & Echo Wall)
CNY 30
CNY 35
Hall of Ceremonial Music & Hall of Abstinence
CNY 10
CNY 10
Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Circular Mound  Altar & Echo Wall
CNY 20
CNY 20
Opening Hours
06:00-22:00 (the inside scenic area opens at 08:00);
  From Mar.1 to Jun. 30: Combination Ticket unavailable after 16:00; Scenic  Spot Ticket unavailable after 17:00; Scenic Spots closed at 17:30.
  From Jul. 1 to Oct.31: Combination Ticket unavailable after 16:30; Scenic  Spot Ticket unavailable after 17:30; Scenic Spots closed at 18:00.
  From Nov.1 to Feb.28/29 (next year): Combination Ticket unavailable after  15:30; Scenic Spot Ticket unavailable after 16:30; Scenic Spots closed at  17:00.
  Time for a Visit
1.5 hours
Electronic Guide Equipment
Position: At the four gates
  Time: 8:0017:00
  Languages: Cantonese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spain
  Fees: CNY 100 as guarantee deposit which will be refunded when the machine is  returned; the machine rent fee is CNY 40.
By Subway
Subway Line 5: get off at Tiantan Dongmen  Station, Leave from Exit A and you'll find the East Gate of the Park.
By Bus
Take bus 6, 34, 35, 36, 39, 41, 43, 60, 116, 610, 707, 723, 743,  957, or 958 and get off at Tiantan Dongmen (East Gate) Station.
  Take bus 36 (), 53, 120, 122, 525,  610, 800 (), 803 or 958 and get off  at Tiantan Nanmen (South Gate) Station.
  Take bus 2, 7, 15, 17, 20, 69, 105, 707, 729, or 826 and get off at Tiantan  Ximen (West Gate) Station.
  Take bus 6, 34, 35, 36 (), 106,  110, 687, 707, or 743 and get off at Tiantan Beimen (North Gate) Station.
  file:///C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image002.gif Beijing Bus / Subway Search


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Beijing Subway
        Line 1 (East-West Line): Sihuidong C Pingguoyuan
        Line 2 (Circle Line): It is a line running beneath the 2nd RingRoad.
        Line 4: Anheqiao North C Gongyixiqiao
        Line 5: Tiantongyuan NorthC Songjiazhuang (north to south)
        Line 6: Haidian Wuluju C Dongxiaoying (west to east)
        Line 7 (Under Construction): Beijing West Railway Station -Jiaohuachang
        Line 8: Huilongguan Dongdajie C Guloudajie
        Line 9: Guogongzhuang C National Library
        Line 10: Xiju C Shoujingmao
        Line 13: Xizhimen C Dongzhimen
        Line 15: Wangjing West C Fengbo
        Batong Line: Sihui C Tuqiao
        Daxing Line: Gongyi Xiqiao C Tiangongyuan
        Yizhuang Line: Songjiazhuang- Yizhuang Train Station
        Changping Line: Xierqi C Nanshao
        Fangshan Line: Guogongzhuang - Suzhuang Dajie

Travel Tips on taking subway in Beijing:
1. Commonly, there are four entrances in four directions for each stop. So, you  should make sure which one to take when getting out of the station or you will probably get lost. You can find signs with the main destinations at crossings of the passageway.
2. The subway stations are clean and have English signs directing tourists to the exits and nearby places that you are likely trying to find.
3. In Beijing the subway stations are marked with a blue sign with letter D inside a circle on it.
4. A child shorter than 1.2 meters (3.93 feet) cannot ride the subway alone. If an adult takes one child below 1.2 meters high on the subway, the child is free of charge; if two, one of the children is free of charge.
5. Tickets are issued for one-day use only.
6. Passengers can find toilets on the platform level or in the ticket hall of each stop.
7. Take good care of your personal things as the crowded carriages have one or two pickpockets on peak hours now and then.
8. No pets can be taken on the subway.
9. Please keep out the yellow line when you are waiting for the subway.
10. There are many attractions worth visiting along the Subway Line 2.
Gulou Stop: Bell and Drum Towers, Beijing's Hutong and Courtyard
Yonghegong Stop: Yonghe Lamasery, Guozijian, Temple of Confucius, Ditan Park
Jianguomen Stop: Ancient Observatory, Xiushui Market
Qianmen Stop: Tiananmen Square, Dashanlan

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calling for @midori888

ko dah balik travel kan?nak minta ko sharing kat sini..sebenarnye nak tanye PM, tapi rasenye information ko sesuai untuk public.

itu hari beli tiket travel Shanghai-Xian-Urumuqi-Beijing by China Highlight kan?Ko minta die send tiket kat hotel tu sekaligus tiket yang ko order ke?

