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Abedeen Academy International School

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Post time 29-8-2017 10:50 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
sape pernah hantar anak kat abdeedn academy international school? ok ke history kat sana? ye la sekolah baru risau pulak nak hantar anak.

ni info yg aku tau lah..

1. it is always better to look at the school's history....new school is not really recommended

2. Spm and Cambridge syllabus/...I am assuming you are referring to national and International Curriculum...Spm is actually equivalent to O-Level@ GCSE (cambridge)...

but both SPM and GCSE will still require university entry paper..For SPM, you will need to go through matriculation or diploma

For GCSE or Cambridge, you will need A-Level for university entrance....so far Malaysians Universities do accept A-Level...but you will have to double check because not all university in Malaysia accept A-Leveso far...USM does accept A-Level...same with UiTM and UIA...others I am not so sure

As for working for government...there should be no issue with cambridge or A-Level...BUT you do need SPM level Bahasa Malaysia Paper...

sape penah anta anak kat cni????????????? ok ke takkkk????????????

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Post time 29-8-2017 07:26 PM | Show all posts
Abe Deen I tak kenal tapi Abe Jak I kenal.

Ostad Abe Jak ni seorang ahli PAS. Jadi bolehlah dikatakan bahawa dia seorang pejuang Isle....

Dia pernah didakwa dimahkamah kerana meyelak kain sarong dan memperagakan bebirdnya kepada seorang gadis ayu yang lalu dihadapan rumahnya di Kedah.

(Syed Akbar Ali pernah menulis di Berita Harian rencana bertajuk " Bila Pejuang Islam Bertakbir Sambil Menyelak Kain'.

Nota: Abe Jak adalah orang Kelantan yang tinggal di Kedah nama dia ialan Abdul Razak. Abe Jak adalah cara orang Kelantan sebut "Abang Jak".


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Post time 29-8-2017 07:44 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Tak nak pening kepala dan kalau sister dah di ibu pertiwi dan sister memang nak hantar anak masuk ipta, then ambik jah SPM sister.
Kalau memang aim sambung belajar kat oversea or masuk.universiti swasta, ambik jah gcse

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Post time 30-8-2017 02:29 PM | Show all posts
U nak syllabus yg mcm mana?

Actually, kena tau what is your aim, for the sake of your child's..at least..

Dkt malaysia, mmg byk private school runs the same syllabus as govt school, which the students will take spm..

Its different from international school, where they uses igcse as an entry exam, follow up by A level then straight for 1st year degree..

Klu nak cari sek yg berbayar, i suggest u buat homework, as in you sendiri turun padang pergi visit sekolah tersebut..then u can decide..

Stick to 1 syllabus, jgn tukar2 nnt your child yg bermasalah nnt..

Search within ur area, mesti ada..

Fahamkan dulu syllabus offered, then u decide..

U visit as many schools as u can, sbb lain sek lain cara..

Ada yg offer IB programme (intl baccalaureate)...

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Post time 24-10-2018 12:48 AM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Not a good school. Its new yes.. but the managemenr keeps changing how they run the school, it affects students learning.

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Post time 17-11-2018 03:09 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Daisy531 replied at 24-10-2018 12:48 AM
Not a good school. Its new yes.. but the managemenr keeps changing how they run the school, it affec ...

Hello. Sorry to barge in. But may I know if your children are studying there? Hows the academic result and how has your child improved after entering?

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Post time 27-12-2018 06:56 PM | Show all posts
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Post time 19-1-2019 05:36 PM | Show all posts
Abedeen International School has a place for your children studying in both primary and secondary schools. The students of Abedeen are exposed to my printer is not printing the internationally acclaimed Cambridge syllabus, that leads to excellence in IGCSE qualifications. Thanks for sharing these details.        

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Post time 14-3-2019 01:18 PM | Show all posts
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Post time 15-3-2019 01:45 AM | Show all posts
Put those third-grade penmanship lessons to good use. Research suggests we store information more securely when we write it out by hand than when we type it. Start by recopying the most important notes from the semester onto a new sheet of paper.


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