Aku nak pergi 18 October - 26 october ni. Nak travel Beijing-Xian-Chengdu.So agak-agak sekarang ni kalau aku send request for tiket tu dah boleh ke?sebab aku nak set hotel & itinerary kat Xian & chengdu..

cerite sikit pengalaman ko naik train overnight kat sane. ko amik hardsleeper okey tak?sebab aku takde masalah sama ada hardsleeper/softsleeper.sebab aku dah biase naik train JB-Kelantan & aku ni kategori tahan lasak..cuma aku risau takut partner aku tak boleh je..

lagi satu, mase ko nak naik train kat railway station, aku ade terbaca yang seeloknya pergi 2jam awal dari departure time kite sebab kene beratur panjang nak scan bag.betul ke?

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skuter_buruk146 posted on 12-6-2014 12:30 PM
calling for @midori888

Yup, dia htr semua ticket. Ko bole jer book ticket dan byr skrg....nanti bila dah bole beli ticket dia akan e-mail ko status ticket2 tu....ticket bole dibeli 30 hari sebelum tarikh travel.

Aku amik Deluxe Soft Sleeper, bukan soft sleeper biasa....yg nie dua org sebilik....ada own toilet, sink, sofa....sama cam lam gambar nie...

Kena gi awal...kena bratur scan bag, takut ramai org time nak scan bag tu....pastu baru bole gi waiting room....

Additional info, katalah smp sana ko decide takmo naik train....ko bole pergi kat refund kaunter kat train station, minta refund...since beli ticket dari China Highlight, tak bole dpt cash time tu, tapi bole inform China Highlight, pastu send them the photo of the refund receipt, they will refund back the money to your account. Refund is not 100 percent, ada skit charges dikenakan...better dari ilang duit train ticket langsung...


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Baru balik hari isnin hari tu drpd Beijing .... pergi ikut travel agent jer, pakej 7d5n air asia ... sbb first time nak jejak negara China ... nak tgk Great Wall punya pasal ...

All in all, mmg Ina enjoy trip Ina .... hanya masa pergi tu awal Summer, jadi panas sikit. Hanya hujan masa kami nak pergi Great Wall .

Stay kat Taishun Business Center. Ada halal resto, so breakfast setiap pagi kat situ. Sama jer menu dia ... ok la bagi yg tak cerewet sgt ..


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First day, kami melawat Summer Palace. Tempat nya mmg luas, kami di beri 2 jam ronda-ronda di kawasan tersebut.

Selepas itu kami solat di Niujie Mosque dan jalan ke Muslim Beijing Supermarket.

Tak akan complete tour kami kalau tak melawat kedai gomen depa .

Utk hari pertama, kami pergi Silk Center dan Chinese Medicine Center.

Semasa kami di Silk Center, kena tahan dgn sales promoter dia. Siap bercekak pinggan tu .
Dia asyik menjerit, what's is your problem ... dia tak sedar, dia masalahnya.
Last2 dia offer 200yuan utk 4 meter kain ...

nnt sambung yer.

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Kalau ikutkan harga kain sutera 200yuan for 4 meters, dah makan commission TA, so harga dia kira ok jugak la. Kalau check kat Xiu Shui /Silk Market dpt 80yuan/meter or 320yuan/4mtr.

Second gomen store is the Chinese Medicine Center, yg ni dia masukkan dlm bilik dan seorang tabib cina yg boleh berbahasa Indonesia akan mula berceritalah. Sambil tu dia akan bawa masuk besen berisi air panas suam utk rendam kaki. tgh2 cerita, masuklah beberapa org utkurut kaki. Sebenarnya dia tak urut pun, raba2 sikit jer. Sembil menikmati urut kaki, datanglah tabib dia dan translater, corner setiap org dan mula promote paksa product dia. Harga mula 800yuan.

Kalau ikut TA kami, product herba dia ambil masa utk berkesan. Bukan sebulan dua, kadang-kala bertahun. Jadi pikir2 la sendiri.

Last sekali, kami di bawa menonto Acrobatik show. Memang best gila la. syok sangat2.

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Second day, melawat Tian An Men Square dan terus ke Forbidden City. Tian An Men Square boleh memuat 1 juta org dlm satu masa!!. Ada satu bangunan dekat situ, simpan mayat Chairman Mao dlm keranda crystal. Hanya rakyat China sahaja yg mempunyai Identity card yg boleh melihat mayat mayat Mao Tze Tung ni.

Forbidden city pulak teramatla besar. TA kami tak bawa sampai habis, sbb dia ckp hanya org China sahaja yg tahu perbezaan antara bilik2 dlm Forbidden City. Foreigners akan nampak serupa sahaja.

Selepas ni, kami menyinggah ke Tea House dia untuk menikmati Tea Ceremony cina. Dia bagi kita test 4 jenis tea - PuEr, Laici, Green & Fruity tea. Harga setiap kotak 150yuan. Promo, beli 4 utk 400yuan. Kami beli share2 dgn org lain, beli yg PuEr dan Fruity. PuEr ni x de expiry date katanya, lagi lama simpan lagi bagus.

Bahagian petang kami singgah ke Xiu Shui /Silk Market. Saya pun pergi la check harga sutera dan teh. Mmg mahal gila. Tak pastila kalau tawar boleh dpt lg murah. Tp kalau ikutkan, barang yg dijual di Gomen store ada jaminan original quality. Kalau TA kami tipu, saya pun ssh nak dispute

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Hari yg di nantikan sudah tiba, kami aan melawat Great Wall of China. Bertolak jam 700 pagi, kami tak pergi pun Great Wall dulu ... kami terpaksa singgah TIGA kedai gomen sebelum nak sampai Great Wall ...
Padahal cuaca cantik sgt pagi tu. by the time nak melawat Great Wall .. hujan pulak ... urghhhh. STRESS.

Jadi kami pergi lunch dulu .. lepas solat barulah pergi ke Great Wall. Hujan masih turun tapi x la kuat mcm awal td.

Gomen shop yg kami lawat - Jade Center, Snack Store, Crystal shop dan lepas Great Wall pergi ke Burning Cream.

Jade Store tu offer 50% discount. Rasanya setiap tahun agaknya
Snack store tu ok jugak. Ada manisan sticky rice dijual lg murah di sini berbanding Muslim Supermarket.
Crystal shop tu biasa sahaja. Boring sikit.
Burning cream - ni mmg drama dan jenis paksa2 org beli. Kami buat tak tahu jer. Cukup masa keluar bilik.


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Hari keempat kami melawat Olympic Stadium - Bird's Nest dan Water Cube. Tak masuk pun, jalan2 kat luar jer.

Sebelum tu singgah Pearl store. Drama dia, cerita sedih kisah bapa dia paksa dia kerja la, kalau tak dia kena balik  rmh la ... bla ..bla .. bla. Habis cerita dia, dia bawa ke showroom, semua org dpt cincin pearl setiap sorang. Selepas saya dgr sikit2, saya keluar dan masuk bilik air

Yang bestnya kami singgah kat kedai souvenir utk beli t-shirt, FM dan macam2 lagi.
Kat sini mmg harga dia agak murah, tak pyh nak tawar2 dah.

T-SHIRT (Adult/Child) - 20yuan satu (Buy 10 free 1)
Fridge Magnet - semua harga beli 4 utk 10yuan.

Masa keluar, TA tanya penjual tepi jalan utk beli buah ceri. Harga dpt 8yuan/500gm.

Petang, kami minta TA bawa pergi Beijing Zoo nak melihat Panda. Kami byr 100yuan seorg, sbb tak masuk dlm itinerary.


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Last day, shopping time. Kami check out pukul 1200pm, kami dah pastikan bilik tip top sbb dah tau yg hotel2 ni suka paw tourist dgn mencari kotor2 kat atas katil atau tuala. Jadi sbb kami dah tahu hal tersebut, kami mmg agak berhati2 semasa tinggal di hotel sana.

After lunch dgn solat, kami singgah Silk Market. Duduk selama dua jam. Memang x munsabah betul la harga dia letak. Serupa harga original, padahal imitation jer.
Dari awal, TA kami dah pesan, jgn beli brg elektrik atau gadgets hp kat situ. Dia akan tunjuk yg ori dan jual kita yg imitation. Kalau nak beli jugak, baik pergi kedai jenama itu sendiri.

Harga t-shirt boleh letak 220yuan, gila ke .. padahal beli yg sama 20yuan jer kat kedai bird's nest.

Yashow Market ok sikit dan byk lg souvenir.
Kami dpt tawar, t-shirt budak2 15yuan satu dan FM dpt 2yuan satu.

Selain itu baju sejuk, mmg harga gila ... ckp kain quality, tp kalau tgk butang mcm nak tercabut dah

Style dia, bila tanya harga, dia suruh masuk kedai. Konon ckp murah ... tak de murah punya la

Nanti bila kita tawar, dia ckp kita Crazy, dan apa last price kita. Kalau kita ckp harga sama, dia akan menjerit2. Banyak gak saya walk off ... dia panggil balik, ada yg saya pergi, pastu dia bg lagi harga mahal dia. Saya tenung dia, ckp jgn buang masa saya. Terkejut dia. Tenung jer mata dia, dia ingat kita takut ...

Mmg adegan jerit menjerit tu perkara biasa. Dia mmg macam tu. Tak ada apa2 pun ... jgn ambil hati.
Kalau x nak tawar, belila kat kedai bird's nest

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Ada yg beli power bank kat sana. Hati2 sbb powerbank kena hand carry. Ada limit dia, kena check kat airport security.

Airport security dia ketat gila. Jangan dtg lambat. Ada byk check point dan dia check semua!!!

Power bank harga 80yuan

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Post time 13-6-2014 02:24 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
nak pg beijing bln 11  ni 21 til 25...sorag kawan tetibe tak dapat pegi..sapa nak join jom la kita sama2..kalau tidak nampak nye berjalan solo la...huhuu..

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Post time 18-6-2014 04:42 PM | Show all posts

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Post time 18-6-2014 04:43 PM | Show all posts
Dan ini mungkin juga TIPS yang berguna untuk pelancongan di Beijing.. ... ong-di-beijing.html

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Post time 18-6-2014 04:44 PM | Show all posts
dorby posted on 13-6-2014 02:24 PM
nak pg beijing bln 11  ni 21 til 25...sorag kawan tetibe tak dapat pegi..sapa nak join jom la kita s ...

Saya bary balik Beijing..awak ikut pekej ke sendiri

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Post time 23-6-2014 04:27 PM | Show all posts
Sesiapa yang mahu apply visa sendiri, boleh ikuti langkah di sini ... e-negara-china.html

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 Author| Post time 24-6-2014 03:51 PM | Show all posts
midori888 posted on 12-6-2014 01:50 PM
Yup, dia htr semua ticket. Ko bole jer book ticket dan byr skrg....nanti bila dah bole beli tick ...

dah book..tq...

walaupun awal lagi, tapi rase lega sikit sebab boleh susun itinerary & booking hotel


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skuter_buruk146 posted on 24-6-2014 03:51 PM
dah book..tq...

walaupun awal lagi, tapi rase lega sikit sebab boleh susun itinerary & ...

good for u....enjoy your trip nanti....

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dorby posted on 13-6-2014 02:24 PM
nak pg beijing bln 11  ni 21 til 25...sorag kawan tetibe tak dapat pegi..sapa nak join jom la kita s ...

dorby ni lelaki ke pompuan? tengah berkira2 nak ke beijing jugak ni

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Post time 8-8-2014 10:34 AM | Show all posts
Assalam plan nak g gak cuti sekolah ni 12-18sept 2014. Tgh musim aper gaknya

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Post time 8-8-2014 10:49 AM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
haziq_97 posted on 8-8-2014 10:34 AM
Assalam plan nak g gak cuti sekolah ni 12-18sept 2014. Tgh musim aper gaknya

Waktu nie permulaan musim luruh.

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